Bimbo Uniforms – Barbie 60th Anniversary Primark Collection

Here we are again, with yet another Bimbo Styling/Uniform post. Usually I try to maintain a certain balance on this site and try not to post articles of the same category or kind one after another – but gotta be quick here! One of the worlds leading bimbo rolemodels has her 60th anniversary! Let us be honest here: Is there another, more influential rolemodel for very young girls out there, who made such an impact and led so many girls to become bimbo dolls and strive for bimbo perfection over such a long period, even though, just recently, in parts, she seemed to have bend the knee before grousing cultural revisionists, but this may very well be just a short-term appearance, and won’t affect the bimbofication movement at all, apart from letting real feminine bimbo dolls appear even more superior to normal girls. We are, of course, talking about Barbie. Mattels plastic rolemodel has influenced young girls around the globe for 60 years now and represents the ideal plastic beauty many girls in the bimbo culture strive to be. MANY very well known bimbo rolemodels in our community bluntly stated, that Barbie was not only their absolut rolemodel when they were small, but that she remained the unreachable, hypothetical goal of their transformation ever since. Barbie represents plastic perfection and is the figurehead of our whole movement – no doubt about that. Blondie Bennett, Lacey Wildd, Sophia Vegas, Pixee Fox and many, MANY more referred to Barbie as their main source of influence and as their beauty ideal. However, this is not a rolemodel post about Barbie (although we should have that at some point…) but just the introduction to something special: For Barbies 60th anniversary, world wide active, Irish fashion retailer Primark released a whole fashion collection dedicated to everyones favorite doll:

In celebration of this trendsetting icon, with undeniably amazing dress sense, we’ve released a new collection drenched in pink, so you can rep’ Barbie whether you’re out on the town or lazing on the beach.” – Chloe Newton, Primark Style Editor

Isn’t this just MADE for bimbo dolls? Well, I can already anticipate: Yes, yes it is – but let us have a closer look. Everytime a fashion collection influenced by Barbie is released, like the famous Moschino “Think Pink Set”, you can expect to see the primary bimbo color abundantly: Pink! This is a good thing and gets even better if the fashion pieces itself are suitable for the needs of a bimbo, which means they take the various rules for bimbo clothing into account. The whole collection consists of far too many pieces to talk about every unique item, so I will just point out some very remarkable pieces, make some broad statements about the whole collection and mention the few pieces which are absolutely unsuitable for a bimbo. As far as I am aware (and was able to verify when I visited the local Primark with my main trainee to get her that stuff) the collection consists of (attention: This may vary on you location, your Primark subsidiary and the time you manage to visit it – we also didn’t find anything promoted online, so this is an estimate based on the information online and what I did see in store!): About 2 different shirts, 2 different crop tops, 1 swimsuit, a collection of bags, 1 pair of pants, 2 dresses, 2 blouses, socks, various jewelry and pins, one miniskirt, sunglasses, hair ties, 1 blanket and one pair of hotpants.

Very bimbo suitable (could be considered “must-haves”):

The most stunning and bimbo suitable objects in this collection are the two crop tops! One in pink, with the “Barbie” logo on it, in very big letters and one in zebra stripes with a smaller logo on it. Both pieces are absolutely amazing and should be bought by every bimbo out there! The color schemes of both pieces are perfectly bimbo suitable and the bold logos are an unambiguous statement! Furthermore, as crop tops are, these pieces of fashion are belly free and can be worn any time in combination with a short skirt and high heels. Although, EVERY bimbo has to remember one crucial rule, when it comes to choosing the correct size, which is why I would state: If you can barely get it over your tits, it is the correct size!

Sadly, we have only one miniskirt in this collection, but it is a must-buy for all you bimbos out there. The skirt is pink, (resembling the color of the first crop top), fairly short and with a line of buttons on one side which makes undressing (if needed) very easy. An absolut no-brainer – just get it!

The swimsuit is another no-brainer! This can actually be regarded as the major attraction of this collection! A bright, pink, cute, girly swimsuit, with black “Barbie”-logos scattered all over it. Here also, remember the rule about the correct size!

The “collection of bags” consists of 1 small backpack, 1 purse, 1 shopper bag, 1 cosmetic bag, 1 beltbag and 1 beauty bag, with everything in the same style in general: Bright pink base color with scattered, black “Barbie” logos (apart from the beauty bag and the cosmetic bag, which are transparent with pink logos, and the purse, which has just one big, black “Barbie” logo on it). These bags are ALL very bimbo suitable and can be used in any combination with sufficient, feminine outfits.

The jewelry and pins are more or less statement-ornaments and should be purchased in any case. Either showcasing the “Barbie” writing or the “Barbie head logo“, these objects are always a statement which enhance every object they are attached to in a very bimbo suitable manner. The golden hoop earrings, are pretty amazing and sexy, containing the “Barbie” logo and a heart, although, sadly, they end up pretty small – And every bimbo knows: “The bigger the hoops, the bigger the hoe”, which of course means: Hoop earrings can’t be big enough…

Hair ties are convenient and needed virtually for most bimbo hair styles (and here). Pink, “Barbie” branded hair ties are an absolute must have and are way better than just pink ones. Make a statement with every detail of your outfit!

The two blouses are very modest, without any printed brand or logo, but have the potential to look absolutely amazing if the correct size is chosen and with the wearing bimbo respecting the basic rule about the size of her tits. Plain white (or in a light baby pink), but without sleeves, very short and tiny, these blouses would emphasize every noticeable rack underneath and are therefore recommended for every big titted bimbo girl.

Bimbo acceptable (Can be worn by bimbos, but are no sensation by any means):

The two different shirts are just that: 2 T-shirts with “Barbie”-branding on them, respectively with two different Barbie related prints. Shirt number one, showcases a nearly 16:9 bar, with a closeup of Barbies eyes, and the branding underneath it. Shirt number two showcases Barbie in a wannabe-meme-like manner with her being in a “me, friday evening and me, saturday morning -mood”. Nothing special, but Barbie-related – so these shirts can be worn by a bimbo if she wants to go with a more “casual look” (under normal circumstances, there is no such a thing as a “casual bimbo”), combined with an ultra-sexy/feminine outfit or if she is about to work-out.

The sunglasses are pink and quite cute, but seem to be very poorly made or cheap. They could be worn as an accessory, if a doll wants to complete her “plastic-Barbie-look-alike-outfit”, but in any other circumstances, more stylish, higher-quality sunglasses should be preferred.

One of the two dresses is a short, baby pink, minidress made from very rough fabric. Although the color and the length of the dress are quite bimbo suitable, the raw texture of the piece, as well as the wide style, the pretty bourgeois straps and the strangely “childish” appeal (in an unsexy manner… the word “dungarees” comes to my mind…) make this piece bimbo suitable only in the broadest sense. A doll should have a very special body shape, a very special appeal and style in order to make this work. Endorsed with reservation.

The blanket is quite a nice piece for a bimbo, if she wants to relax on her couch and follows the dresscode for staying at home, but the air is a little too fresh. White and baby pink, with “Barbie” branding on it, this object can be obtained by any girl who wants to bring a little bit more “Barbie-spirit” to her home.

The socks are white and baby pink, with “Barbie” logos all over. Well, depending on the style, either stockings are preferable, bimbo tube socks, or special ones for special circumstances, but these can be helpful for “casual” situations or if the bimbo wears high heeled boots. “Barbie”-branded socks are arguably better than other ones…

NOT acceptable for bimbos:

The pants – as well as the hotpants. There is no reason to explain this further – Just read the corresponding lesson post.

The second dress. Made from grey denim, this piece is absolutely NOT suitable for a bimbo. Denim is something a bimbo should avoid like the devil avoids holy water, in any way, shape or form!


The overall collection is absolutely worth a look for every bimbo out there. Don’t expect extremely sexy styles, fancy designs or above average quality (in the end – it is Primark), but this is made up for with the Barbie branding, the overall color scheme and above all – the prices. Every piece of this collection is cheap in relation to other bimbo suitable products and is therefore affordable for any bimbogirl out there. But not only dolls with a low bank account should take a look! Even a doll who wears Chanel, Louboutin and Yves Saint Laurent each and every day should consider acquiring these items. The occasion of getting Barbie anniversary products is a mandatory opportunity for every bimbo who stands to the plastic goddess, in honor of this rolemodel and of course, to make a statement with her outfit. These pieces can be combined with high-value designer products or bimbo standard items (like the basic shoes for bimbos) in order to create a very bimbo suitable, Barbie honoring overall look. So, what are you waiting for – I am absolutely and very sure these pieces won’t last very long in stores! Go out now – and get those venerable relics for a small price. Be a true bimbo doll, honor the plastic goddess and make a statement with your style, and always remember the basic rules for bimbo fashion!

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  1. Already got a load from the collection as soon as it came out! I love the bag, swimming costume and white crop top best

    1. Awesome! Would you mind tweeting some pics with you wearing these items? Would link to your twitter in this article 🙂

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