Bimbo Uniforms – Shoes: Devious Domina-108 (Hot Pink)

You know that there is a variety of “bimbo standard shoes” – a set of high heels that can be deemed absolutely mandatory assets of the shoe cabinet of a bimbo, like the Pleaser USA Adore-708/709 in pink, white and black, some white, knee-high “fuck-me-boots” and some clear stripper heels, like the Pleaser USA Adore-708 with a transparent sole, platform and heel – and we will cover more bimbo standard shoes in the near future. Today, we are going to talk about another pair of shoes, that should absolutely be present in every bimbo shoe cabinet, this time however, I should make clear that these shoes should not be the first choice for a trainee that doesn’t have much experience with wearing high heels, when it comes to choosing “default shoes” for casual trips, party nights, shopping sprees or even every-day-attire. Of course, this doesn’t mean inexperienced bimbos shouldn’t get those shoes – it just means, that the use of these sexy heels should be limited to the bedroom or very short trips until the trainee gets used to wearing “difficult” high heels over a longer period of time. But we come to that in a minute – let us first see what we are dealing with: Today we are talking about the “Devious Domina-108” in hot pink patent. Following the PBA classification, these shoes are almond shaped sandals, with no platform/plateau, ankle straps and 5.5″ (14cm) stiletto heels – and therefore VERY bimbo suitable, especially in the beforementioned color of hot pink and made of shiny patent leather. If you are an experienced bimbo, you can instantly see why these shoes might be difficult and represent a tough choice for either inexperienced girls or even for bimbos who are used to wearing sky high heels – but over a long period of time or longer trips. The lack of any platform, in combination with the impressive height of the heels render these shoes as very demanding, even for experienced dolls, depending on the occasion and the time of wearing or the distance that has to be managed on foot. But even if you can’t manage to wear these sexy items for a long night out in the club, but only for a night in the bedroom where your heels won’t touch the floor anyway most of the times, because they are either pointing to the ceiling or you are on all fours – these shoes are an absolute must-have for every bimbo out there and we will see why:

Like we already discovered, the Devious Domina-108 are sandals with ankle straps, no platform and impressive stiletto heels. While these features make them very demanding to wear, they also do some very positive things to your visual appeal: The steep angle between the sole and the heel renders your feet absolutely tiny, petite, delicate and cute! We already talked about how this is the most positive way your feet can be displayed. Furthermore, because of that steep angle, your posture and your overal appeal is forced into the most bimbo suitable condition, no matter if you are standing, walking, sitting or even lying. You have to stand upright, tits pushed out, with a slight hollow back, shoulders upright and straight and your belly pulled in. IF you are walking in these shoes – your steps have to be small, delicate and feminine – the typical “tripping” all bimbo lovers love – the most feminine, sexy way to move. What else is there? If you look at these high heels, I would bet you had one word in mind: Barbie! Yes, these shoes in hot pink are more or less THE definitive Barbie shoes – EXACTLY what the rolemodel doll was wearing in those times when it still could be considered an icon of femininity and sex appeal. In bimbofication, this original spirit of hyper femininity lives on – and this is only one of the reasons why these heels can be considered an absolute must-have for all bimbos! The sexy, feminine shape, the elegant design, the burning, hot pink, the girly, cute and sweet appeal make these shoes a bimbo dream come true. But when and how to wear? Well:

Would we bimbo lovers and trainers like to see you bimbos and bimbo trainees wearing those all day long? Sure – we’d love to. But let’s be realistic here: When even very experienced girls (like here and here) tell how difficult these shoes are, I can not demand you trainees to use them as your every-day shoes. So what ARE they good for? Well, as one of the beforementioned girls put it: “They are for show“. NOT for every-day use. These are NOT your casual heels. So, use them when it is appropriate to show off! We mentioned one thing already: The bedroom. Yes – if you have a bimbo-loving trainer, partner or casual sex partner – but these on. If you get into a situation in which you want to show off that bimbo appeal and don’t have to walk very much or sit most of the time – that’s also an option. But why would you? Have a look at the linked videos I gave you and let me tell you one thing: The appeal you have in those shoes is VERY special and possesses a very unique emanation. What one of the girls stated IS true: “Walking is not as graceful”. But it doesn’t have to be. In these shoes, you are not walking elegantly, gracefully – you are tottering like a doll. This is NOT a bad thing. A bimbo either walks gracefully in an elegant way – or she does this! Small, minced, tiny steps – but both things are equally feminine and sexy. THIS is how you would expect a hyper feminine plastic doll to walk. Make use of it!

There is only one thing left to cover: The way of wearing these ultra sexy shoes and in what combinations. Let me make this clear from the getgo: As much as the Pink Bimbo Academy, and most bimbo lovers adore stockings, NEVER wear some in combination with these heels! No leg wear AT ALL! Your legs and feet have to be absolutely uncovered and naked! The only thing we want to see is a nice coating of fake tan and body blur/glow! Regarding the rest of your outfit: White or pink! These shoes are ONLY interesting for bimbo dolls in hot pink – and no other color. With this choice, the only logical option for the rest of your attire is a pink/white, extremely feminine/girly, doll-like (Barbie-esque) style! From the lingerie/underwear to your make up: Pink, pink and more pink! A short, white skirt – a pink, short dress – the usual style guides remain. These shoes are THE Barbie heels, so make your outfit worthy of that! So, what are you waiting for? Get one of the most sexy, feminine, bimbo suitable pair of heels ever and make use of them!

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