Bimbo role model – Maddison Fox

Holy shit, the series of nearly perfect bimbo beauties doesn’t end. After the amazing Russianbombatut (InstaBarbie) and the mindblowing Andrea Christine (who posts absolutely outstanding content on her IG more or less every day, one style/outfit better than the last), we have another celestial, angelic bimbo doll waiting for her bimbo rolemodel article. I don’t think I have to introduce her, because most of you bimbo lovers out there already know and follow her, regarding the impact she recently had on the online bimbofication community, but here she is, the beautiful Maddison Fox!

Let us first go over the obvious things: Maddison is a stunning, beautiful blonde (like a bimbo should be), with long, flowing hair and a remarkably beautiful face: Big, puffy lips and blue eyes that match her angelic but cute and sweet visage. I don’t know if she plans to go for a Barbie snub nose surgery, but seriously, this would be more or less the only thing I could imagine “enhancing” this beautiful, pristine face (apart from even bigger lips of course), often wearing professional, stunning make up and always a bimbo suitable smile, exactly how it should be. Her impressive, amazing 2500cc tits easily catapult her beyond the minimum breast size of bimbo boobs, drawing all attention to her cleavage, supported by suitable tops and top-cuts, like we discussed here at the Academy before. These massive, stunning, beautiful tits (which still could be bigger, of course) are showcased by her, with such pride and joy, that there really is no way to look at something else when she pushes them out, like a good bimbo always does. Of course, this rack emphasizes her, pretty much flawless body shape even more: A flat belly, a hip to waist ratio to die for and a sexy, fantastic butt. Since the start of her bimbofication, Maddison managed to lose ca. 20 kg of weight, which is not only extremely imposing but of course, results in such a dream body. Sadly, there are only VERY few full body pictures of Maddison where you can see her legs – but the few that do exist show beautiful, long legs – and, luckily, Maddison wearing high heels, like a good bimbo always does. You didn’t have to read my analysis to recognize her beauty and the bimbofication level she is on – but the really interesting part is about how she got there and… especially… at what speed…

If you ever wondered, what a bimbofication speedrun looks like – well this is it. Usually, the process of bimbofication is a very long and enervating one – a process in which you can’t expect to experience quick results and extreme progress in a short amount of time, but what Maddison managed to do, is not only absolutely impressive, it also shows that a nearly perfect bimbofication can happen in a few months, providing that the trainee is extremely disciplined, extremely dedicated and extremely passionate. Her bimbofication story began, like most interesting stories, with a tragic incident: In 2019 Maddison, who worked in “boring admin” office jobs at the time, was “made redundant” at the start of the pandemic, like so many other people, and lost that job. Maddison didn’t see this as a “life ending event” – instead she saw her opportunity to “break away” (Losing her office job gave her the opportunity of a lifetime” – The Sun), change her life and start her bimbofication journey – a movement she discovered shortly before:

Ever since the age of 13-14 I always looked up to women in lads mags and glamour models and always wanted to look like them. When I found #bimbofication #dollification a few years ago, I knew it was a look I loved and I wanted to see if I could replicate it.” – Maddison Fox IG

While Maddison never was “the ugly duckling”, I think it is fair to say, that she was an “average looking girl” before she made her first steps and transformed from a brunette into a blonde, like all good bimbos should. With this kickoff, the “soon-to-be-bimbo-angel” absolutely speedran the whole process of bimbofication: With absolute will power, dedication and discipline, she managed to lose body fat, weight, got her first breast augmentations, upgraded to 1300cc implants and changed her style and dresscode (just look at her here, PERFECT bimbo trophy/housewife style!) as well as her mindset:

I finally value myself and have worked hard on the bits I didn’t like. I’ve been on a real journey since January 2019. I’m about 3 stone lighter, happy & healthy. Mental health is key to success and boy have I worked on that the last couple of years. I used to not have any Confidence or self esteem and hated myself, I have finally got to a point of which I’m proud of who I am and what I look like and the women I’ve become. It’s been a long, painful journey but, I’ve made it. Now, I have to ensure going forward I remember I’m the girl on the right and not the weak, depressed, low self esteem girl on the left. Moving your mindset is key to this and walking with your head held high. And above all, not taking any shit from anyone. I AM KIND AND BEAUTIFUL. I reached my personal goal of self image. Finally” – Maddison Fox IG

In the beginning of 2021, she already achieved what takes many years for most girls, but with unbreakable dedication, Maddison yeeted through the year, optimized herself even further and upgraded to 2500cc in 2022. Now, this average looking brunette, transformed herself into a busty, blond, bimbo bombshell, with 2500cc tits, big puffy lips, a body to die for, with a more or less ideal shape, a completely changed mindset and with an amazing sense for styling and dressing – in roughly 3 years. Let that sink in… A complete bimbofication process in that short amount of time IS possible! This should encourage all you girls out there! If you are just dedicated, disciplined and sophisticated enough, you CAN DO IT!

Why should you? Well, at least you are interested in bimbofication, just coming from the fact that you are currently reading an article on a website that is solely focused on turning females into perfect bimbo dolls – but maybe you are not fully conviced yet, so I want to quote Maddison here, speaking about some things we will talk about in the near future, in our “bimbo mindset series”, specifically, about one of the most important goals of the bimbo mindset: Being happy:

When I found #bimbofication #dollification a few years ago, I knew it was a look I loved and I wanted to see if I could replicate it. Every single thing I have had done has always made me feel more confident. (…) Finding myself over the last 2 years and joining the bimbofication community has been the best thing ever to happen to me. Feeling confident in myself and finally feeling beautiful outside as well as in. I’m part of a community of supportive women who have also gone to extremes with their looks, but are the most amazing people because of it. It makes us all individuals it makes us find ourselves in our own ways. Yes okay we may not look like your average Sandra on the street, but why do we have to? Why do we have to conform and constrain our desires to look a certain way because of fear of being ridiculed. Fuck that! I just want to be me, do me and worry about me. Whatever makes me happy for me… is what I’ll do. Life is a journey and you only live once, so many people forget that. Stay in jobs they hate, relationships they’d rather be out of and in bodies they hate and do nothing about. Well I won’t be one of those people. I’m in control. It’s my life, my body and I’ll do what I want to achieve happiness.” – Maddison Fox IG

Bimbofication makes HAPPY – we already talked about this and will go in depth in the beforementioned, upcoming series, but lastly, there is one more thing Maddison talks about, we also already tackled here at the PBA: Bimbos and slut-positivity:

If a women admits to having sex or enjoying it, she’s called a slut even in 2021. This constant slut shaming and obsessive focus on women and what we do has got to stop.” – Maddison Fox IG

Remember the last lessons about the bimbos and the slut-rule and about the porn character behaviour of a bimbo? Well, of course this is connected to the bimbo mindset and happiness – but this too will be a huge topic in the bimbo mindset series, just wait for it (and follow the rules to experience true bimbo happiness and the true bimbo spirit!).

What else is there left to say? Maybe just this: Be like Maddison. Make your dreams come true, dispose your boring, depressing job that holds you back, change your body, become the stunning beauty princess you were meant to be, have fun, be happy, be a slut, be a BIMBO! As long as you have the will power, the dedication, the energy and the discipline Maddison has – NOTHING can stop you!

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