Bimbo training – “Basic bimbo rules: The three pillars of bimbofication”

A girl with big tits, puffy lips or a nice body is just that: Either a girl with huge implants or some kind of Instagram fitnessmodel with a shaped body. But she is not a bimbo. Maybe even a sweet, beautiful or sexy babe – but without some other, defining characteristics, she is NOT a bimbo. A girl with a stunning, cute behaviour, exactly like you imagine “girly” girls should behave, lighthearted, funny, a little naive, flirty and playful is nothing more than “that nice girl everyone is happy to hang out with”, if she doesn’t have a stunning, enhanced and perfect body. A girl can dress sexy or skimpy all she wants, but if she is fat, ugly or unfeminine, nobody wants to see that. A girl who is sexy and flirty, but behaves like a bull in china shop, swears like a sailor, sits and talks like a heavy construction worker and has the feminine grace and elegance of an obese elephant is nothing more than a hick girl with a good body. A sexy girl who doesn’t have any understanding of feminine style and sexappeal will always be “such a waste” and a walking missed opportunity. None of these girls is a bimbo – as we defined it in our last lesson post about the PBA bimbo definition. It takes MUCH more for a bimbo to earn this title. It is not enough to get some huge silicone implants. It is not enough to giggle every now and then. It is not enough to wear some high heels from time to time. True bimbo dolls have one thing in common: They more or less mastered all these aspects, and therefore gained the title “bimbo” as a result of the combined benefits of these elements. All important properties of a successful bimbofication can be pooled in three main branches, something we call “the three pillars of bimbofication”: The bimbo mindset, the bimbo appearance and the bimbo behaviour.

Sometimes, people ask me if I would make a rolemodel post about…. let’s say Ariane Saint-Amour (or Penelope Black Diamond). The only answer I can give is: “No”. She is NOT a bimbo, and therefore can’t get a rolemodel post! Sure, she has some fairly large, enhanced tits… but that’s not all that counts! This girl for example, has no idea how to style, dress, behave and pose. Her overall appearance has some kind of an unfeminine vibe to it, her outfits are unbelievably trashy (not in a good way) and her postures are a catastrophe. Her subpar makeup skills are inexcusable, if she even wears ANY makeup at all and her hair and choices regarding clothes are simply not bimbo compatible. Big, enhanced tits are NOT everything! A common instagram beauty like Cat Kivlin is ten times more bimbo than Ariane, because she does many things right in more aspects of the three pillars of bimbofication than Ariane, who sadly fails in most aspects – even though Cat has very small breasts. Is Cat a bimbo though? No, of course not! There are other problems: Cat, of course, needs some giant, silicone implants, she needs to stop wearing flat shoes (or those darn wedges!), which she does in many of her pictures, and so on, but she can overall improve in some aspects… but no she isn’t a bimbo… YET! Yes, this girl has potential, more than the beforementioned, other girl we talked about. I could give examples for all of these elements of the three pillars, but I am sure you all know what I mean: A successful bimbofication is achieved, when all three pillars are satisfied to a certain degree. Not one out of three, not two – only a mastery of all three pillars do earn a girl the title “bimbo“. The better a girl gets within these three pillars, the closer she gets to bimbo perfection and the more established is her position as a true bimbo doll. If you have a look at the most famous, best known and highly appreciated bimbo queens in our community, you will find my allegations confirmed: These rolemodels not only have PERFECT bodies, large, enhanced tits, big puffy lips, insane makeup skills, long, blond hair, pristine, tanned skin, wear makeup ALL the time, a fantastic sense for styling and fashion, a truly feminine appeal and grace – they know how to pose, move and behave, wear fantastic, feminine, sexy and revealing clothes and high heels – they do have a playful, sexy, girly, feminine, flirty and sometimes “pornstar-like” attitude, a plastic positive mindset, a strong will to self optimize, very dedicated and stylized beauty ideals, high demands on themselves and embrace all three pillars to very satisfying degrees. It is no wonder, that such girls like Candy Charms, Sarah Marie Summer, Kiss April, Haley Layne and so on, are regarded as “the ideal bimbo rolemodels and stereotypes” – because they simply are exactly that: Perfect bimbo dolls, because they mastered all aspects of all three pillars of bimbofication!

Understanding the concept of the three pillars of bimbofication is vital for every girl who wants to become a bimbo doll – and all the lessons and articles we have here on the Pink Bimbo Academy can be assigned to these three branches. The basic prerequisite for every bimbofication can be extracted from this article, in addition to the article about the bimbo definition, the article about bimbo perfection, the article about the bimbo mindset and the article about the Church of Plastic. If a trainee has a solid foundation consisting of the teachings and tenets of these writings, nothing stands in the way of a successful bimbofication, which is why we will deal with the definition of exactly that in our next lesson post: The definition of bimbofication – a process that consists of striving for perfection in the three pillars of bimbofication.

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