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More than just once, we touched the topic of typical bimbo jobs and what ways there are to express your bimbo persona at your work place. Of course, we already talked about the bimbo secretary, a profession that has its very own kinky aspects to it and, depending on your office and/or your boss and/or company lets you express your bimbo identity in several different levels, from quite suggestive, shallow hints (pink, long fingernails, cat eye glasses, hoop earrings, etc.) up to full blown, super sexy bimbo secretary. Then there are jobs which aren’t suitable to express your bimbo persona at all, because of how the nature of their appeal has changed over time and how their “uniforms” have evolved, like, for example, the bimbo nurse or the bimbo maid – for whose uniforms are only available in an acceptable form for private usage (Yes, every bimbo (trainee) must have these in her wardrobe!). And there are jobs that are somewhat bimbo bound, like the bimbo Playboy bunny, a pastime absolutely devoted to be sexually appealing and very suitable to express your bimbo persona up to 100%! But maybe the most famous one of those is the following: The bimbo stewardess!

Again, the stewardess ranks in the upper parts of the jobs deemed most sexy for women, on position 13 – but otherwise… wtf is going on there… “Interior Designer” on second place… “Speech Language Pathologist” on 7th? Am I missing something, or should I write about the “Bimbo Speech Language Pathologist” next? Are you nuts? No matter what, I think it is very safe to claim, that the stewardess is beneath the most upper ranks of sexy professions a girl can have since it’s very beginning: On May 15th 1930, nurse Ellen Church from Iowa boarded a Boeing 80 A – for Boeing Air Transport, as the very first female flight attendant ever, against all odds and the resistance of the male cabin crew and of course, against the resistance of the wives of the pilots ( 🙂 ). Soon thereafter female cabin crews, “stewardesses”, were a big thing! In the 60s, being a Pan Am air stewardess was the best job a woman could get, for sure! That position was paid exceedingly good by comparison, came with a life full of adventure and possibilities, the possibility to travel the world, was a confirmation of outstanding beauty and attractiveness (only the most beautiful girls got the job) and surely was absolutely glamorous – in fact it was “(…) indeed as glamorous as people make it out to be” – as told by Christel Vane, who was a Pan Am stewardess in that period, and had a nice talk with Sir Paul McCartney and a drink on a long-haul flight from London to America. “It was one of the best jobs a woman could get back then,” she says. “I spoke languages and I wanted to travel; it was a very exclusive job and difficult to get. There was nothing else open for women, unless you wanted to be a secretary.” – over 500 girls submitted an application on one free position as a Pan Am stewardess! And of course, the magic and sex appeal of stewardesses we still have today, emerged:

Every man wanted to go out with either a Pan Am stewardess or a model. You were absolutely admired, which can be fun and you had a lot of compliments, people being kind to you. I quite enjoyed the [male] attention and felt flattered by it.” (– Christel Vane, former Pan Am stewardess, in this article from The Telegraph, author: Louisa Peacock)

Who wouldn’t want to date a (bimbo)stewardess? The attraction this profession, the girls and its uniforms do bear, especially in those Pan Am times, was slightly covered by Steven Spielbergs movie “Catch me if you can”, showing us the irresistible aura of those uniforms and the mood and glory those girls were in (good old times). I strongly recommend you to watch the “Pan Am” TV series, starring Christina Ricci, for further Pan Am stewardess glory. But no matter what, even today, in times when virtually all other professions have lost their fantastic sex appeal and stylish uniforms, the stewardess still is somewhat a “sex icone” herself – and be honest here… we ALL try to catch a glimpse on those legs and that ass when she passes by on a plane… This brings us to the situation today. Many things have changed, and of course many uniforms were altered and de-sexualized, turned down and made boring, by many airlines, but there are still some positive examples, like Malindo or AirAsia, which have to defend themselves, because the uniforms of their cabin crews are deemed “too sexy” (impossible and just plain stupid) – or, my absolute favorite, Russian airline “Aeroflot”! (Examples above!) Just AMAZING! Of course, russian girls are already world wide known for their beauty, feminine style and grace, their traditional understanding of femininity, their love for stylish, sexy and elegant appeal (and for being perfect bimbo material)… but the uniforms of their stewardesses are such a strong addition to these aspects, they can easily be labeled as the most sexy and fantastic flight crew uniforms there are today! Perfection – you can vote for them as the best cabin crew for the Skytrax Awards, please do that and maybe other airlines will learn from that!!! But let us first have a look at some special properties the profession of a stewardess has in terms of bimbofication and why every bimbo should have such a uniform in her wardrobe, even if she isn’t a stewardess at all:

1. It’s about beauty and attractiveness.

The world pretty much somewhat agreed on who the most beautiful and sexy stewardess is: Cecile Nordahl from Scandinavian Airlines, which certainly is debatable, even if she does have some… slight bimbo features… But the recent media hype about her instagram and her being a stewardess shows us, that the topics, “sex appeal” and “beauty” are inextricably connected to this profession. Back then, in Pan Am times, it was the key factor, and today it’s the same – and that’s good! Even if today, in a society gone mad and obsessed with the idea that everything that’s feminine and sexy has to die, when even airlines like Aeroflot aren’t allowed to restrict the weight and the waist circumference for their cabin crews (who cares about corporate identity and attractive and healthy personnel anyways?), still it is very safe to assume, that you have to be a pretty sexy girl to become a stewardess. And what could be more “bimboish” than a job where a keyfactor is to be pretty? Not only the uniform has to look sexy, stylish and classy, the girl who wears it has to have that look too!

2. It’s about perfection.

Did you ever see a stewardess with a sloppy style? Stains on her impeccable blazer, folds or wrinkles in her accurately ironed uniform, the slightest seem of imperfection in her heavy, caked on make up? An ounce of laziness in her body posture, the way she stands upright or the way she sits? The slightest amount of defectiveness in her smile, with toothbrush white teeth and a welcoming, sweet and attentive attitude and countenance? No, most likely not. That’s because it’s about perfection! Visual perfection and perfection in behaviour, styling, appeal, posture, countenance, (facial)expression and clothing. And perhaps this is one of the greatest parts a bimbo should adapt from stewardesses: Absolute dedication and the absolute will to achieve nothing less than perfection, the duty to tolerate no excuses regarding those factors! A stewardess always HAS to look perfect! Pretty, feminine, stylish, elegant and classy! She always has to behave in a kind, sweet, pleasant, courteous and  obliging way! She always has to have that warm, welcoming, perfect smile! Make this duty your own, work as hard as they do, and never be lazy! This is very much a bimbo thing!

3. It’s about the aura.

It is often said, that stewardesses have to be a nurse, a maid, a girlfriend, an entertainer and more in just one person. They have to take care for the passengers, have to cater them, have to help in medical emergencies and catastrophic situations, have to calm down nervous passengers, etc. Etc. But that all comes with inevitable sideeffects, many of whom we already know from said professions, like the nurse and the maid. I already told you about the very first female flight attendant ever, being a real nurse before (with all those spices brought with it), but there is more to it: In fact, ALL female flight attendants from that point on were unmarried (!), registered nurses (!), for a very long period. We talked about how those “special” connotations evolve over time… And yes… there are many myths about it, many, many, many of them proving to be true! The famous mile high club, wouldn’t be thinkable without sexy stewardesses, a claim recently supported by the story of a naughty stewardess ( 😉 ) who made about 900.000€ a year, by disappearing with willing passengers on the planes restroom on long-term flights, or other stories from anonymous stewardesses who tell us, that sex with pilots and passengers (marriage doesn’t play a big role) is pretty much the norm… those naughty little girls 😉 – so it’s absolutely no wonder, that stewardesses are an ongoing theme in porn (the “Dorcel Airline” series for example), a constant in terms of annual calendar shootings (what I don’t get: You do have such sexy stewardesses… SHOW THEM AS STEWARDESSES! Not in bikinis or something… what’s the point then in having stewardesses? They could be just regular girls then…) and of course, for the bimbo community, as shown by bimbo rolemodels Lucy Zara and Dannii Haarwood (there is a fantastic video.. both of them posing as perfect stewardesses…but sadly I can’t find it anymore 🙁 ). But the picture of the sexy, naughty bimbo stewardess has also become a certain part of pop culture (Examples shown above, 4th picture, with the amazing bimbo rolemodel Aletta Ocean).

The uniform

This is going to be tricky, because every airline has it’s own, very clear styleguide and dresscode regarding those uniforms, therefore, we can’t really state how exactly the definitive bimbo stewardess has to look like. I will divide this into two parts, the first part being a preferably objective analysis and description of a “norm bimbo stewardess” (mostly for bimbos who aren’t real stewardesses, but SHOULD HAVE such a uniform in her wardrobe (why? We’re going to talk about that in a future post)) and the second part with some possibilities for every real bimbo stewardess to express her bimbo persona even more, by maintaining the styleguide of her airline.

The ideal bimbo stewardess uniform

As I already said, many airlines have their very own understanding of how a stewardess should look like and what their uniforms should express, in part drifting vastly in its appeal, like for example, the uniforms of Virgin Atlantic and the uniforms of Thai Airways International or Emirates (I am absolutely no fan of those culturally adjusted uniforms… but to each their own). So, I think it is only logical to combine three factors: The uniform of the golden age (Pan Am), aspects of the very first uniform and prototype (Boeing Air Transport) and of the most sexy example there is (Aeroflot). Be advised, I won’t make any regulations regarding the color of the pieces, because those are dependent on the corporate colors of the airline… For our bimbo stewardess rolemodel – this should be bright pink (which I will use in our example)! But no matter what color your chose, always make sure, you and your BBFs ALWAYS wear the same uniform with the exact same color, when you dress up as perrfect bimbo stewardesses together! UNDER ABSOLUTELY NO CIRCUMSTANCES, CHOSE ONE OF THOSE CHEAP, STUPID, FANTASY HALLOWEEN UNIFORMS – the uniform has to be realistic and of high quality! The first piece of the ideal bimbo uniform consists of a cute side cap in the primary color of the whole uniform, which is pink in this example. This cap has to be worn ALL the time, much like the cap of the bimbo nurse, and is never allowed to be undressed, above all, not during sex! The cap may have a silver crest sticked to it, preferably something bimbo related or a stylized airline symbol. The bimbo stewardess wears a light scarf in the apropriate colors (pink), which may be used during sex to pull her head back and is therefore also not allowed to be put aside. The blouse has to be pure white, tapered, light, slightly transparent, ironed, in perfect condition, at least one size to small for the tits of the bimbo stewardess and has to be worn in the following way: Fully tucked into the skirt, with all buttons all done up. The jacket should be in the primary color (pink), extremely tight and tapered, ironed and in perfect condition. It may have one to three buttons on the left side, but low enough to give the stewardess enough cleavage to unveil her tits without having to unbutton the blazer (example, first picture above). It must be fully buttoned at all times (if not opened by someone else). The skirt has to have the exact same color as the jacket, and should be an extremely tight pencil-skirt. The length should be one hand above the knee (first picture above) OR follow the basic rule regarding the length of skirts and height of heels! The shoes have to be high heeled pumps, with stiletto heels, metal heel tips, at least 12cm – 16cm heel height and slightly pointy (the red heels of the aeroflot girls above are PERFECT). They have to be made from shiny, glossy patent leather, be of the same primary color as the rest (pink) and in perfect condition! The bimbo stewardess has to wear high glossy, shimmering lace stockings, without patterns or seams, between 10 and 15 denier in appearance. The color of the stockings has to be nude, cream or mousse. If she is wearing a garter belt, she has to pay attention to the basic rule regarding garter belts and stockings! Her underwear has to be lingerie, matching the exact same color of the uniform (pink)! The panties have to follow the basic rule regarding panties and the bra has to be a push-up (level 3), that follows the style of the panties in appeal and style. The hair must be clean, tidy, well groomed and styled away from the face. Neatly arrange your hair in a bun, using a doughnut to secure it. Loose hair is to be secured with hairspray and bobby pins. This is to be worn at the back of the head or slightly off centre of the back of the head. Good skin care is essential! Use a foundation that suits your skin type and blend evenly! Obvious blemishes should be concealed wherever possible. Use a face powder to set your makeup for the day and apply a blusher. Wear lipstick and blusher in the primary colors (pink)! Lipstick should be glossy and wet-looking. Use heavy, caked-on make up, heavy eye shadows and great amounts of concealer! Keep your hands clean, well-cared for and manicured. Complement the look with nail polish in the same color as the lipstick and the uniform. Wear bright white, tight, flawless and absolute clean satin gloves.

The real bimbo stewardess

So, you are working as a  flight attendant for an airline an want to express your bimbo persona even more than the nature of your profession requires you to do anyway? Very good – that’s the spirit! Every airline has very strict guidelines regarding their corporate identity and how its personnel has to look like, behave and dress, called “style guides” for example. I recommend EVERYONE, bimbo trainees and trainers alike to have a look at some of these styleguides, of which you can find many online, like the “British Airways” styleguide and the one of “United”, to get an idea of how stuff like this is made. You can get some very good ideas for your own styling, and bimbo trainers can get some ideas to set up their own style-guides for their trainees. But what does that mean for a true bimbo stewardess? It means you have some very strict guidelines you have to fulfill and from which you aren’t allowed to vary! You have to respect these rules and that is a good thing, but often, these standards give you some scope to play with, like a range (from x to z) regarding the height of your heels and so on. You can use these scopes to express your bimbo persona in the best way possible, withour breaking the laws of the corporate identity, and that is what we do (and what many stewardesses do already, examples shown above (last picture)): Always pick shoes with a heel height that is the considered maximum, always use as much make up as you are allowed to. Wear push-ups, instead of normal bras! Always pick the most “bimboish” and girly colors you are allowed to use, regarding your make up, lipstick, nail polish, etc. (British Airways DOES allow bright, bimboish pink f.e.). Wear stockings instead of pantyhoses (this is a must as a bimbo stewardess!), wear nice lingerie instead of normal underwear, wear nice panties or no panties at all. If you are allowed to wear jewelry, wear the most bimboish pieces you can find, like hoop earrings. Wear sexy, fancy, posh high heels, like Louboutins Pigalle, if possible, change the heel tips of your heels against metal ones. And so on, and so on. In addition, you can use many of our bimbo techniques regarding behaviour and movement! Swing your hips and use the crosswalk when you’re going down the plane and the airport… grant everyone a nice view on your ass and your legs. Lean forward in the correct way, when you are picking something up from the small wagon with those drinks. Stand and pose in a bimboish way whenever you can. Be just as every man would describe the perfect stewardess of his dreams… but even with a little bit more sex appeal and naughtiness…

So that’s it. As I said, every bimbo should have a look at the dedication and the discipline of a stewardess! Always be as perfect as possible! In the near future I will explain to you, why it is absolutely necessary for every bimbo girl to not only have such costumes like the bimbo secretary, the bimbo maid, the bimbo playboy bunny, the bimbo nurse and the bimbo schoolgirl in her wardrobe, but also a real bimbo stewardess uniform!

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