Introduction to gimbo girls – 2. Cyber / Industrial / EBM

Here is the second part of our in-depth examination of goth sub-styles for gimbo girls, after I introduced you to the classic / Victorian style last time. This time we’re going to have a look at one of the later additions to the goth culture, though surely not the latest at all, by being established in the late 90s and early 2000s, after ther German Rave and Techno culture collapsed, and many sympathisers were looking for a new home: The Cyber / Industrial style. Like I said, comparatively new to the dark scene which evolved in the early 80s, this sub-sub-style actually is over the hill again, leaving behind it’s prime time around 2010, although it never truly or completely vanished and is now here to stay in more reasonable conditions, than in past circumstances in which members of this style infiltrated and assimilated each and every “normal” goth party with incomprehensible numbers back in the days. This problematic past is only one of the reasons why the relationship between “cybers” and “other goths” was always difficult, and actually the only one of these problems not affecting this analysis of its gimbo capability, which is why we won’t deal with it, but instead will be focussing on the variety of other problematic aspects – something we have to do in order to understand the elements that are suitable for cybergoths who want to become “cyber-gimbos”. And, oh god, what a rant this is going to be… but first, let us analyze what this sub-style is.

The term “cybergoth” itself is more or less used to describe the visual appearance of a certain part of the electronic-heavy faction in the gothic milieu, whereas the term “industrial” is a musical subgenre of often bass-heavy, electronic and aggressive dance music. While not every devotee of such music is a cybergoth, and not every cybergoth listens solely to industrial, it is very safe to say, that the majority of cybergoths favors such or similiar tunes. We won’t deal too long with the musical styles, because there isn’t any relevance regarding the gimbofication, but knowing the basic principles does help to understand the fashion factor all along: Industrial features often harsh and provocatives sounds, like I said, often very bass-heavy and completely electronic most of the times with the main purpose to  be “danceable” (in contradiction to many other gothic styles, where the topic, the atmosphere or the lyrics are far more important) in a rather unique way. This way of dancing is in no way vicarious for the gothic culture in general, and is often targeted by “other goths” as something to make fun of endlessly (not without a reason). By looking at the dance-moves and hearing to the musical nature of many industrial songs, one could already guess about the origins of this style in the techno and rave scene, without having to look at it’s unique fashion style. However, being something like the child of the mating rave and gothic culture, there are many aspects taken from both styles and mixed together, which also reflects in the way people like to dress there: The industrial features dark, dystopian themes, a distinct anxiety about the (far) future, which manifests itself in a paradoxical (prima facie) embracement of these fears, glorifying nightmarish future prospects, taken from cyberpunk, pop culture, cinema, literature or even real life, like mass extinctions, epidemic plagues, fusion of man and machine, Orwellian dystopias and themes that render humans as nothing more than a regrowing ressource or disease. These elements, as well as the heritage of the two parental sub cultures, directly reflects itself in the prevalent dresscode: Cybergoths, like “normal goths”, prefer a black base color in general, but are far less limited in these areas: Bright neon colors are part of most cybergoth outfits, with often a “prime neon color” to which an individual commonly tends to stick as long as it is part of the cybergoth movement. Latex, plastic and PVC are very common materials, as well as some very special “accessories” and peculiarities which are so typical for this scene: Extravagant hair pieces, including synthetic dreadlocks (known as cyberlox), welder’s goggles, goggles, gas masks, fancy contact lenses, breathing protections, fishnet fabrics, etc. I provided you with some examples above, showing many of those special and very unqiue elements, however, I have to make clear, that these examples aren’t representative for typical cyber outfits by any means, but are already more like the most gimbo suitable copies I could find! Typical cybergothic fashion contains just SO many elements, pieces, aspects, accessoires and styles that are absolutely NOT gimbo compatible, I am literally not able/willing to show you examples of these more generic styles and outfits. Yes, this is kind of censorship, but in order to propagate GIMBO-SUITABLE cyber-styles, I just won’t show you anything else. The examples shown above, prove that cybergothic fashion can be gimbo compatible! We will now talk about the special aspects you have to pay attention to in order to meet the criteria of gimbofication, by simultaneously staying true and close to the dresscode of the cybergothic culture, even if you are not allowed to use MANY of its typical elements and pieces, with some of them even being something like a visual trademark of this sub-style.

Elements you are NOT allwowed to use:

Platform boots

The worst invention of mankind and sadly, one of the traditional cultural insignia of the industrial / cybergoth community. Nearly every cybergoth girl has at least one pair of these, wearing them whenever she is leaving the house to party all night, thinking that they look “cute” or “sexy”. Newsflash, girls: They look disgusting, and you look disgusting wearing them – fact. There is nothing sexy or cute about these logs. I guarantee that, if you ask 100 men if they would prefer you wearing some “real high heels” or these hulks, not more than 1% would give you the honest answer you would like to hear (provided those men aren’t part of the cybergoth / industrial culture, because otherwise they would be biased – and even those wouldn’t be honest).  These boots are the gothic version of absolutely inacceptable wedges (shoes without a distinguished heel, but a continuous sole, also maintaining the angle of a high heel) and are not allowed in any way, shape or form. They look clunky, bulky, hefty and crude. By wearing shoes like this, you will appear as a clumsy, savage and plebby hick girl, without any femininity, grace and elegance – FACT! Instead, stick to the general rules about bimbofication/gimbofication and wear “real”, gimbo compatible high heels, like the standard gothic boots or stripper heels like shown above (some girls just do it right – be one of them!) – ALWAYS.

Legwarmers (esp. flokati)

Another defining element in this subculture – and likewise unacceptable. Legwarmers do hide the high heels you are wearing and are therefore an absolute no go! In addition, like the platform boots, they tend to broaden your legs and let you appear again, clumsy and bulky.

Ripped stockings and torn apart fishnet fabrics

A real gimbo NEVER rips her stockings! NEVER! Being a gimbo is about showcasing a perfect, pristine and immaculate visual appeal. The “fucked up”, “battle damaged” look of ripped and torn apart fishnet fabrics or stockings let you appear as a punk-like trainwreck without any feeling of self-worth. You don’t want to give the impression of a defective crack whore, but of a princess of your subculture. Make sure every piece of your wardrobe is in perfect, pristine condition!


Like for every other bimbo and every other gimbo, pantyhoses ARE NOT allowed! Wear stockings instead! However, in the light of the sheer importance of bright, neon colored legwear (sometimes even with special textures or prints, like, for example, leopard or zebra patterns, which is very welcomed) for this subculture, you may have a workaround here: Try to favor stockings, if that is not possible, you may wear pantyhoses, provided you cut them open in the croch area! This is mandatory if you want to continue to wear these pieces! Likewise, NEVER wear your panties underneath your pantyhoses! So, let us recap: You are allowed to wear pantyhoses, IF there aren’t any similar stockings, your pantyhose is opened and you wear your panties over the pantyhose (if any).

Hot pants

Hot pants may very well be the favored piece of clothing for many cybergoth girls, before they even think about wearing a miniskirt. This is unacceptable. Read about the reasons for this statement here and here. Respect those rules, like any other gimbo or bimbo girl should!


Easily one of the most important markings of this subculture (besides welder’s goggles, breathing protections and neon glow sticks). The beforementioned cyberlox are not only very much acceptable, but can in fact look very cute and sweet, which is desirable, but “real dreadlocks” are not. Normal dreadlocks have a very similar fucked up appeal as torn apart stockings and have therefore no place in the realms of gimbofication.

So, what are you supposed to wear as a cyber-gimbo? The concept of a black basecolor and a chosen bright neon color is the first correct step. Preferably, this color should be pink (just to make a statement), but can be any color, even white (as shown above by Amelia Arsenic of Angelspit, a VERY good rolemodel for aspiring cyber gimbos, except for some obvious details) – as long as your colorcoding is stringently adhered to. You may wear the typical hairpieces and extensions, cyberlox, goggles and other accessories, as long as they will enhace your sex appeal, feminine aura and cuteness. Everything fucked up and/or damages and/or things that will let you appear as something else than a pristine princess is not acceptable. Heavy make up is strongly suggested, as well as revealing clothes. Following the rules we already established, pants, hot pants and unmodified pantyhoses are also not acceptable. Wear dresses, skirts, corsets and stockings instead! High heels are an absolute must! Platform boots are an absolute no go! Latex, patent leather and PVC are very welcomed! Above you can see some pretty acceptable and good examples of gimbo suitable cyber-styles – although not perfect and each of them flawed in one way or another (as it is usual regarding goth girls with the lack of real gimbos). The next “gimbo” rolemodel we are going to talk about (you can see her already above), will show you some VERY good gimbo cyber styles and can be your guiding light if you decide to become a perfect gimbo cyber doll. This concludes our look at this gimbo substyle, by now you should already know, that all the basic rules for bimbo dolls also apply for gimbos in the different sub styles we are talking about, so have a look at the different rules and lessons and maybe even at the fashion category of this blog. Now go out there, and revolutionise your style and your scene!

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