Bimbo Uniforms – Tops: Chain halter top / Chain cowlneck top

Do you remember our article about how to know if your top has a bimbo suitable size? This rule, with its six indicators, does nearly always apply, but just for todays new “bimbo must have” fashion piece (the first top we have in this category I believe?) these indicators are not applicable (at least, most of them). This is not the end of the world, because this item has its own set of rules and indications whether you have it in the correct size, but first, let’s have a look at this masterpiece beforehand:

Now, it has to be said, that we’re not talking about “THAT ONE” designer piece, like we do every know an then (think about the Oh Polly Bad Reputation dress, or those Louboutin SoKate), but more about a “general piece”, that is obtainable from different designers and shops with slight alterations (like those white, knee high, “fuck me boots” or the white pleated micro skirt), which is perfectly fine, as long as the general, bimbo-suitable properties are maintained.

The “chain cowlneck top” or “chain halter top” is a backless and belly free neckholder top, made of thousands of light-reflecting, glittering metal elements – or sequins, tightly connected to each other, forming a flexible mesh, similar to a very delicate chain mail. Independent from the manufacturer or the exact piece, there are a few aspects that have to be maintained in order to be really bimbo suitable:

1. The top has to be belly free! Ideally, it falls loosely over your tits, ending right a hand’s breadth underneath your breasts in mid air!

2. The top has to be backless! Apart from a chain, holding it in place, your back has to be completely naked!

3. Your cleavage has to be revealed completely! The top just covers your nipples, leaving your breasts above and besides those areas mostly without any coverage!

4. The top has to fall very loosely over your tits, resembling a „waterfall collar“! This seems to contradict most indicators of our rule about the correct top size for bimbos (A, B, E, F), which is true, but acceptable in this case. Instead, the top has to appear as if only a mere gust of wind is needed to lift it up, revealing your tits.

5. The lower part of this top is not allowed to touch your skin! Again, it falls loosely over your breasts – and ends before it touches your skin, directly underneath your tits!

In addition, there is one simple rule a bimbo has to follow, wearing this piece: You are NOT allowed to wear a top or a bra underneath! Your breasts have to be completely naked underneath this top! The whole bimbo suitable, provocative, tantalizing appeal – it’s whole effect and raison d’être, results from the impression, that only a slight movement or the beforementioned gust of wind is needed to reveal the completely naked, enhanced, huge tits of the wearer. This connects to another property of this piece: It only really works with huge, enhanced tits! The implication that „something relevant“ is just barely hidden makes it so powerful! A girl without huge, augmented tits (a normal girl), has nothing to hide, because she has nothing to show. The complete sensation of this piece – it’s gimmick, is absolutely useless and uninteresting without the necessary rack underneath and will only result in an underwhelming and anticlimactic effect that will draw no attention and no sexual excitement. The fifth factor we talked about above, is a good indicator if your tits are big enough: If it falls over your breasts – and touches your skin underneath your breasts – your tits are clearly NOT big enough! If it ends in mid air, underneath your rack – you have achieved at least the minimal breast size to wear this top (although this doesn’t say anything about the correct breast volume for bimbos in general!). This factor replaces the indicators A, B, E and F in our beforementioned article and rule about tops. The other indicators that have to be respected are:

C) – Supported by the light, delicate and kinda „see-through“ structure of this piece, your nipples have to be visible through the fabric.


D) – The absence of coverage in general, the fact that it is belly free and backless, lets this piece respect this vital point.

So, in a way, this piece DOES respect the general rule of tops for bimbos, provided your tits are big enough, with a little alteration of one element.

This top is bimbo suitable in mainly two different colors: Gold and black. Both options provide a fitting visual appeal (gold is the best option, black second), consisting of suggestions and effects that can be described with words like classiness, extravagance, flamboyance, style and elegance combined with undeniable sex appeal. Of course there are other options (silver, pink, other colors), which are not „forbidden“, but definitively not favorable in comparison to gold or black: Pink for example, is way to „childish“ in this case, way to „girly“ (which is otherwise very welcomed) and not „serious“ enough. Silver would be a possible option, but is way less noble in appeal, so gold is always preferable when it comes to this top (also silver would bring the topic of chain mail armor to mind – which is not what we want, because of its connection to wars, brutality and masculinity!). This leads us to suitable circumstances to wear this top, as well as to combinations with other fashion pieces to create a bimbo suitable style:

This top can and should be worn to formal, ceremonious or elevated occasions, for example: Dinner in a fancy restaurant, galas, upscaled uptown parties, sophisticated events and official occasions. It goes without saying, that it is NEVER allowed to wear pants in combination with this top (as if a bimbo is EVER allowed to wear pants)! Instead, a bimbo has to go for a highly sophisticated, gallant, elegant and overall classy style: Heavy, classy make up (especially THIS and THIS), a fitting skirt – either a long, color- (and ideally material-) matching skirt with long slits on the sides, or a short, tight skirt, that also matches this top in color (and material). In addition: high heeled stiletto sandals, also color matching. NO stockings should be worn with this style and, following the rule about matching underwear, appropriately in combination with the missing bra – no panties or underwear of any kind should be worn ideally. Instead: Make use of huge amounts of jewelry (gold – especially these and maybe these!), trying to outmatch the sparkling, glittering appeal of the top. If done right, you will be a glistening, attention grabbing star wherever you go with this style, combinating elegance, classiness and extravagance with bimbo suitable sex appeal and femininity.

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