The PBA Guide to Bimbo Makeup – 20. Make up Tattoos / Make up Stickers / Make up Gems

Readers of the Pink Bimbo Academy already know this: I can’t stand tattoos. Tattoos, no matter how popular, have nothing to do with bimbofication and are, in fact, not bimbo suitable (except for the typical tramp stamp). Because of these reasons, the official PBA stance is, that a bimbo shouldn’t have any tattoos at all (except for the one mentioned) – but don’t worry, we will have a complete article about that at some point in the future. But today we are talking about “some kind of tattoo” (not really) that is bimbo appropriate in SOME situations – more so for gimbos, when it comes to day-to-day styles. Today we have the next part of the PBA make up series, and we are talking about “Make up Tattoos”. Make no mistake here, I am including all “related” elements in this article, because they wouldn’t justify their own articles – and they fulfill similar functions by following, more or less, the same principles: Shapes, “ink” and ornaments that can be attached to the skin temporarily, with the help of some sort of cohesive aggregate, providing additional texture, ornamentation or detail – so: Make up stickers, “temporary tattoos” and similar pieces. Remember: The word “TEMPORARILY” is extremely important here! One of the very last places where any bimbo should have ANY permanent “ornamentation” (speaking of piercings and tattoos) is her face (apart from permanent make up – we are going to talk about that in the next article of this series)! So – the stuff we are talking about today, seems to be nothing but a small, minute detail – a more or less insignificant option only interesting in very limited and special situations – but be warned: Do not underestimate what this can do to the look of a bimbo – positive and negative! In fact, the reason why it took me so long to come up with this next part of the PBA make up series was, that for weeks I tried to find fitting, suitable pictures to illustrate my point, but this turned out to be rather difficult, with most of the examples just being plain ugly, unfeminine, “horror-themed”, “weird” or just bimbo-unsuitable. However, this doesn’t mean that there is nothing to find for a bimbo – although admittedly, this is something gimbos will be much more lucky with.

I think by now, you already understand what we are talking about: Little glittering gem-stones a bimbo can use to elevate her glowing face make up, black flourishes – merging with the black eye shadow and the eyeliner of a bimbo, attached patterns or details that support the general make up look of a girl – black vines and little, black roses that complement the elaborate, mysterious face make up of a true goth-bimbo, maybe even with a pitch-black gem stone on her forehead… Things like that. I don’t have to explain you this in greater detail – which is why this article isn’t going to be very long – what I will do instead is deal with the biggest danger I see arising, with girls, bimbos and gimbos alike, utilizing these small little helpers: Going overboard or using them completely wrong – in a bimbo unsuitable manner! So I will you tell when and under which circumstances NOT to use these things:

1. Do NOT go overboard!

Always remember: All of these elements are nothing but accents! You are only SUPPORTING your make up style and general appeal with these – NEVER use these things as the linchpin of your face or style! Follow the general bimbo/gimbo make up rules FIRST and then see how you can accentuate that perfect result with make up tattoos or stickers. So what does this mean? Never use too much of these! Just let it be the cherry on top – but never the main attraction! So: NO complete “face paintings” (No corpse paint for you, gimbos! And none of you ever do these “calaveras”-elements… it can’t get more unfeminine!), no complete coverage, don’t paste your complete forhead or your eyes with these things! Accentuate Only!

2. Only rarely – for VERY special styles and situations!

For bimbos, these things are nothing for a daily make up – not even for the “weekend party style”(in most cases). In most situations (especially in your daily life!) using these things will just look silly and… pretty “weird”. You need a reason to make use of these, so don’t “just use them” – think about the situation and your style first. A very special “themed party”? Yes… that might be a reason. A “Show act” of some sort? Sure! Cosplay? Yes – depending on the charater… but if you are “roleplaying” some sort of fantasy-bimbo-princess – this might be the correct option. Think about it like this: Does it MATCH your style and outfit? Will your overall style gain something by adding these things? Does your style work without it? Be very ciritical about this – but if it supports the “charater” you are playing in that situation – go for it. This is a little bit different for gimbo dolls: For gimbos, these make up tattoos actually work for a daily make up. It suits and fits the general appeal a true gimbo should have each and every day and supports the whole “mysterious vampire princess”-look, a gimbo should go for. So, yes, a goth-bimbo can wear this more or less every day – especially for parties.

3. Themes NEVER to make use of and things you should pay attention to!

There are some things that are absolute NO-GOs for every bimbo and gimbo: These little cosmetic items are NEVER EVER allowed to result in a look that resembles the following: Hippie/Spiritual-look (might be created by using to many floral patterns, too many gem stones or “weird” patterns), Techno-look (too many colors, too many iridescent elements), Rainbow-look (look at the bimbo color theory articles for this!), Horror-look (read the Hallwoween-slut-rule for this!) and similar styles! Remember: AVOID styles with these elements that let you look unfeminine, unsexy or ungraceful! There is NOTHING cute or sexy or feminine about “scar tattoos”, skulls, bruises or other things, braindead females think about: “This is SO ME! Because I am such a little, cute psycho!” or “I am not a Barbie and not perfect!” or “I am kinda crazy and edgy so, this suits me!” or “I am scarred on the inside and I want to show it…” or “I am so TOUGH/strong – gotta show!” ! A true bimbo or gimbo doesn’t belong to the group of such maimed females – instead, a bimbo (or gimbo) aims at maximum sex appeal, beauty, femininity and perfection – Always! So keep this in mind when you are preparing your style with the little helpers we talked about. Also, please notice this: There are “brow tattoos”, women can use to intensify or densify their eye brows – This is NOT an option for bimbos! Bimbo eye brows have to have a certain look! See the corresponding rule here (and here)!

FYI: “Bimbo-esque” rolemodel Valeria Lukyanova makes use of these things every now and then… and…. while it still looks acceptable… well.. you know what her shtick is… so… don’t be any more “spiritual” than she is – and try to counteract the “hippie/spiritual”-look with more “bimbosuitable” make up, clothes and hairstyles when you are using these little helpers – they might add the little “extra”, that additional glitter or the mysterious touch a bimbo (or gimbo) princess needs sometimes.

UPDATE: PBA Discord Mod Sylvie provided me with a couple of links to add to this article, with suitable looks and patterns that might be options for bimbos – even though many of these are hand drawn and not achieved with stickers, temporary make up tattoos, etc. – but you might get some inspiration how to incorporate these things and come up with an elaborate make up style (BE AWARE: NOT all of these are bimbo suitable!!! Some are missing essential parts of a complete bimbo make up, some are not strong enough, some might be too “artsy” and not feminine and sexy enough! This is only for basic inspiration!):

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