Bimbo training – “Basic rimbo rules: Deficiencies of rolemodels are no excuse – Identify strengths and weaknesses”

We need to talk. Seriously. I never thought I would have to do this. But recent occurrences showed me how necessary this is. Honestly, I wasn’t able to bring you the next gimbo rolemodel post, because of the problems I’m going to address now (this is why there is an extra section and message to all goth girls and gimbo trainees out there in this post). Let us do it this way: I’m going to depict some situations (some of which I have experienced with my own trainees) and you guess what problem we are going to discuss here.

Bimbo Trainer: “Leggins? What are you going to do? Work out?”

Bimbo Trainee: “No? Just want to wear some…? Look at Candy Charms Instagram – she does it all the time. Don’t you always say how perfect she is?”

Bimbo Trainee: “I’m not going to wear high heels today. I want to dance the whole night – it’s okay, Alicia Amira does it all the time.”

Bimbo Trainee: “OMG! Did you see those wedges Katja Krasavice has? I want those too!”

Gimbo Trainee: “Starfucked is awesome! Should I do my hair like she did? What do you say? Her tits are also nice…”

I think you already guessed where we are going with this. Girls and trainees sometimes justify certain misconduct, decisions made out of laziness or comfort and simple breaks of rules with some kind of relativising reasoning, that the misbehaviour of some highly regarded rolemodel is somehow the justification to do the same. This is of course, NOT true! And this doesn’t count for styling choices and clothes only! The rules we are talking about today, connect nearly all other lessons and rules we already talked about so far, including the dictate to perfect the body of a trainee (no matter if her rolemodel does possess some spare tyres), the necessity of big, enhanced tits, that respect the general rule (no matter if Dani Divine as the rolemodel for your gimbo does only have small implants) and all the other laws about the perfect bimbo body, style and perfect bimbo behaviour! Just because some rolemodel does something wrong, or has significant flaws, doesn’t mean you, as a trainee, are free to follow along! Read the lesson paper above, which will explain everything. In this article I’m further going to address the possible roots of these problems, and explain a little bit further how rolemodels need to be understood – with a special case regarding gimbos.

Bimbo rolemodels on the PBA

I already addressed how Bimbo perfection isn’t really reachable and resembles something like some theoretical ideality. This results in one consequence: No bimbo rolemodel is perfect. Neither did any rolemodel achieve total bimbo perfection in just a single aspect, nor did any rolemodel achieve overall bimbo perfection, although some of those girls come pretty close to it (Candy Charms, Sarah Marie Summer, etc.). These girls are absolutely outstanding in their achievements and can function as rolemodels in nearly every aspect – BUT that doesn’t mean they are flawless and/or infallible! In the paper above, I explain how a trainee has to work with this. (Casual and small frailties, like the wrong footposture, MAY happen… however this doesn’t mean you are free to do so too… You know who I’m talking too 😉 ) The second type of rolemodels, by far the majority of girls, functions as rolemodels in one or more aspects, but not as overall-rolemodels. I tried to explain this briefly in the post about Dolly Fox, where I said, that we already had several different girls with multiple flaws, but with certain, special aspects they are outstandingly perfect in. And this is the whole idea of the rolemodel posts: Do NOT take some girl and expect her to be an overall accepted rolemodel that satifies all the needs and requirements we do have regarding perfect bimbo dolls! I always try to emphasize and highlight the main benefits and major merits of every girl I write about, so you should know in what regards you should take her as your rolemodel. On the other hand, basically because I don’t want to work with negative-examples, I won’t elaborate on obvious shortcomings and deficiencies. At the very most, I will mention some urgent improvements she has to make. This should always be a broad hint for you, even if you are not able to identify deficiencies on your own, like explained in the paper above. Never use the flaws and deficiencies of other girls and rolemodels as an excuse for your own laziness, inability, imperfection or misconduct – no matter if it’s about styling, clothes, behaviour, mindset, body modifications, body shapes or something else related to the bimbo lifestyle! Bimbo rules always trump rolemodels! Always identify strengthes and weaknesses of rolemodels – only adapt the positive traits! Select different rolemodels as your primes examples, based on their strengthes and weaknesses, in association with bimbo rules! Always set the standard!Always dress to impress!Always strive for bimbo perfection!

The special case of gimbos

By this time, I have do admit, I regret I started the whole series about gimbos, especially the “gimbo rolemodel catgeory”. Why is that so, you might ask. Well let me explain:

Even the rolemodels I posted so far for the gimbo section (Dani Divine, Starfucked, Emily Åström, Lucifera and Sambalina Roselli / Samantha Chambers – although Samantha may be the “best” example so far) are FAR, VERY FAR away from being real gimbos. I picked those girls as rolemodels, because they were the best I could find! The only girls coming close to what a gimbo should be! At least those did enhance their tits (a little! FAR too little) and do wear some suitable clothes…. but real gothic bimbos…? No… A perfect example would be a full-blown bimbo doll like Candy Charms or Sarah Marie Summer – only as goth dolls. But until now, “a gimbo” is only a highly hypothetical creature we are talking about. It doesn’t really exist – at least, as far as I know. However, the lack of true gimbos as rolemodels and my justification of the girls I mentioned above as rolemodels, led to a very distorted idea of what a gimbo actually is, or should be. A true gimbo doll is subject to THE SAME demands, requirements and challenges like a true bimbo doll! ALL the lessons and rules DO apply for gimbo dolls, including the basic rule about tits, the necessity of plastic, the rules about high heels, stockings and pants, the need to possess a flawless, perfect body AND EVERYTHING ELSE TOO. Again, think of Candy Charms as a goth girl. It is debatable whether a gimbo doll has to be blonde too (In my opinion, yes – or at the very least half-blonde), just to make a statement in a subculture where most of the girls do have black or red hair. So, as you can see, all the rolemodels I have chosen so far, are gimbo rolemodels because they did at least SOMETHING right. Something that is fitting for a gimbo. That doesn’t mean those girls match the idea of a gimbo doll, and they shouldn’t be treated like that, nor should their look be “the goal” for a striving trainee! Trainees and trainers who propagate these girls as true and perfect gimbo dolls, or constitute their current state or appeal as something to strive for, didn’t understand the idea of “gimbos”. This brings me to our next gimbo rolemodel post and the reason I wanted to post this lesson before I come to said post: Our next “gimbo rolemodel” will be a very beautiful girl from the gothic subculture. A beautiful sexy, “goth girl” – NOT a gimbo (like the other ones too). Why did I chose her? Well, because we recently talked about our first gothic substyle, the “Victorian goth style” and the thing she DOES right, are her choices regarding her Victorian goth style, which are absolutely gimbo suitable, in terms of clothes, styles and outfits. I feel I will have to address this article often in the future – just to make sure, every bimbo and every gimbo trainee out there do understand why rolemodels are chosen and what the elements and aspects are you should take as prime examples for your own bimbofication/gimbofication. ALWAYS strive for bimbo/gimbo perfection!

In the end, I will give you some examples, which girls you should take as rolemodels or prime examples, when it comes to certain, single aspects (there are MANY more, but I give you only a few examples!). This applies to bimbos and gimbos equally!

Hair (length, color): Julia Nicole Wolf (ex Newby), Olesya Malibu, KissApril, etc.

Make up skills and styles: Loredana Chivu, Ellie Missoni, KissApril, etc.

Lips: Aletta Ocean, ASX, Ellie Missoni, Olesya Malibu, Sarah Marie Summer, etc.

Tits (size and/or appeal): Dolly Fox, Candy Charms, Mary Madison Love, Sila Star, Aletta Ocean, Sarah Marie Summer, EssexBunny, Sophia Vegas, etc.

Overall bodyshape: Nicolette Shea, Tara Tabitha, KissApril, etc.

Ass/Hips: Aletta Ocean, ASX, etc.

Waist: Sophia Vegas (new condition), Candy Charms, Dita von Teese, Nicolette Shea, etc.

Legs: KissApril, Sophia Vegas, etc.

Style: Jenny Poussin, Starfucked, Dani Divine, DJ Lady Tribe, Loredana Chivu, Candy Charms, etc.

Attitude/Behaviour: Jenny Poussin, Sophia Vegas, Plenty Uptopp, etc.


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