Bimbo role model – Nina Peterson

“Why aren’t there any black bimbos?” is a question I hear quite a lot. Well, it’s not like there aren’t ANY bimbos of color around (let me use this opportunity to refer you to a PBA spotlight from 2018, in which I interviewed the beautiful bimbo princess of color Barbz), but yeah, there are really only VERY few, so why is that so? My honest answer to that: I have not the slightest clue. But there is some truth to it, most bimbos indeed are Caucasian and white – there are only few Asian bimbos (like Azeeenbarbie and DJ Lady Tribe), few Latina bimbos (like Ms. Palomares) and even fewer black bimbos, and I really don’t know why. Remember, we are talking about “real bimbos”, following the PBA definition, not about what some… Gen-Z tiktok users might think a bimbo is… so yeah, sadly, the choice is less than limited, to be honest… However, let us come to our first rolemodel article about such a rare princess, let us talk about the astounding, beautiful bimbo princess Nina Peterson!

You might already have read about Nina, between 2016 and 2018 she was subject of the usual “smear articles” nowadays media produces en masse about bimbos (f.e. here and here), also, like so many other rolemodels, she appeared on one episode of Botched. No matter the subliminally negative undertone of these articles, we can take away some very interesting facts from them: Like so many other dolls, Nina proclaimed that she always wanted to look like one of her idols: Jessica Rabbit – a character we mentioned in one of our bimbo cosplay articles, talking about the benefits of fictitious rolemodels for girls and bimbos, proving again how important these influences are. At the time of the interviews, Nina had already spent close to $ 100.000 for surgeries and enhancements, including three nose jobs, four breast enhancements and regular “cool sculpting” and “microdermabrasion”. Since then, much more has happened, based on the very visible differences between her pictures from back then and her more recent postings – and let me tell you, she has become even more beautiful and sexy!

Let me say this right at the beginning of our analysis: Nina has achieved one of THE most perfect bimbo faces out there! Her angelic, beautiful face is very well in the realm of bimbo perfection, if we think about the optimal visage of a bimbo babygirl combined with a bimbo princess archetype: HUGE, open, girly doe-eyes (maybe some of the most noteworthy eyes of the entire bimbo community!), looking all dreamy, combined with a cute, delicate and sweet Barbie nose, huge, puffy lips, and the mastery of the most important facial expression of a bimbo, constantly exuding very bimbo suitable vibes of happiness, joy, a little naiveté and girly enthusiasm. Her delicate, elegant face shape, together with her remarkable make up skills complete the picture. Ninas long hair has changed color every now and then, and of course it looks stunnig in black, but I must say, seeing her as a blonde made me fall in love a little bit, which is no wonder, because blond hair is always THE best choice for a true bimbo doll, which also applies here. Of course, following her celestial eyes, her lips and her beautiful face, the next thing we can not overlook is her amazing pair of breasts! Nina might not have the biggest tits – but surely the size of her rack is still bimbo suitable and absolutely impressive! Even though she could still add more volume to her rack, the shape of her tits is pretty much perfect, and lets her body appear even more “Jessica Rabbit-like”. Oh, don’t get me started on her body shape! Do you believe this doll is a mother of four? Being 6 foot tall, Nina is not really one of the most petite bimbo rolemodels regarding body height (which doesn’t prevent her from wearing high heels all the time, exactly like a true bimbo should do it!), but her body shape is absolutely AMAZING and truly bimbo rolemodel worthy! Together with her huge boobs, and without an ounce of dispensable body fat, this princess possesses a true hour glas figure, with a super flat belly an extremely good hip to waist ratio – without having a fat ass, which is more or less the bimbo ideal – and amazing, long, sexy legs! Yes, this is a nearly PERFECT bimbo body shape! Furthermore we have immaculate and pristine skin wrapped in extremely feminine, bimbo-suitable styles: Nina loves to dress classy, sexy and elegant, exactly what we would expect from such a luxurious bimbo rolemodel (sky high heels, glittering and sparkling robes, elegant and sexy dresses, elaborate jewelry, etc.), but also she pays attention to small, more girly details, like dedicated “Barbie pendants” and other, very bimbo suitable and cute accessories. In addition, Nina did something very similar to what the PBA did recently by creating the “Order of the Sisters of Plastic”, although Ninas creation is much more aimed at the general well being of females and MUCH more elaborate and benefitial, without a doubt! She created an “elite club” – “The Kept Elite”, a group only females can join, exclusive for “sophisticated women who understand their worth and have genuine interests in personal development”. This sounds very much like a bimbo suitable elite to me – what are you waiting for? 🙂

If you bimbo trainees of color ever needed a bimbo rolemodel of color to go after – here you go, THIS is how it is done – there can be no more excuses to postpone your bimbofication efforts! FOLLOW this feminine, beautiful bimbo princess! But of course, as all bimbo rolemodels we discovered so far are always guiding lights for ALL girls out there, no matter what skin color, Nina is also of course a prime example to go after for every other girl! So wherever you are in the world, Nina should be one of THE rolemodels to look up to and to go after! THIS is bimbo dedication, THIS is ultra femininity, THIS is how girls should be! Like I said: No more excuses – for all of you 🙂

Btw: Did you notice, for her wedding, she was the absolutely perfect bimbo bride? 🙂 My gawd… those eyes… those boobs… that facial expression always…

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