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Many of my new readers won’t know this, but from time to time, we speak about special “bimbo uniforms” here on the Pink Bimbo Academy, lastly over one year ago, about the “X-Mas Bimbo”. These special uniforms are not meant to be “daily outfits”, “casual wear” (apart from the “bimbo housewife” at home) or even “cosplay outfits” but are something more than “outfits for special occasions every bimbo should have in her wardrobe”. Of course, there are also differences between these costumes, for example, the “bimbo secretary” and the “bimbo stewardess” can be seen as actual dresscodes for bimbos who work in respective environments (the bimbo secretary is a direct “must be like that” for girls who work in an office, for example), or the “bimbo bride” – which is a mandatory styleguide for bimbos who are about to get married, while other costumes may not find actual application in the real world (apart from parties or Halloween), like the “bimbo nurse“, the “bimbo maid“, the “bimbo schoolgirl” and the “bimbo bunny“. So, if these uniforms don’t have any use in the outside world, why should every bimbo have those ready at home – why do we even talk about them? Because they do play a role in the process of bimbofication and have a direct benefit for the overall progression of becoming a perfect bimbo doll! Let me explain (although we will talk about this in detail in one of our next parts of the bimbo cosplay-series!): Every single one of these costumes, is connected to special aspects of the training process of a bimbo. The schoolgirl-outfit for example, is perfectly usable for actual bimbo training in the bedroom. A trainer who wants to practice some of the lessons we published here on the Pink Bimbo Academy, wants to test his trainee with some of our special test-papers, or just wants to enhance the blowjob skills of his trainee, is well advised to let his trainee dress up as a bimbo schoolgirl, in order to create the correct mindset, atmosphere and environment for his trainee to really internalize the content he wants her to learn. Apart from that, this setup allows many different sexual playstyles which do not only keep it fresh in the bedroom, but also allow the trainee to accept all the different aspects of her bimbo-persona. Todays special bimbo uniform does also have such benefits and directly connects to one of our last meta-articles, the “Church of Plastic” – something some of you guys wanted me to elaborate further, so here… we… go.


The “monastic habit” of a nun is very old, varies from order to order and monastery to monastery and did evolve over the centuries quite dramatically. Originally, the habits evolved from generic clothes of peasant women and widows and had two things in common, no matter at which period or religious order we look: Their intended effect on the members of the convent themselves and others and the overall symbolic meaning of the traditional costume. The coherent nature of the habit stresses the collective cohesiveness of the sisters (like any form of uniform tends to do) and reduces the meaning of individuality – something we already talked about in other articles about different uniforms, and in regards to bimbos specifically, in one article about BBFs. Of course, the clothing serves as a distinctive feature of identification for outsiders and transports certain symbolic messages and values: Commitment to god and the religious order, fellowship to the faith, submission to specific values, rules and believes, chastity, austerity, modesty, innocence and purity.

The uniform

Although there are dozens of different nun habits, here, we will deal with only one specific version of this type of clothing: The classic habit of the Benedictine sisters – the “typical nun outfit”, the one you imagine when you try to think of a nun and the one which gets most often used in pop cultural media like comics and movies, or for Halloween costumes – sometimes slightly altered to let it appear more “sexy”. However, let us first explore how this original uniform looks like: The classic Benedictine habit consists of a characteristical white cap (“serre-tête”) undernath a black veil. This combination covers the hair and the head completely and only leaves the face out, with a round, oval or square cutout. A big, round, white neckerchief covers the body from the neck over the breasts. The main part of the whole uniform is the long, black habit (a cowl, reaching to the ground), with long sleeves, tapered directly underneath the breasts with a leather rope. The only type of “decoration” worn, is a cross necklace on a black chain. The simplicity of this dress symbolizes the modesty of the wearing sister and tries to ensure, that the wearer can’t be regarded in a sexual content. In addition, the modest aloofness prevents any form of individuality or deviation.


So, we talked about the intended purpose of the original habit of a nun and that is all well and good but on the first glance, the whole thing seems to be the complete OPPOSITE of what bimbofication is all about! Yes, that is true… but don’t you count your chickens before they are hatched and forget about the human psyche and pop cultural exploitation! This effect was already discussed in our articles about the bimbo schoolgirl, the bimbo bride and the bimbo nurse – and quite frankly, the nun is a little bit of all of that, combined with the very specific touch of religious sobriety and of course… a good portion of “taboo”. With this in mind, it is no wonder, that a whole universe of sexual imaginations dealing with nuns established itself over the years in pop culture and fetish-niches, at which we will have a short look:


The “Nunsploitation“-genre is a subgenre of exploitation film which culmitaed from the 60s to the 70s in Europe, or more specific, in Italy. More or less, the story is always the same and resembles the “Women in Prison” movies (also a subgenre of exploitation, also mainly produced in Italy in Spain between the 60s and 70s): The setting is medieval Europe, a young, naive and innocent girl gets delivered to a convent, usually against her will and because of doctored misdemeanours against christian morals, where she gets confronted with the lesbian, sexual antics of the sisters of that order, smuggled in males who have a good time with the nuns regularly, monastics abusing their powers, a sadistic Mother Superior who likes to torture and humiliate naughty novices and/or a hidden satanic cult, giving routinely black masses that culminate in full-blown orgies. My personal favorite regarding these movies is “Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun“, directed by Jess Franco, quite possibly the best movie he ever made (yes, I said that). Even if the genre of the nunsploitation is pretty dead itself, the heritage is well alive and the nun as a sexual trope continues to influence motion pictures and animations, for example in Robert Rodriguez “Machete” (2010), with Lindsay Lohan (wearing the correct outfit), the 2012 E3-trailer for Hitman: Absolution, or trashy productions like “Nude Nuns with Big Guns” – and, of course, the porn section. Without a doubt, this subgenre of films did make quite an impact, not only in pop-culture, but also in some fetish-communities!

Comics, hentai, music and general media

No matter where we look, the sexualized nun gets used everywhere: In the world of music and album cover artworks (here and here), in classic BDSM/fetish comics, in “normal” comics, in animes and hentai (f.e. here and here), in fetish photography and even in commercials, for example the legendary “Afri Cola” commercial of genius Charles Paul Wilp (see it here!). But why is that so? Let us have a look at the strange combination of such antagonisms like nuns and sex, and why it has such a strong effect on us – and by that, let us discover why every bimbo should have a perfect nun-costume at home:

Sexualized nuns & nuns in the BDSM-culture

Let us get one thing straight out of the way: The sheer provocative nature of the subject! Yes, that absolutely is a factor. Especially in certain music genres like the gothic section or in the black metal area, anti-religious shock values do play a role and might very well be the main reason why nuns are portrayed in the way they are. But that can not be the sole reason and most certainly it can not be the main reason for other types of media or less-christianity-critical genres to deal with sexualized nuns they way they do. If you read the beforementioned articles about bimbo schoolgirls and bimbo brides, you do know that a lot of sexual tension can be generated by taboos, purity and virtues – and the estimated lust in breaking and corrupting these things. Like I already said, the nun combines many aspects of the beforementioned archetypes, the “virginity”, chastity and purity of the bride (who is promised to someone else, in this case – our Lord and saviour) represented by the color white, the simplicity, naiveté, virginity, inexperience and good nature of the schoolgirl (as archetype, only jammed together with other girls in a boarding school for young ladies, without any men – very much like nuns), the helpfulness, bonhomie, welfare and cleanliness of the nurse (also represented by the color white) and the subservience, devotedness, humility, commitment and servitude of the maid (represented by the color black, in this case as a servant in the name of the faith). ALL of these aspects have a HIGHLY sexual connotation, like we already discovered in the respective articles, and can develop a very seductive aura, which is pretty much always used in the beforementioned nunsploitation movies. You already have noticed, I specifically mentioned the colors black and white – the ONLY colors used by the whole uniform and the second reason why the nun-outfit is such a powerful tool: Even if the original idea behind the choice of these colors might have been a completely different one (no creation of visual tension by only selecting desaturated colors, white as a symbol of purity, virginity and chastity, black as a symbol of modesty, restraint and humility), a quite spectacular combination was born. Black and white, as pure antagonists and the absolute opposites of each other, create something that the human mind can’t get around without lighting up in excitement: Contrast! Contrast creates tension. That’s one of the most basic rules of color theory and so it is no wonder, that combinations like these, do catch the human eye and don’t let it loose – a very welcomed effect in our regards, and one of the most important factors why the nun has such a powerful sexual connotation. The contrast of the exhibition of such a spawn of virtue and purity and the assumption of what might be going on behind those thick walls of the covenant, at night in the cells of the novices or in the old torture chamber of the monastery fueled said nunsploitation movies and the fantasies of many men throughout the years… and what might that innocent, young nun wear underneath her modest, virtuous and unapproachable habit? Stockings? Nothing? Lingerie? Who knows… but I bet, secretly, she is a little slut… We already talked about the appeal of this type of contrast, in the often mentioned articles about brides and schoolgirls – but here it hits harder than ever. Another thing you might have noticed, is the frequent pairing of nuns, sex and violence. Violence in the form of spanking, punishment, arresting, imprisonment, isolation, bondaging, (self-)flagellating, subjugation and humiliation – also a must-have-feature of every nunsploitation movie ever – and a common theme in nearly every comic rendition of a scenario where nuns are involved. Simultaneously, this and another factor are responsible for the fact, that “the nun” as a character, has a dedicated role and place in the BDSM-culture. This is also not without a reason: Being a nun means one thing: Subjection. A nun dedicated her whole life just one duty: Serving (the religious order, god and the faith). This is her meaning, this is her determination. Without asking questions, without having doubts, without reluctance a nun fulfills her duty! Besides all other properties we already talked about, fulfilling this duty requires some very important other traits: Conscientiousness, dedication, discipline, self abandonment, perseverance and duteousness! All of these things are highly regarded by dominant participants in the BDSM culture and are considered prime virtues for slaves, servants and overall submissive characters. The whole setting of an environment where nuns fulfill their duties, remind us of the days when the holy church was a powerful but merciless and often cruel entity, with a strong hierarchy, strict rules and laws and inexcusable prohibitions. A perfect setting for the general idea of many trends within the BDSM-culture, where strong hierarchies, power imbalances, rules and punishment play a very important role. And last but not least, there is the thing you couldn’t expect: The use of instruments of torture. Of course, this is also a recurring motive of the nunsploitation-movies and one thing those have in common with another sister-subgenre of the exploitation movie: The witchhunter movies, where young, mostly innocent girls are tied to crosses, placed on streching banks or generally tortured with everything the church and their witchfinder generals could come up with in order to force a confession. However, regarding nuns, torture is mostly used as a punishment for misdemeanors (like spending the night in one bed with novice Maria-Theresia – and getting caught or for just being truant) or… well yeah… to exorcise the devil that surely possesses her and let her spread her legs for that farmer that one night… or the night before, when he somehow crept inside the convent. But whatever the reason may be for punishing, spanking and whipping a submissive nun… the BDSM culture does approve and uses this trope a lot – and we all know, pain, punishment, sex and lust go hand in hand. All these factors may play a role why already MANY well known bimbos did cosplay a nun at one point, like you can see above, for example, German bimbo princess Katja Krasavice, bimbo rolemodel Sabrina Sabrok, Sophia Vegas, gimbo rolemodel Starfucked (very fitting for a fetish gimboread the supporting article about the fetish gimbo substyle!) and many more.

The bimbo nun & The Church of Plastic

Quite a while ago, I introduced you to the general ideal of bimbofication as a religion. I came up with something called “The Church of Plastic” and I tried to establish the goals and aspects of bimbofication as a set of beliefs and virtues. Female followers of this faith are dedicated to strive for bimbo perfection and to believe in its celestial validity and the justness of subjugating themselves to the demands of total bimbofication and true hyper-femininity. Total dedication, total devotion and total addiction, with mind, body, act, word and soul! But how do these sisters of the order of the plastic goddess look like? Well – here you got your answer. The bimbo nun does not only perfect her body in all aspects in terms of bimbofication, she does respect ALL the rules of behaviour, styling and self-optmization ALL THE TIME with total faithfulness and submissiveness. She will never talk back or contradict with her trainer/daddy/partner/master, but instead be his willing, perfect, bimbo fucktoy. A trainer should use the bimbo nun outfit, to enhance the training sessions and to bring his trainee into the right mindset. Let her kneel and punish her for all the minor misdemeanors that might happen on her way to bimbo perfection (this outfit is PERFECTLY usable for the bimbo slave archetype!). A sister of the Church of Plastic, a true bimbo trainee, is eager to learn and to be the best bimbo doll she can be!

The uniform of a bimbo nun and a sister of the Church of Plastic

There is one set every bimbo has to have, and another, optional set a bimbo “should” have:

1. The main bimbo habit (must have)

Did you read the description of how the general, classic habit of the Benedictine sisters looks like? Well, okay, that’s it! It is exactly that! No cheap, sexualized Halloween version, no tarty rendition with a short skirt, no need for a tacky variant with a low cut neckline or silly alterations! I told you this in every other costume post: It has to be authentic! Sure, the bimbo schoolgirl uniform and the bimbo nurse uniform do have some special traits, but NEVER EVER use those cheap, forced-sexy Halloween costumes or something like that! We do use the beforementioned benefits and properties of the original uniform to achieve the effects I talked about before and to support the mindset we want to have. It has to be serious! This is why you have to make sure, that the whole habit is made of strong, heavy fabric and works exactly like the original. However – indeed, there are some… minor details that might differ from the original: The form of the white cap, has to be specifically selected in order to support the face shape of the bimbo and to counter subpar properties (round, oval or square)! The long robe can have some (black, ideally “invisible”) buttons on the back over the pelvis, in order to make it possible to fix the long robe in place, letting it showcase the butt of the bimbo nun. Likewise, the robe should be able to be opened, to let the tits of the novice hang out underneath the white neckerchief. Last difference: Of course, the bimbo shouldn’t wear a cross on a chain, but instead could wear a little, golden or silver vibrator on a chain. So, let us now come to the really important stuff, namely, what lies underneath the black, virtuous robe: The bimbo nun wears underneath her habit, no bra and no panties. She does wear some silky, dark lace stockings, a black lace garter belt and either black stripper heels or black, shiny stiletto boots up to her knee, made of patent leather, or black, shiny overknee stiletto boots made of patent leather or latex. The bimbo nun may undress her robe, if she is told to, but she may NEVER undress her stockings, her high heels, her white cap, her black veil and the white neckerchief!

2. The fetish variant (optional)

The fetish variant can be selected for dedicated BDSM sessions and may vary in visual appeal. However, generally it has to consist of a black veil, made of latex, a white cap, made of latex (with a form that respects the face shape of the bimbo and supports it!) and a white neckerchief made of latex. The bimbo nun wears a black, shiny, tight corset, made of latex or patent leather, her tits have to be uncovered and are framed by the underbust corset and the white neckerchief. She may wear a skin-tight, black bolero made of latex, covering her arms up to the hands, or long, tight, black latex gloves. She does NOT wear any form of underwear, no panties, no bra! Black, shiny, skin-tight latex stockings (may be connected to the corset) or normal, silky stay up stockings are a must. She wear either black stripper heels or black, shiny stiletto boots up to her knee, made of patent leather, or black, shiny overknee stiletto boots made of patent leather or latex. In this case, the bimbo nun is not allowed to remove ANY part of her outfit!

In any case, the bimbo nun has to wear heavy makeup, complete and strong, appropriately dark, with heavy eye shadow and black, glossy lipstick.

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