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You know what we didn’t do for a while? That’s right – a style check! So, let us do one of those again! Hang on a moment… no… that doesn’t work… I just can’t lie to you guys… The reason we are having a style check today is not because we didn’t do this stuff for so long, it is because of something else, let me be honest with you: The truth is, I was working on a new article over the last two weeks, and while I was writing that particular thing, I realised, that in order to explain the topic, I had to make a detour, explaining the basics first. So I started to work on THAT article, to release it before the other one I was working on… and then I realised: “Wait a second, this particular explanation tackles another topic I should write about first… and this clearly has to do with the bimbo mindset… and this element has to do with body language… and this has something to do with styling and colors… Jesus Christ!”- which led me to break everything up in at least five different articles I now have to work on, each of them depending on each other and on other aspects of bimbofication. So, to be completely honest with you, none of these articles is close to being finished, which means you guys would have to wait for new content for at least a week or something – I didn’t want that to happen again. There will be many situations in the future, in which I can’t provide you with new stuff, because of private issues, work and general real life stuff, so it didn’t feel right not being able to come up with something just because of me fucking things up. Quick solution: Style check. I know, I know… it’s nothing huge or super important… but at least it’s something. And yes – we didn’t do this for quite a while… so… hopefully you are okay with it.

Todays subject showcases what I would consider to be a very basic, but absolutely functional bimbo trainee outfit. Yes, it’s little more than lingerie/underwear and heels (which is, of course, enough for a bimbo) – but it is about the type, the colors and the composition, showing that a bimbo can achieve fantastic results, with very little, if done right, with the involved pieces following the PBA rules, and executed in a bimbo suitable manner (also following the PBA rules). So what do you get from the overall appeal of this picture? If you now said something like “bimbo baby girl vibes“, you would be absolutely correct! How did she manage to evoke this feeling with such few items? Well, it is not ONLY about the items, it is also influenced by the pose, etc., but let us go over this bit by bit.

While this little cutie is wearing barely enough make up to respect the basic PBA bimbo make up rule, she does a good job with it: Pink lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow, a good foundation, blush… everything seems to be in place, even though there should be much more of…everything. However, let us get the two, big, obvious problems out of the way from the getgo: Yes, sure, she needs MUCH bigger tits, I would suggest at least 1500cc implants to respect the basic rule for bimbo boobs, and secondly, while her hair IS blond, she has to get a bleaching session urgently, because that nice, bright, blond hair is already growing out… a LOT. Would pigtails have been the better option here? Absolutely! Pigtails would have supported the sweet, girly look and enhanced the whole appearance even more. On the bright side: Her body shape is pretty much PERFECT. No visible body fat, a fantastic hip to waist ratio, a flat belly and long legs – YES, this is how the body of a bimbo has to look like! But, as you all know, the style checks at the PBA are not so much about the bodies of the girls – it’s mainly about the clothes and the general style. So let us talk about what we can see here (it’s not that much): By respecting the rule of never wearing underwear/lingerie that doesn’t match, she made the exact correct choice to achieve that typical “bimbo baby girl look”: A cute, girly bra and panties combination, in baby-pink with white lace and the panties even following the important PBA rule for bimbo panties, exactly as it should be. This combination of lingerie already sets the tone for the overall look: Yes – we are going straight for those baby girl vibes. But how can she bring that point home once and for all? Easy: White, cute socks, combined with high, baby-pink platform stiletto-pumps = Perfect choice. In addition, she seems to wear a bolero or vest, matching the baby-pink color of the rest of this “outfit”. Just a cute, little add on – exactly like the small, golden heart-necklace she is wearing. A VERY bimbo-baby-girl suitable look if you ask me, but what could be the icing on the cake? EXACTLY – the correct posture and stance! By instinct, she stands there in the only dedicated “bimbo baby girl” posture: The pidgeon toed stance, which is the PERFECT choice in this situation. What a good girl! So, her Daddy has to be a very proud man – but when should you wear a style like this? Isn’t a bimbo usually wearing her bimbo schoolgirl outfit when her daddy/trainer wants to teach her a lesson? Yes, in a case in which the trainer calls his trainee for a training-session (classes), but this outfit might actually be something the trainee herself came up with in order to communicate her daddy what she wants to do… The whole style is so crystal clear in its message, that every man would immediately understand what he is looking at: This girl wants to get the “bad, bad, little babygirl treatment” in that moment, including a good spanking of her little, sweet butt. So, if you, as a trainee, wake up in the morning, and don’t feel like, being the sexy bimbo housewife that day, but instead want to be treated like a cute, little brat by your daddy – this is the way to go.

I know, this was a short one – but stay with me – more in-depth-content is coming soon…

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3 thoughts on “Style Check

  1. I don’t care how old I am. These tips are golden and silver as far as I am concerned. I have been hawk eyed studying bimbification from afar for over 15 years now. I’m 39 but I don’t look like that when I am online because of all the tips and tricks from people and production websites like you and yours. So, thank you PBA. I appreciate the expert tutelage when my trauma brain allows me to read. <3

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