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Of course, there are several different reasons for a bimbo to wear glasses. A bimbo can suffer from a visual disorder, a situation in which contact lenses are often a better solution (even though there are reasons for bimbos with perfectly fine eyes to wear those – there are effect-contact-lenses available, which can let eyes appear much bigger – an effect which is desirable due to the schema of childlike characteristics, a psychological effect not without importance for sexual attractiveness, and therefore a topic every bimbo should get into – but this is something we will deal with another time in the future), a bimbo could chose to wear glasses because of a sexual preference of her trainer/master/partner, because she would like to complete a certain uniform, costume or outfit (like the bimbo secretary, an outfit that demands for proper glasses!) or due to fashion trends. Regarding glasses, there is only one true option for every bimbo girl out there: Cateye glasses. These specific glasses became trendy in the 50s and 60s, first regarded as an accessory for naughty librarians and secretaries – then catapulted into the upper ranks of fashion by bimbo rolemodel Marilyn Monroe in “How to Marry a Millionaire“ (where she appears as a extremely nearsighted, naive, shy girl who is sure that men aren’t attracted by girls who wear glasses (- picture above)) and after that by Audrey Hepburn (“Breakfast at Tiffany’s“) and Grace Kelly. Today popular bimbo-like stars like Katy Perry and Paris Hilton keep the trend up among bimbos. Because of those rolemodels, each and every one of them being sexual icons of their time, and because of the wicked, naughty-librarian reputation, cateye glasses are the only solution for bimbo dolls when it comes to glasses in general or to sunglasses. But there is more to it: Cateye glasses are shaped like, you guessed it, cat eyes – a shape thats strongly considered as female, elegant, sexy, sleek and mysterious. This complements the eyes of a bimbo lets them appear more curved, big and classy. Definetly something a bimbo wants to support. In addition, the face of a bimbo will be rendered in a more smooth, soft and rounded way, something especially hard and edged faces benefit from! Combine these glasses with classic, feminine dresses from the 50s (like those we talked about in our post about bimbo housewives), bimbo secretary outfits (!Mandatory!) or classy, elegant dresses. Cateye sunglasses however are suitable with every possible bimbo outfit for a sunny day. Even goth bimbos (gimbos) can benefit from these items, just take a look at gimbo rolemodel Dita von Teese above, rendering dark cateye glasses as the only option for these dolls too.

What you don’t want:

You would never ever want to let someone confuse your sexy, feminine cateye glasses with so called “problem glasses”. An

predominantly used by “Social Justice Warriors” and “Feminazis” and regarded as an unmistakable evidence for obstinate and weary troublemakers by many! You would never want to be held as someone like that, but instead be regarded as the perfect, feminine, pleasant and sexy bimbo doll that you are! Pay attention to these factors to avoid these problems:

1. “Problem glasses” are sadly often shaped like cateye glasses, but in a more “old fashioned”, intentionally ugly and unfeminine way – like “grandma glasses”. In fact cateye glasses and “problem glasses” evolved from the same origin, described above.

2. Chose cateye glasses that are thin and render your eyes very, very big (way to be sure, first picture above). Look for cateye glasses that are elegant, classy, sexy and feminine!

3. The “problem-factor” can be countered by styling in a strong feminine way and by applying HEAVY make up (second picture above!). Try to give the most appealing, feminine, sexy and cute expression you can think of!

4. Chose cateye glasses that are super-girly and “bimboish”! Pink, glittering and sparkling or even with leopard print, like those which are available from MIU MIU.

5. Counter the “problem effect” with your complete style! Dress sexy, girly, feminine and appealing! Go for the sexy bimbo secretary, the classic bimbo housewife, or look at those feminine outfits from the 50s!

With those rules in mind, you should be safe and able to enjoy the benefits of your cateye glasses and the attention they will bring!

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