Bimbo role model – Joyce

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Maybe it is to soon for me to speak about this rolemodel, because I should talk about her as a prime example for how PERFECT bimbo lips have to look like, once we come to the dedicated series about “the perfect bimbo lips”, but I just can’t help myself. After Jessy talked about how she enhances her lips regularly, after we had our bimbo lesson about how to let your lips appear bigger with makeup and after we had our conclusion regarding lips and makeup, I just can’t think of anything else than HER lips, which are nearly perfect in every single aspect! So, I just have to present you this doll now, but be assured, I will bring her up once more, once we start with the beforementioned “PBA series about the perfect bimbo lips”, because I doubt there are better bimbo lips to be discovered until then. So brace yourself, here is Joyce, aka Rockabella!

THIS is EXACTLY how the lips of a bimbo have to look like! This is VERY close to bimbo perfection! But one thing at a time. This beauty has many things in her favor, but to give me the opportunity to rave about her amazing lips for hours and hours afterwards, we will start with the… “less good” aspects of this princess. One thing is obvious: Although she has extremely beautiful, very long hair, it is pitch black. Some of you will indeed like this far more than anything else, and it is, of course, debatable if my standards have anything to say at all – we discussed this in a separate article, but let’s put it this way: I prefer bimbos to be blondes. Sadly, there aren’t many pictures of this angel on her Instagram, and even less with her full body visible, and although she has a nearly perfect body shape, yeah – you guessed it, her tits are WAY too small to be considered bimbo suitable, following the standards of the PBA. Lastly, on the “negative side”, there is her sense for dressing. Again, sadly, there is not much to see, but there seems to be a main emphasis on yoga pants, tight pants in general and trousers overall, which is NEVER an option for a true bimbo doll. Now let’s get to the juicy part:

I already mentioned how amazing her long hair is (apart from the color), framing an absolutely beautiful, doll-like face. Exotic looking eyes, a fantastic, tiny, cute nose and of course, those lips. Oh god, those lips. I already said it, but I will say it again: THIS IS HOW THE LIPS OF A BIMBO HAVE TO LOOK LIKE! This is near perfection! Why you ask? Well:

Remind yourself of the five important aspects regarding the lips of a bimbo – and yes, we will talk about these in great deatil in the future “PBA perfect bimbo lips series”:

1. Size or “Big is not big enough”

Look at these dinghy lips. These huge, enhanced, inflated lips. THIS is the perfect size. Her lips have become the main and most prominent feature of her face, exactly like it should be. Puffy, dick-sucking-lips? Cock-pillows? Check! Could they be even bigger? Well… maybe… a little? 😉

2. The “O”-shape

Like said in the beforementioned article, a bimbo should NOT have horizontally enhanced lips, nor widened or extended outwards. The lips have to be round, ideally resembling a perfect “O”-shape. One very important aspect here, is a preferably 1:1 ratio between upper and lower lips. Through strategically set injections and enhancements, Joyce managed to achieve exactly this perfect ratio and the desired shape! I’m honestly speechless regarding how perfect this turned out to be. Another VERY important aspect about which we didn’t talk yet (because it is solely a matter of “surgical enhancements / injections” – an element we will cover in the future series about the perfect bimbo lips) is, apart form the perfect general shape of her lips, the fact that, through said enhancements, she managed to get nearly completely rid of her “Cupid’s bow”. This is VERY important for perfect bimbo lips, and she did it masterfully! Perfect bimbo lips DO NOT have a Cupids bow! They are just a big, puffy, pouty “O”-shape, consisting of two bulky, flawless curvations in a 1:1 ratio without any deformations, interruptions or variations! If you want to get perfect bimbo lips – show pictures of this goddess to your beauty-specialist and tell him or her: “Exactly THIS is what I want!”

3. Plastic perfection

If you look at her lips you see nothing but two voluptuous, bulged, pristine, smooth surfaces. THIS is exactly how it should be: No lip-lines or wrinkles, no imperfections, no Cupids bow, no surface irregularities and no flaws – just a smooth, slick, consistent, flawless and uniform topography! Nearly perfect!

4. The gloss factor

Of course, there can always be done more – but her lips already look pretty shiny and glossy. I would wish for her to increase this even more, but it is already not bad. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, have a look at the last article of the PBA makeup series here!

5. Colors

Although Joyce has overall VERY impressive and bimbo suitable makeup skills – she still could go for more vibrant, bright, plastic-like and more saturated colors with her lipstick… again – look up what I’m talking about here.

So, by any means – THESE are the nearly perfect bimbo lips (even better, because “rounder”, than those of our last rolemodel for lips…). If you want to go for bimbo perfection, show her pictures to your beauty-specialist and tell him/her “THIS is what I want!”! By the way, pay attention to her PERFECT execution of the basic bimbo expression! To that degree, this is only possible with such perfect lips. Currently, there isn’t a bimbo out there with better lips, as far as I know, but we are really talking peak levels of bimbo perfection here, so it is not a huge wonder that there aren’t many girls we could compare her to in those regards. What else? We already mentioned her VERY impressive body shape, although there isn’t so much to see sadly. What we can assume is, that her body is pretty toned, that she has a nice, flat belly, some sexy hips and legs – and most likely a really amazing ass. Her skin has a very bimbo suitable tan and looks pretty flawless and pristine to me – without any tattoos – which is, of course, a HUGE plus. Oh yes… and I do love her earrings. And her fingernails. In the end, this is your go-to-prime-example for perfect bimbo lips, THIS is the way to go girls, THIS is how your lips should look like! Be sure to follow all the PBA articles about this topic and stay tuned for the PBA perfect bimbo lips series and ALWAYS aim for this level of perfection!

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