Bimbo training – “How a bimbo should dress: Tops, shirts & dresses – Bimbo suitable cuts and necklines”

Most women in the world understand the power of their breasts and many of them know that sex sells like nothing else. Cleavage can get you drinks in a bar. Cleavage can get you lunch if you are hungry. Basically cleavage can get you anything you want so in the event that you are out to sell your assets then the more you expose the merrier. There is no limit to the amount of cleavage you can show if your point is to sell your assets.” – Messycloset, “How much cleavage is too much” – “Boobs are assets but you need to learn how to use them”

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If you still don’t know, that the tits of a bimbo are her most valuable assets, that they can never be big enough (more or less), that it is absolutely MANDATORY to have giant, fake, “plastic” implants for a girl/woman to be a bimbo, that a good girl ALWAYS shows them off in the best way possible and that there are multiple techniques for a bimbo to put her assets on display – techniques she should ALWAYS make use of – then you are either a new reader at the Pink Bimbo Academy (in that case: Welcome!), or you refuse to understand what makes a bimbo and what hyper-femininity stands for (in that case: Please leave!). We already talked about the perfect bimbo tits – in fact, we had a whole series about this topic – but there is still so much more to discover! Today, we are approaching another “boob-related” topic, namely, the “shirt cut meme“, that roamed the internet a while ago. However, we wouldn’t be at the Pink Bimbo Academy, if we didn’t expand on this, didn’t have a very close look – examining all the different aspects – and of course, didn’t come up with some rules for you bimbo trainees out there.

Boobs are assets but you need to learn how to use them.” – this line from the above mentioned article explains very well what we are looking at today. Having giant, fake, “plastic” tits is not everything – it is also about “knowing how to “use” them! Every girl can have huge boobs – and of course a bimbo HAS to have the biggest tits overall – but a true bimbo also knows how to showcase her rack, how she makes the most of her most valuable assets, how she has to put them on display and how she should use them in order to profit from them in every conceivable way (be it compliments, looks, sex, attention, advantages over other girls, different amenities or even cash). A bimbo with huge plastic tits who doesn’t know how “to use them” or doesn’t constantly show them off, is not a bimbo – but “just some girl with big tits” – the silicone is basically worthless. Basically, a bimbo >mastered< the arts of showing off her huge tits by posing, styling, dressing and behaviour, so she became a “mistress of tits-appeal”! We looked at some ways of posing or behaving before, that support the appeal of your tits as well as at some other styling rules and dressing rules with the same goals – and all of these still apply of course, but today we are diving deeper into the different “shirt cuts” that exist, and determine which ones are bimbo suitable and which ones are not. Keep in mind: Like I said, all the beforementioned rules are still in effect – so you have to combine these with todays new rules! But before we come to that, let us have a closer look at how “normal” “females” profit from different shirt cuts – even though they barely have something to show off at all:

It is no wonder, that 80% of all women constantly “scan” the cleavage of other females around, consciously or unconsciously: Like we discovered before, breasts are THE determining factor, when it comes to the levels of beauty, sex-appeal and femininity – and are therefore, the deciding factor regarding a social hierarchy of desirableness. Every girl KNOWS of the importance of tits, if you like to admit it or not, and every girl includes the visual appeal (and of course, the size) of other girls breasts into her unconscious calculation that results in an assessment, if other girls are in competition with her – and to what degree those girls represent a certain danger in “winning” this competition, when it comes to partner choice or other “conflicts”. But do we have some examples, speaking of these “social conflicts”? Yes, we have: 50% of all surveyed females exposed their cleavage to get served first at a bar, 8% have given a traffic warden an eyeful to dodge a ticket, 16% use their assets to jump a queue, 1 in 7 let it all hang out at work to impress the boss and a merely 3% show cleavage at a job interview (of course, a bimbo would do MUCH more to impress her boss or to get the job!). So, why are these numbers so low? Could it be, that putting your tits on display doesn’t even work?

Sorry, I had to sit down again, after I fell from my chair, rofling. What a stupid question! Despite all the claims cowardly men and your boyfriend make – big, showcased tits ALWAYS win – in every competition! There are countless studies dealing with this, f.e. Dr. Sevag Kertechian of the Paris-Sorbonne University and his team sent two women with almost identical CVs and experience to apply for 200 roles: Both women applied for 100 roles wearing a conservative outfit and 100 roles wearing a “more revealing” outfit. Guess what? The applicants wearing the low-cut dress received 62 (!) more interview offers than the one wearing the “conservative” dress-cut – meaning, that women who show more cleavage are 19 (NINETEEN!) times more likely to get an interview than those who prefer to cover up!

Our results showed interesting trends as low-cut dresses significantly influenced the choice of the recruiters, even for accounting positions,Dr. Kertechian told the Telegraph, “Regardless of the job, whether customer-facing saleswoman or office-based accountant the candidate with the low cut clothing received more positive answers.“. There is proof that waitresses who show more cleavage are getting vastly higher tips – and there is proof that waitresses with big tits are getting even higher tips (the height of the tips is directly proportional to the size of her tits! – like I told you before!) – and there is proof that blonde waitresses get higher tips (like I told you before) – and also there is proof that waitresses wearing make up get even higher tips (like I told you before) – and so on, and so on… by the way, this gets a little bit off topic now, but let me use this opportunity to tell you something: Sometimes, girls message me, that they “have a different opinion” about some things or details or that they “think differently” about something… Listen girls, this is not about “opinions”! I am not telling you MY OPINION – I am stating facts. It’s science. You don’t have to like it – you just have to accept it! You can’t “think differently” about this. Either, you want to be a perfect bimbo and follow my guidelines – or you won’t be a true bimbo doll at all. Easy as that. So – be a perfect blonde, big titted bimbo doll, wearing heavy make up, sky high heels all the time, revealing, short dresses (I still can not believe how many of you still wear pants, hotpants, trousers and leggins…it is insulting and infuriating) and, of course, benefitial, low cut necklines – which brings us back to topic: So, there is more than enough proof that showcasing your tits, wearing low-cut necklines DOES work and gets you a SIGNIFICANT advantage over the female competition, but then why are the beforementioned number so low? Easy: Because those numbers come from “normal females”, which are just too unfeminine, too stupid, too afraid or too indoctrinated to understand the power they are wielding in regards to their breasts. 1 in 3 women “get ‘the girls’ out on a first date”, 10% have tried to upstage a bride with eye-popping cleavage and 2 in 3 flash the flesh to feel feminine and sexy – which absolutely supports the claims I made a while back – even though a true bimbo would do all of this (and more) – ALWAYS! A bimbo is PROUD of her tits, and uses EVERY opportunity to showcase them the best way possible ALL the time!

79% of men want a peek at your cleavage. (…) Wow! No surprise there. A low cut top can be as effective as Kryptonite in turning a strong, intelligent man into a babbling fool.” – Survey from Redbook magazine – “What makes a women sexy, according to men”,

The “art of the cleavage” is something women practiced for literally thousands of years, a form of art that culminated in what I would call “best-bimbo-practice” these days. So, let’s have a look at the beforementioned rules and lesson papers again – and then at the new papers above, so you can learn, practice and eventually MASTER the art of cleavage! Again: We are not talking about “maybes”, “sometimes”, “…different opinion, yadda, yadda…” – we are talking about ALL of these techniques and rules – ALWAYS – EVERYWHERE – ALL OF THE TIME. So, be a good bimbo (or even a bimbo at all!) by following these guidelines and respecting the rules, without any exceptions, “lazy days”, stupid “own ideas / own style” or sad excuses. Instead, be a true bimbo – be the best bimbo you can be. Always.

…oh… and because there wasn’t any new content for so long… all of you readers get the lesson papers above in high resolution… I’m sorry

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