General PBA survey results – Part 1

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first general PBA survey, which I started just some days ago, and which will help me to optimize this whole project further according to the wishes of my community. I am absolutely stunned how many of you guys took the time to answer those questions and it will still take me some time to evaluate all the answers and the data. Thank you very much again guys! Everyone who didn’t already contribute – you still can! Remember, the whole survey is completely anonymous, so even I can’t see anything, apart from the answers you give. The more people help me out – the better! I will take all your ideas and criticism into consideration! Though I won’t give away all the collected data, I will give you a broad overview of some of the results and my thoughts about those, in combination with some info of the project so far.

One thing that really astounded me, are the demographic characteristics regarding sex/gender/self-identification you gave me. I asked you if you are male, female, trans- or sissie/crossdresser – and even though I already knew of many female followers and fans, I am stunned by the sheer amount of females interested in bimbofication! Although absolute most of the female participants expressed “only curiosity” towards bimbofication, I never would have expected SO many girls/women being into this! I am very sure, most men wouldn’t expect that either and the majority of male folks would guess that most girls/women are pretty much disgusted by the whole topic – which… isn’t true apparently. In combination with the expressed, strong desire to stay anonymous, it can be assumed, that many girls/women have sympathies towards “the bimbo spirit/ideals” and may even think about becoming bimbos themselves, but are too shy, fearful or restrained to express these needs and wishes or to put their fantasies into action. This is a shame, of course, but absolutely understandable. Society doesn’t make it easy for girls/women to come out and express their bimbo personas freely. I hope I can give you girls/women some food for thought with this project, help you to take heart and show you, that there is nothing you have to fear at all. What I will take from this, is the duty to encourage you and maybe create some articles, in which I will give you assistance and examples of how to break free and – maybe – become the bimbo doll you always wanted to be – in the extent you feel comfortable with. How I will do that? Well… I will have to figure that out – but if you are one of those girls, don’t hesitate to contact me, maybe there is something we can do. Have courage, girls!

Another apprehensive observation could be made, when I looked at the male participants. The overwhelming majority of you guys said, that you “would love to get/have a bimbo doll, but sadly that is not within reach”. That is also very sad – and likewise unnecessary. I know that looking at girls like Loredana Chivu, Sarah Marie Summer, Candy Charms and others can be disheartening – “how would a girl like THAT want have something to do with ME?”, “I will never, ever get a babe like THAT!” or “girls like that wouldn’t even notice me” or “there aren’t any dolls like that where I live…” are only some of the thoughts one might have. This is understandable too, but trust me when I say: EVERYONE can get such girls! It is just a matter of dedication, self-control, strategy and willpower! Of course, like I said some while ago, it is fairly unlikely (though not impossible), for some random guy to just meet a full blown bimbo doll and get together with her. Absolute most of us have to take the hard way, and help a “normal girl” to get there. This is absolutely in reach for everyone of you! Like I already said, this will be the main topic of the ebook I’m workin on, which will enable you to bimboficate ANY girl into a perfect bimbo doll! Admitted, I’m nowhere close to finishing that book, I will take this from the results of the survey, that I will think about creating articles for the trainers section, which could help you to understand some aspects and the basics of getting a girl into the bimbofication thing. In addition: Although you guys know, that I am NOT a fan of online bimbofication and online relationships – instead I would strongly encourage you to go out there in the real world and get to know some girls who might become perfect bimbo dolls in the future (go to parties, in the clubs, etc.), you can practice with girls online. There are not only the usual sites and bimbo communities, but you can give it a try to get to know normals girls or half-way bimbo girls and maybe establish a trainer-trainee relationship there (For example here, subscribing and participating should be free, with only an emailaddress required, at least for mobile users – give it a try!). Have faith, guys!

Positive results: I am really touched how many of you guys stated that you like my stuff and the project and can agree with nearly everything I say. I didn’t expect that – but there was virtually no major discontent with the direction we are going in, just positive feedback and approval. Thank you very, very much for that! I will do my best to give you more of this, and to improve even further! However, even here I found something quite marvelous: Considering the restrained feedback on tumblr, I would never have guessed, that so many people like to read about the whole gimbo aspect of my project. MANY of you said, that they are interested in sexy goth dolls and would like to know more about gimbos and bimbofication of gothic girls. Articles about this topic are way less often reblogged, liked or retweeted, but many of you indicated further interest… this is counterintuitive to me and it would help me a lot to hear from you guys. But, of course, we will continue with our journey regarding gimbos – so stay tuned for the next parts of our series there

Next thing that amazed me: The crushing majority of you guys do want to read more about “bimbo trainees in the process of bimbofication, bimbo newcomers, etc.” instead of already full blown bimbo rolemodels. I even got one suggestion (thank you very much for this!!!) to deepen the cooperation with such trainees, like Candy Plastique and others, to further document the process of bimbofication and to make it clear for other girls how this is usually proceeding. Thank you for your suggestions, I am very sure I can make something of this!

The lessons paper and article most of you regard as their favorite piece is the lesson about heel heights and skirt lenghts, which is understandable, but nevertheless, a surprise to me, because it is not the most liked and reblogged lesson/article on the tumblr blog. Interesting sidenote: The most reblogged, liked and by far the most successful article on the blog so far, is my rolemodel post about Andrea Cohen, which… always puzzled me… Yeah, she is fantastic… but… THAT fantastic?

Another thing: Many of you said, that they didn’t even know, that they can support me. I always thought I plastered enough links to my Patreon everywhere, but here you go:

You can support me, by donating on my Patreon page! I appreciate every supporter and every donation you make. You can get some cool stuff there and I will be able to improve the whole project – Thank you very, very much!

Same goes for the PBA merch shop, of which many of you didn’t know that it existed, here it is! Have a look and maybe you find something you like. Thank you very much for supporting me!

You guys that mentioned that you do want to support me, but find that Patreon is not anonymous enough: Here is a link to a variety of crypto coin adresses. You can donate and stay completely anonymous – thank you very much for your support!

I got so much to think about from you guys, criticism, ideas, suggestions and on, and on and on… it will take some time to make up my mind, but be assured: I read everything you send me and I think about everything you write. Many thanks go out to those of you who took the time to write long comments under the last two questions – this is VERY helpful! There was help offered regarding the site (design and structure), future projects and productions (even video!) and much more… I absolutely appreciate it guys, thank you very much! I will address those very special ideas in one of the next posts, and maybe we can have a talk about some of your suggestions… Looking forward to this! So, this is the first part of the analysis of the survey – I will talk about it some more in another post in the near future. Thank you very much again, and remember: If you didn’t already participate – you still can do so! Help me out and thanks!

If you love what I’m doing here, support me on Patreon! I’m trying my best to provide you guys with more and better posts! Thank you ?

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