The PBA Guide to Bimbo Makeup – 18. Blush / Rouge / Bronzer / Glow / Blur

After we covered the topic of covering (haha) your face in a thick layer of foundation, primer, concealer and make up, we will now come to the next layer, and conclude the topic of blush, rouge and bronzer to apply a new shape, some color and the right tone to your face. This summary deals with the following articles and lessons, so please make sure to read those first:

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In general, rouge and blush are the same thing, but for the sake of better understanding, let us split these two things for two different scopes:

1. Rouge

Rouge comes in the form of a cream, liquid, powder or gel. It is a reddish, brown, pink, orange or simply red substance that is used to a) accentuate the bone structure, b) contour and sculpt your face in a favorable manner, c) hide unfavorable elements of your face, d) highlight positive elements of your face/body, by creating fake shadows, e) give your skin a healthy, rosy skin tone and f) support the efforts of tanning and the use of fake tan. Applying rouge is a key element of re-sculpting your face by contouring (aiming at a perfect shape, by paying attention to your own shape) and changing the way different aspects of your face and body are regarded, by creating fake shadows to let elements vanish, appear bigger (for example, your breasts) or smaller (for example, your nose). In addition, as we already discussed, not only is it extremely important for a bimbo to possess a healthy, youthful skin tone (which is a little reddish, resulting from good blood circulation), but also, rouge supports the efforts of tanning and the use of fake tan to reach the desired, perfect bimbo skin tone, which is, like we already discovered, healthy, youthful, pristine, sun kissed, tanned and flawless. Mastering the application of rouge already gets you half way through on the way to perfect contouring and sculting your face and body with the goal of needed bimbo perfection in mind. Practice – and NEVER skip this in your daily make up routine!

2. Blush

Essentially, as a product, blush is the same thing as rouge, therefore it also comes in the form of a cream, liquid, powder or gel. At the PBA we handle it separatly, because the application and the reason behind it is different, compared to the beforementioned use of rouge/blush. Blush comes from the verb “to blush”, which describes the process of enlarging and extending blood vessels and increasing blood flow, which results in a reddish coloration of the skin in certain parts of the face. We have talked about the reasons for this and the effect it has, so by now you should understand why adding additional blush is a necessary step for a bimbo in her make up routine. Blush is added on top of the already completed make up and supports the feminine, youthful and healthy expression of the bimbo, which is very desirable. If you want to go for a very sweet, girly, cute and youthful look – use more blush on top – if you want to express a more adult, serious princess attitude – use less – but NEVER none!

3. Bronzer

Bronzer is very different to the other two elements we talked about. Bronzer is an usually warm toned substance that should be darker than your skin (about 2 tones). It comes in different formulas, like gels, cremes, powders and liquids. It is used for two different things: a) contouring and b) bronzing. Contouring is the practice we already talked about: Re-shaping your face towards the perfect bimbo face shape and strategically creating shadows and definitions. Bronzing is the practice of emulating sun-kissed skin, adding glow and enhancing and supporting tan. It also makes your skin look radiant and more healthy. BOTH techniques have to be applied by every bimbo – ALWAYS!

4. Additional elements

There are further elements that should be applied by every bimbo within these parts of the make up procedure, to enhance the skin and the general appeal even more. These things are: Body glow and body blur. Both of these things enhance the glow of your face and body even more, support the tan and let your skin appear even smoother and more pristine. NEVER skip this!

The general goal

The summary about covering, foundation, make up, concealer, primer and powder was about reaching that perfect skin appeal every bimbo should always go for: A thick, doll-like layer of make up that covers every pore, every blemish, every flaw. Nothing but a pristine, perfect, smooth and even, plastic-like skin surface should remain. Remember: More is more in this case! There is NEVER “too much make up”! Although we already tackled the topic of contouring in those lessons (because contouring and sculpting IS a process that affects the whole procedure of applying make up!) this summary here is primarily about this and the “on top work” you do, working with that flawless skin you prepared in the step before. Master the techniques of contouring and sculpting until you achieve bimbo perfection in all affected aspects: Face shape, nose, cheeks, tits, etc. The on top work is the practice of supporting the groundwork you already did, by finishing your skin appeal, letting it appear even more smooth, youthful, healthy, perfect, flawless and feminine. Let it shine and glow! Add color by applying blush and support the sun-kissed appeal of your skin!

By now, we talked about ALL elements that have something to do with your skin, the coverage and the major appeal of the make up. If you read all of the lessons and articles, including this summary and the last one – and IF you pay attention to all of these rules and guidelines and respect every single step – your make up should already be close to perfection and absolutely bimbo suitable. Practice with all these aspects in mind and perfect your routines to achieve true bimbo perfection! Of course, the next summaries about your lips and your eyes, etc. will come soon – but I can not make it clear enough how important the things are we have now concluded: A flawless, perfect and pristine skin coverage, sculpting and tone is THE MOST important element of a true, beautiful, sexy and feminine bimbo make up! NEVER forget that and master these steps before you continue with the upcoming summaries of eye make up and lip make up!

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