Pink Bimbo Academy Spotlight #11 – Jessy Bunny / The real bimbo princess


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays dear readers of the PBA! I know, it has been quite silent here lately – and I can not state how sorry I am for that. However, I really had no chance to provide you with new content, because of the demanding times we all have to go through, which really made it necessary for me to shift some time from the PBA to “real life concerns” to stay afloat. However, this year is coming to its end, and I am sure we all hope for better times ahead. We need just a little bit of luck, and soon everything will be back to normal again and I can bring you fresh, new content more regularly. Now, I hope we all will have some happy holidays and everyone experiences a calm, cosy and merry Christmas. As a present, I bring you a VERY long and extensive interview and spotlight with one of THE upcoming bimbo princesses Germany has to offer. Many of you will already know her, because Jessy produced some videos dealing with PBA lessons and content on her Youtube channel – but I am sure, you are all interested in getting to know her even better. So – enjoy the company of one of the most dedicated bimbo trainees I know of – have a good time and… Merry X-Mas to all of you!

DISCLAIMER: In this interview, Jessy expresses some perspectives and opinions regarding bimbofication and other topics, that are not compatible to the PBA definitions and ideas. While everyone is free to have his/her own ideas about bimbofication (or…anything…) – please note, that the PBA does not necessarily endorse, support, share or advocate some of the expressed views. You can find out more about this here: The PBA FAQThe PBA Bimbo DefinitionThe PBA Bimbofication Definition.

So, let’s go:

Hi Jessy, this is a very special interview I’m doing with you today, because you are practically the first official PBA Bimbo trainee and student ever – so I’m especially glad that you want to answer some questions for the PBA readers. But first of all, for those who don’t know you, apart from your PBA video posts on your Youtube channel, which we also link here – would you mind to introduce yourself?

Hi, first of all I’m glad that the interview worked out, I’m a bit proud of it hihi, and yes for those who don’t know me yet: I’m Jessy, I’m 20 years old, originally from the beautiful Grünwald near Munich and most important for the readers i’m the proud owner of 1300cc breast implants. I totally love to let people participate in my bimbofication

Let’s get started. What do you associate with the term “Bimbo” or “Bimbofication”? What makes a Bimbo for you and what are the aspects that are most important to you?

So, you asked the hardest question right at the beginning, hihi. Many of my videos on YouTube try to approach the question of what a bimbo is and when a bimbofication starts. For me, bimbofication is striving for hyper-femininity, so you do everything to increase your feminine appeal. It starts for me very small, with healthy nutrition and sports, goes over to makeup and clothing style and ends, if you like, with plastic surgery. But sexuality also plays a very big role for me, so I think I wouldn’t be the bimbo I am now if I wasn’t hypersexual. And basically I think that every person has to decide that for him- or herself. So, as soon as you think that you can call yourself a bimbo, you are one – in my opinion.

How did you first come into contact with the term and what did you think? What was your introduction – when and why did you decide to go in this direction? Was there a certain moment or did you always want to look like that?

When I first came in contact with the term I don’t know exactly – I’m very bad at remembering things, but it was definitely in connection with different Deviantart artists who were and still are a great inspiration for my own bimbofication and I don’t want to leave them unmentioned: Avaro56, Dollproject and saidnuffman. <3 . My Bi (Pan) sexuality played a very big role in my wish to become a bimbo. I always found the 3D art of the artists very appealing and exciting for me, exactly like these extreme transformations shown in these comics. This transformation from the “boring wallflower” into the sexy woman that turns everybody’s head I always wished for myself.

What were your thoughts when you discovered the Pink Bimbo Academy? Did it influence your wishes for the future or change your image of women?

What do you mean changed my image of women? My image of an ideal woman is always that she does what she wants. And as soon as a woman is a Bimbo, she is doing that, in my opinion. There are many women who didn’t have any surgeries, but I still consider them bimbos. So my first thought was: “Wow”. It was and still is like the wiki for bimbos, even if I see some things as controversial or even negative (for example that transpersonalities can’t be bimbos in your opinion) while to other things I would agree.

What convinced you about the Pink Bimbo Academy? Were there any aspects that you liked at that time or that caught your attention?

I liked the structure and the knowledge that I could and still can acquire. It is a fact that there are not many blogs or sources out there, dealing with information for bimbos that are interesting for bimbos. Most blogs are directed at bimbo admirers – not bimbos. This is a bit different with the PBA, which is directed at admirers and bimbos alike – and I think that is good.

Good, and what were your first steps on the way of your bimbofication? What were you like before you started to shape your body and what were your first successes?

My first step was, I think, I discovered the comics of the above mentioned artists. That made me want to become a bimbo – and the first success was my first breast enlargement really. Little background story: I moved out of my home at the age of 17 because of my education, but secretly it was a longtime wish of mine to do that. Just to finally be able to become a bimbo. I tried to find a doctor who would do a surgery on an 18 year old girl, had the consultation still with 17 and had the surgery 10 days after my 18th birthday.

Let us come to the present: Would you tell us what you have already done in the context of your bimbofication? Of course we talk about enhancements – but also about routines, habits – everything that makes you the bimbo you are today?

I think for my age, I’ve already had quite some surgeries. Starting with my first breast surgery, 10 days after my 18th Bday, to my latest achievement: My 1300cc implants! In between I get my lips injected once a month. This has led to the fact that many doctors no longer want to give me injections because of my size. Meanwhile in 1 ½ years I have been to over 6 different doctors because of this. In everyday life, I have changed because of the awareness of being a bimbo, which I love even more, for example regarding the color pink. This sounds totally mundane, but it gives me a certain kick. Also when I go outside, I can almost only wear high heels because otherwise I don’t feel like I’m properly dressed anymore. Likewise I generally dress very promiscuously now and use certain bimbo charms gladly to my advantage. When I had to pay in a Starbucks for example, I got what I ordered for free, because of my appeal and attitude. Or that one time my cab driver transported me for free, because we agreed on him touching my boobs as payment.

Are there any plans for the future? What else you would like to have done? I know that many of my readers would love to hear that you have your breasts enlarged again, lips done and other things… but what are you thinking about?

That’s what I hear/read again and again in comments under my pictures/videos. For example, after my last breast surgery, I was asked when I would have the next one. I thought to myself: “Thanks dude, but now I have to recover first”. I see such comments after my injections all the time too. You can see that people just can’t get enough, and of course you have to say that there is a certain range most Instagram models don’t want to leave: But I, for my part, think exactly like the people who comment on my contributions: “I WANT MORE!” Right now [Note from the author: 4 weeks after the surgery, still wearing the obligatory after surgery bra] I don’t think my breasts are that huge anymore and I got used to them already, since every time I go out, I am approached by people and I’ve been asked to take photos on the street several times already.

I would love to get them even larger. Unfortunately that has to wait a little, but next on my list are my lips which will become much bigger! I would like to have them injected with liquid silicone – to such an extreme and enormous degree, that I do not know whether I would be able to still talk properly *laughs*.

But that is only secondary: Next year, I would like to have my face completely overhauled: Nose, jawline, buccal fat removal, cheek implants, cateye lift, eyebrow lift, eyelid lift etc. Then my butt – with implants and autologous fat transfer. I want it to be really huge and with luck, I can get my breasts done again next fall. What I would really want are expanders, so that I can reach my currently desired size of 3000cc without further surgeries. Maybe, after that, it will be more than 3000cc in the long run – let’s see! What I also want to work on, is my pussy… Those who have seen my erotic videos, know, that I have a so-called “Outie”. That means my inner labia is very large. Although some like it very much, it is not “doll-like” enough to me. That means I will have the inner ones shortened and the outer ones enlarged to have a very strong camel toe, have a G-spot injection and my clithood removed. Other unconventional things like rib removal and leg lengthening are planned, but I don’t have an exact time schedule for that. I think it’s great to be restricted regarding surgeries, hihi. The bimbo community always gives me interesting suggestions for enhancements I never thought of before. For example, the buccal fat was one such suggestion.

What are generally your next goals for your bimbofication?

My lips and my face ,as described above. My next real goal is my butt. Reagrding other bimbofication related things: I want to buy more bimbo stuff for my apartment (golden versace wallpaper) and a lot of shopping is planned.

And how can we imagine the final version of Bimbo Goddess Jessy?

I think I will never stop pumping plastic into myself. I think at some point, I’ll have over 4k per breast. My lips will restrict me at some point in time due to their size when I speak – or my legs will be super long, maybe even about 20cm longer. My buttocks will also be at least 3k per side. Of course, I have some ribs removed, extremely long platinum blond hair, enhanced cheeks, basically a lifted, mindless and motionless frozen botox face.

At the PBA, your videos are posted over and over again if you refer to an article of the Academy… but where can people see more of you? On which sites or social media streams should or can people follow you?

Well, first of all I want to thank you again for getting the chance to make these videos 🙂 So, best would be to follow me everywhere! Just joking ;)! I think you get a good impression of me as soon as you have seen my Insta and YouTube. Those who want to see certain things, can check out my Onlyfans, where I have uploaded over one hundred videos and pictures already, for a very low price. Of course you can contact me everywhere, for custom-videos and pictures – which I will gladly provide, because I care about you people very much 🙂

Little fun fact: Someone wanted a shirt busting video after my last breast augmentation. I have searched in 3 cities for a suitable shirt and I think the saleswomen found it very funny that a woman with very big silicone tits asked for shirts with snap fasteners. Those videos are the most fun for me, simply because I know that these videos will make a person very happy!

In Germany there seems to be a problem with bimbos – and not only that: Even “normal”, feminine appearance, dresses, styles etc. seem to have an extremely bad reputation here. Normal girls simply don’t bother, prefer to wear comfortable clothes and are afraid of being considered a slut if they wear a short skirt or they claim they can’t walk in high heels. What do you think is the reason for that. Why is it so infamous in Germany to be feminine and sexy for a girl? Is there a problem with bimbos here?

Well I see the opposite, because I am a positive thinking person. I think that especially Germany has many and very good bimbos. When I look at my friends Cyb0rgbarbie and Vxro202 – we are very well positioned and… let’s say in the “goddess league” overall. Apart from that, we are very well positioned in Germany with Martina Big, Paris Herms, Kelly Pearl etc. But of course there is a need for improvement. I find it frightening, for example, that women are still blamed for rapes if they were dressed in a sexy way or when “slut shaming” is generally practised. But I also think that since Katja Krasavice gained some fame, we are on a good way to normalize the slut lifestyle.

What would your advise be for girls in Germany who are interested in going this way? How can you get over these social hurdles. How does a girl start if she wants to become a bimbo and what does she have to consider?

I already made some videos about it, maybe you can link them, [here, here and here], but sadly, there is no master key. I always think it is important that you, as a person, realize what you want – be honest. The problems with your family will come one way or the other. But get yourself a boyfriend or girlfriend and get through it together! And if that doesn’t work, there are many bimbos online who will be happy to help you. If necessary, you contact the well-known ones – or me :D. Mostly they have an open ear and will help you. Basically, I would advise everyone to listen to themselves. Of course, you feel ugly very quickly among all the Instagram idols, especially in the beginning, but it’s not like that! Every bimbo had nothing at some point and started with zero too. Personally, I am always very happy when I see a new face and can even talk to her a little bit. We help each other!

What would you advise men who would do everything to either get a princess like you, or to get to know a full-fledged bimbo or who would do everything to transform their girlfriend into a perfect Bimbo?

Basically, we all know that there are very few bimbos available on the free market. In my case I think a man could have success by being generous, open for my surgeries and by getting involved in all of that. It is of course difficult to recognize a bimbo who has not yet had any enhanements and then to imagine her as your dream bimbo. But I think there are many women who would like to have plastic surgery and if you are open to it you will soon have a bimbo as a friend.

Do you have friends who are also bimbos or who are at least interested in this lifestyle?

Yes, I only met some of them when they were already bimbos (Vxro202, Cyb0rgbarbie..) and Valerya_Versace99 since she began her bimbofication. We always get injections together and she will soon have her first breast surgery.

Are you trying to win more girls for the cause? Maybe something like bimbo recruiting? If so, how do you do it and are there any successes already?

This actually happens more often than you think. Nearly every woman I know personally has had a lip-injection or talked to me about breast enlargements. Some of them would like to have this done or accompany me when I do it, so that they can “experience” it as it is. And many of them really like it. But often it fails in the end because of a friend who [pretends to – PBA annotation] prefer[s] “natural” girls or the family. The best example is my mother: Long before I had my breast surgery, she wanted to have a tummy tuck or her breasts done, but unfortunately this always failed because her boyfriend didn’t support her in getting the body she wanted. Of course you can ask the question: “Is this the same as being a bimbo?” Sure, not necessarily, just because she is interested in plastic surgery. But you can say if you like to kick the ball, you might enjoy football. There is a basic interest in the lifestyle. Also, regarding to my clothes: In professional school, I already stand out, but not only because of my pink 1600€ Versace Bag. When I think about it, I think that I could have already actively inspired at least two women for this lifestyle, even if they live it not like me – but still live it.

Who are your role models in the scene and why? Are there bimbo rolemodels you look up to – or bimbos from the community you emulate?

There are some that I admire and absolutely look up to. Aviva Rocks, Blondie Steffi, Alicia Amira, Realsiliconebunny, vxro202, etc.

What do you think about the famous international bimbo rolemodels, like Candy Charms, Amy Anderssen, Sarah Marie Summer, Paulina J. Candy, Kristhin Gomez, etc.?

OMG, I must say that I adore these women and also enjoy looking at them. I have even subscribed to Candy Charms on Onlyfans for example – (btw. I didn’t get a discount 🙁 ), not to get inspired, but just to enjoy her body in “certain moments”. It’s absolutely amazing! The expression she has in her videos and pictures… That body is worth to be worshipped. Not joking, she is perfection to me. And also, she is my long-term goal. Perfection. But this perfection is not attainable by copying. Many do not know that. One is often compared with other women in the industry. That’s why I think it’s stupid when people ask me if I want my nose like Candy Charms or my lips like Real Silicone Bunny. It’s important to find a place where you fit in perfectly.

You are very young, what do you think about the classic bimbo rolemodels from back then, that paved the way? Do you also deal with them? Lolo Ferrari, Wendy Whoppers, Sarenna Lee, Pandora Peaks, Lovette, etc.?

These women are of course goddesses of their trade and all the merits that I and others bimos “reap” – we owe 10000% to these pioneers. Unfortunately, I have to say that I have never really seen anything of these women except for the reports and documentaries. Unfortunately, I could not experience them in their prime time. Nevertheless I hope to meet Dolly Buster every time I go out to eat in “Buster Pasta” and talk to her a little bit or just enjoy her aura.

What is your favorite article on the Pink Bimbo Academy? Is there a section or article that you especially like?

There are some *laughs*. Maybe a little background knowledge: Me and a friend (valerya_versace99) tried to translate some PBA articles and the book into German in the beginning. When I got the offer from you to produce videos about these articles, we both made a huge poster and a mind map with all your all your articles, and I especially noticed the accessory and brand articles. If you’ve already come a certain way in the process of your bimbofication, this is the most interesting. For example, I would like to see a post about good skirts:D.

What is the most important for your style personally? Do you like and often wear feminine clothes and styles? Skirts, dresses, high heels, stockings, make-up etc.?

I only wear feminine clothes. It is always important to me that everything fits together. So my heels are consistent with my Versace dress for example. Every day I try to be as sexy as possible, or sexier, than the day before

How many pairs of high heels do you own, and which is your favorite pair?

Think about 20-30. My favorite heels are clearly my “So Kate” from Christian Louboutin. From Louboutin I need much more. My next purchase will be “Signature” from Versace.

Do you only like men or do you not say no to another girl? How about another bimbo?

Well I am Pan sexual, i.e. I like all genders (Cis, Trans, non binary …). Regarding men, I find the type of the sugar daddy very attractive, simply because this kind of man helps me a lot to become an even better Bimbo, and regarding women, of course, bimbos, no matter if trans or cis – but I am also not averse to bodybuilders.

What would your advise be for girls who would like to become bimbos but are deterred by the high costs or who do not know how to finance breast implants?

It is now possible to have a breast augmentation at a very reasonable price: We are talking about 2.4k at a well-known “beauty company”. The surgeries add up, of course. The question then arises: What do I want and what can I sacrifice. I started my training almost a year ago. You earn almost nothing in the first year. Every Euro that did not flow into my apartment has flowed into my face, if you like, or into my surgery-purse. I did not go out partying anymore, etc. So I was able to save some money so that I could afford the whole thing. With something like this, always think: “Where there is a will, there is a way.” There are many different ways for a young bimbo to finance her dream: A sugar daddy, onlyfans, escorting, etc. And I think you can find something for every bimbo. I know many bimbos who did not have a lot of money and still made it

How can you be supported? Is there a way to donate for your further bimbofication or can you be supported in another way?

Well, you can support me in different ways, because I noticed that many people want to support me, but the possibilities that I basically offered in the beginning were very limited. Meanwhile I think there is something for everyone. You can visit my Onlyfans, there you get more than 100 pictures and videos included, but you can also repost my pictures and shoutout me further. Gladly, I offer custom videos and pictures – just contact me!

Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers?

So, I think most of your readers are male and I would like to say to them: Don’t be ashamed to stand to the fact that you like bimbos! It makes me sad when men say they like natural girls, but when I look at their Insta, I see Candy Charms, Katja Krasavice etc. – Stand by it! Plastic is Fantastic. And helps that more women want to become Bimbos.

Thank you very much for taking the time. I think many visitors of the Pink Bimbo Academy will be thrilled to read an interview with the official PBA trainee. Hope to see you soon and good luck with everything you do!

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