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Finally, a rolemodel again that fits our series about “the perfect bimbo tits“. Dolly Fox is a quite well known name among big-tits-lovers, and not without a reason – the sheer size of her boobs satisfies the basic rule for bimbos (at the times of her maximum expansion, but let’s talk about that later) and that’s her big showpiece. So, I have to say I did struggle a bit with the idea to introduce her as one of the leading bimbo rolemodels here. In fact, I thought about posting about her for over a year now, but couldn’t really bring myself to do so. Why is that so, you might ask – Can’t be her cleavage – it’s perfectly suitable for a bimbo queen – and yes, that wasn’t the problem here. As you all know, for me, it takes much more to be a real bimbo doll, let alone a bimbo rolemodel or a bimbo princess, than just having giant tits. It’s about style, grace, overall appeal, a perfect body, behaviour and other features. Certainly, having big tits is very important, and yes, she is a little cutie, with blonde hair and a fairly nice body… so what is the problem? Well, as you can clearly see, Dolly goes for a very distinct look, regarding her make up and her style, something I can best describe as “the-girl-next-door-look”. And that is something I can absolutely NOT approve of. I do think, that a bimbo is the exact opposite of the girl next door, MUCH more idealized, stylized, artificial, fancy, classy and extreme. Dolly wears very little make up, and she does it very rarely, and if at all – it’s created in a very “natural” fashion. Same goes for her clothing style which is usually pretty casual and “normal”, outwith her photo shootings and professional events. These attributes are something I don’t like to see on this blog, and I think they go against everything we established as a rule for bimbos. There are some more aspects I would like to cover, that made this decision very difficult for me: Dolly is a guiding light regarding her tits, always improving and showing MANY girls in the bimbo scene how it is done. On the other hand, she neglects other, also very important aspects, like puffy, enhanced lips, the beforementioned make up and style and a trained and toned body. Don’t get me wrong, her body is fairly nice, but…yeah… she could use a periodic work out to tighten her body, her legs, her ass and of course, lose one or two pounds. So, why did I change my mind? I tell you why: We already had many other girls here, with serious deficiencies and shortcomings as measured by our fairly high standards and the highest levels of bimbo perfection – especially in the areas of breast sizes, like Nicolette Shea, Tara Tabitha, Loredana Chivu and Jenny Poussin, (every gimbo rolemodel) – to name only just a few. All those girls are leading in -something- regarding bimbofication, but only few are near perfection on every level. So I felt it would be quite unfair to give every girl with a perfect bimbo style, but small tits the benefit of the doubt, by hoping she will go MUCH bigger in the near future, but ignore a sweet and beautiful bimbo with huge tits, that easily can improve in style and enhance her body shape in a short amount of time. So – having said that, and already covered all those “negative” aspects, let’s talk about Dolly. Afterwards I have something else to talk about.

I don’t think I have to mention her tits again! Dolly went bigger and bigger, always improved and crushed that basic bimbo rule regarding minimal breast sizes on the peak of her transformation so far. Not only that, but Dolly loves to showcase her boobs in a very welcomed manner, always wearing tops that do respect the rules for tops for bimbos and always pushing them out, catching everyones attention. This is how it is done girls, and this is the size you should aim for! As I said, her beautiful face could use some way bigger lips and much more makeup, but you can simply see the sun rising when you have a look at that smile. Dolly exudes the kindness and cuteness every bimbo doll should have and her blonde, lond hair complements that bimbo-appeal perfectly. Although her body resembles that “girl-next-door” shape, I can’t imagine a single guy NOT turning his head when she walks by. A fairly nice shape, some pretty legs… and of course, those tits.

So, let’s get serious here. There was something else I wanted to talk about. Dolly Fox is here as a leading rolemodel regarding the topic of perfect bimbo tits – and that’s only apropriate, considering we are still in the middle of our ongoing series about “the perfect bimbo tits”. I already covered the topic of implants and breast enlargements through surgeries, but what we haven’t covered so far are the complications that could arise (this will happen in one of the next posts about implants!). Of course I mentioned that a surgery is nothing trivial, and getting breast implants can be considered to be one of the more safe procedures you can go through – but there can occur some problems nevertheless (and it does happen more frequently than you might think!). Sadly bimbofication reality isn’t like the fantasy of MANY people in the online bimbo community, where all it takes to get some giant tits is to drink some magic potion, or….get… hypnosis… -_-

You might have heared of the problems Amy Anderssen had, or Candy Charms, or Candy Plastique… and yes: Dolly has those too. Against all odds, Dolly decided to go even bigger and get some expander implants, which, sadly led to severe problems now. Thankfully Dolly did overcome her emergency surgery and is recovering. That’s the most important thing! Sadly, her implants had to be removed, because of an infection, and she has to wait for a year at worst to get them back. She already told her community that she will definitely get some giant boobs again, when it’s possible, but healing and recovering is absolutely necessary now, and of course far more important (I hope that goes without saying!). ENVISION THAT DEDICATION! This girl just had a surgery and her implants removed and she is already thinking about getting some nice big tits again. Solely, for this level of dedication and her strong persona and bimbo spirit, she has earned herself a place among the leading bimbo queens. Now, here is the real deal: We have the obligation to stand behind every bimbo girl in the darkest hours and support her. Now you can show, that you are a participant in the REAL bimbo-community, going through hard times with the girls, and letting them know that you stand beside them, even in those situations. All those wannabes and fantasie-guys in the online bimbo community are just interested in seeing some big tits, but absolutely don’t care about the girls, the lifestyle and turn their backs once those tits aren’t available anymore, no matter how dedicated and willing the doll is. I call on every single one of you, to show your support! Let her know that you wish her well and that you are appreciative of her will and her dedication. If you want to be really helpful, you visit her site and her onlyfans, and support her financially. Buy her stuff, there is still A MASSIVE amout of content with those nice, big tits! Imagine what loosing her implants for a year means to her financial situation! Stand by her side! We have to take care for the girls in our community, for the rolemodels, for the dolls that MAKE THIS SUBCULTURE POSSIBLE AND REAL! Girls like her are the guiding lights, the dream-girls we point at when we talk about how girls should be. These girls spread the bimbo spirit and the ideals we love, and we have to protect and help them. These are the girls you love to fantazise about and it’s their pictures and videos you love to look at. Please, take a minute to think about that.

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