Bimbo Uniforms – Shoes: Pleaser USA Adore-1020

Another article about bimbo suitable shoes within our ongoing series about bimbos and high heels – this time about a rather difficult topic: We are going to talk about bimbo suitable ankle boots – and this is pretty delicate, because… well… if you have a look at the article about bimbo suitable shoe types, you can see, that while there is a green checkmark next to ankle boots, there is also a blue exclamation mark, which always means that there are either some problems, restrictions or exceptions – and in this case it means: There are only two different ankle boots a bimbo is allowed to wear – and this time we are talking about one of these specific pairs: The Pleaser USA Adore-1020. (Don’t worry, we are going to talk about the other ones soon, even though I forgot to add them to the list in the first post of the high heels series).

The Pleaser USA Adore-1020 are THE standard bimbo ankle boots, worn by virtually every important bimbo rolemodel out there, no matter if we are speaking about bimbo queen Alicia Amira, Polly Rocket or Jenny Poussin. This is no wonder: Usually, ankle boots try to combine the best of both worlds of two different types of shoes: The graceful walk of the common pumps and the safe support of standard boots. In this case, there is a slight difference: The Adore-1020 are combining the benefits of a boot with the slutty appeal of the standard stripper heels, resulting in a very bimbo suitable appeal. So, let us have a look at these things: The Adore-1020 are closed ankle boots, reaching well above your ankle (separating them from “booties” (reaching to or underneath your ankles – NOT bimbo suitable, except for the “Sneakers bootie”!) with a tight fit, which is essential for ankle boots to be bimbo suitable. Shaft height is 17,3cm/6.81”. The toe box, sole and general type of the shoe is the same as the general stripper shoe, providing a platform height of ~7cm/2.75” and a stiletto type heel with a height of ~18cm/7.08”. Because of this trait, these shoes are placed between the standard bimbo stripper heels Adore-708/709 and the default knee high bimbo/gimbo boots Adore-2023 in white or pink (and standard gimbo boots in black). So placed between these two default shoes for bimbos and gimbos – what do we make of these? Easy: They are absolutely NOT as elegant and classy as stiletto pumps (which is the reason, why you rarely see super-high-class-bimbos wearing these ankle boots, instead, those who are close to the Bimbo-Princess Archetype will go with said stiletto pumps instead), but they are also not as “slutty” as stripper heels OR the knee high standard boots – but more “cute”. With this in mind, we can see how these shoes fill a niche between the standard stripper heels and the knee high boots – which is why every bimbo and every gimbo should have all 3 models in their closet. Standard color for bimbos in this case is pink – second option is white – and third is black. Gimbos, obviously, go with black from the getgo. So, when does a bimbo wear these shoes? Usually, you should wear your standard bimbo stripper heels – OR your knee high boots – but if you need that extra stability (or closed shoes in general, because of the weather or the temperatures) of boots and still want to look cute instead of “super slutty” – go with these, no matter if we are talking about a club party or a shopping tour. Also you can make use of these high heels in your bedroom as well – if you want to get that mix of bimbo cuteness and slutty fuck doll for your trainer/lover/partner/daddy 😉

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