Bimbo Uniforms – The default bimbo shoes: Pleaser USA, Adore-708/709

I’m so sorry there was a delay again with new posts – but as you might already have guessed, I still had to recover a bit and in addition there was quite a lot of work for me to do. However, I hope I’m back on track and we can return to more frequently posted content. However, let us start easy here: Today we’re going to have a look at another bimbo styling/fashion piece – and it is not about just a random accessory, but about another absolute mandatory, bimbo-basics, standard MUST HAVE: The “Pleaser Adore” (“Adore-708” & “Adore-709”) in one solid color, made of glossy plastic with straps, plateau (2 3/4″ / 70mm) and tubular stiletto heels (7″ / 178mm). I know I talked about other high heels before, where I said, that those should be default shoes for bimbos (like the Louboutin “So Kate” or “Pigalle” or the YSL “Tributes”) – and I still stand by that, but I get that these shoes are a rather expensive purchase and are therefore either the standard choice for very well situated bimbos or something very special and unique most other bimbos have to save money for (which they should). Nevertheless, the shoes we are talking about today are very suitable to be the standard shoes for every bimbo out there in every sense, also from the point of view of affordability, with an average price of 65$ (depending on your location and store/shop). Although I’ve also talked about transparent stripper heels in general some time ago (which are usually Pleaser “Treasure 708″s) – please be advised: We are talking about very specific models here, which are totally different from clear stripper heels in appeal and effect! Though transparent stripper heels can and should be worn by bimbos in nearly any circumstances, they are much more “offensive” and explicit in their appeal, which is why they don’t work in every situation with every outfit (f.e. they do NOT work with stockings of any sort – like I said in the beforementioned article! Another example: They won’t work with a business outfit or with an elegant dress!) and can’t be categorized as absolute standards for every given situation. The very clearly defined models we are talking about, the “Adore-708” & “Adore-709”, are plateau peeptoes, with straps (no mules! Straps only around the heel), high gloss, solid, single color and without any decorations or adornings, with a tubular stiletto heel and a smooth and elegant appeal – are exactly that: An absolute standard! These shoes can and should be worn by every bimbo every day, in any situation, under all circumstances, with every outfit in all cases, all the time (if no other high heels match the outfit/occurence better). “Normal girls” have a pair of default sneakers they tend to wear in their everyday life, if they don’t have something special in mind, just leave the house for a short time, don’t wear any special outfit or just as a part of their daily routine – bimbos have the Pleaser Adore heels as their default pair of shoes! With the modest height of just around 10cm (heel minus plateau) and a generally high wearing comfort, these shoes are absolutely suitable to be worn over a complete day/night, although a relatively inexperienced bimbo/trainee) might (and is allowed to) choose a version of these heels with a slightly lower heel for the beginning (f.e. the Pleaser “Kiss-209“, with an angular heel and a 15.2cm (6”) height) – but should expeditiously improve. Like we already said, the price also lets these shoes be easy candidates for the default and highly stressed “everyday-shoes” – although a bimbo should treat them with care and let them always be in a pristine and glossy condition, as far as possible! But what about their appeal? This is the best part: These shoes are the PERFECT walk on the razors edge! They do have that distinct stripper appeal, the default choice of pornstars and just scream “BIMBO” in every aspect of their design, but simultaneously, are comparatively restrained and modest, mimicking the appeal of an elegant, established high heel design. They do work with business outfits (and stockings), casual summer dresses, party outfits and nearly everything in every situation one could think of (they do work with bimbo-tube-socks also and even as bridal shoes!). Wear them in the office, at work, in your free time, at home, on your shopping tour, in bed, for a party, in the clubs, when you are visiting your hair stylist, when you are going on errands, alone or if you are together with your BBFs, your family or your lover/trainer/partner/master… The very elegant, feminine and sexy lineflow of these shoes, as well as the smooth stiletto heel and the sexy plateau are the perfect addition for every girl and support the bimbo appeal under all circumstances! If you, as a bimbo – or gimbo – don’t know what shoes to wear in a given situation: This is your choice! Let us talk about colors: Every bimbo should have these shoes in at least three different colors! The first must have is white, second is pink (baby pink and/or fuxia) and third is black. At this point, pay attention if you are a goth girl: Everything I wrote here, also applies to YOU! Of course, the first choice for a goth girl / gimbo is to get these shoes in black, but they have to be your standard and default shoes in EVERY situation, like it is for bimbo girls, concomitant to the already mentioned Pleaser “Adore/Delight-2023”!!! Wear these ALL THE TIME, ideally combined with some high-grade stockings! No matter if you go to school, to your work place, shopping, clubbing or anything else… – like I said, this counts for you too, gimbos and goth girls! Additional colors a bimbo or gimbo should get, are red, gold, silver, or versions with patterns and/or decorations. So girls, this is your minimal standard! The “must wear” at the minimum! If you don’t have high heels which are more suitable for a special occasion or outfit – this is your inevitable go-to. Keep this in mind, every day, and also remember the additional rules we also talked about before, which also apply for these shoes (here and here)!

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