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As previously announced in our lesson about the correct way of lifting a leg while kissing, by posting one of the most famous photos of all time, today we are going to talk about another very important costume every bimbo should have in her wardrobe: The bimbo nurse. Beforehand I have to apologize for the lack of proper high resolution example pictures, showing true bimbo nurses. It seems that nowadays, the general rendition of sexy nurses orients in a direction which I can not advocate and will therefore not show to you. It is true, that many queens of the bimbo scene do know about the magic and the sex appeal created by a nurse costume, but end up in a fairly poor and bad portayal of such a character. Therefore it is no wonder, that I am not a big fan of (for example) Candy Charms rendering of a bimbo nurse, even if it is the amazing Candy Charms we’re talking about here. Most renditions of sexy nurses consist of  childish, cheap, intrusive and plain ridiculous halloween/carnival costumes, with silly patterns and styles, foolish little red crosses and hearts, absurd color schemes and tacky, pseudo sexy designs. It is not a sexy nurse, if she wears a bikini with stupid red crosses on her tits! This is the reason, why I found it impossible to get you guys some proper example pictures which show what a bimbo nurse should really look like. Again, I’m sorry, but I had to stitch something together to show what I mean, with source material taken from a period of time that truly did know how real bimbo nurses should look like: The late 80s and the early 90s. Never again, big titted bimbos were such perfect and properly dressed nurses! Sadly, not a single promotion photoshoot seems to have taken place with those dolls, so I had to capture material from several movies of that time. If you guys have any fitting pictures of true bimbo nurses as I describe them, please let me know!

So, let’s dive right in, where does the naughty nurse come from and why is it so important for every bimbo to have the right outfit at hand to become one, every time it is needed or wished for? Again, the nurse is ranked as number one in male sexual fantasies and continues its triumph regarding the leading position of professions considered as sexy. Over 50% of men dream about woman dressed as nurses – a value unmatched by any other profession. These facts do explain why the naughty nurse has become a common stereotype and was adopted by pop culture, even in the early days of media and continues to show up in tv, music, advertisement, movies and for halloween at the latest. But where does this originate from? Let’s have a quick look at the history of nursing:

While the tradition of nursing is easily older than 2500 years, the trope of the sexy nurse has its origin in the 1500s and the protestant reformation and even in times prior to that regarding some factors. Back in those days, nursing was a profession that was legitimated by two different entities: Religion and war. Under the catholic model of care, hospitals were run by nuns (another important topic, we will talk about bimbo nuns in the future…), where young sisters were trained in basic patient care and tried to keep patients alive as long as possible. The other great aspect where nurses were needed, were times of war: Medical personnel had to move behind the main formations and the whole baggage train in order to stitch the broken bodies together again when swords were put away again for that day, only to be viewed as the lower end of the social hierarchy. That’s right, nursing was regarded as the most dead-end job around. In fact, the only job it was a step up from was prostitute. This led to the fact and the reality that, nurses were literally most often exact that: prostitutes who could stitch you together again when you were wounded – otherwise they could share the bed with you. This was a common thing in times of war, where the nurses visited the soldiers in the night before the clash, provided their service for money and came back the other day to patch up the victims of war – their other service. This is one of the reasons why nurses had such a bad reputation in general public (maybe the soldiers had a different view on that), besides the idea that everyone had, that a “good” and respectable girl did not provide nursing to anyone outside of her family, this was especially true when it came to men. Respected women were married and took care of their men and their families, but were certainly not expected to touch another man, seeing him (half) naked, bathing him or touching him here and there. So most nurses were not married, socially ostracized, prostitutes, had loose sexual morals and common sexual contact to their patients and many different men. This might be the origin of the basic sexy nurse stereotype. This changed around the mid- 1800s due to the work of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. She was a manager of nurses during the Crimean War and made the field of nursing more professional and respected. But still nursing was a popular career jump for prostitutes, partly thanks to laws like in New York City where the police offered convicted prositutes the option of either jail time or nursing work, often resulting in lucky patients fucking their nurses again. No matter what, nursing became a more professional thing and by the 1920s, the reputation had changed, – but the sexy stereotype did stuck. This is partially because of another factor that did appear with the professionalisation of this field: Standardized uniforms! Everyone knows, that girls in certain uniforms are sexy – we talked this over in our posts about maids, playboy bunnies and schoolgirls – and it doesn’t come from nowhere, that this whole category is called “bimbo uniforms”. The nurse uniform did come quite a long way, changed drastically over the time and had its peak in sex appeal between the 1950s and 1970s, when the dresses got shorter, form fitting and tight and nurses had to wear some white pantyhoses, shoes with moderate heels and the commonly known nursing cap. After that, everything went downhill. But the picture of the naughty nurse lives on, and 1972 the movie “Deep Throat” brought nurses and pornography together, with Carol Connors portrayal of the sexy nurse, a rendition that spawned many followers and left its marks, but again, way not the first visual appearance in media of nurses as an object of male desire.

Now, that we did our homework regarding history, lets think about the reasons, why nurses are regarded as sexy, even those uniforms today are as sexy as a car crash.

1. The uniforms were sexy. Short skirts, tight and somewhat revealing for the time.

2. Nurses were often prositutes in past times and did have sexual intercourse with their patients on a regular basis.

3. Nurses were unmarried, young girls with often loose sexual morals.

4. Nurses are expected to be kind, caring, attentive, selflessness and overall appealing

5. The caring nurse provides a nurturing factor, something that is closely connected to a weak oedipus complex and a natural incentive. She is caring for her patients sickness and injury, maybe even bathing and feeding them. This is even stronger when applied to bimbo nurses, because of their giant tits and their overall super-female body types.

6. Many people think, because of their advanced knowledge regarding the human body, nurses do know many and more ways than normal girls to sexually please a male patient.

7. The relationship between a nurse and her patient is somewhat close and intimate. Maybe she sees him naked and knows every inch of his body. This is common ground for sexual fantasies to arise.

8. Her whole occupation is about the sake of her patient. Every man likes to be the number one for a pretty girl.

Now that we have analyzed why nurses in general are such a hot subject for most men, let us look at the bimbo nurse particularly: The bimbo nurse has to have the same body features like any other bimbo else: A perfect, tight body, silk smooth skin, some giant fake tits, big cocksucking lips, a pretty face, preferably very long, blonde hair (extensions!), long legs and a sexy ass. Long, fake finger nails, extremely heavy make up and other features, like fake eyelashes are very important too. The bimbo nurse uniform is a special piece and has to be analyzed in detail. Do not – NEVER EVER, deviate from this! We already talked about this in the beginning of this text, and I mentioned this in other posts, like the bimbo schoolgirl one, that the perfect bimbo uniform relies heavily on authenticity to a certain point, credibility and a serious style. Never ever go for those cheap and silly costumes you might find by searching for the naughty nurse on amazon! Perfect example of how bimbo nurses should look like is our main picture above! The bimbo nurse consists of the following pieces:

The tunic.

The tunic is the most important part of this uniform. It has to be plain white, without any red symbols, signs or applications, no ridiculous embellishments of fancy styles (All examples above!). The tunic has to be tapered in order to show your body silhouette the best way possible (Figures “A”, “C”, “E”, “F” & “H”). Ideally, the tunic comes with a waistband (white) that helps to shape your figure even more. This emphasizes your tits and hips, defining it better: It is scientifically proven that curves cause responses in the male brain! The tunic itself has to be short! Ideally it reaches just over the edge of your stockings! It has to be long enough to hide your panties while you are standing, but it has to be short enough to reveal them once you bend over (Figures “L”, “M”, “K” & “N”)! Don’t waste any time on searching for such a piece by looking for costumes and/or by googling for “naughty nurse” or “sexy nurse”! Obtain the tunic from a manufacturer that produces actual supply for nurses or doctors. There are some pieces that are thought to function as tops for woman in the medical area, where one would have to wear some pants underneath it. These are available in different lengths – purchase one that fits the criterias given here (see example pictures above).

Stockings (Best example: Figures “A” & “J”).

Absolutely mandatory for every bimbo nurse! Never deal with red or dark stockings! You have to maintain the white,  innocent color code at any cost! Take white, silky and smooth stockings without any patterns only! Actually it is best to obtain white stockings that are quite opaque, in order to accent the white color in the best way possible (Figure “B”). It is preferable to choose stockings with pretty lace collars (Figure “A”). The stockings have to be compatible with a garter belt (Suspender stockings, Figures “A”, “B”, “D”, “E”,& “F”). Stay ups are not desirable in this case. The stockings will help to drawn attention to your legs, will help to maintain the color code and will raise curiosity about the part underneath your tunic. In addition they render your legs in the most beautiful and sexy way possible.

High heels, white pumps (Best example: Figure “B”).

No red shoes! Just sexy, glossy, white, high heeled, stiletto pumps made from patent leather (Figure “B”)! The height of the heel has to be at least 12cm (minimum! 14cm and more is preferable!)! In general you could say, the basic rule regarding the height of heels and the lenght of dresses does in fact apply in this situation! Pumps with flaps are acceptable, but not prefered (Figures “A” & “F”). We already talked many times about the benefits of high heels. They will tighten your body, enhance your posture, lengthen your legs, raise your ass, help you to push your tits out and perfect the sexual appeal of your whole outfit! Have a look at the examples given above. White Louboutins might be an option for every supervising nurse, or every luxury nurse.

The nurse cap.

A plain white cap, made from the same material like the tunic, but ironed to a stiff state (Every example shown above is acceptable). No red crosses or hearts! Like the high heels and the stockings, you are never allowed to undress this piece – even if you are getting fucked in a rough manner! This piece has to remain on your head the whole time, unless your partner/trainer/master/patient does take it off for you (maybe in order to grab your hair better, while he keeps fucking you from behind).

Underwear (Best example: Figure “J”).

The underwear of a bimbo nurse is very important! While your tunic is short enough to keep fucking you without the need to undress and it ideally can be opened for your tits to hang out and being grabbed, many men will like you to leave it on, in order to maintain the fantasy of fucking a real nurse – some will want you to unzip and undress the tunic. What remains, apart from the stockings, the heels and the cap, is your lingerie: Only go for white lingerie! Dress in a pretty, sexy, white lace bra that emphasizes your tits in the best way possible (Figures “J” & “E” – and the collection “How bimbo nurses showcase their tits” above!). Choose matching, white, lace panties (perfect examples: Figures “A”, “L”, “M”, “N” & “J”). Keyfactor here is the perfect garter belt! Chose a white, lace garter belt that harmonizes with your bra and your panties (Figure “J”)! Remember the basic rule, regarding wearing stockings and garter belts!


The only accessory needed is a stethoscope (Figures “A”, “C”, “D”, “E”, “G” &“H”). And this is only recommended if your tits are really big! It will tingle your partners/patients/masters play instinct when the stethoscope dangles between your giant, silicone tits, drawing attentions to your boobs and invites to play with them and use it as a toy. As a reminder to your bimbo persona, this accessory should have the color pink (as shown above)!

This concludes our look at bimbo nurses. Every bimbo should have such an outfit in her wardrobe, and use it every time her master/trainer wants her to, or when he is sick and needs a little encouragement and a look after, from his caring, sweet and sexy bimbo nurse.

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