Item #: SCP-PBA0001

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures:

Item SCP-PBA0001 is to be kept in a locked, customized containmend-unit with a size of approx. 100m² at all times. The inside of the containmend-unit has to be set up and furnished like the bedroom of an upper class teenage girl or a sorority bedroom from the mid 90s to early 2000s, with pink wallpaper (Color-Code “Hot Pink” #F81894), a disproportionately large canopy bed with pink bed sheets, fluffy pillows and plush toys (approx. 1/4 metric ton), a makeup dresser with a variety of mirrors in different sizes, a tripod with an attached mobile phone (connected to a contained SCP-intranet-clone of “Instagram”), a ringlight and a selection of make up products (approx. 1/4 metric ton). Ca. 1/3 of the containment unit has to consist of a walk-in wardrobe with attached shoe-closet, containing at least (!) 120 different pairs of stiletto high heels and clothes following the regulations of Special Containment Site “PBA”. When personnel must enter SCP-PBA0001’s container, visual-, haptic- or audio- contact with SCP-PBA0001 is to be avoided under all circumstances! Armed extra personnel has to supervise the intrusion until all personnel have vacated and relocked the container. Conspicuous behaviour of personnel after the intrusion has to be reported to Mobile Task Force MTF Tiara-14 (“Prom Queen Tamers”) immediately!


SCP-PBA0001 is a humanoid female, usually resembling a young woman in her mid-20s, although the perceived ages varies from early-20s to late 40s depending on the sexual preferences of the observer, with only minor differences in visual appeal, resulting from a “plastic like” appearance. The main visual aspects however remain the same, independently from the observer: Long, platinum blond hair, tanned skin, big, open eyes, a tiny snub nose, big O-shaped lips (described as “DSL” by instances of SCP-PBA0001A and SCP-PBA0001B), a noticeable “perfect” body shape with no excess amount of body fat, long legs, an “ideally” shaped butt, long “fake finger nails” (with remarable artworks on them) and perhaps the most noticeable feature: Enormous, perfectly shaped, round breast (approx. 2000-5000cc of volume each). SCP-PBA0001 appears in different outfits, sometimes changing multiple times a day, making heavy use of the clothes provided by site personnel, although SCP-PBA0001 could never be observed bare foot, instead always wearing high heels, which seem to be permanently attached to her feet by unknown means. SCP-PBA0001 always wears heavy make up and “skimpy styles” (as described by D-Class personnel, shortly before containment breach or SCP-PBA0001A/B-incidents) with a preference for the color pink. The dangers posed by SCP-PBA0001 result from her interactions with normal humans and her strong urge to establish it:

When in contact, male humans will be approached by SCP-PBA0001 immediately, in a clearly suggestive way. Although slinky or sometimes even provocative, SCP-PBA0001 never behaves in a dominant, aggressive or even pro-active manner, instead acting in a passive, tempting way, enticing the male person to become active instead. This outcome is unavoidable and can not be prevented by any means (see attachments to test series 001 – 179). Multiple male subjects fall victim to this all at once at the same time, regardless of their numbers (Annotation: “NEVER ever execute further tests with more than 4 D-Class personnel at the same time again! Last time’s containment breach could just barely be stemmed! So, if you don’t want to end the world with a K-Class scenario, never involve more than 3 people together with SCP-PBA0001!” – Dr. Pink, Site Director of Special Containment Site PBA). Shortly upon contact with SCP-PBA0001, any male human becomes an instance of SCP-PBA0001A, a single minded individual, solely focused on mating with SCP-PBA0001 and instances of SCP-PBA0001B. After the transformation to SCP-PBA0001A is concluded (approx. 30 seconds – 10 minutes max.), SCP-PBA0001 and SCP-PBA0001A immediately commence an excessive mating ritual, resembling pornographic media from the mid 2000s. This process can not be interfered with, since any interfering/witnessing person will instantly be transformed into either an instance of SCP-PBA0001A or SCP-PBA0001B – immediately joining the ritual. Instances of SCP-PBA0001A can not be argued or reasoned with and they can not be turned back. At this point, instances of SCP-PBA0001A are highly contagious themselves, turning any other person into copies of SCP-PBA0001A or SCP-PBA0001B, simply by interacting with them (called “The Persuasion Process”), which means that any instance of SCP-PBA0001A has to be isolated and incinerated, after the mating process is finished (15 minutes – 14 hours) and SCP-PBA0001A fell into a deep comatose state of exhaustion, before it reactivates itself and commences the mating process anew.

Female humans will instantly be transformed into SCP-PBA0001B upon first contact with SCP-PBA0001. While SCP-PBA0001A remains physically unchanged, SCP-PBA0001B occurs drastic physical changes, resulting in an appearance, that is virtually indistinguishable from SCP-PBA0001. Regardless of her original appearance, age, anatomy, outfit and hair color, SCP-PBA0001B will grow a massive set of perfectly shaped breasts, a plastic like surface skin, puffy, big, O-shaped lips and long, platinum blond hair and long nails. Excess amounts of body fat simply disappear, as well as wrinkles or other “imperfections”, while the face of SCP-PBA0001B will cover itself with a thick layer of make up. Through a supra-dimensional process that is not yet understood, any clothes SCP-PBA0001B wore before her transformation, will change into styles that would be accepted by SCP-PBA0001 (as appointed by PBA-regulations): Pants, trousers, pantyhoses, leggins and hotpants will simply disintegrate, while skirts and dresses will become shorter and shorter, until they barely reach over the butt of SCP-PBA0001B. Shoes of any kind will transform into some sort of high heeled stiletto shoes, while females who came into contact with SCP-PBA0001 bare foot will “grow” high heels from their feet under extensive pain. Sometimes other artifacts appear on the bodies of SCP-PBA0001B, like golden hoop earrings, lace stockings, corsets, jewelry and other things, clearly violating the laws of thermodynamics and mass conservation. While the physical transformation process goes on, mental and intellectual capabilities of SCP-PBA0001B seem to deteriorate rapidly (See addendum 001B-001PBA), until SCP-PBA0001B is solely focused on a hand full of different topics, like fashion, high heels, beauty-enhancements, make up, trends, parties, “fun”, sex and “boys”. At this point, the transformation process is concluded, SCP-PBA0001B is unsavable, highly contagious and will commence doing the following:

In random order, SCP-PBA0001 and all present instances of SCP-PBA0001B, will either start a “party”, dancing and taking part in “wet t-shirt contests” (such an incident led to containment breach 012B-003PBA), stripping, commencing a “pillow fight”, “girl-talk” about “boys and so on”, touching “their boobs” – examining who has “the biggest”, dress up in different outfits and “cosplay costumes” and/or eventually commit lesbian sex, usually initiated by extensive periods of kissing each other (Annotation: “Last time this happened with 2 female D-Class personnel, former Foundation Dr. Melissa Cromwell and her assistant Lydia Aberdeen, we had a near-end-of-the-world-scenario! For further research of this catastrophic event, interested research staff with Level-5 access can inspect Dr. Cromwell and Miss Aberdeen, now located in containment-cells 47 and 48, labled “Candy” and “Tiffany” – with Site Director permission.” – Dr. Pink, Site Director of Special Containment Site PBA). When brought into contact with normal humans or other copies of SCP-PBA0001A/B, any instance of SCP-PBA0001B will behave exactly like SCP-PBA0001 itself – transforming any male human into a copy of SCP-PBA0001A and any female human into a copy of SCP-PBA0001B, interacting with them as described above.

SCP-PBA0001 and its victims, instances of SCP-PBA0001A and SCP-PBA0001B, are highly contagious and extremely dangerous! An uncontroled containment breach will either lead to a K-class end of the world scenario (as specified by Dr. Pink, see addendum 001K-001PBA) or to the “Elysium case” (see addendum 002E-001PBA). Nevertheless, the risk of ending the human race is to great, which means, that any containment breach has to be reported to Mobile Task Force MTF Tiara-14 (“Prom Queen Tamers”) immediately!

Addendum: Recent studies showed that at the end of October, SCP-PBA0001 changes form and transforms into SCP-PBA0001-2 – See addendum: 001G-012PBA

Addendum 001B-001PBA

SCP-PBA0001 was initially located in [REDACTED] Essex, Great Britain, on [REDACTED] and detained by Mobile Task Force MTF Draconis-77. When Foundation personnel arrived at the scene, all members of MTF Draconis-77 were passed out. Male members completely naked, while female operators already turned into instances of SCP-PBA0001B, also passed out, but dressed as strippers. [REDACTED] actions were taken, now known as “Essex-protocols”, which marks the formal disbanding of MTF Draconis-77.

After initial containment, Foundation researchers conducted first studies on SCP-PBA0001. Attending personnel:

Foundation Lead Researcher Dr. Barbara Tiletti

Foundation Reseracher Dr. Mark Anderson

Start of the recording:

Dr. Tiletti: “…Okay, recording is running… lets see… Today is [REDACTED], I am the leading reseracher Dr. Barbara Tiletti and with me is my colleague, Dr. Anderson. We are interrogating the anomaly found today at [REDACTED] after the Essex incident, which incapacitated the first responding MTF. You are capable of speaking, right?”

SCP-PBA0001: “Of course!” [audible giggle]

Dr. Tiletti: “Very well. Do you remember what happened today? Can you tell us what you did to the men and women who tried to interrogate you earlier today?”

SCP-PBA0001: “You mean those super-kind and handsome guys that visited me? Oh gosh, we had so much fun together, and some of them were soooooo handsome, if you know what I mean…” [audible chuckle]

Dr. Tiletti: “What about the female members of the group? You…. changed them…. in a way?”

SCP-PBA0001: “Brandy, Ginger and Angel? Oh, they are my new besties! I love them sooo much! Their new outfits were like… soooo hot, did you see them? We gave those cute guys a pretty good time together I would say” [SCP-PBA0001 winks at Dr. Anderson]

[Dr. Anderson clears his throat]

Dr. Tiletti: “We are very concerned about the state of our staff, what did you do to them?”

SCP-PBA0001: “Nothing? The girls have become what they wanted to be and the boys got what they wished for… They are all super happy now, you know?”

Dr. Anderson: “Nothing? This is outrageous! The female members of the Task Force have absurdly large breasts now!…. Like…. yours!”

SCP-PBA0001: “Don’t you like them?” [SCP-PBA0001 presses her breasts together, pushing them up]

[Dr. Anderson clears his throat again]

Dr. Anderson: “…I guess…”

Dr. Tiletti: “Mark!”

Dr. Anderson: [INAUDIBLE]

Dr. Tiletti: “Did you do this on purpose? Are you a threat to us?”

SCP-PBA0001: “I would NEVER harm someone… I am a good girl, like…. most of the time… sometimes I might be… a little bad girl though… a bad, baaaad girl that needs a little spanking, perhaps?”

Dr. Anderson: “Barbara, does the air conditioning system work? It is extremely warm in here, I have to say, don’t you think? Can we maybe do something about that…”

SCP-PBA0001: “Yaaaa, you are so right, Daddy, it is sooo hot in here” [SCP-PBA0001 begins to unbutton her top]

Dr. Tiletti: “Stop this! We are professionals and won’t fall for this! Get yourself together, Mark! Listen, creature, I want answers – Don’t insult my intelligence, I am a graduated scientist, with a PhD and… everything… I am… like… super clever.”

[Dr. Anderson violently shakes his head]

Dr. Anderson: “Exactly, you better have some answers when Barb asks you something.”

Dr. Tiletti: “Right. Where did you buy this top? It looks amazing on you.”

SCP-PBA0001: “Doesn’t it? Thank you so much, babe… you should totally get it too…”

[SCP-PBA0001 continues to talk about a shopping haul, while pattern-recognition-algorithms of the automated visual control system recognize subtle changes regarding the body of Dr. Tiletti: Since the start of the interrogation, her scalp hair grew about 10cm, and turned from black into a bright brunette. Her bust size increased by 2 cup sizes, determined by laser-mapping-systems. At this point, she lost about 6kg of bodyfat, while her clothes decreased in size and became tighter. Her black cotton trousers, shortened themselves and ended now right above her knee. The fabric underneath her knee became more translucent and glossy. When she entered the room, Dr. Tiletti wore black loafers without any elevated heel. Over time, a block heel of approx. 6 cm grew underneath the sole. Dr. Tiletti, known for her preference regarding “naturalness”, never wore any make up. Now a thin layer of make up, blush and lipstick can be seen on her face. Her nose has become slightly smaller and more curved, while her lips became substantially bigger.]

Dr. Tiletti: “Right, right, I think this was one of the more important questions… gosh… you are right, it IS warm in here.”

[Dr. Tiletti unbuttons the first 2 buttons of her blouse, while Dr. Anderson stares at her bust]

SCP-PBA0001: “We should totally go on a party together, you would turn all heads, babe.”

[Dr. Tiletti laughs cheerfully]

Dr. Tiletti: “Thank you soo much, sweety, but… the name’s… Barb… not… Babe…”

[SCP-PBA0001 performs a complicated leg crossover – Dr. Anderson groans very audibly and rolls his eyes upwards]

Dr. Tiletti: “You really are a bad girl…” [audible giggle] “so… what… are…like your goals and so on? Do you want to drive my friend here insane or suck his cock or something?”

Dr. Anderson: “Excuse me? You know I am married, Barb…I…”

Dr. Tiletti: “Yaya, whatever. Don’t tell me you never thought about fucking me in the lab, when we had to work at night, right? I sure did….”

[At this point, the visual appearance of Dr. Tiletti changed undeniably: She has become a honey blonde bombshell, with breasts as big as approx. 1500 cc standard silicone implants. She wears heavy make up and her lips now have a noticeable O-shape. Her tight blouse covers a wasp waist and her trousers are gone completely. Instead, she wears a tight, black, pencil skirt which ends a hand’s width abover her knee. Her legs seem to be covered by what looks like a pantyhose. Her shoes became more pointed and the heel became thinner and higher, now measuring approx. 10cm]

SCP-PBA0001: “Ohh, you two are making me horny, my pussy is already wet… can we have some fun now and stop this boring interview? Haven’t I been a good girl?”

[SCP-PBA0001 spreads her legs and puts her hand between her thighs, starting to move]

Dr. Tiletti: “We are not done yet, young lady, I have to…. conduct some… special… hands on… research, if you know what I mean…”

[Dr. Tiletti stands up and walks around the table slowly with swaying hips. Now it is clearly visible that she is wearing stay up stockings with broad lace bands, her pencil skirt has become very short. She positions herself right behind SCP-PBA0001, starts to unbutton her blouse completely and begins to massage SCP-PBA0001s giant breasts tenderly. Dr. Anderson sinks in his chair. Dr. Tilettis breasts are now as big as the head of SCP-PBA0001, which is right between the massive cleavage of Dr. Tiletti]

Dr. Tiletti: “Tell me, will you be a good girl, staying with us here?”

[Dr. Tiletti and SCP-PBA0001 look deep into each other’s eyes]

SCP-PBA0001: “I promise” [audible giggle]

[SCP-PBA0001 and Dr. Tiletti start kissing each other passionately. A ripping noise can be heard as Dr. Andersons pants are torn apart]

[SCP-PBA0001 and Dr. Tiletti both start to giggle]

SCP-PBA0001: “Oh, I think Daddy needs some attention, don’t you think, sis?”

Dr. Tiletti: “I think so too…”

[Both, Dr. Tiletti and SCP-PBA0001 get on their knees and move towards Dr. Anderson on all fours. Dr. Tilettis transformation is now finished: Her breasts have the size of approx. 3000 cc standard silicone implants. Her face is covered in a thick layer of make up, her lips have swollen and resemble a perfect O-shape. Her hair has changed to platinum blond, and she doesn’t have any noticeable body fat. Her skin changed into a perfect, plastic-like surface without any blemishes or hair. Her skirt has become so short, that it doesn’t cover her butt anymore, showcasing the stay ups and her legs. Her shoes have transformed into 12 cm stiletto heels, resembling “Louboutin SoKate” High heels. Both anomalies crawl towards Dr. Anderson who is sitting in his chair, with his pants ripped apart and a massive erection. While both anomalies free Dr. Andersons erection, former Dr. Tiletti looks SCP-PBA0001 in the eyes and whispers her last words of clarity]

Dr. Tiletti: “What…. are you…..?” [Whispered, nearly inaudible]

SCP-PBA0001: [giggles] “Why don’t you ask your friend here…?”

[Dr. Anderson looks down on both anomalies who start to give him a blowjob]

Dr. Anderson: “……Perfection…..”

[Dr. Andersons head tilts backwards, his mouth open with pleasure. At this moment, the automatic containment systems activates and the site is locked up. Back up security staff members Dr. Anatoli Tiemkov and Dr. Natasha Povkanova, who were sitting in a secured surveillance room, supervising the interrogation via visual/audio feed, failed the security protocol, which demands a button to be pressed at all times, because Dr. Povkanova, dressed as a pornographic caricature of a scientist, was underneath the table, between the legs of Dr. Tiemkov “frenching” him, which led to Dr. Tiemkov missing the button press. This dead-man-switch activated the automated security containment protocols, the site locked itself up and Mobile Task Force MTR-Draconis 78 was mobilized.]

End of recording

Addendum 001A-004PBA

Public note for all site personnel:

From now on, staff is not allowed to bring family members, “close friends” or whatever non-Foundation-members to the site anymore! After the last incident, when Dr. Thomas brought his wife here, to “show her his work place”, MTF Tiara-14 had to move out AGAIN and go to town. This was the fourth time this month and we almost lost control over the situation. You do know, this might very well end the world as we know it? I should have known that something wasn’t right, when Dr. Thomas strolled through the hallways all smirking and stuff over days. WAY too happy for a Foundation scientist! The problem escalated when the mailman in Dr. Thomas’ home town visited Mrs. Thomas (or should I say “Diamond”?) and spread the plague over the whole neighbourhood. So let it be clear: No more “upping” your relationship partners! This ends now!

– Dr. Pink, Site Director of Special Containment Site PBA

End of PSA

Addendum 001K-001PBA

Personal Recording of Dr. Pink, Site Director of Special Containment Site PBA

It is unacceptable how lax security protocols of SCP-PBA0001 are handled at the site! Yesterday, Foundation staff members Dr.[REDACTED], Mr. [REDACTED] and Mr. [REDACTED] led a group of female staff members and researchers into a “party room” they prepared beforehand, with SCP-PBA0001 in it! It is not necessary to explain how this ended up. Upon interrogation, the initiators explained, that they did the world “a favor” by doing this. Admittedly, Dr. Serena Lavigne and security officer Elvira Cortez could have done something about their… “subpar” physique at some point in time – and yes, Dr. Julia Miller was always… a bit bossy and… ignorant… but now we have to deal with “Tawny”, “Lexie” and “Ashlynn” which is… more “complicated”. I will make an inquiry to Site Management regarding an “on site gym” or work-out-studio, so maybe male staff won’t feel forced anymore to do the world any more “favors”. However, I feel the need to express my concern about the dangers SCP-PBA0001 represents: If we can not contain this anomaly, it might very well lead to the end of the world, or at least the end of mankind! I am speaking of a K-class scenario here! Imagine, ALL females on this planet looking like SCP-PBA0001! If this plague would spread, nobody would work anymore, global finance systems would collapse, factories and conveyer belts would stop – because everyone would just flirt, have parties and… orgies. We can not let this happen! I ask the Council to take this risk seriously!

– Dr. Pink, Site Director of Special Containment Site PBA

End of Personal Log

Addendum 002E-001PBA

Personal Recording of Dr. Pink, Site Director of Special Containment Site PBA

You know… I’ve been thinking lately. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all to release SCP-PBA0001. I went through different interrogation logs, recorded by Foundation researchers and different instances of SCP-PBA0001B, first of all, “Tawny”, “Lexie” and “Ashlynn”. They all seem so….happy now. Obviously, the transformation WAS a favor – maybe not for the world, but for the victims of SCP-PBA0001. They… seem to remember their past lifes, not very clearly, but like through a thick, pink fog – and they were very clear with their assessment of their past selves and their current status. I ran the simulations on the Foundation supercomputer “HAL210000”, and releasing SCP-PBA0001 doesn’t necessarily lead to a K-Class event, seemingly. Well… at least, in a way. What is certain though is, that all wars, crimes and all social problems of any kind would cease to exist. World peace, huh? Well… isn’t this a glorious perspective. I request the Council to examine my prognosticated “Elysium case” – a world without problems – in which everyone is happy… and every female is an instance of SCP-PBA0001B. Would it be that bad…? Ask this yourself, when you come home to your wife…

– Dr. Pink, Site Director of Special Containment Site PBA

End of Personal Log

Addendum 001G-012PBA

Investigation Report after incidence “Vampire orgy” – Case 001G-012PBA

After Action Report filed by MTF Tiara-14 (“Prom Queen Tamers”) can be found at [REDACTED]

Conclusion by Dr. Thomas Bovier

Until this week, before the last containment breach of SCP-PBA0001, we assumed that the physical and metaphysical form of SCP-PBA0001 was stable within the explored parameters. We were wrong… so wrong. We don’t understand why or how, but apparently, around the end of October, SCP-PBA0001 changes it physical form and behaves… differently… This was discovered by Foundation staff who entered the containment cell on the 30th October, to provide SCP-PBA0001 with new clothes and make up products. For better understanding, I attach the recording of the security feed, beginning briefly before the containment breach.

Attending personnel:

Service-Staff-Member 1: Jeff Dunburgh

Service-Staff-Member 2: Sarah O’Riley

Security-Officer 1: Karl Bauman

Recording starts

Service-Staff-Member 1: “Morning Karl, Can you let us in? We have stuff for our little brat.”

Security-Officer 1: “Morning, Jeff, morning Sarah, sure, go ahead…”

[The armored double door systems slowly openes. Warning sirens can be heard. The Service-Staff-Members are waiting while the heavy doors slide open]

Service-Staff-Member 2: “Did she blare again during the night about ‘having nothing to wear’?”

Security-Officer 1: “Dunno. I just started my shift – until now she was absolutely silent. Bit strange though, usually she is up already at this time and demands things.”

Service-Staff-Member 1: “Don’t tell me, last week I brought her 12 pairs of Louboutins… If this continues like that, the Foundation will be bankrupt in a month…”

Service-Staff-Member 2: “I have no idea how she is able to wear these things the whole day… I could never walk one step in those shoes…”

Service-Staff-Member 1: “Welp, and now you know, why you are single…”

[Service-Staff-Member 2 kicks Service-Staff-Member 1 – the door is open and both enter the security zone with the sealed containmend-unit in its center]

Service-Staff-Member 1: “Lets get this over with. Remember, don’t look at her, don’t talk to her, don’t touch her. Luckily she is quite passive, but don’t let yourself involve in interaction.”

Service-Staff-Member 2: “I know, I know, I’m not doing this for the first time. This is my second week already.”

[Both Service-Staff-Members proceed to the containment unit and unlock the entrance. The door opens, and there is nothing but pitch black darkness behind it]

Service-Staff-Member 1: “What the… Karl! KARL? Did you cut the electricity or some bullshit to annoy her?”

Security-Officer 1: “What? No? Everything should be alright. The security systems tells me that everything is fine. What’s the matter?”

Service-Staff-Member 2: “Karl, this isn’t funny, please turn on the lights.”

Security-Officer 1: “I didn’t do anything, the lights should be on. Just toss the packets in there and secure the entrance again. I will inform the tech-guys about this after you came out again.”

Service-Staff-Member 1: “Alright, in a way its easier like this – so we don’t have to avoid visual if we can not even see her… Okay, bitch, we got your stuff, coming in now…”

[Both Service-Staff-Members enter the containment unit – the surveillance system inside the containment unit activates itself and automatically switches to night vision mode]

Service-Staff-Member 1: “Okay, Karl, we are inside. We can… kinda see stuff, because of the light that is coming through the door, can you… What the hell?!”

Security-Officer 1: “What is going on in there? Do we have an emergency?”

Service-Staff-Member 1: “No… no… but… she did… something to the containment unit…”

Security-Officer 1: “I’ll inform Dr. Bennett about this, what did she do?”

Service-Staff-Member 2: “She…’redecorated’…”

Security-Officer 1: “Come again, she did WHAT?”

Service-Staff-Member 2: “What I said. Some of the plushies changed from white rabbits into… plushie… bats… Wait… are these real? No… there are fake cobwebs all over the place, and shapes of little bats painted on the pink walls. Jesus Christ, it looks like a Hot Topic in here. This is ridiculous!”

Service-Staff-Member 1: “But you know what is most strange…? Can you… see her?”

Service-Staff-Member 2: “You are right – she… seems to be gone?! Security, we might have a containment bre…”

[laughter bright as a bell can be heard]

Service-Staff-Member 1: “What was that…?!”

[Movement can be observed on the giant canopy bed, which now has black sheets. The pile of pillows and plushies collapses and SCP-PBA0001-2 unveils herself. SCP-PBA0001 changed her visual appeal: She still has long, blond hair, but now styled in an elaborate, artistic way. Her make up consists of dark, smokey eyes, black, glossy lipstick and blush. She is dressed in a tightly laced, black underbust corset, pushing her enormous breasts up. Between her breasts dangles a silver necklace with a silver bat. She wears a long, see-through skirt, with slits reaching up to her hips, revealing her dark, shimmering, stay-up lace stockings. Her legs end in black, high heeled, knee-high, patent leather stiletto boots. SCP-PBA0001-2 begins to loll on the bed, chuckling]

Service-Staff-Member 1: “There you are, bitch. What the hell happened to you. I’ve… never seen you like this… Security, are you getting this?”

[Static noise can be heared through the intercom]

SCP-PBA0001-2: “Shush, shush, shush, my lovely friend, don’t you want to stay a while and have a nice conversation with me?”

[SCP-PBA0001-2 rolls on her back and stretches her legs up, stroking over her stockings with her hands, which are in black, silk gloves, reaching up her elbows. By now, it is obvious, that SCP-PBA0001-2 is not wearing any undergarments at all. Service-Staff-Member 1 audibly gulps]

Service-Staff-Member 1: “Well… maybe I can… no… sadly I can’t… I mean… We can not stay! We brought you your stuff so… I just leave that here and then we have to go…”

SCP-PBA0001-2: “Awwww… come one… I am so lonely here, don’t you wanna play for just a couple of minutes? Just a couple of minutes…”

[SCP-PBA0001-2 erects and strokes over her massive breasts, which seem to have gotten even bigger.]

Service-Staff-Member 1: “You know what… maybe… just for 5 minutes… I mean… what could go wrong… It’s just… talking and stuff… only for 5 minutes. Nothing serious.”

[Service-Staff-Member 1 walks towards the bed, slowly, like a sleepwalker. SCP-PBA0001-2 smiles and licks over her lips, exposing some overdeveloped canines, resembling fangs]

Service-Staff-Member 1: “Jesus Christ! I… Sarah – WE GOTTA LEAVE NOW!”

[Service-Staff-Member 1 turns around and staggers back. Directly behind him stood Service-Staff-Member 2, now completely turned into an instance of SCP-PBA0001-2B: Her hair turned nearly white, her skin is white as marble and her perfect face is covered in make up, with blood red lipstick. Her breasts have increased in size resembling 2500cc standard silicone implants and she wiggles her raised index finger with long, black fingernails. Like SCP-PBA0001-2, she wears a black underbust corset, but a short black miniskirt made of tulle, not even covering her butt. She too wears black, silky smooth stay-up stockings. Instead of boots, she wears black stripper heels]

SCP-PBA0001-2B: “Ah, ah, ah – where do you think you wanted to go, honey?”

[Service-Staff-Member 1 stumbles backwards and falls on the bed, with his head into SCP-PBA0001-2’s lap. Both anomalies start to giggle, while SCP-PBA0001-2 unties the upper part of her corset to free her breasts and SCP-PBA0001-2B crawls on Service-Staff-Member 1, opening his pants. SCP-PBA0001-2 presses her giant, bare breasts on the face of Service-Staff-Member 1]

Service-Staff-Member 1: “umphf….”

[Security-Officer 1 stands in front of a security system control table. All displays show nothing but static. He continues to press buttons and slams his fist against the panel. This continues for 10 minutes in which Security-Officer 1 can be heard swearing]

Security-Officer 1: “Why won’t this shit work. Fuck! I told them this system needs an upgrade. Damn tech-guys! Even the alarm won’t activate… Come on…”

[Inside the containment cell, SCP-PBA0001-2 ties up her corset again, while SCP-PBA0001-2B and SCP-PBA0001-2A are passionately fucking on the bed, moaning and groaning]

SCP-PBA0001-2: “I’ll leave you two now for a while… I have… business to do…”

[Security-Officer 1 slams his fist on one of the monitors again and a picture appears. Its SCP-PBA0001-2B and SCP-PBA0001-2A fucking on the bed]

Security-Officer 1: “Ahh, well, that’s what I’m talking abou… What the fuck?!”

[The lights start to flicker, SCP-PBA0001-2 stands right behind Security-Officer 1 when the lamps switch on again]

SCP-PBA0001-2: “Hello darling…”

End of Recording. 41 minutes after this, the whole site switched to lock-down mode and the containment protocols were activated, switching to code red. Mobile Task Force MTF Tiara-14 (“Prom Queen Tamers”) was mobilized and assaulted the site. After 58 hours, the situation was under control again. Overall, 81 copies of SCP-PBA0001-2B were contained and 126 instances of SCP-PBA0001-2A. The site needs staff replenishment immediately. Cleanup of the site took further 42 hours, whereby disposal of 71 metric tons of fake cobwebs, plush bats, pumpkin lanterns, candy and slutty Halloween costumes proved to be especially difficult. SCP-PBA0001-2 was returned to her containment cell and pouted for 48 hours until she turned back to SCP-PBA0001.

I am sure site management agrees on further studies regarding this bizarre metamorphosis of SCP-PBA0001. In the form of SCP-PBA0001-2, the anomaly seems to be more aggressive or “pro-active”. Furthermore, I suggest site management allows me to take two copies of captured SCP-PBA0001-2B with me, to conduct some… in depth studies at home – in my… private lab. Preferably I’d pick my former supervisor Dr. Lena Craft, now better known as “Lucretia” and my ex-wife, former Dr. Tina Bovier, now known as “Camilla”. Thank you very much in advance…

– Lead Researcher Dr. Thomas Bovier

[Annotation: Permission for further private studies was granted by site management and site director Dr. Pink – who visit Dr. Bovier personally regularly in his home lab to stay up to date regarding the progress of the important research Dr. Bovier is doing]


Have a happy Halloween everyone!

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