The PBA Guide to Bimbo Makeup – 3. Covering – Skincare, Primer, Foundation, Concealer, Make-up and Powder

It took a while, but here is out third part in the Bimbo Make-up series. Why took it so long? Well, despite all the interest I have in these matters, make up is a very complicated, vast, deep and difficult research area. Most male readers, trainers and bimbo lovers won’t have any idea how complex the art of applying make up really is – with all those hundreds and thousands of different products, items, techniques, situations, strategies and Do’s & Don’ts. Most of you might think, that a girl “just has to paint some colors on her face, and then she looks better somehow…” – this couldn’t be further from the truth! There are dozens of things a girl has to pay attention to, with a myriad of things that might go wrong or should be dealt with in order to make a look work, some of which are very special or even unique – which is why I would like to encourage every trainee to consult some professional specialists in ANY case (even if you think you already are a true make-up artist!): Let your skin get tested, visit a dermatologist and have a talk with some skin-specialists, professional make-up artists and stylists! They can easily tell you of what type your skin is, which products or procedures you need and which items and techniques work the best for you. In addition: Watch as many make-up tutorials from famous beauty queens as possible, practice EVERY DAY and test as many different products as possible! Only this will guarantee that you achieve the abilities and the knowledge to enhance your make-up skills until they are bimbo suitable. To every male reader I would like to say: Honor and appreciate the work, the time, the energy, the money, the skill and the knowledge girls have to come up with in order to look like they do! It is difficult and hard to learn and even harder to master – but it is by no means a trivial activity! Even better: Learn about these things, help your trainees out and support them! This is what I do – and this is why it took me so long to come up with this part: I had to watch many videos, talked to my girls many times and watched them applying their make-up in order to get a better understanding of what is needed to achieve a perfect bimbo look. Today, we are talking about the most important part of bimbo make-up. Without mastering this step, NO bimbo make-up can work, perfection can’t be achieved, no look would be acceptable and nothing could save the general appeal of a girl: Covering. I talked about this in our last two sections of this series, but I can’t state it often enough: The skin of a bimbo has to look absolutely flawless, plastic-like, smooth, slick, perfect and artificial! There is NO place for blemishes, skin pores, powder-dust, crumbs, imperfections, irregularities, naturalness or anything else like that! In addition, the natural skin of a bimbo shouldn’t be visible in the slightest, regarding her face! The perfectly applied make-up, has to be like a thick and heavy layer, a smooth, complete and gapless covering – a mask if you will. More is ALWAYS more in this context! When a “normal girl” thinks “this is WAY to much make-up!” – a bimbo adds another layer in addition. There is never enough! There are many bimbo rolemodels, who are pretty close to bimbo perfection regarding the art of covering their skin with make-up, like, for example, Polly Marchant and even rolemodels like Loredana Chivu, Paris Herms, Candy Charms, Cansu Tuzak and Alicia Amira or Aletta Ocean do a VERY good job – but there is always room for improvement and many “Essex-girls” do an even better job when it comes to the sheer amount of make-up (something POD always cries about, for those who remember…). The goal is, to achieve an absolute smooth, slick and perfect layer of artificial, thick make-up, covering your skin, resembling Barbies face and plastic (or porcelain, for gimbos), with no surface irregularities. “But Pink,…” – you will say, “…those girls and rolemodels use Snapchat filters, professional lighting and blur their skin afterwards in Photoshop! This isn’t real!” – and yes, this is true, I know that. BUT: Keep in mind, that even professional photographers and image designers will always try to maintain a certain “skin texture”, because otherwise the result would look “too artificial”, even alien-like. This is an effect called “uncanny valley” – something no professional photographer, advertiser or designer is usually comfortable with, which is why a certain “naturalness” is always maintained. The absolute, artificial aesthetics normal people try to avoid, is exactly what a bimbo has to go for! The uncanny valley IS YOUR GOAL! Bimbo rolemodels like “Valeria Lukyanova” know this and strive for a level of perfection far beyond natural, human beauty, which should be the final aim for EVERY bimbo! In theory, your skin should be a flawless surface without any texture at all (just shading) – something which surely can’t be achieved to 100%, but the closer your get, the better. As you can see, it is ABSOLUTELY possible, to get VERY close, and you will instantly recognize the “uncanny valley effect” we want to see. The more you look like a computer generated rendering – the better! But before that can happen, you have to find the products that work for you (we will talk about some in this series) and practice ALL the different techniques (which we will also cover in this series) EACH AND EVERY DAY! Like I did in the beginning of this article, I want to encourage you to watch as many make-up tutorials as possible. Beauty-vlogger “Christen Dominique” does a FANTASTIC job in covering her face in make-up and showcases a very bimbo suitable look (or this one, from “Kelly Strack”). While she calls it “glam look”, I don’t have to mention, that this look should be the “every day style” of every bimbo. This isn’t your “glam persona”, this is the LEAST amount of make-up and the most toned down make-up style you should wear each and every day if nothing special is coming up. Remember the five basic, general rules for bimbos regarding make up! Practice hard, every day and try to get better! NEVER be lazy, ALWAYS try to create the perfect bimbo look, with a perfect, thick, extensive make-up covering!

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One thought on “The PBA Guide to Bimbo Makeup – 3. Covering – Skincare, Primer, Foundation, Concealer, Make-up and Powder

  1. I’m trying your makeup series for my husband. Right now I have so much makeup on it feels wrong lol but I’m trusting the process. It’s super hot to put layers and layers of foundation on. It makes me happy and it’s fun to hide everything away. It feels like I’m getting hotter and hotter every layer I add.

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