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For many bimbo dolls, there comes a day in her life, when she is about to walk down the aisle, to meet the promise she gave to a special someone on the day she said “yes” as the answer to the question “will you marry me?”. Of course, we are talking about “bimbo brides” today, respectively about the proper dress she should wear on that special day, when she changes her subsistence from a normal bimbo to a trophy wife or a bimbo housewife. Because this day is most easily the most special day in the life of every girl, and therefore the most special day for a bimbo girl above all, of course everything has to be perfect, including, first and foremost the bridal dress! In case you didn’t know already, the bridal dress is the one and only aspect of a wedding, every girl is so fixated on, the success of a priceless celebration depends heavily or even solely on the happiness of the bride with that dress. Why is it so important? Even in modern times, many girls are looking forward to their wedding day from an early age, dreaming of being a princess from a fairy tail on a perfect day, a day on which she is at the center of attention, with all eyes on her, sparkling and shining, beating the band and embodying the ideal, perfect bride everybody dreams of. Bimbo dolls are very used to be the pivot of everyones attention, but on their wedding day, they are bound to excel themselves. The level of perfection and visual awesomeness needed to achieve this, is reached through the right choice of a most fantastic bridal dress and a flawless and pristine styling. Not only is that dress the keyfactor of nearly the whole ceremony, but plays an important and extremely special role when it comes to the famous wedding night, no matter with whom the bimbo bride will spend it after the ceremony took place 😉 (or sometimes sexual intercourse happens even before the ceremony – not compulsory with the groom involved, this may happen more often when the bride in question is a true bimbo doll), but no matter if before or after, or for the groom/husband or for the best man or some other guest, the clothes the bride wears underneath her wedding gown is as much important as the bridal dress itself. Historically and traditionally, the wedding night should be the very first night for a girl to have sex, and even more important, for the couple the point in time when the sacred connection between them is enforced and completed. Nowadays, it is very unlikely for a girl to have her first time in her wedding night, but the psychological aspect of the wedding night is still operative and renders it very important and significant in a symbolic way – which renders it even more naughty in a symbolic way, if the bride does spend the night with someone else than her new husband 😉 No matter what, the bridal gown itself, as well as the lingerie underneath it, fulfill several very distinctive and very special features: Being a classic bride, is a definitive acquiescence to traditional and clear role allocations: There wont be many times a girl will feel more feminine and more like a “real woman” than that day and that night. The dress itself serves the function to let the bride appear as a classy and beautiful princess out of a fairytale or a Disney movie, but also in the most feminine and attractive way possible – The groom shall see what he gets and what waits for him later that night after all. The bridal lingerie however, has to be mixture of innocent, white fabric and sexy, slinky features like ornaments, laces and seductive materials like silk and translucent, crested pieces. Though we haven’t spoken about the color white in our bimbo color theory postings (1, 2), I can forestall some characteristics everyone already knows, for example the general impression it gives: White is construed as the color of innocence, purity and light, features which are transferred to the bride herself, and to the properties she brings into the marriage. These connoations are some of the most important reasons why the bride wears white at all – In contrast to a big titted bimbo doll, this creates an amazing and fantastic, naughty touch! Connected to the color of the bridal dress, is the tradition to let her be the only person on the whole event to wear white! No other girl, especially not the bridesmaids are allowed to wear dresses with the color white at all (something like this from our last stylecheck is very welcomed instead)! Apart from this foible, there are several other traditions connected to the bridal dress, which are usually more or less precisely met, and may vary between different location in the western world, due to local habits and traditions. For example: It is very established for the bride to wear a baby blue garter, but no pearls. The blue garter originates from the saying “the bride should wear something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe”. The prohibition regarding pearls comes from the fact, that in past times, every pearl has to be brought up from the bottom of the sea by pearl divers, who often died in those undertakings, leading to the saying, that every pearl the bride wears stands for a tear in her upcoming marriage. Nowadays, pearls are cultured in controlled surroundings, and noone has to die in order to obtain them. Personally, I like the visual appeal of a bride wearing many pearls, therefore I will be arrant enough this time to pack my personal preference in this style guide without an objective reason. But before we come to those special items, we have to have a brief look at the history of bridal dresses.

The history

In the middle ages, weddings were more than just a union between two people. In those times, weddings meant to unite families, businesses, kingdoms and whole countries. Brides from wealthy families used to wear colorful dresses, made from costly materials and fabrics in bold and rich colors, which often represented their families and their social rank. Poor brides used to wear their best church dresses on their wedding day. The kind of the bridal dress however, was a sign of social status and the wealth of her family, with no symbolic use of the color white to be found. The first documented instance of a white wedding, in which princess Philippa of England was involved, took place in 1406. Even if other aristocratic women did marry in white, like Mary, Queen of Scots in 1559, it wasn’t until much later, in 1840, after Queen Victoria wore a white gown on her wedding, that the white bridal dress became popular and a symbol of a pure and innocent, princess like bride, even if the color, which did mediate those attributes before, was that baby blue which has been preserved in the form of the blue garter many brides wear today. Nowadays, the white wedding gown represents aspects like virginity, purity, faithfulness, innocence and piety – Everything a bimbo does contrast in the most offensive way possible, making this color choice even more naughty and interesting for a true bimbo bride 😉

The bride

As we already stated: White is the only option for a bimbo bride! No other colors are allowed! The color “wedding white” contains shades like eggshell, ecru and ivory. There are only two exceptions: The high heels of the bride may be silver – and the garter should be sky blue! The bimbo bride should have sex fully dressed (!) in her bridal dress at least one time on her wedding day and/or in the wedding night, no matter with whom! After that one time fully dressed, the bimbo bride is allowed to undress several parts of her outfit, if her partner wants her to. Some important items of her wedding dress however aren’t allowed to be simply undressed: The bridal veil, the tiara, the jewelry, the bra, the garter belt, the garter, the panties, the stockings, the gloves and the high heels!

The bridal dress

Although there are many different versions and types of bridal dresses, the most classic – and for a bimbo best suited ones are the “A-line dress” and even better the “Duchesse” or “Ball Gown”-type dress. The A-line (or called “princess dress”) is more or less the “classic bridal dress”, with a figure-accentuating, close-fitting top and a flared skirt, resembling the letter “A” in its shape (Figure B, picture 3 – shown by bimbo rolemodel Bridgette B). The classic form emphasizes the hips, the pelvic and the ass of the bimbo bride, creating a truly remarkable view. A true bimbo bride however, should choose the “Duchesse”! This bridal dress is created to be worn by a true princess! It is a reminiscence to the famous dresses of queen Sissi from Austria and the only option for a wedding straight out of a fairytale. Bimbo dolls, queens amongst their fellow, lesser, normal girls, always being at the center of attention, deserve nothing less, than to be that princess who gets married in the end of a storybook (perfectly shown by german bimbo rolemodel Daniela Katzenberger, Figure B, pictures 1 & 6). The “Duchesse” is the perfect choice for a bimbo bride, and is chosen at best in a strapless variant (again, shown by Daniela Katzenberger, Figure C 1), with a balconette corset, showcasing the tits of the bimbo bride in the most ideal and perfect way possible. Because we are still in the middle of our series “the perfect bimbo tits”, above you see some examples of possibilities for a bimbo bride to showcase her tits in various ways (Figure F)! The strapless variant should be combined with white opera gloves (Figure C, picture 4), made from the same material as the dress itself. Elaborate bead-work, rhinestones, ornaments and adornments should grace the bodice, creating a sparkling, glittering aura and an appeal of regalness, classiness and style. A crinoline creates the bell like shape of the dress and adulates the body shape of the bride. A very long train is a must have for the perfect princess appeal! Have a look at the traveller and gipsy brides! Those young girls make unbelievable, fancy bimbo brides, always looking out for the most ostentatious, grandiose, sexy and fancy bridal dresses possible (Figure B, pictures 2, 4 & 5)! Get some ideas from them by looking at their weddings, regarding the perfect bimbo bridal dress!

The bridal lingerie

The bridal lingerie consists of five different items: 1. The bra. The bridal bra should be a very high-class, premium bra, made from white fabric, lace, satin and silk, richly ornamented. It should push the tits of the bride in the most offensive way possible to showcase and emphasize her rack the best way there is. If the bridal dress is crested with pearls, ribbons and ornaments, the bra should be in no way inferior to that! Plus points for a front-opener! 2. The garter belt. The garter belt should be a broad but light piece of lingerie, resembling the style of the bra and the panties. Think of a fine, dainty and delicate piece, made from white, ornamented and maybe even tranlucent materials. It should reach from the bellybutton over the panties. 3. The panties. The panties should be, like the bra, a richly ornamented piece, made from the most valuable, white materials and fabrics. It is mandatory for this item to create a harmonic, fitting overall image with the rest of the bridal lingerie! However, the panties can be translucent like the garter belt, or even open at the bottom and the back, to grant access for the groom (or someone else) in an easy way, without having to remove this piece of art first. 4. The stockings. The stockings should be suspender stockings, generating a perfect and harmonic visual with the garter belt. Of course, the stockings have to be white, and of course, they have to be the most exquisite, valuable and premium ones you can find! The bridal stockings have to be delicate, dainty, shiny and glimmering! A very broad, fine lace border is mandatory – the broader, the better! The stockings may be ornamented themselves, matching the embellishment of the overall look (Perfect: Figure E 1). 5. The garter. The garter is the only piece in this whole set that shouldn’t be completely white! It should be made of fine, richly ornamented fabric, with baby blue elements, laces and ribbons. The more embellished – the better! Remember to respect the basic rule for bimbos regarding stockings!

The bridal high heels

The bridal high heels have to be stiletto heels with at least a heel height between 12cm and 16cm. The higher – the better. A very obvious and most fitting choice for a true bimbo bride are white, plateau stripper heels, hiding the true, naughty nature of the bimbo bride underneath her long princess dress. These stripper heels create a fantastic, tantalizing and seductive contrast to the pure and innocent appeal of the wedding gown (Figure D, pictures 1 – 3). Another possibility are simple, white, shiny stiletto pumps – or pumps with ornaments and flourish attachments. However, the high heels of a bride are the only exception regarding the overall white color, apart from the baby blue garter we already talked about: The bride may choose silver high heels instead of white ones. The only requirement for this choice is a glittering, sparkling and shiny appeal of the shoes, often created by rhinestones, a silver-metallic color and other glistening factors.

Bridal accessories

Several different accessories are a natural obligation for a perfect bimbo bride: 1. The bridal veil. The bridal veil is absolutely mandatory and should be worn the whole time! It has to be made of a light, white and wispy material, can be adorned with beautiful ornaments, and should be very long. The longer – the better! 2. The tiara. We already spoke about the fact, that bimbos should wear a tiara as often as possible, but this time it is absolutely inevitable! A true bimbo bride has to wear a big, shiny, sparkling and gemmy tiara, richly ornamented and crafted with the highest level of skill. The tiara transforms the bimbo bride into the true queen/princess that she really is (Figures A & C, picture 2, 3 & 6)! It has to be worn the whole day and the whole night! 3. Opera gloves. We already spoke about those (Figure C 4). If the wedding dress is strapless, the bride has to wear fine, white, silky smooth opera gloves. They have to be worn the whole day and the whole night. 4. Jewelry. The bimbo bride should wear tons (!) of jewelry! Twinkling, glinting and brilliant jewelry, matching her tiara and letting her appear as flashy and glistening as the sun and the stars together! Earrings, necklaces, headgear, hair jewellery, rings, ankle chains, chokers – you name it! All of that! Tons of it! And yes, like I already said, a bimbo bride should wear pearls! Wear tons of them! Wear at least one necklace made of pearls and let it hang between your tits to showcase them in the best way possible! 5. The wedding bouquet. Choose the most beautiful flower bouquet you can find! Choose flowers which match your make up and let it be decorated with fitting accessories, made from silver and ornaments to match your jewelry and the ornaments of your wedding dress! And… when you throw that bridal bouquet – make sure one of your BBFs catches it (before one of those lazy, normal girls does it)! 😉

Bridal Style and Make up

Every bimbo has to wear heavy, caked on make up. All the time. In every occasion. But the bimbo bride really has to notch up her performance and to step up her game! Go for ultra heavy make up! There is no “too much” for this event! Ultra heavy use of foundations, concealer, rouge, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick and so on – tell your stylist to spend his or her whole stock on you and, again, look at the gipsy and traveller brides and how they do their make up! This is how it is done! Matching your overall appearance, your hairstyle should be either a pinned-up hairstyle or princess style curls, a mixture of those two styles at best! Voluminous, pompous and only appropriate for a true bimbo princess!

Something that is very important for a bimbo bride are her bridesmaids. A bimbo bride should call her BBFs to action, or, like German bimbo rolemodel Daniel Katzenberger did – her bimbo sister (Figure B 1) – either way, a great temptation for the groom… maybe even greater with such a lovely, sweet bimbo sister of his bimbo bride 😉

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