Bimbo role model – Paris Herms / The Real Barbie of Berlin

As so often before, in this post, many topics we discussed recently come together and culminate in something more than just a new rolemodel post – and boy do we have some topics here: Barbie as a rolemodel (our last bimbo fashion post), (bad) fakes and one of the most outrageous but sadly most successfull impostors out there (my recent call to action on tumblr and reddit and fellow suffering rolemodels we talked about), the strive for bimbo perfection and finding salvation in that, the necessity of plastic, the obligation to overtake your rolemodels, Pleaser heels as bimbo standard shoes, makeup for bimbos and some nice, big, enhanced bimbo tits. Who brings us this gathering of topics? Well, I know you guys love it when I present you some German bimbo rolemodel from time to time, so here we go, I present you Paris Herms, the Real Barbie of Berlin! Let me make this clear: This is NOT a person called “Anna Pearn” or “Anna Alps”, names you might very well have encountered with pictures of her! This brings us to our first topic:

Fakes and impostors. We all know the problem of stolen pictures, fake profiles on social media, frauds, roleplayers and crooks in the online bimbofication community, it is all too common sadly, but in this case we have found the absolute epitome of impudent identity-thefts and confidence games. On twitter, there is a profile, called “@annapearnpromo” – “Anna Alps (Official)”, with nearly 80K followers, pretending to be Paris Herms, stealing and using her pictures (badly photoshopped to make her tits appear even larger), lying about everything (pretending to be from Plymouth, UK, etc.), posting daily and even trying to trick money from clueless bimbolovers, heavily damaging Paris reputation. Apart from the unusual big amount of followers, what makes this case so special? Three reasons: 1. The exuberant audacity and dedication with which this fake is operated (very high activity, blocking EVERYONE who points out “her” tampers, making bold statements about photo shootings, bookings, etc.), 2. The fact that official entities get tricked by this conman (twitter itself, magazines like the “Daily Star”, official accounts of locations like hotels in Las Vegas, etc. – luckily there are some magazines (here and here) which get it right (and even documentaries)!) and 3. Not even Paris herself is able to do something about it! Apparently, she is well aware of this effrontery, but the sheer amount of followers this fake account has and the long time it flew under the radar seems to protect it somehow. Her, me and many others have reported this account multiple times already, and twitter does NOTHING about it. It doesn’t help that Paris doesn’t have a twitter account herself, so – if you see someone pretending to be her on twitter – IT IS NOT HER! I want to refresh my call to action again: If you are reading this, PLEASE do the bimbo community a favor and report this fake account at least once! If you have a twitter account, do it by visiting the fake profile and click on the three dots on the right beneath her banner, then select “Report” and select “The user pretends to be me or someone else” – continue! If you don’t have a twitter account, please visit the twitter help center ( and do it that way. After that: Spread the word (post this call to action everywhere, post the truth in her comments, if you aren’t blocked already, etc.)! If we all do this, we should be able to bring that fake down. Please help Paris and the bimbo community! Thank you very much! To be clear, I would never condone or even advocate to dox or hack someone… but in this case, my compassion would be limited to be absolutely honest…

And now, one last word to the fakes out there: No matter why you do it, if you do it to steal money somehow, for fame or followers, just for fun, roleplay reasons or for the kinky kick, or for whatever reason – YOU are cancer! All you impostors, roleplayers, fakes, picture stealers, identity-thieves – I fucking hate you! I don’t care if you did it just once, if you “feel like a girl”, if you “want to be a girl”, if you “want to look like XYZ” and just want to have some fun, if you are roleplaying to be that one bimbo, if you are trying to get followers, money or some sick kick out of that – please fuck off. If you steal pictures and pretend to be that person, or if you roleplay to be someone you absolutely aren’t (assuming that there isn’t a mutual agreement between you and your conversational partner, who was unambiguously informed by you beforehand), you are nothing more than scum that damages not only particular girls and their reputation, but the bimbo community in general and as a whole. Again: FUCK OFF!

Now, that’s off the table, let us come back to the real star here, the REAL Barbie of Berlin, Paris Herms! Paris grew up under pretty difficult circumstances, being the one girl in school who got laughed about and harassed because of the way she looked like, being too “skinny”, wearing glasses and having frizzy hair. Until she was 16, she didn’t have any friends and had to stay in the role of the victim. However, that was the age in which she made a decision: “Honestly, I’ll show you all later that you can not do that to me and that I will not be the ugly duckling you’ve always seen in me!”. Paris was watching pop cultural media relentlessly, music videos (of which she got her own in 2016) in which “girls were tanned and wore heavy make up” until she found her first real bimbo rolemodel: Paris Hilton. “I really enjoyed watching that series with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, which surely influenced me regarding my style.” After that, there was no stopping it! Paris began to roam the internet with one mission in her mind: “I wanted to optimize myself and be better than ALL the women I’ve seen before.” – which is exactly the right mindset every bimbo should have! It is absolutely to be assumed that Paris did encounter the term “bimbofication” in that phase, which led to her journey towards bimbo perfection: She has fillers in her cheeks, her chin, underneath her eyelids, in her lips, injections to prevent wrinkles, two rhinoplasty surgeries, three breast surgeries, permanent makeup, got some ribs removed and she is not done yet! Paris plans to get another rhinoplasty surgery, getting her eyes bigger, double her breast size, butt-implants and liposuctions! THIS is the bimbo spirit, THIS is the strive for perfection we want to see! THIS is what I’ve been talking about in the last post about bimbo fanatics! BE LIKE HER! When asked about her rolemodels, Paris states that Barbie has always been a big inspiration for her (like I said in our last article about the Primark fashion collection for the 60th anniversary of Barbie) and that she adores Pixee Fox, another famous bimbo rolemodel we will talk about in the near future. But be assured: Paris plans to outstrip them all, like every bimbo should want to! Let us have a look at her latest pictures and talk about the status quo for the moment, a stacktaking of a snapshot if you will, because like a real bimbo fanatic, Paris is in constant transformation to become even better: Of course, if it were up to me, Paris would dye her hair platinum blonde, like every bimbo should – but after all, her hair is fairly long and therefore not bad. Her modified face is a prime example for what modern procedures are able to accomplish and redefines the term “plastic perfection” in terms of facial appeal. Permanent make up, some enhanced, big, puffy lips and a small nose perfect the look. Her enormous tits absolutely do respect the basic rule for bimbos and are close to bimbo perfection (even more so when she goes even bigger!). Her optimized body is exactly what a bimbo body shape has to look like, curvy, without fat, slim, with a flat belly and wide hips. We have to pay some special attention to her flawlessly tanned skin and her amazing legs. This doll really is about plastic perfection, something she even states in her Instagram description! There are only few girls out there who deserve the term “bimbo/plastic fanatic” but this doll screams bimbo with every square inch of her body and could be a saint of the Church of Plastic by any means – a leading rolemodel for EVERY girl out there, and so it is no wonder, that the tables have turned, as Paris had sworn when she was 16: “Exactly those people (these kind of people) who harassed me in the past, do follow me on Instagram today” – and most likely, do idolize her. Bad luck, guys from the past, nowadays you are surely eating up your words and would love to spend one night with her. And you girls from the past: Look at her, swallow your jealousy and become like her. This goes out to all of you girls: BE LIKE HER!

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3 thoughts on “Bimbo role model – Paris Herms / The Real Barbie of Berlin

  1. Why you didn’t mention that she is transgender? It’s huge part of her identity and it’s one of the reasons she is so beautiful!

    1. I found no evidence or proof regarding her being transgender. Can you give me some sources? If she indeed made a full transition, then I would make a new article about that.

      1. She used to be a porn star Paris Deluxxxe. But she may not want to mention it, it’s her right…

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