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Well, you know, there is this list I have – basically a timetable connected to my extensive bimbo database, determining the order about which bimbos I am going to write the next bimbo rolemodel articles. Sometimes, the order is determined by a special subject I am currently writing about, so I can showcase you an outstanding example of what I was talking about in another article (For example, when I posted the article about “the perfect bimbo lips” in regards to make upI posted a rolemodel article about Joyce), but usually I try to maintain a good mix of rolemodels doing something exceptionally well, following the idea of presenting a balanced selection, which means, that there is a predetermined queue of literally hundreds of beautfiful bimbo babes I am processing – one after the other. But, as some of you already know, sometimes – every now and than, there appears an absolute outstanding, queue-crushing, celestial bimbo beauty, close to bimbo perfection, I just HAVE to write about ASAP, so that my preset rolemodel schedule gets COMPLETELY trashed. Readers of the PBA know that this happened pretty often recently, looking at the unscheduled rolemodel articles about surprise-bimbo-goddesses Andrea Christine, Skyler Nicole (who just got her 2000cc implants at that time) and Haley Layne. Welp, it happened again, which is why I am presenting you another “bimbo-goddess-that-came-out-of-nowhere”: Russianbombatut, or how she is now called on IG: Instabarbie.

You already know this – this article is going to be nothing but a song of praise for this bimbo beauty – but what can I do, if a girl is so close to feminine perfection and has such stylistic command and aesthetical superiority? Right – nothing, but intoning the litany of ovation to hyper femininity and its embodiment at its finest. It IS a very, very, very difficult task for girls around the world, to compete with the natural beauty and the distinct “look” of Slavic and Eastern European females – widely considered to be the most beautiful and most feminine looking women in the whole world – which becomes even “more unfair” because culturally, many of these girls still respect classic and traditional, feminine virtues (beloved by more or less all men on the planet) of supporting and maintaining their natural beauty and sexappeal by any means possible, in marked contrast to, for example, “Western ‘females'”. What happens, if one of those super-females decides to walk the way of the bimbo, is nothing but a thermonuclear reaction of sex appeal and femininity, resulting in a women, most men would ditch their significant other for immediately – and not without a reason. We don’t even have to talk about Russianbombatuts face shape, completely safeguarded by those “Slavic genes”, which bring these matters to 99,99% bimbo perfection – it simply can’t get any better. A perfect, cute, thin and small barbie nose, her flawless skin, beautiful, amygdaloid eyes (with superb eye make up and heavy eye lashes!), her nearly PERFECT use of heavy make up and of course, her GIANT, puffy, big bimbo lips render her face in a way, we can only describe as “angelic” and, of course, close to bimbo perfection too. Especially her lips, are a work of art. The upper and lower lip have the exact same size and volume – and the overall projection, as well as the size and the shape in general, is just the epitome of maximum bimbo sex appeal. THESE are the lips a bimbo should have! Here it already begins girls: THIS is a “nearly perfect” bimbo face – with nearly perfect bimbo lips! THIS is the volume and the shape you want to go for! Everything else is just subpar and way less sexy and feminine. Of course, a bimbo princess of this caliber HAS to be a blonde! There is no way around that! And Russianbombatuts wonderful, straight hair, doesn’t only have the perfect bright tone – it also has the perfect length, reaching to her perfect butt! So, can we now talk about the literal one and only flaw, regarding this queen of femininity? Yes? Well, you already guessed it: Sadly, underneath her very impressive tits (which we will discuss in a minute), sits a huge, colored tattoo, spoiling the whole look. A very sad discovery, which would lead the PBA administration to fly the PBA flags on campus at half-mast for a whole week… but, what can we do about it? I can only repeat myself: NEVER ever get tattoos, girls (except for a tramp stamp)! Simply NEVER. It ruins your appeal and it is simply NOT bimbo suitable – but like I said, we will have an article about that in the near future. So, let us come to something more delightful: Yes – her tits. At the outset: Could they be bigger? YES! Of course! They SHOULD be MUCH bigger! Hopefully this princess makes that decision at some point in the future! But apart from that: Man, look at these perfectly shaped bimbo boobs. Enhanced, round – with a perfect projection, shape and texture – and still with an acceptable volume, respecting the basic rule for all bimbos. THIS is what we want to see! If she decides to go bigger at some point, I have no doubts she will fulfill the requirements for the perfect bimbo tits without any problems. Next thing: THAT body shape. Jesus-Fucking-Christ-On-A-Fucking-Motorcycle…!!! THIS is close to utter bimbo perfection! Let it be heard, especially the female followers and “bimbo-wannabes”, who think a bimbo should have an ass that is as wide as a Komatsu 980E-4, with multiple BBLs and shit, fat on their “thick” hips and thighs that look like a XXL kebab on its skewer, should listen very, very closely now: THIS is how it should look! A bimbo is not FAT (and having a huge butt with “thick hips” is nothing but… well… being/looking fat… stop it – get some help)!!! Todays rolemodels showcases a very good hip-to-waist ratio, a fantastic butt (still a -little- too big, but not by much) and an outstanding, flat belly. THIS is how a bimbo should look like! No superfluous body fat, but also no visible bones and no visible muscles (no sixpack also, which is great!). Cherry on top: A nice, sparkly belly button piercing (the only acceptable piercing for a bimbo – apart from, maybe, nipple piercings). Next main attraction: Endless, long, perfectly shaped legs. And this girl knows how to showcase them, very often wearing ultra-short mini skirts and sky high heels – EXACTLY what a bimbo is supposed to do! But what am I saying here?! IN GENERAL, this rolemodel knows how to show off bimbo appropriately! Always showcasing her huge rack, wearing tops and dresses with underboobs, sideboobs, super low necklines and inner sideboobs – also extremely often in combination with belly-free cuts – exactly what we were talking about just a couple of days ago! Creating and wearing feminine, sexy styles is a piece of cake and a walk in the park for this doll (Russian and Eastern European girls just have talent for this and a seemingly, genetically engrained aptitude for femininity and sexy aesthetics, something most “Western ‘females'” lack completely (apart from you girls in the UK, you are great!)) – often wearing revealing, “slutty” but also classy outfits in hot pink (!), red or black. On top, we have pristine, VERY bimbo suitable, long fake finger nails, absolutely NAILING (haha) the bimbo appeal and a sense for cute and sexy costumes as well as for jewelry. What else can you ask for? This is what men are after – THIS is the kind of women/wife/partner we want to have! THIS is how a bimbo should be. So, don’t take this as running rings around you bimbo trainees in the West – take it as a well-meaning advise instead: Don’t do your “own thing”. Don’t trust your sense for aesthetics and style. Don’t ruin everything by doing it “your way”… just be like her. Seriously. You can’t go wrong with that. This goddess is already following most of the PBA rules in the way I meant them to be – so just look at her as your prime example of how a bimbo should be. This beauty is up there, with the most sexy and perfect bimbo dolls already – so make no mistake. But don’t forget: By paying attention to the PBA lessons and following the rules ALL THE TIME – you can become a bimbo goddess too – and set NEW standards, that are even superior. Have a look at her AMAZING bimbofication above – this is one of the most impressive, magical and astounding bimbo-transformations I have seen so far! This should ensure you, that you absolutely CAN become a true bimbo goddess – if you just work hard enough and never stop making progress. What are you waiting for? Look at this angelic beauty, a true bimbo rolemodel, read the PBA, show some discipline and dedication – and become the best bimbo doll possible! You CAN do it too (and stop talking about these “Phat butts” and “wide hips”… its disgusting… also: Stop listening to the inner voice of “your own style”… I see the results all the time and nothing good comes from it. Trust me (f.e. here and here, goddammit))!

(Ah yes, and the next “unscheduled” rolemodel is also already picked -_-)

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