Bimbo role model – Katy Ann

Some girls in the bimbo community just got that special “thing” going on – the little detail you can’t really put your finger on, but that makes the difference between a hyperfeminine, beautiful bimbo with a perfect sense for style and a hyperfeminine, beautiful bimbo with a perfect sense for style, that was BORN to be a bimbo queen. Sure, it also helps to have a nearly flawless body, some huge, enhanced tits, a beautiful face and long blond hair… But having the necessary enhancements in combination with “that certain something” pretty mich guarantees you a rolemodel article on the Pink Bimbo Academy! With this opening, let us come to todays bimbo rolemodel, that absolutely got that little thing going on: Katy Ann.

Where to start with SUCH a bimbo beauty? Does it give you an idea of what we are dealing with if I tell you that this doll is in my “All Time Top 10 Bimbos”-list? Well, it absolutely should! But let’s talk facts here first: Katy appeared in 2019 on Scoreland and instantly became “Newcomer of the year” – so she is a very recent addition, talking about rolemodels of the bimbo community. Like most girls, she did start small, with tiny steps on her bimbofication journey: Starting with 450cc Mentor implants, overfilled to 500cc, then in 2015, 1000cc (cup size 38G), 2018 replaced with 1600cc saline implants (cup size 32J) and just very recently, she smashed the 2000cc barrier. I know, I know, usually we do not start with the breasts, no matter how absolutely amazing they might be – but also, we do not often get such accurate information about the progress a girl makes, so I though it would be only reasonable to start with these facts. Coming back to business as usual, let us work through from head to toe:

Katy introduced herself as the typical, blonde bimbo – exactly how we expect a bimbo to be, with beautiful, blond, long hair (although it could still be longer!). Because blond is always the best option for a bimbo and because it looks absolutely amazing on her, you can imagine my surprise when she posted pictures and videos with raven black hair a while ago. Well, I was not really enthusiastic about this change, but I have to admit, it really looked EXTREMELY good on her. Not as good as blond hair – but still, amazingly good. This is quite a concession coming from me, at least for those of you who know how highly I regard blonde bimbos, but I am able to admit if something looks very good, even if it “violates PBA guidelines”. No matter what, this change seemed to be only a brief period of Katies styling, because her newer posts showcase, beautiful, long, blond hair again – much to my delight. Enough about hair! Katies face is a sight to behold! Such beauty and such sexy, cute, feminine, positive vibes are very rare, even though I would hope for much puffier, bigger lips and… a touch more make up. Don’t get me wrong, Katy can absolutely deliver regarding attention grabbing, classy make up (especially talking about bright, red lip sticks), but usually she seems to favor the more “toned down”, natural look, which is not the best choice for a bimbo doll. We did mention her tits already? Perfect! Yes, those are something worth of being mentioned again and again and again. With 2000cc being accomplished and the absolutely amazing, sexy shape and appeal of her rack, Katy fulfills not only the basic requirements of the PBA bimbo definition, but also respects the basic rule for the minimum size of the tits of a bimbo and maybe even the guidelines for “the perfect bimbo tits”! In combination with such a nearly flawless body, a flat belly, an amazing shape and a nice hip to waist ratio, we are in the realms of bimbo perfection here already. Her sexy butt and her very long, extremely sexy legs complete the picture of a true, fantastic bimbo rolemodel and princess. Of course, such a body doesn’t come from nothing! Katy hits the gym and constantly works on her body with work outs and training, something she documents on her instagram – while wearing VERY bimbo suitable work out outfits! Speaking about outfits – now there is something special: Katy has an AMAZING sense for style and fashion, especially for a “Western bimbo”! The pieces she wears, the costumes, her dresses, her heels, the overall appeal are just INSANE! There are VERY few bimbos out there who have such a solid, nearly perfect taste, when it comes to bimbo suitable clothes. I am NOT exaggerating here! Let us have a look, shall we?

Transparent stripper heels (more or less some of THE standard bimbo shoes)? Check! Pink, tight dresses? Check! Black stiletto Pumps (also bimbo standard shoes!)? Check! Red lingerie with red heels? Check! Correct bimbo night wear (transparent negligees, etc.)? Check! Stockings and sexy underwear in general? Check! You see her basically NEVER without high heels, EXACTLY as it should be! Even her casual styles are absolutely fantastic a bimbo suitable! But now the really amazing stuff: I’ve NEVER seen a bimbo who delivers SO FUCKING perfect regarding costumes and playful outfits! Bimbo schoolgirl? YESmore than one version! Nearly perfect! Bimbo Playboy Bunny? YES! Just amazing! Bimbo secretary? Absolutely! Bimbo nurse? Sure! Bimbo maid? Yeah! Bimbo housewife? You bet! Bimbo babygirl? Ohhh yes… I could go on forever with this – but I think you get the picture: She is exactly how a bimbo should be regarding styling and costumes! But this leads me to the one thing I do NOT like about her: There are SO many absolutely AMAZING clips of her, wearing such outstanding, bimbo suitable outfits, costumes and dresses – but barely ANY high resolution pictures! This is SUCH a shame. I would love to see her having photo shootings with each of these costumes in addition to her videos. I have to say, I appreciate pictures more than videos – so it is very sad for me seeing her always posting clips on twitter instead of photos. Sure, there is her Instagram, but there we see mostly her “casual” outfits, instead of… say… schoolgirl uniforms, etc. For real: Try to find any good pictures of her as a bimbo schoolgirl, nurse, maid or secretary that are not just captured, low resolution frames from her videos…. So sad. But maybe, that’s just me. What is important is, that we KNOW she wears such bimbo suitable styles (see some of them above) – which already makes her a rolemodel and guiding light for all girls out there. And one more thing: The scenarios she is establishing and roleplaying in her videos, could be a literal manual for bimbo behaviour, following the recent PBA rule about porn character manners (at least 90% of them)! The scenarios established by her and her roleplaying in these situations should exactly be how bimbos should behave in real life! THIS is the way to go! THIS is true bimbo behaviour! So, more than enough reasons to have her as a bimbo rolemodel here, I guess? Her amazing appeal, her nearly perfect body, those giant, enhanced tits, her beauty and level of femininity, her taste for styling and clothes, her playful attitude, her affinity for bimbo suitable costumes and her sense for “dirty scenarios” and her proper bimbo behaviour should be YOUR prime examples of how to be! THIS is the guiding light for all bimbos, gimbos and in general females out there! Go after her! Become a perfect bimbo doll and take her as your inspiration for these things!

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