6. Bimbo cosplay – Cosplaying girls – a trainers advantage and preparation for a complete bimbofication

This article of the ongoing PBA cosplay series will be a little different. It does not really deal with cosplaying itself but more with a very special opportunity provided by “cosplaying a special character”. You know, very often (like, ALL the time!) I get emails and messages from bimbo loving men, who ask me something like this:

“I really LOVE the bimbo appeal, the blond hair, the big tits, the outfits and the style – but I am afraid I will never get this myself. Sadly, my girlfriend would never go for this look – can you tell me how I could excite her for bimbofication?”


“I would do anything to have such a bimbo doll myself, but sadly my wife has very small breasts, red hair and doesn’t wear much make up. I am fearful of her finding out about my preferences and my love for the bimbo look. What can I do?”


“My girlfriend never wears high heels or skirts. It’s such a shame, because if she would get some implants, she could become a perfect bimbo doll, and there is nothing I would wish for more. How can I introduce her to bimbofication without her going completely crazy?”


“My wife must never know about my bimbo fetish. I would love to bimboficate her, but I have no idea where to start? Any ideas?”


“My girlfriend HATES the bimbo aesthetics. She thinks it’s all about being dumb and a whore. She never gave the visuall appeal a chance, how can I change her mind?”

and many, many more like these. So, there are endless men around the globe with a hidden, secret love for bimbos, who would like their significant other to be one of those pristine, perfect bimbo goddesses – and who could blame them for that? To any girl reading this: How can you be sure, your partner doesn’t have such preferences? Just because he never told you? Or just because he denied it? Be assured, most men who write me those messages leave their SO completely in the dark about their love for the bimbo aesthetic and LIE about it to you and others, out of fear. On the other hand, let me say this before we continue: I also do get many messages from girls and women who do ask me similar things. But, of course, in their case it is more about the secret desire to become a bimbo and the fear of how their SO and their surroundings might react. So it is fairly save to assume, that there is a significat number or partnerships out there, in which both parts would wish for the female to become a bimbo, without ever speaking about it. Of course, this is a VERY sad conclusion to draw, but it doesn’t surprise me. If you think about how society treats and pictures femininity these days, let alone “hyper femininity“, it is no wonder, that everyone who adores and admires these things has to assume, that he/she is the only one, and everyone around them would judge them and turn their back on them in disgust. Congratulations society, media, politics and social science! You did it! Nowadays, men are obligued to express denial and rejection towards everything that would be deemed as “objectifying, overly sexual femininity”, certain renditions of femininity, high heels, big tits, huge implants, short skirts, heavy make up, slutty behaviour and MUCH more – even though we do not only know, that these things are what men truly want (in case of, f.e. big tits see here, in case of high heels see here, in case of make up see here, in case of blonde hair see here, in case of big, enhanced lips see here, etc.), but also that there are perfectly fine reasons for men to favor these things, following some genetic programing and their instincts. There is NOTHING wrong with adoring bimbo dolls and most surely there is nothing wrong with wanting to HAVE a perfect bimbo doll! It is the most natural desire for a man and it is your right to want what you want and to like what you like – no matter how hard social science and the media try to brainwash you and make you feel guilty about your needs, preferences and desires. Of course you love girls in ultra short skirts! Of course you love sky high heels! Of course you love huge tits, heavy make up, stockings and sluts! Again: NOTHING wrong with that! If you stop denying these things and overcome the guilt that an opressive society has cast upon you, you have made the first step. But what about yout significant other? Your girlfriend – your wife? If you fell victim to this brainwashing – she surely did to. If you would approach her, out of the blue like “Hey honey, how about getting some 2500cc silicone implants, bleaching your hair platinum blond and working out in the gym until you have that perfect body? Oh, and before I forget: I want you to dress as slutty as possible from now on – please do not wear any flat shoes or pants anymore, like – NEVER. I only want to see you in cute, slutty short skirts and dresses and sky high stripper heels or maybe pink stiletto pumps. And by the way: Can you maybe crank up your make up to 11? I really love that heavy make up look, though I never told you before. Basically, I would like you to become a perfect bimbo slut, how does that sound, hm? Good? Kthxbye!”, how do you think would THAT turn out? Exactly. Your girl has experienced a constant indoctrination since she was born that hammered two things into her brain:

1. Being a slut is wrong. Being overly feminine is bad. Being sexually objectified is a crime. Being beautiful is worthless. Being sexy is demeaning. Be ashamed of yourself if you feel the need to be sexy and desirable. Feel guilt if you want to please men. Be as masculine as possible. Reject your own femininity. Hate pink. Hate sexy dresses and styles – sexual neutrality is everything! Bimbos are stupid, dumb whores! Showcasing yourself is superficial and pathetic. Being slutty is cheap. Big tits and implants are horrendous and degrading. High heels are tools of oppression! Etc.


2. You are perfectly fine, no matter how you are (ignore the absurdity of this command!)! You never have to improve! ALL bodies are beautiful! Even if you are fat – you are still sexy! Femininity (although bad if too much), comes in all shapes and sizes! Natural beauty is REAL beauty – make up and enhancements are superficial, gruesome deformations that don’t make you more beautiful – they disfigure you! Everything that would enhance your femininity and visual appeal is not worth the effort – and just means that your “inner merits” are not valued! Natural is just BETTER than artificial (citation needed)! Inner beauty is the MOST important! Just accept and love yourself and EVERYTHING is fine (demand everyone else to do that too)! Etc.

This is more or less what your girl’s brain was bombarded with throughout her whole life. She is completely indoctrinated and can not see what is outside of the cave. Bimbofication most likely is a red flag to her, because it represents everything she was told to hate (first block) and it is the complete opposite of what she was told to be (second block)! So, how can we counter this? Or better, how can we fix this? Well, the whole process of undoing these results of brainwashing for years is no simple task and will also take years, much energy, patience and understanding – which is why we can not deal with it in this article. For sure, it will be a main topic of the PBA Bimbofication Bible that will be finished in…. the future… – but within the framework of the PBA cospaly series, I will provide you with an opportunity to perhaps make a small step towards the direction you want to go. Likewise, this is a hint I give to many men who write me the beforementioned questions. So, the topic for todays article, the next part of the cosplay series is: How can a trainer use cosplay to bimboficate a female? Let’s dive right into it:

We already talked about lots of benefits you gain when your bimbo is into cosplaying, like here and here – and we kinda tackled already what this article is about, if you remember, when I told you about the possibility for a normal girl to “cosplay a bimbo”. While usually a bimbo can not be something a girl can cosplay, because it is a state of mind, a way of living, something that requires very visible visual changes, regarding the body and the style, it can be the very first step for a girl to make contact with a possible future bimbofication. Don’t get me wrong, I am VERY strictly against girls “cosplaying” bimbos – adopting certain bimboesque visual properties, styles or bimbo behaviour just over a brief time, for the weekend or the club, in the bedroom for her partner or in order to take Instagram pictures – something I just wrote recently about in my article about the Sisterhood of Plastic – the dreaded “weekend bimbos”. A girl IS a bimbo or she is not a bimbo. A bimbo isn’t something a girl roleplays – she either LIVES it – or she doesn’t. There is no possibility for a girl to be an “on/off-bimbo”. Do it full time, 24/7 or don’t do it at all. Having said that, the situation is quite different, if the girl in question is a “normal girl”. It would be absolutely too much to ask of her to simply comply, if you, as her partner and maybe future trainer, approach her like I described above! Remember how your girl must feel about the whole bimbo ideology after a lifetime full of propaganda against these ideals! Demanding her to LIVE a lifestyle that might very well be the exact opposite of what she feels is good and right is not an option in most cases. Here comes the “cosplayed bimbo” into action. Instead of overwhelming her with a radical change of life, you can introduce her first steps into bimbofication as nothing more than a harmless game without any consequences – NOTHING she has to worry about and nothing she has to take seriously, by keeping some goals in mind:

1. It’s “just a game”

If you and your girl already had some kinky roleplaying in the bedroom, there might have happened some things she would have strongly spoken against outside of the bedroom. Some BDSM with her being an obedient, submissive slave or fuck-puppet? Maybe in real life she is a “strong, empowered women” and doesn’t take shit from men? Some dirty talk, with her, fantasizing about getting forced to be a whore or getting gangbanged by five dudes? Maybe in real life she is a shy and reserved little girl? There are countless examples, but the main point is this: All of these games are just that in the bedroom: Games, affectionately called “kink” by most, especially by girls who have a submissive persona, but also a very “female empowering attitude” in “real life”. By separating their “kinks” from their “ideals” they are able to unify these obvious antagonisms, no matter how ironic and paradoxical it may seem. This ability to differentiate between “game/kink” and “real life” makes it possible for her to accept things in the bedroom that would intrinsically violate her ideals and beliefs otherwise. By introducing bimbofication, or simply her being a bimbo, as a game/kink in the bedroom, she doesn’t have to evaluate the implications against her ideals and beliefs – in the end: It’s not “real” or “serious” – it’s just a game!……..for now….

2. There are no consequences

A blonde wig, some white fuck me boots, a little “too much make up”, some hoop earrings – nothing that would last after you fucked her into the mattress. The next day, she can return to her jeans, sneakers, her natural look, her red hair and her boring life. Good, isn’t it? Well, no it’s not – but it’s good for her and her disposition to let herself in for some kinky bimbo action – so it IS good for her future, serious bimbofication and for you! Remember: This girl has to get to know what it means to be a bimbo. She has to sniff at the whole topic. Shield her from all consequences! Do not introduce elements that would remain after the game ended! She has to have the security of being able to always go back! This is why she wears a blonde wig and doesn’t bleach her hair from day one! Only with this feeling of security and the possibility to carefully look into this but with the possibility to go back at all times, there is a base for any further step.

3. “It wasn’t me – it was HER!”

Remember my article about the bimbo names? Same thing here: If your girl roleplays a bimbo, she can not only look like a bimbo without consequences, she can also behave like a bimbo without consequences! The character she plays can take all the “shame and blame” for her! By roleplaying how she things a bimbo would act in the bedroom, she is able to do things she would otherwise never be able to do, just for the sake of staying in character. Discover what SHE thinks a bimbo does in bed – there are some interesting insights to be made, regarding her perspective on the sexual behaviour of bimbos – and most importantly let HER discover what she can do as a bimbo doll! Let her be “Stacy – the bimbo stripper slut”!

4. It’s a game – it’s supposed to be fun!

Make sure she as fun. A LOT of fun! The more she connects her bimbo persona with fun and hot sex – the better! You want her wanting to repeat the whole thing – so make it worth it! Reward sluttly behaviour, bimbo bubbliness and the lighthearted, girly attitude! Being a bimbo is hard work and requires MUCH dedication – but it should also be enjoyable to be a bimbo overall! The more fun she has – the sooner she is ready to break down her own mental reservation against a permanent bimbo persona! This connects directly to the last objective:

5. Reward/convince

By far the most important aspect! Reward EVERYTHING her bimbo persona does! I am talking about instant rewards like for example THE BEST FUCKING OF HER LIFE, many compliments, and lasting rewards like a completely different behaviour after sex, the next morning and over the next day(s). I can not overstate enough how important this really is: Deliver the best performance you can in the bedroom when she gives you her bimbo cos/roleplay! Fuck her right into the heavens and back – she has to make that mental connection between her bimbo persona and that amazing night in which she got her brain fucked out. Be playful, excited, powerful, caring and engaged at all times! Tell her how amazing she looks in that bimbo outfit. Reveal to her how amazing her make up skills are – and that you wouldn’t mind seeing her more often with that extra touch of eyeshadow, lipgloss and foundation. Be amazed by her long legs in those sky high stripper heels. Make her aware of her astounding ass underneath that short, white skirt. And after you had your way with her – be the best aftercaring trainer you can be. Provide her with everything she needs and make sure she has no doubts about you loving her more than ever before after she performed as your bimbo slut over the night. The next morning, provide her some amazing breakfast and undertake something together: Take her out for a shopping trip or do something she really enjoys. Every now and then, drop a line that reminds her of the amazing night before. All of this connects to the process of persuading: When you tell her, that she looks amazing and beautiful with that blonde hair, make sure she looks at herself in the mirror and comes to the same conclusion. When you tell her how much longer her legs are with those high heels – make sure she recognizes that. Of course she needs you to tell her how amazingly sexy she looks with that style – but even more important is that she HERSELF makes that observation!

If you did everything right, you can repeat this scenario more often in intervals. Always make sure to encourage her to express her bimbo persona and to let it “bleed” into real life more and more, step by step. Be cautious, but maybe she begins to put on a little more make up. Maybe she wears some higher heels when you take her out to that fancy restaurant, before you take her to a hotel room to fuck your luxurious bimbo all night. Small steps – but you already mastered the most difficult part: Introducing her to the world of bimbofication! Now, your next steps are to transform the cos/roleplay into real life – permanently.

So, what are some elements your girl could use to cosplay a bimbo? Let me give you some examples: Of course, if your girl isn’t a blonde with long hair already, a blonde wig is a perfect start. If she is a blonde, but doesn’t have long enough hair – maybe some clip-in extensions are the perfect choice. Make sure she wears an extra load of make up – at least, this is what bimbos do: Wear a shitton of heavy make up! If you explain it to her – it will make sense to her – and c’mon, it’s “only for that one night”. Pink, wet lipgloss, heavy eyeshadow, bronzer, massive amounts of foundation, primer and concealer and blush. A very tight, pink, belly free shirt might be a good idea, as well as a very short, white skirt? Or some tantalizing lingerie, with stockings – maybe even in pink? Big hoop earrings are also a good option. If she doesn’t possess any high heels already, do not overwhelm her with sky high stripper heels for the first time. Maybe some boots or some pumps are a good choice – and calm her down: She doesn’t have to walk much in them – most of the time she will be on her knees or laying on her back with those heels in the air anyways.

If your first steps are successfull, maybe you can get a little more serious and bring the topic of bimbofication to the table. Not in a way that makes it clear that she has to change permanently – at least, not yet. But maybe you can expand on the basic bimbo roleplay you two had in the bedroom over the last few weeks or months? Maybe you can tell her, that because it is so much fun, you googled the topic – and found the Pink Bimbo Academy – a website dealing with bimbo training and bimbofication! That would be the perfect opportunity to get her a bimbo schoolgirl uniform, print out some lesson papers and go for the next step in her bimbo training. We are getting serious – and she doesn’t even recognize it. Make her your bimbo trainee and teach her those mandatory bimbo lessons – by disguising it as nothing more than a harmless game/kink. Over time, when she discovered her true feelings for this lifestyle – there is no more need in hiding, and the open bimbofication can begin. And remember: All of this started – with a little cosplay.

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