The PBA Guide to Bimbo Makeup – 4. Contouring and Highlighting

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Next part of the bimbo makeup series! The last time we were talking about this topic, was practically a build-up for this part. By now you will understand, that wearing makeup as a bimbo is far more than just “applying a ton of color to your face” – it is a complicated, sophisticated, demanding and complex endeavour to let the perfect face of a bimbo appear even more beautiful, feminine, sexy and pristine. Above all, it is a strategic endeavour: Every bimbo is an artist, a designer – a carver, sculpting an angelic face with expert knowledge, creativity and analytic expertise of how colors work, of how the human face is structured, of how light and shadows change a picture and of many more things. This “sculpting process” culminates in the fine arts and the demanding process of contouring and highlighting. Here, the general appeal of the face is shaped unlike in every other step of applying makeup. The trainee has to know exactly how her face is shaped and what she has to do in order to achieve a perfect visual result. No broad, general techniques can be applied here – it is always necessary to completely understand the canvas/face the artist has to work with. We already talked about how to determine what shape a face has – understanding this is an important and mandatory step for every girl to avoid problems and errors in the process of contouring and highlighting! Also, I already introduced you to the theory of shading in our series about the perfect bimbo tits – and this is exactly the same process that happens here. By applying light and shadows, you are creating depth. Every aspect of your face that gets highlighted will stand out, while every aspect you darken down by contouring will step back. This is a strategic process to achieve several goals:

  1. Getting close to the perfect oval face shape.
  2. Emphasizing the natural benfits of your face while hiding and concealing the less positive aspects.
  3. Achieving a more feminine, beautiful, attractive, elegant and sexy appearance.
  4. Drawing attention to your face and its appealing features.
  5. Adding smoothness or more definition in areas where its needed.
  6. Supporting that typical “bimbo look”.

So, you are working with light and shadows to achieve these goals. This is exactly the same thing artists like traditional painters use to get to the results they have in mind. That typical bimbo appearance, a thin, cute, tiny nose, some defined cheekbones, an oval, slim but smooth face – all these things should be the goals of this procedure, as well as the most perfect, feminine, sexy and elegant result you can get. The last thing in this process every bimbo should do is “baking your face”! Perhaps I write an additional lesson about this, but because it is part of the contouring and sculpting process, it is mentioned here. Baking will give your face that additional glow and additional definition every bimbo should have – see a videotutorial here!

In the end, I provide you with some videotutorials for contouring and highlighting for all the different face shapes, but, KEEP IN MIND: These videos are either created by make up professionals who most likely don’t have anything to do with the bimbo style, or beauty-vloggers, who are “bimboish instagram models” at the most! This means, that while the showcased techniques are, of course, correct – the results don’t have much in common with the result you as a bimbo should go for! A bimbo has to crank up the shown procedures to 11 – and at least double the amount of effort, makeup and effect to achieve an adequate result! Following the basic rules of bimbo makeup, you have to use MUCH more product, covering your face in a thick layer, with much more pronounced effects and much more striking results! There is no “too much makeup” for a bimbo! A bimbo NEVER goes after that subtle, natural look! If you think you applied enough – double the amount! If you think the effects you want to achieve are present – repeat the procedures to make it stand out even more! Your aim should be the results you can see above, shown by bimbo rolemodels Candy Charms, Loredana Chivu and Polly Marchant – at least, who are all three absolute masters of these techniques.

General videotutorial

Videotutorial for contouring and highlighting oval face shapes

Videotutorial for contouring and highlighting round face shapes

Videotutorial for contouring and highlighting diamond face shapes

Videotutorial for contouring and highlighting heart face shapes

Videotutorial for contouring and highlighting square face shapes

Videotutorial for contouring and highlighting inverted triangle face shapes

Videotutorial for contouring and highlighting oblong face shapes

Videotutorial for contouring and highlighting rectangle face shapes

Videotutorial for contouring and highlighting triangle face shapes

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