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I’ve told this story before when I wrote the rolemodel article about bimbo princess Haley Layne: I am browsing through the bimbo community on reddit, Instagram and twitter, minding my own business, looking at the new content of the well known bimbo girls, and then suddenly – it strikes me: WHO THE F- IS THAT?! I see a picture of a girl I’ve never seen before, completely unknown to me – but not just any girl. A girl that embodies the bimbo ideals in such an outstanding way I simply can not believe she isn’t already a legend in the bimbo community, let alone… how can it be I’ve never seen her around before? A girl that does not only embrace nearly ALL bimbo ideals – but does it in such a flawless, beautiful, feminine, sexy way it, just baffles me while my jaw drops to the floor: This girl came out of nowhere – and made it EASILY into my Top-5 bimbo list from the getgo. This happened when I saw Haley Layne the first time – and it happened again when I stumbled over the pictures of todays bimbo rolemodel: Andrea Christine.

In times like this, when I see such a flawless princess, I don’t even know what to write. I am sorry, but again, this will be just a hymn of praise over ~1500 words – but isn’t this exactly how it should be when we talk or write about bimbos? Sure, bimbo perfection is not really achievable, and a girl can ALWAYS go further and enhance and optimize herself more, but the state in which Andrea is now, comes so close to bimbo perfection, we will have a hard time in even nitpicking. So, let’s go?

Over all: Andrea is a nearly perfect, super feminine, extremely sexy, beautiful bimbo princess! Peak femininity! Exactly what a bimbo is supposed to be and look like. We could end this article right here and now, but we use to go over every detail from head to toe, so let’s just continue talking about perfection, shall we? Andreas long, blonde hair is…. flawless… could it be longer? Yes – absolutely – but… did I say we will mostly nickpick? I would guess her face shape resembles either the diamond shape or the inverted triangle, which are both pretty bimbo suitable and support her model/princess appearance, but she also does everything to negate the “shortcomings” of these shapes with make up, hair styling and styling in general to bring it closer to the desirable “oval shape”, by simultaneously maintaining and accentuating the benefits of the diamond/inverted triangle shape – providing her with that luxurious princess/model appeal. Or we can just put it like this: Her face is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Big, open, blue eyes, a thin nose, some big, puffy lips, nice cheekbones – everything PERFECTLY supported by proper make up and styling. Absolutely wonderful. Wow, let’s come to the thing you have been waiting for – and most likely the thing you have been starring at the whole time: Her rack. Jesus Christ. Andrea has huge, perfectly modeled, enhanced tits. Do these boobs respect the basic bimbo rule regarding breasts? Yes – I think they do. But not only that – they are so perfect regarding skin texture, shape, projection, form and appeal – that we can absolutely put a checkmark behind the “perfect tits rule” for bimbos too. Could they be bigger? YES ABSOLUTELY, OMG lets hope she plans to go bigger… Her body shape is just celestial, flawless and pristine. Curvy, but tight and still slim, smooth and “blessed” with wide hips and a flat belly. Yes, there is some “puppy fat” (?), but it is in the right places and absolutely not too much. No muscles (unfeminine), no sixpack, no bones, no tendons, no additional fat are visible – EXACTLY how it should be! And let’s look at that: Not a single tatoo, scar or impurity defaces this impeccable body. Nothing but smooth, immaculate, lightly tanned skin – exactly how it should be. Her butt is absolutely amazing too: You all know I prefer “tight and “kinda small butts” (compared to “huge and wide” butts so many people seem to like in the bimbo community), but Andrea hit exactly the correct spot in the middle! Its tight, but its not small – it should be more or less an eye opener for everybody. Andrea might not have the longest legs in bimbo Olympus, but she does not need to hide herself regarding that: Still, pretty long, beautifully shaped, sexy legs, she absolutely likes to showcase by posing in the most bimbo suitable ways – its just a sight to behold. Okay, so we are talking about posing now? Well, todays rolemodel absolutely mastered this – which is no wonder, because, of course, she is a professional model – but this doesn’t mean every other girl/trainee/bimbo shouldn’t try to get to this level. Her body language, her body tension and the poses in general are absolutely fantastic, shining in sex appeal, femininity and also support her princess/model persona. Her sense for fashion and styling is also out of this world: Stockings, always high heels (even stripper heels!), beautiful lingerie (she even does THIS right!), sexy bikinis – until recently I couldn’t even find a SINGLE picture of her wearing pants/trousers – which is EXACTLY correct for a bimbo. Of course this has something to do with her being a swimwear/underwear model – but let us just believe that this is exactly how she looks on a casual day – like every good bimbo is supposed to. Of course this brings up one “negative point” (nitpicking much?): As beautiful and sexy as these swimwear pictures are (especially the lingerie pictures with stockings, etc.) I would wish to see her in short dresses and short skirts from time to time – just to see her in some “casual bimbo wear for leaving the house“. But… that’s it.

So… could this dream doll become any more perfect? Well… we wouldn’t be at the Pink Bimbo Academy if I would say “no”. Sure – she is very close to bimbo perfection – and an absolute beauty and stunner – but….. yeah… let us gather what we would do, to bring her even closer to bimbo perfection: First thing is obvious: Much bigger tits (but maintaining the current shape, appeal, etc.) and much bigger lips. I said she has some “puppy fat”, which… isn’t bad – but she… could lose a itsybittytiny bit of that… at least that wouldn’t hurt (booty and hips). Next thing: Let us add a shiny, sparkling belly button piercing (yes, I said percings are absolutely unacceptable for bimbos – but the belly button piercing is the ONE and ONLY exception!) and increase her tan by a bit. Like I already said… her hair could be a little bit longer (more/longer extensions)…. aaaaaand… while her nose is thin and beautiful… it misses that bimbo typical, slight angle – the snub nose, if you will. But really…. that’s it… I couldn’t come up with much more to be honest – that’s how perfect this girl already is, and you guys know me, I ALWAYS find stuff to enhance or optimize.. but this time, it was pretty difficult, which explains why this princess is easily in my Top-5 bimbo list, like I said in the beginning of this article. So, what else is there left to say? Obvious: BE – LIKE – HER, GIRLS! This is one more rolemodel to go after! I know, I tell you this in more or less every rolemodel article (for a reason!), but again: THIS is what a bimbo looks like! THIS should be your goal! THIS should be your leading example! This is the body, the femininity, the style, the sex appeal, the aesthetics, the look and the beauty you should strive for! Andrea shows: There are always coming new bimbos to the community (one day, it might be you?), more girls who set the bar higher and become bimbo goddesses – so do it like she does, and do it! Just DO IT!

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