Bimbo training – “How a bimbo should dress: Always wear matching underwear – Never mix!”

Training continues after a short break I had to take, and we’re going to start easy: Today we are going to have a look at another aspect of the dresscode for bimbos, but with some differences to the normal outfit guidelines. Before we start, please make sure you have already read and learned about the connected lessons about stockings, how to wear them, panties, the golden rule and certain parts of our ongoing series about the perfect bimbo tits, like the part about wearing tops and bras one size smaller and the one about push ups, because in todays lessons we will talk about underwear again. And here is the first big difference between this topic and general styleguides for bimbos when it comes to dresses, skirts and complete outfits: A bimbo is very much allowed to combine different styles, colors and materials in a complete outfit (certainly within a certain framework with some limitations, but this is a topic for one of our next posts in the “bimbo color theory” section.), but can’t do so when it comes to lingerie and underwear! Underwear consists at least of a bra and panties, but may be supplemented with stockings, garters, garter belts, etc. (for which the same rules apply!). Unlike normal skirts and tops, or dresses and additional clothing, which can be combined with different styles within a limited scope, underwear has to always give the impression of a cohesive and complete set of items. Each piece of this set has to have the same properties as the other pieces, so that a harmonious and consistent appeal is achieved. This is done by choosing all involved pieces based on their matching aspects. These aspects are: color, material, style and patterns. Every piece of your underwear and lingerie has to have the same colors, the same patterns, has to be made of the same material as the other ones (or at least an equal haptic perception and look) and has to follow the same style. It is an absolute turn off for a man if a girl undresses, and she’s wearing a bright red sports-bra and some cotton white panties, or dark stockings, white panties and a purple lace-bra. Trainers should cancel the intercourse IMMEDIATELY! NEVER do stuff like that! Never ever! Even if you don’t plan to show someone your underwear on a certain day, don’t be lazy and choose matching, sexy and bimboish items always and follow this rule and lesson any given day! Girls who don’t pay attention to these aspects appear lazy, unaesthetic, without any style and grace and just sluggish. If you really want to take the cake, you will match your underwear to the rest of your outfit, your high heels and your make up. Always strive for perfection!

A hint for the trainers: If your trainee does possess pieces of underwear that don’t have matching counterparts, and she does wear those in combination with pieces that don’t match – prohibit the piece in question entirely! Example: If your trainee wears some red panties, but doesn’t have a matching bra – she has to undress those panties and isn’t allowed to pick up another odd pair, so she has to spend the whole day without wearing panties at all. Conversely you can apply this punishment to her bra too. The bimbo has to learn, that she always has to wear, proper, sexy and matching bimbo underwear – ALWAYS – otherwise she wears no underwear at all. It’s as easy as that.

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