Bimbo Uniforms – Santa Bimbo / X-Mas Bimbo

Christmas is near! What a perfect time to do another bimbo style post. Our last “bimbo styles – bimbo uniforms” article about “bimbo stewardesses” happened a while back, so I think it is perfectly reasonable to talk about another complete uniform for bimbos now, especially if it is about an outfit very suitable for this time of the year (particularly in view of the fact that I missed the opportunity to post about Halloween costumes again this year…). However, there is one big difference today: While every single other bimbo uniform post is very specific about even the minor details (bimbo stewardess, bimbo bride, bimbo housewife, bimbo nurse, bimbo maid, bimbo schoolgirl, bimbo bunny and bimbo secretary), where every small aspect and even the slightest properties are being addressed and exactly defined and prescribed (and not without a reason! Even the smallest detail is important and evey girl should respect these bylaws!) – todays uniform is a bit more open to different interpretations. Today we’re going to talk about: The Santa Bimbo or Xmas Bimbo!


You might already have heard this story about Coca-Cola defining the modern style and design of the Santa Claus we know today, but maybe couldn’t decide if it is more of an urban myth or actually the truth. Well, it kinda is true! We will have to examine this depiction of that jolly fat man in order to understand what details and aspects a bimbo has to pay attention to to make it right.

The original representations of Saint Nicholas often showed either historical variants or adjusted versions of Christian interpretations, like him, donned a bishops robe and a Norse huntsmans animal skin and with tan colors – far from what we know today and what would be suitable for a bimbo doll. The introduction of St. Nick wearing a red suit happened back in 1881, created by illustrator Thomas Nast for the cover of “Harper’s Weekly”, at least forty years before Coca Cola made this style famous all over the world. However, this very early rendition of “modern Santa” did already possess many of his well known features, like the red suit with fur lining, a nightcap and a black belt with a large buckle. This design was taken up by Haddon Sundblom in 1931, indeed for drawn images of Santa, meant to advertise Coca-Cola, at the direct desire of the giant soda company. Of course, there are regional differences in the type of suit that Santa Claus wears and even the Coca-Cola version changed over time, but nevertheless a rather constant design was established worldwide, since the advertisement campaigns started back in the days. So, yes, Coca-Cola shaped the happy red man we know and love today and there are some aspects that are not only defining for this character, but also extremely consistent over all those years, on which we will have a look now in order to frame a set of rules and details every girl and every bimbo has to pay attention to:

– Red clothing with white fur lining

– A fitting nightcap

– A broad, black, wide buckled belt

Black boots

So, what can we make of this in order to connect it to the bimbo ideals? Of course, there are many “sexy santa” costumes out there, but what is really important here?

Open for interpretations

Like I already said, contrary to all the other bimbo uniforms we talked about, there isn’t a real standard to be found here. It is extremely difficult to define major parts of the whole outfit based on sensible principles which would support the bimbo appeal. What this means is, that a bimbo doll has some degrees of freedom in designing her individual costume to be prepared for Christmas. But also, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any rules at all! And like I already said – there are those essential details every doll has to respect:

The sleeping cap

An absolutely mandatory element of the whole outfit! This cap has to be present and has to be worn ALL THE TIME! No matter if your pussy gets hammered the whole night or if you are doing the xmas blowjob for your trainer/partner/master – leave the fucking cap on! The cap has to have the exact same color as the main part of your outfit, which should, of course, be red. A white fur lining has to be there, as well as a white, furry bobble at the end of the tip.

The main costume

This is where possible deviations come into play. There is no standardised design and no general consent on how the sexy, bimbo suitable version should look like. However, based on the aspects we listed above and some general bimbo rules, we can make at least some regulations:

1. It has to be a dress or a skirt with a top. NO body and NO hotpans!

2. It has to respect the general rule about length of skirts and dresses! (PERFECTLY showcased by cosplayer-bimbo-rolemodel Jessica Nigri in the feature picture above! THIS is how it is done!)

3. It has to respect the rules of tops for bimbos!

4. It should invariably be colored in ONLY the main color, which should obviously be red!

5. It should have a white fur lining! (Ideally along the neckline, to draw attention to your tits, and the edges!) (See above: “B”, “C”, & “G”)

The belt with the buckle

Another mandatory piece of this outfit! The belt has to be black and has to be made of leather. The broader the belt itself – the better! A good bimbo wears a black belt that is broader than her skirt/dress is long. In addition, the belt has to have a big buckle in either silver, gold or brass.


Here again are some options a bimbo can chose from, combined with some set rules:

1. Stockings are mandatory for this outfit! They can either be white or red.

2. A bimbo may chose not to wear any further underwear at all. However, if she does, her underwear has to match! Allowed colors are: White OR red!

3. The type of underwear is left to the bimbo. It is possible to just wear some plain, white panties underneath the short skirt, a very classy corsage, main color matching, red lingerie or a push-up with white fur lining. Chose wisely, with the overall appeal of your outfit in mind! (See above: “B”, “C”, “D” or “F”)


There are only two rules a bimbo has to pay attention to for this outfit:

1. High heels are absolutely mandatory! (NEVER take them off!)

2. The heels have to be higher than your skirt/dress is long!

Apart from that, a bimbo may chose fitting high heels ad libitum. The preferred choice however, would be some shiny, high heeled, black, PVC or patent leather boots, knee high with a broad, white fur lining on the upper part. Even if you don’t have boots like that available, it is absolutely possible, to select fitting, black, high heeled boots, and combining them with some white fur, attached to the upper part. An example of suitable shoes for this would be the default gimbo boots (Pleaser USA, Adore/Delight-2023, in black, patent leather – PERFECT choice!). Other fitting shoes could be some high heeled overknee boots (black, red, or even white), some knee-high stiletto boots in red or white or pumps in black, white or red. (See above: “A”, F”, “G” or “H”)

Accessories & Makeup

As always, a bimbo should wear heavy, very visible makeup! It should match the color Scheme of your outfit (black, white and red), but can also be accentuated with green.

Additional accessories very suitable for this outfit are:

Small, golden Christmas-bells as earrings, a choker with a big, golden Christmas-bell in the front (yes, those bells should ring loudly when you are getting fucked from behind!) and some long gloves. Attention: The color of your gloves have to have THE SAME color like your high heels!

You are deliverer and the present simultaneously!

Remember: In this case, you do not only represent the deliverer of presents, but the present itself! The participant(s), should have the same pleasant anticipation and the thrill of anticipation to unpack you, like a nine year old boy who is about to unwrap his Christmas gifts! This is the whole effect and look you should be going for! YOU are the main present, and your sexy outfit is the nice Christmas packaging! You can even support this appeal, by wearing a giant, red (or golden) ribbon, directly above your ass, clamped to either your belt, or broad, red (or golden) gift ribbon, wrapped around your body, directly over the belt. Your main outfit may be regarded as part of the present itself – so in order to add that “joy of unboxing”, you may wear a fitting, red robe or cape over your costume, with a white fur lining. That way, the participant(s) is able to “unpack his gift”, without having to undress your sexy costume (In this case, a fur lined hood in addition to the nightcap is very welcomed!). (See above: “E”, “F”, “H” or “I”)


Again: This costume is far less regimented than all the other bimbo uniforms, which means you can actually chose to wear some sort of short, tight dress, a very short jutting miniskirt with a tight and low-cut bikini-top, as long as the rules above are respected. There is even one more option a bimbo has: The main color can actually be switched from red to pink. However: In that case, make sure, that every piece get switched – combinations of red and pink are NOT allowed! (See above!)

Obviously, every bimbo should wear this over the Holidays. This is perfectly suitable to be worn from December 23 until December 27, and creates a playful and sexy atmosphere for everyone involved. Don’t miss this opportunity!

So, this is my Christmas post for you guys. I would like to mention, that, for whatever reason, tumblr didn’t delete my blog or account. This doesn’t mean that I got away unscarred: I lost over 2000 followers and my blog there is now heavily crippled, with many posts “hidden”. If you want to keep yourself updated and informed, make sure to visit the Pink Bimbo Academy website. I will continue to post on tumblr until they kill my account, but I also created a BDSMler account, on which this will be the very first, real post. There will be further Christmas gifts for you guys, so pay attention to my social media channels! But also, maybe you want to have a look at my Patreon, where I released my biggest Thank you Christmas gift already: The first PBA PDF ebook with over 150 pages! So, until next time guys!

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