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Ahem… Hello…? My name is Pink… and I run a website… about bimbofication… where… usually… I post fairly regularly… most of the times at least… well… not so much lastly… but… yeah… Joking aside guys: I know I have been absent for quite a long time now – and I deeply apologize for it and beg your pardon… Believe me when I say that I wouldn’t do this just because I felt like it. I wouldn’t let the community, my readers, fans and supporters down without any explanations if it wouldn’t have been absolutely necessary! I can’t guarantee you guys that I will be back to 100% in no time – but I will try my best to bring some more content to you in the near future and hopefully post again regularly. This project isn’t dead and I have no intentions to stop it anytime soon, but sometimes life gets in your way. Thanks to everyone who continued to support me over this phase – you guys are absolutely AMAZING! You are the reason why I come back. Please be patient with me while I try to get back into this, so don’t expect too much, with me regaining access to blogging again, which is why I start with something fairly easy: A stylecheck.

However, this stylecheck should be something special. Not about a well established rolemodel in perfect bimbo clothes… but something many of you trainees can identify with maybe? Well, let’s have a look, what do we have here? Ahhhhh, yes… now I know what we’re going to talk about today. In concjunction with some of our last articles, about the very beginning and foundation of a bimbofication, we will have a talk about the first trainingoutfit of a bimbo. Most trainer-induced bimbofications start as a game, or as a form of roleplaying. This is a well established technique of bringing up the very first aspects of bimbofication in a playful manner, taking fears of contact with the whole topic away, giving the trainee the possibility to experience the first slight contingencies in a tentative context (more about that later, in our bimbo cosplayseries). So, the training begins, even if the trainee doesn’t have a clue about her future transformation and thinks this is all fun and games in the bedroom for about a night, but in order to create the correct atmosphere to start an ongoing process, we need an outfit which makes it possible for the trainee to empathize with her role as a bimbo trainee. How could such an outfit look like? This is the time to have a look at todays picture above! The outfit has to fulfill four criterias:

  1. It has to be easily understandable! The bimbo context has to be obvious (cute, sexy, girly, feminine, pink) as well as the submissive character (trainee<trainer power difference). It shouldn’t be too complex but instead clear, distinct and explicit.
  2. It should consist of mostly basic items an average girl should have in her wardrobe. The more sophisticated the items are – the better, but the trainee should be able to properly dress without having to purchase additional pieces for her first time. The trainer should get more and better suited pieces asap, but start small!
  3. The outfit has to respect ALL the basic bimbo rules regarding style and outfits! (F.e.: this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this and that)
  4. The outfit has to comply with her role as a “student”. The newly introduced trainee is exactly that – a trainee, a student of bimbofication and a pupil to her trainer. Her outfit should reflect that, not only to bring her into the right mindset, but to establish the dominant role of the trainer, who should task her with the most basic exercises for bimbos. A fully sophisticated “bimbo schoolgirl uniform” is the go-to of course, but in most cases not available for the first times.

So, let’s analyze our young trainee here: Long blonde hair is always a good way to start (makes further bimbofication way easier) but initially, we have the first highlight and correct styling choice: Pigtails – exactly as described in our lesson about pigtails for bimbos. This is a perfect choice for a trainee, because it manifests the “schoolgirl effect”, looks cute and girly and is overall a viable option for bimbo girls. Of course, the amount of makeup she wears is way to little, but perhaps it is all you can expect from a girl who doesn’t know about the benefits of bimbofication and just started her journey, perhaps unwittingly. The lack of a proper schoolgirl blouse may be due to her improper wardrobe, or because an inexperienced trainee might think that wearing nothing but a bra (which is white, therefore “schoolgirl innocent” and slightly transparent) is “more sexy” than wearing a schoolgirl uniform, which is, of course, nonsense. The general body shape is not that bad, although it is absolutely necessary for her to tone up that body by working out – but this would be a long term goal, as well as her completely insufficient chest circumference. The required minimum size of the tits of a bimbo is clearly defined, but it is absolutely obvious, that a newly introduced trainee isn’t able to satisfy these requirements. The pink, pleated miniskirt is a perfect choice for every starting trainee, as well as for every advanced and established bimbo! Cute, sweet, girly, sexy and schoolgirl-related, this piece makes it possible to start many different “teacher / student” games in the bedroom and to introduce the young apprentice to her new role as a feminine, girly bimbo trainee. The skirt doesn’t only respect one of the essential rules for bimbos regarding dresses in combination with adequate high heels, it also matches her nail polish with is a definite plus. White stockings are not exactly schoolgirl related, but are a fantastic choice for a first training outfit and harmonize VERY well with the short, pink skirt. The sexual context is undeniable and they provide the overall style with a tantalizing, sexy look. The most surprising items of this outfit are the transparent stripper heels, which do respect the basic role for bimbos regarding shoes and also the rule about heels heights in combination with the pink miniskirt! Also not schoolgirl related, but also an AMAZING choice of this little cutie, supporting the bimboish style and the sexual expression. However, it can’t be expected from a normal girl, who just started her first bimbo trainee roleplay, to possess this type of high heels, but if she does – Congratulations, she just got an instant A+ in her first class! So, by now you can already tell why I did chose this picture to explain a possible “first bimbo training outfit”. This is, for the most parts, something you can expect a girl to possess, in one form or another. It is easy to understand the concept of the whole style, it is absolutely bimbo related, suits the bimbostyle very well, respects most bimbo styling rules, is girly, sexy, cute and feminine and does evoke that special “schoolgirl atmosphere” without being a complete schoolgirl uniform. This is how a first bimbo training outfit could look and a perfect way to start the bimbofication of a newly introduced trainee! Very well done, keep on improving – and welcome to your transformation! Speaking of training: There is a really suitable sexual training simulator online, which absolutely can and should be used by trainees (and maybe even trainers) to get a sense for proper sexual training. However: When you create your virtual bimbo trainee, remember to make the hair blonde and turn the tits-size-level to 11 (or maximum)! There is another possibility regarding proper training-clothes for a bimbo: How about the official PBA bimbo trainee shirt? This is very suitable for every girl who wants to become a perfect bimbo trainee šŸ˜‰

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