Bimbo Uniforms – Shoes: Devious Domina-3000 (Black)

Another part of our ongoing series about bimbos and high heels, another bimbo-must-have! Today we are talking about overknee boots – but not just any overknee boots – THE overknee boots for bimbos: The “Devious Domina 3000” in black, shiny, patent leather. So, why of all things THESE overknee boots? Why not just some other models? Why not some generic overknee boots? Well, of course a bimbo is absolutely allowed and free to possess more than just one pair of overknee boots (that would be very welcomed, indeed) in different colors, different variants, with platform or without – as long as all those models follow the PBA guidelines of bimbo suitable shoes, but THIS special model is a bimbo must-have and every girl needs to have these shoes in her wardrobe. Why? Before we come to that question and address the elephant in the room, let us first look at what we have here:

The Devious Domina 3000 are funnel-shaped stiletto overknee boots (thigh-high, nearly crotch boots), with a pointy toe-box, no platform, fully closed up to the shaft, without lacing, 15cm heels, made of black, shiny patent leather. The CLASSIC “dominatrix boots” if you will – which IS the elephant in the room I was talking about: “Dominatrix boots”, hence the name Devious gave these shoes… isn’t that a problem in terms of bimbofication? Well, first and foremost, Devious brands all shoes with this basic design (pointy toebox, stiletto heels ~15cm high, no platform) as “the Domina line”, which we could already see, if we take a look back at the last bimbo must-have-shoes we talked about: The Devious Domina-108 in hot pink. In that article it wouldn’t have made sense for me talking about this elephant in the room, because apart from the name, the “Dominatrix aspect” wasn’t that apparent there, quite in contrast to the items we are talking about today, or… was it? You see, it absolutely makes sense that Devious brands this basic design with that label, because there are some design aspects to it, many “real Dominatrixes” make use of to support the appeal they aim for – not without a reason, aspects a bimbo can make work for her too, without having to give in to the “Dominatrix-side”. So, what makes these shoes “Dominatrix like” and why might that be a problem in terms of bimbofication at first glance? Okay, first the elephant in the room: Bimbos can’t be Dominatrixes. Easy as that, end of story. The idea of “dominant bimbos” is something absolutely unheard of here at the Pink Bimbo Academy, something I will never accept and something that violates the basic bimbo definition we have as our foundation. I will talk about this more in a future series about “bimbos and BDSM and powerplay”, but just trust me now and know this: Briefly said, a bimbo has to be submissive, girly, delicate, soft and feminine – not bossy, dominant, imperious and domineering (at least towards men – some form of “dominant/arrogant/superior” attitude can be appropriate towards other females – and maybe even other bimbos). Sure, the princess aspect of a bimbo might “play” with some of these aspects – but in general, a bimbo is subordinate compared to men, especially when it comes to sex – expressed in the slave aspect of any bimbo and absolutely culminating in the slave archetype bimbo. With that out of the way… do we have a problem here? No, absolutely not. Before I can explain to you how we can make this work, let us first answer the question “what makes these shoes Dominatrix like” and what are the benefits of these aspects? You see, there is a reason why these shoes are favored by Dominatrixes and those reasons are based in the design aspects Devious uses as a justification to call shoes with these aspects “the Domina line”: If you recall the lesson about bimbo suitable shoes (bookmark that! This is one of the most important articles/papers we will ever have on this website!), you should remember the different bimbo suitable toebox designs there are: Pointy, almond and round (open and peeptoe are irrelevant in this context). The description of the “round toebox” states that, this design is “very cute, girly and sweet. This design should be used if you really want to achieve those “little girl” vibes – like, for example, in combination wit a school girl outfit” – which is why a proper bimbo schoolgirl wears round, pumps with Mary-Jane straps. You can already see where this is going: Round toeboxes are the polar opposite of pointy toeboxes, which settles the appeal of this design on the opposed side of the spectrum: Pointy toeboxes look “kinda dominant”, but at least self-confident, strong, self-determined and “empowered”. Now you might understand, why Dominatrixes make use of this design – and it is also the reason why the Devious Domina 3000 are a must-have compared to other, generic overknee boots: Many other overknee boots make use of a platform instead of the flat sole these shoes have. While walking on platforms is easier, platforms dilute the strong expression of pointy toeboxes (which is also why the absolute standard shoes of bimbos, plain, simple (stiletto)-pumps with a pointy toebox should NEVER have platforms also!) . The appeal of platforms lets shoes appear more round and less “pointy” (which is perfectly fine, for example, for stripper heels (almond shaped toebox) etc.), which is not desirable in this case. We have proof for this! If you look for other Devious overknee boots with platform, you will find that the names of these designs is not “Domina” but instead, “Indulge” or “Delight”. But why is this rather “dominant” aspect desirable in this case for bimbos? Because it is the consequent derivation of the stringent, consistent overal design and general appeal of these boots: The 15cm high stiletto heels and the thigh-high shaft of these boots in combination, as well as the shiny, black color, radiate all the beforementioned aspects: Determination, self-confidence and also “wickedness”. With this design, these boots appear elegant, sexy and absolutely… “wicked”. High boots were always a sign of power and status, which is just one reason why they always played a role in the military through the centuries – and why they play such an important role in the world wide BDSM community – and also why they are first-choice for Dominas. But why should they play a role for bimbos? Easy:

You might have noticed how I changed the perceived connotations of this design ~slightly~ over this text: “Self-confident” becomes “confident”, “self-determined” becomes “determined”, “strong” becomes “sexy” and “dominant” becomes “wicked” – all very bimbo suitable, positive aspects a bimbo can and should work with. It all depends on HOW you read the emanated properties of the design of these shoes, and a bimbo absolutely has the power to influence how this is read by others, and this is how we make it work! There are two strategies:

1. Balance the “dominant” properties with the rest of your style and your behaviour! Sure, if you wear a latex catsuit in combination with these overknee boots, a dark and “dominant” make up style while behaving in an arrogant, bossy and untouchable way – this would be grist to the mill and you would support the “Dominatrix aspect”, which would be absolutely bimbo unsuitable. Try to counterbalance it by behaving especially submissive, open, slutty and servile. Wear a style that supports THIS way of reading the properties of these shoes: Ultra-short, tight skirts, open, friendly, make up styles, belly-free tops, etc.. A bimbo has absolute control over the connotations of these shoes and how the properties are read, which even enables her to make these shoes part of a “high-fashion”-style, if combined with expensive, elegant and stylish fashion pieces (as so many stars do).

2. Make use of contrast. This is a continuation of the beforementioned strategy. We talked about “contrasting elements” A LOT at the Pink Bimbo Academy, f.e. as early as in our article about bimbo schoolgirls or the post about bimbo brides – but we never HAD a dedicated article about contrasts, even though it might very well be one of the most powerful tools a bimbo has at her disposal. This will change soon… just wait for it. But for now: The (sexual) tension created by thoughtful implemented contrast or contrasting elements is pretty much unrivaled: A bimbo slave that kneels before her trainer/daddy/master/partner in THESE shoes, emanates a powerful message! Such a contradicting, visual message bears enough sex appeal to drive any man completely wild! This type of contrast evokes thoughts about a “dominant, arrogant princess” (remember, bimbos are princesses among normal females!), who willfully submits herself to a man and subjects herself to be a willing sex-slave! This also works with the bimbo nun, for example – EXTREMELY strong powerplay dynamics and much potential! But these are only examples – I think you understand what I want to say: Use these shoes as a method of contrasting the rest of your style and your behaviour, in order to create maximum sexual tension.

Lastly, let us talk about options and variants. Like I said, a bimbo has the opportunity to use these, elegant, sexy shoes to appear stylish, elegant, wicked, slutty, determined or, by using contrast as a weapon, submissive and servile, depending on the rest of her style and behaviour. The “slutty high ponytail” is the perfect hairstyle to go along with these boots, by the way (it is the perfect bimbo hairstyle most of the times, honestly). So, this exact version of these shoes is an absolute bimbo must-have, but what about other colors? Well, we will talk about different colors for bimbo must-have shoes in an upcoming article about the “bimbos and high heels series“, but sure – in addition to black Devious Domina 3000, you CAN have them in other colors (which is welcomed, but optional): These boots in white, get rid of the “Domina-side” completely and let them appear as sheer, cheap “street hooker” shoes, which is, of course, PERFECT for bimbos and VERY welcomed (Related: Look here!)! White shoes have very special properties and connotations, which makes white more or less THE most bimbo suitable color for heels, but like I said – we will come to that. Pink is another “no-brainer-choice” for bimbos, but in this case – “problematic”. There is literally no social connotation for pink overknee boots, which makes it difficult for a bimbo to “create a narrative”. Of course – the color pink is strong on its own and does work with these shoes, but then it is about nothing else than your “bimbo persona”. Not that this is a bad thing – it is just not very much to play with. Of course, you can use this for die-hard bimbo bedroom play, or if you want to make a VERY strong, visual statement in public regarding your bimbo persona, but then you would have to go with the limited options regarding the rest of your style: Pink, pink and nothing but pink. Is that bad? No… it’s not. But not very flexible. I’ll allow it tho. “Precious metals” for these shoes are… pretty much not an option. The only case in which this would be useful, is for something like a “stage act” or as a “show gimmick” (f.e. poledancing or stripping, letting those boots glitter in the light, etc.). Lastly, regarding bimbo suitable colors, we have red. Yes, these boots in firefighter red would work. It would be comparable to the same shoes in white, with some differences: Strong red-light-district vibes, but instead of the “cheap street hooker”, we get a more “professional, red light district sex worker connotation, which is fine – but a bit more limited: Casually wearing these boots in white in public IS possible – which would let people jump from the impression of a “cheap street hooker” to “this is total, cheap slut”, which is, of course, very bimbo suitable and welcomed – but not possible with the same shoes in red. Casually wearing these boots in red in public, would do nothing but create a questionmark above peoples heads, because nobody would be able to jump from one impression (professional red light district sex worker) to the next. But it still remains as an option for party nights or the bedroom. In the end, you might have noticed, that, while these shoes do work in different colors, they all miss something only the color black can provide in this case: Elegance, classiness and even “high-fashion” vibes, which is just one of the reasons why these shoes are an absolute must-have. Let us not forget: These boots are the trademark for ficticious bimbo rolemodel Lula Wet 😉 (cosplay pics of you bimbo girls very welcomed!).

Also, this is, very, very obviously, a gimbo must have too. Goth girls in general shouldn’t have problems with wearing these in public as casual shoes – but also to parties, club nights, etc. An additional advise for gimbos here: Wear fine, dark lace stockings in combination with these boots – but in a way that they are clearly visible, which means: Very high stockings, and a very, very short skirt!

So – what are you waiting for? Order now. I can not overstate how important these “must haves” are. We are not talking about “mere suggestions” for you – we are talking about “you have to have and wear these shoes or you fail as a bimbo” (yes, I am that serious), which is why we will have a… pretty huge article about must-have bimbo shoes in the future, summarizing all those fashion pieces and explaining why they are so important – as one of the upcoming articles of our ongoing series about Spacetim… “bimbos and high heels“. Be prepared for that.

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