Bimbo Uniforms – Shoes: The default bimbo slippers – Pleaser USA LIP-101-8 | Fabulicious Poise-501F (and derivatives)

Info: There are a number of different brands and models of these shoes, but the most suitable ones are the Pleaser USA LIP-101-8 and the Fabulicious Poise-501F (maybe the most suitable ones). We are going to talk about which of these shoes are allowed and which aren’t in the article. In general, you can very much follow your personal preference here, as long as the general style remains (mule sandal, pump-heel >~8cm/3”, Marabou feathers, platform is optional (although no platform is better in this case)).

Perhaps, the article today, is about the most special and one of the most important types of shoes a bimbo should have in her wardrobe – a true must-have for every bimbo and something so unique, we have to make a deep dive here, so you understand the importance and the true peculiarity of these heels. Today, as part of the ongoing PBA “bimbos and high heels series”, we are going to look at the default bimbo slippers.

There are many reasons why these shoes are so special and so unqiue – and why every bimbo should have at least one pair in her possession, but before we come to that, let us have a look at what exactly we are dealing with, in regards to the PBA list of bimbo suitable elements of shoes: The default bimbo slippers are mule sandals with an almond shaped toe box, no platform (there are different models which differentiate in some aspects – we will talk about that in the end of this article) and a ~12,7cm/5” pump/stiletto heel, coming in different colors, of which pink, white, black and red are the most interesting for bimbos. Key feature of these shoes are the plushy Marabou feathers framing the toe-box. This special feature is what sets these shoes apart from any other shoe a bimbo should have, because of its implications, the practical use of these heels, the appeal and the combination of styles that work with them. Without further ado, let us jump right to these very interesting peculiarties.

Sure, there are SOME shoes that are not meant to be worn outside, for a party, a shopping trip or for your day-to-day life, mainly because of their impracticality regarding the height of their heels. These shoes are commonly known as “bed shoes” – heels a bimbo puts on, just in the bedroom, where she mainly doesn’t have to walk – but rather more lie down, spread her legs or present her pussy on all fours. Usually, these heels are extremely high stiletto heels with a heel height of up to ~18cm or platform-stripper heels with very high platforms and even higher heels, which make it impossible for a bimbo to walk over longer distances. But is there any reason apart from that for a bimbo not to wear heels like that outside? Of course not. Well, todays heels are very, very different in these regards: A heel height of ~12cm is nothing a bimbo shouldn’t be able to deal with, in fact it is a perfect height for standard bimbo activities and daily occurrences, but even though, these shoes are NOT meant to be worn outside! You heard me right: These shoes are for inside use only – more specifically, they are meant to be worn in your appartement/house only – THESE are the default bimbo house shoes / slippers! Do you remember the fundamental rule about bimbos and high heels? Yes – I got the feeling many of you girls constantly need to be remembered of that, because I still see many of my female readers (and females in general) on Instagram still wearing flat shoes or no heels at all, which is a violation of one of the most basic bimbo laws there is. Proceeding from this rule, it is obvious, that every bimbos needs to wear high heels at home too – no matter if she is in company or alone – a bimbo ALWAYS wears high heels. So what high heels do you wear at home? Can you wear “bed shoes” as house shoes? Sure you can. Can you wear default stiletto pumps at home? Of course you can. But no matter what, all of these shoes are most likely part of an overall style and outfit you put on for a certain reason – bed shoes in combination with something to have sex – “normal bimbo heels” (pumps f.e.) in combination with a bimbo suitable style to leave the house in order to do something else. None of these heels have the sole purpose to be “house shoes”, quite the opposite to todays featured heels, which exist solely to function as house slippers (in which you can and should also have sex)! So, the field of use should be clear: A bimbo wears these heels at home over the distance to her mailbox, but she doesn’t go any farther than that in these shoes. With the scope of application settled, let us have a look at the perceived appeal of these shoes – if they fit the operative range we just specified. A short while ago, I posted pictures of these shoes on twitter, asking my followers what comes to their mind, seeing these particular items, just to see if a general audience agrees with the theoretical concept of these bimbo slippers:

I always associate that sort of shoe with 50s housewife or Stepford Wife sort of aesthetic. Either the kind of woman eagerly waiting for you to come home – or the kind you come to when her husband’s not home.” – Some Guy on twitter

And THAT is EXACTLY what we are going for here! This quote nails the whole concept and the idea behind these shoes. This IS the shoe a bimbo wears, waiting at home for the return from work of her husband – and/or for his departure to work and the arrival of the mailman, the plumber, the neighbour and her dedicated lover(s). There are a couple of reasons, why any man out there gets these implications from the appeal of these shoes – and in order to understand their peculiarity, we will examin all of those: Nearly all of the appeal results from the beforementioned key feature of these shoes: The Marabou feathers. These feathers are fluffy and soft – but even more so delicate, fragile and frail – which leaves no doubt, that these shoes were not made to be exposed to weather conditions, wind, humidity, dirt, dust or other rough circumstances outdoor shoes have to deal with. These influences would ruin the feathers, make them filthy and might even destroy the complete item overall. In return, this makes clear, that these shoes are, like we discussed above, only to be worn inside, in an environment that has controlled properties and moderate impact on the condition of the heels (which also means, that these heels are more or less the ONLY heels in a bimbos closet that do NOT have metal heel tips! Those might damage the floor, which is why soft plastic tips are the way to go here!). This appeal is supported by the fact, that we are talking about mules here: Usually, shoes that are worn outside, over longer dinstances, have to provide a safe step and have to be slip-proof. Normally, this is guaranteed by a tight sitting footbed, a secured toe-box and/or by some sort of straps – none of which is provided by mules! The only reason this shoe stays underneath your foot is the wide toe-box – no ankle straps, no counter, nothing to secure your heel or your ankle – which makes these shoes absolutely unsuitable to walk longer distances. The whole reason for this design is the idea to be able to easily “slip” into them, hence the name “slippers”, without the need to tie some straps and without the need to use your hands to put them on – which clearly communictaes “house shoes for the comfort of your home”. At the same time, these shoes express an undeniable, irresistible femininity and sex appeal. Why? Well, of course, the usual benefits of high heeled shoes do apply here naturally, but there are some other aspects resulting from the scope and the appeal of these shoes we just talked about: The overall design, the moderate high heel, the “unsecured footbed”, the fragile feathers don’t exactly evoke associations of dirty, hard work nor of any other obligation the wearer might have – these shoes tell a story of a trophy housewife, who has the luxury of not having to deal with anything uncomfortable, quite the contrary, it DOES tell a story of comfort and luxury! The plushy feathers let you no other choice but thinking of a cozy bed with lots of fluffy cushions and pillows – and the wearing housewife right in the middle of it – especially if the rest of her outfit and style matches these fantasies. Why else do you think the iconic “Fembots” from Austin Powers wear these exact shoes, combined with a matching negligee? Exactly, these artificial dolls were created to do one thing: To lure the international man of mystery into a trap by overcoming his rational thinking with pure, blond, feminine perfection and thoughts of sex, created by an appearance that denies any other conclusion but: This doll exists solely in a cozy canopy bed, dressed like this to please you there forever! But what else characterises a trophy wife that set herself the high standard of wearing such heels and looking super sexy and feminine, even though she is at home on her own on the one hand – but seemlingly has no other obligation that would make it impossible for her to wear these shoes, some stockings and a babydoll, apart from the commitment to care for her beauty, sex appeal and femininity, on the other? Correct: Boredome. The nightmare of any husband who is not a bimbo trainer and the dream of many mailmen, delivery drivers, plumbers, handymen, pool cleaners and neighbours: The frustrated/bored/desperate housewife – itself a common trope in pop culture, porn and the fantasy of nearly all men on this planet. We have lots of examples of bimbo rolemodels playing with this stereotype, very recently Alicia Amira f.e. did exactly that.

You know who else did this? YES – THE bimboesque, exemplary, bored, sexually-frustrated housewife: Peggy Bundy:

The style of shoes that Peggy Bundy always wore in Married with Children were single strap, open-toed, high heel mules. While Peggy wore a lot of different mules on Married With Children, one particular kind that she often wore was the Marabou mule.” – Highheelsdaily – Why Peggy Bundy always wore high heels mules in Married with Children

The reason for this matches EXACTLY the things we talked about and the overall goal we have with this look:

The reason Peggy Bundy always wore mules was partly because of the sexually frustrated nature of her character. Peggy’s look was cheap, tacky and promiscuous. The mule, a slip-on, backless high heel regarded as the ultimate “bedroom shoe” assisted with that.” – Highheelsdaily – Why Peggy Bundy always wore high heels mules in Married with Children

“The ultimate bedroom shoe” – doesn’t that sound good? Katey Sagal herself had this to say about her character and these shoes in particular:

It doesn’t come together until I get dressed. The wig… and the shoes, the shoes are really important.” – Highheelsdaily – Why Peggy Bundy always wore high heels mules in Married with Children

From this, we come right to the suitable style that should be worn with these heels: Still have those Fembots in mind? Well – YES, this is exactly what you should go for. Either that and/or you stick to the PBA article about bimbo suitable nightwear – because you are expected to have these heels right next to your side of the bed, so you can slip right into them when you get up in the morning. Put on these house shoes, throw over some fitting, see-through morning robe and then you are free to prepare your morning coffee before you sit down to apply your make up for the day. Kiss your honey/Daddy/Master/husband/SO goodbye when he goes to work and… we’ll get to that. In general: In combination with these heels, everything that suits the overal tune of “morning/evening attire” and/or the appeal of relaxed, comfortable but sexy fantasies of a trophy bimbo housewife fits the bill: Romantic nightgowns, playful babydolls, sexy morning robes, lingerie, lace stockings, delicate garter belts, lace, silk, satin, see-through fabrics, feathers… you get the deal. But whatever you do:

Make sure the colors of all the different pieces are matching! Often, the color of the heels we are talking about is VERY important and I specifically provide you with the color you should go for (f.e. here, here and here), in this case – it really only depends on your personal preferences. A bimbo can (and even should) go with pink, white, black or red – but like I said – the rest of your morning/evening style has to match this color! Got these shoes in pink? Well, wear a pink babydoll like the Fembots do, maybe even some soft pink lace stockings? Have a black, see-through morning robe? Get these shoes in black and make use of some alluring, black lingerie with dark stockings. Red? Very possible – as long as your stockings and your nightie are also red.

So, you, as an exemplary PBA bimbo, wear these shoes with a fitting outfit from the moment on you get up in the morning. If you have plans for the day – sure you change the outfit and the heels, but until that point, you are wearing this as long as you are inside. Get your morning coffee in this outfit, apply your make up in this outfit – and maybe your honey needs a blowjob in the morning before he gets to work or he carries you right back to the bedroom – and who could blame him, if you are walking up and down right before him in such an outfit with these heels? You are the IDEAL bimbo housewife! What else does this mean? Well – no matter if your honey is off to work or if you are a single bimbo – if you are relaxing the day over or if you plan to do something later on… this is what you wear at home and of course, like always, a bimbo has to / wants to show off: Grant the neighbours a look at your beauty when you open the curtains to let the sun in (it will become a ritual for the neighbour to wait at his window every morning) or when you go to the mailbox. If the door rings, because the delivery service brings you a package with the new sex toys – of course you open the door in this outfit. Mailman at the door? Be proud of your visual appeal and show him what you are wearing. The plumber or the handyman comes by to fix something? Make his day by opening the door in this outfit, with these heels… and of course… a true bimbo acts according to this outfit, the fantasies men have about it – and the mandatory PBA rules we have for these scenarios (here and here). Of course, also a true bimbo can’t wait for her husband to go through that door, to pm her current lover about the fact, that she is alone now, waiting for him in that particular outfit – like a good bimbo housewife. Same for the evening: If you are at home again and want to end the day with a romantic evening – Put these heels on, a suitable outfit, light up some candles and wait for your honey to return (preferably on the bed, with an already wet pussy). As you can see, this is the perfect outfit for the morning and the evening, but equally important, this is also the “comfy outfit” of a bimbo. Many girls think, a bimbo puts on a plushy tracksuit or something like that to spend a day off on the couch, practicing “Netflix and chill”, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Of course, even a day slacking, a bimbo follows THE basic rule: ALWAYS dress to impress! You will be surprised how comfy it is to relax on the couch with nothing but a babydoll, a light robe and a blanket…. and these shoes of course.

In the end, let us have a look at the beforementioned variants of these shoes that exist. There are versions with a stripper-heel suitable platform, versions with transparent soles (without and with platform – like the well known stripper heels) and versions with higher and lower heels – and all of them are acceptable, as long as the heel height is above ~8cm/3” (f.e. there is a version with 10,2cm/4” heels, which is perfectly acceptable). It only comes down to your personal preference, what you think fits your bimbo housewife attire the best, what you find sexy and how you can spend a day at home the best.

In the end, it is safe to say, that every bimbo has to have these shoes at home. Right after you made your first steps in high heels – these are some of the very first bimbo suitable heels you should get. Be that perfect bimbo trophy wife and the perfect bimbo Stepford wife – wear these heels all day when you are at home and you have no particular other outfit that dictates other shoes. This is the way to go – THESE are the default bimbo house slippers – use them as that!

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