Bimbo Uniforms – Costumes: The Bimbo Hucow


The sexual attraction of some renditions of special anthropomorphic visualisations is undeniable – why else would the world wide known Playboy Bunny be such a thing, especially so highly sexual connoted? There are many other examples, and many of them are very relevant to bimbofication, which is why we will talk about some more within our ongoing bimbo cosplay series, where we will also talk about the general reasons WHY this is so relevant and how these sexual connotations work. Briefly said, we tend to abstract certain known characteristics of animals, simplify them in a sexual way and assign them to special, visual features, associated with that animal, which then can be adopted by a proper human, who is then in possession of such simplified, associated characteristics. Like I said, the Playboy Bunny may very well be the most famous of all of those anthropomorphic renditions, besides the also very well known “catgirl” – two roles that are VERY bimbo suitable with very unique traits and benefits for bimbo roleplaying and the bimbofication process in general, but today we will talk about a completely different character – a role that is not very well known by most people, even though, just recently, MANY girls in the bimbofication and cosplay communities discovered its potential… and maybe by doing that – discovered a little part of their own true nature? Before that, even the VICE magazine did a small report about this phenomenon, stating that it “is much more popular than you’d imagine”…

We are speaking about the “Hucow“, a term many of you haven’t heard before, I am very sure, so let me explain to you what it means, where it comes from and most important, why it is so important in terms of bimbofication:

The term “Hucow” is a compound word (or portmanteau) of the words “human” and “cow”, as you might expect, signaling the basic premise of the idea of a “human cow”. The urban dictionary teaches us:

A woman who chooses to be objectified for her large mammaries and ability to lactate constantly.” – Urban Dictionary, by djikstra, April 08, 2009 – about “hucow”.

So, you might have already guessed it, but yeah, this role is heavily connected to the “Induced lactation” article of our Pink Bimbo Academy “Perfect tits series”, where we already talked about the different benefits of “giving milk” for bimbos and factors that play a role in their ongoing bimbofication. Although these two things have that logical connection, they are absolutely not dependant on each other, which means, that a bimbo can absolutely practice induced lactation without playing the role of a hucow, and a bimbo performing as a hucow isn’t necessarily forced to practice induced lactation – despite either way, it would be a missed opportunity… But there already the problems begin, regarding an universal definition of this term – because there aren’t really well defined criteria determining the mandatory aspects of a “true hucow”: The cosplay community would solely speak of a loosely defined set of wearable gimmicks, while the roleplaying folks would speak of a certain behaviour and some other clothings, whereas the fetish (somewhat BDSM related) culture would more or less disregard special outfit choices, while defining the term through very special settings and practices (often absolutely tied to induced lactation or the process of milking). No matter what, all of these loose definitions have something in common: The beforementioned function of “objectifying” (which is VERY bimbofication related), the reduction of a girl to her tits (also VERY bimbofication related) and the beforementioned transfer of certain traits and characteristics of a cow unto a girl. As usual, we will form a PBA definition of the “Bimbo hucow” – a definition that will include a pinpoint explanation of all special characteristics a bimbo hucow has to have, as well as exact descriptions of outfit, behaviour and mindset. Okay, but before that, let us talk about the reasons why this is benefitial in terms of bimbofication:

Let’s play a game and tell me what traits and aspects you associate with a cow. Take your time… and now let us look at what you came up with. Maybe you mentioned things like… a cow being a completely domesticated, yes, even completely cultured animal – cattle that exists in its current form solely BECAUSE of human superiority, an artificial breed, “livestock” for its creator and master? Surely you thought of a cow giving milk, the process of milking, and of course, huge udders – only there to give milk and be milked? We mentioned the word “breed” – so maybe you thought of that? Breeding cows, just there to be served (by a bull)? Of course some of these things came to your mind – and now let us see if these things are somehow connected. The cow, in this simplified evaluation and context, is a completely subservient creature, absolutely dependant on her master and completely reduced to a couple of connected functions: The ability to be served, to breed and to produce and give milk. On the physical side, we only have the genitals, the reproductive organs and the milk producing and giving udders of importance. The sole reason of existence is condensed and reduced to these properties and features. Or as ethicist Rebecca Kukla puts it, taken from the beforementioned VICE report: They are “the ultimate animals produced specifically for consumption… bred into highly artificial-looking consumer products. In HuCow, the cow-woman is simulating an object produced specifically to be consumed by her partner” within such fetishes that are “likely to be more about reciprocal pleasure than many others“. Now, like I said in the beginning of this article, we will transport these features unto a participating girl in her bimbofication:

The brutal truth is, that we are reducing women within this framework to the exact same traits. Of course, this is not a general procedure and not a perspective on women in general – keep in mind, that we are talking only about willing participants here on the PBA, girls who have discovered their true nature and who have FUN and PRIDE in committing to it! So, do not kink-shame – expect that we are only talking about bimbos who absolutely LOVE these ideas. Having said that, let us connect the general ideas of bimbofication within this context with the properties we just defined: With this VERY special perspective in mind, ask yourself what the fundamental nature and purpose of existence of a female is: Yes, it is about being sexually attractive to lure male specimen, getting fucked by them, getting impregnated by them, growing large tits to produce milk and breeding – hence, repeat. The general idea of the hucow is a complete objectification and reduction to these quintessential functions – a course of events that provides greatest sexual pleasures for every female, once she discovered and accepted her true nature. Why not examine the different aspects in detail?

1. Udders/Tits – it’s the same

Many of you are here because of one reason: Huge tits. I don’t blame you (even though bimbofication is about MUCH more than just huge tits!) – I’m just stating the obvious. We already talked about WHY big tits, or tits in general are such an important factor of femininity and bimbofication – and why men love them so much, but within the Hucow-framework, a participating girl gets more or less reduced on exactly that: Her huge tits. The udders of a cow, are evenly more or less the sole purpose of its “existence”, regarding the fact, that nowadays cows are solely bred by mankind to develop highly functional, huge udders to produce vast quantities of milk for an industrial complex and the consumer in the end. This is also the reason, why endless masses of cows are being held by farmers and corporations. The reason to exist is mainly to produce milk and being milked several times a day – you can’t reduce a lifeform any further to such a purpose. So – those of you who define a bimbo, or girls in general, through her/their tits, must feel quite at home with that. Following this logic, the sheer size of the tits of a girl, allows conclusions regarding her performance of following her reason for existence. Bigger tits/udders = more productiveness – Huge tits = VALUE! You can already see both, the hucow-theme and bimbofication, forming quite a suitable area of agreement – but we will talk about this later.

2. Milking and milk

Congeneric to our last point – we are now talking about the object of tits: Like we already discovered, the whole, natural purpose of tits, is to produce and give milk. It’s as easy as that. The purpose and process of milking, is a central key-feature of the “hucow-play”. Whether or not the bimbo hucow is lactating – the process of milking itself (either just “tit play” mimicking milking, or “real milking”, with milk-pumps or manually) is in the center of the sexual roleplay. It helps the bimbo hucow to focus even more on her tits, lets her be proud of them and renders them as a sexual part of her body of the upmost importance. In addition, milking makes the true nature of the bimbo hucow present to her undoubtedly – her whole meaning of existence (at least ONE part of it) in a sexual way. This insight, as well as the process of milking itself and the perception of the importance of her tits – is deeply deegrading at first glance. And at second glance? Well, it is still like that – but does this have to be bad? No, of course not, if you recall the importance of the consent of the bimbo hucow and the fact, that this effect is absolutely welcomed by submissive females (which is why this is absolutely a fetish you can find in the BDSM culture) – but more about this later on. To learn more about the benefits, proceed with the article about “induced lactation”.

3. Breeding, the sole purpose of sex

The second main function and reason to exist? Reproduce! The function of a “breeding cow”. Of course, this aligns perfectly fine with the “main purpose” of a bimbo, some of you will say? Getting fucked? Getting served by some huge cocks? Well – maybe, but without a doubt, this plays with the fundamental import of sex in nature – the meaning to reproduce, to breed. This is one of the main gimmicks niche media, like hucow hentai (examples above), includes, dealing with the hucow fetish: The industrialized process of letting a breeding bull serve a breeding cow – again, and again, and again. This is not only an opportunity for MUCH sex within roleplaying, it also tickles the sense more or less every women inherits: Getting impregnated, whether it is only implied within a roleplay session or not. This again leads the hucow bimbo further to her true nature and her whole raison d’être. In addition, it is not only another factor for the submissive persona of a hucow bimbo, having no control over WHO the breeding bull is, solely trusting that is has to be the most suitable dispenser of semen – because otherwise “controlled breeding” wouldn’t make any sense. This is another “degrading” but also sexually arousing aspect for the submissive hucow, as well as another opportunity for the master/trainer/partner to roleplay and display his dominance and control over the female trainee. HE decides who mounts the breeding cow – whether it is himself or someone else – NOT her.

4. Submissive cattle

It is no wonder, that this fetish has found its home in the BDSM culture: There aren’t many stronger possibilities to “dehumanize”, “objectify” and “degrade” a submissive counterpart. Taking away the control over WHO breeds her, defining her whole persona just through the size of her tits, setting her value on the basis of the amount of milk she can give… by simultaneously leading her to the deepest origins of her natual, feminine senses. A creature with the sole purpose to get fucked, and fucked, and fucked. Well, all the things we have talked about before, the objectification, the reduction, the humiliation of the milking process and the breeding, the loss of control, the sheer amount of sex – all of this is nothing but sensational for the female, bimbo hucow persona. She is the cattle of her master/partner/trainer – he is control, she has to trust him – and she fulfills her role, reduced to the essential nature of the female, submissive being. Think about… you found the “meaning of life”…(and no, it’s not that…)?

5. BDSM, imbalance of power and practices

Within the bimbo hucow roleplay, there are many factors that strengthen the beforementioned aspects, that can be utilized to enhance the overall experience. Of course this is dependant on the focus the trainer and trainee want to have: Either it could be about an elaborate milking process – truly going for real, induced lactation, with a complex milking machine – maybe combined with a mounting bracket to make it impossible to move for the hucow (think of many BDSM related things like bondage, chains, shackles, etc.). Breast pumps, milk cans, bottles… all of these things can be included and played with – or the process of breeding could be the center of the whole play. The possibilities of roleplaying within this setting are endless and tie very well with certain elements of the BDSM-, DS-, cosplay and fetish cultures – but ALSO (and that ist the most important aspect here) with the properties of bimbofication:

The Bimbofication connection

There are many obvious resemblances to the process of bimbofication in general, like the focussing on huge, milk producing udders – or tits – in the case of bimbofication, hence secondary female sexual organs, which play most certainly one of the most important roles in bimbofication. The process of enhancing breasts, getting them bigger and more voluminous is a key-factor in bimbofication and the connection to their original, biological function is something we already discussed in our article about “induced lactation” – a bonding that gets very obvious if you think about it (or read the respective article). With this in mind, think about the principle meaning and definition of bimbofication itself: As we already defined it, essentially, it is about “ultra femininity” – the substance of everything female, cranked up to maximum levels and even beyond that. The “hucow” does a very similar thing – by focussing on the very basic and substancial female traits – just increased to the upmost levels. Yes, both things are about sex, about huge tits, about submissive females, about the most substantial raison d’être of the female sex. In both cases, EVERYTHING is about the basic feminine identity! By combining the hucow-idea with the bimbofication ideology, two very powerful, extremely compatible mindsets and styles come together and support each other: The bimbo hucow will learn about her own nature and discover further aspects of her femininity and personality in a very playful, fun and sexualized way. The trainee is able to plop down, let go – and focus solely on the importance of her big tits, her primary, sexual organ and her sexual existence. Let her internalize these things – it will remain and support every ongoing bimbofication and all bimbofication efforts.

The Bimbo Hucow

First and foremost: A bimbo hucow – is a bimbo IN THE FIRST PLACE! I want to make this absolutely and unambiguously clear! This results in two FACTS:

1. Following the definition of the term “bimbo”, a bimbo has to be hyper-feminine, hyper-attractive FEMALE ( – PLEASE read the FAQ for this! – ) and highly idealized (amongst other aspects – be sure to read the PBA bimbo definition and the definition of the term “bimbofication”!)! I state this, because there is a difference between the understanding of what a hucow is, depending on who you ask (like mentioned above): Fans of the hucow fetish in general, will often have some divergent feelings regarding aesthetics and taste – not caring for an absolutely perfect visual appearance, a highly stylized body we would call “perfect” in the sense of our definition and the logic of bimbo perfection – but might even go in the complete opposite direction, prefering fat, obese, subpar, “unattractive”, “unfeminine”women, droopy swingers, baggy boobs and other things that are absolutely incompatible with bimbofication ideals. Some people from the hucow-fetish in the BDSM culture might not even care at all how the female looks – because it is just about the general scenario, the roles and the setting for them. This thinking is fundamentally irreconcilable with the definition of the “bimbo hucow”! Again: A bimbo hucow is a bimbo in the first place – therefore has to follow the defintions of the terms “bimbo” and “bimbofication“!

2. Following this statement – is is implied, that ALL the rules and lessons for bimbos DO apply for bimbo hucows as well! No matter if we are talking about the enforcement of high heels (here and here), sexual behaviour (here, for example) or even the rules about make up – ALL of them DO apply for bimbo hucows! These laws were just examples – and there are no exceptions! If in doubt, have a look at the PBA Bimbo lessons section!

Now, having made that clear, let us define the visual appearance of the bimbo hucow in detail:

The proper bimbo hucow outfit consists of:

– A hair hoop, with proper ears and horns (black and white).

– A leather collar with a big cowbell (must be working!).

– A Bikini (top and panties – AT LEAST one size to small, regarding the top!), in cow pattern (black and white).

– Hold-up stockings with cow pattern (white stockings with black “spots”).

– White or black (white is preferable!) high heeled, knee high, stiletto boots, made of patent leather.

– In the case of multiple bimbo hucows: Every bimbo hucow should wear a color coded (default: Pink), plastic earclip, tag or badge (can be self-made of a “suitable, normal earring”), with “her” number printed on it, a bar-code and her bimbo name.

Once you (no matter if you are male or female, bimbo trainee or bimbo trainer) realized and accepted the fundamental truth of these nexuses, the benefits, the connection to the bimbofication process and bimbo training and the sexual revelations… you opened the door to a new world. It is absolutely NO wonder, that, just recently, MANY bimbo dolls discovered this fetish – and with that, a certain part of their own nature and its benefits. If you have a look at some subreddits or some well known bimbos on Instagram, you can discover MANY of them participating, exactly like it should be. Our next rolemodel will showcase you this, so be prepared – or better yet – JOIN the whole thing! If you are a bimbo/girl/bimbo trainee – jump on the bandwagon and give your bimbo hucow persona a try – you wont regret it. If you are a bimbo trainer – do not hesitate: Initiate the bimbofication hucow process with your trainee and show her what she missed without even knowing. Either way: JOIN! Got milk?

To make the most out of this, I advise you to read the following articles, which are EXTREMELY compatible to the bimbo hucow:

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Pictures above show the amazing, beautiful bimbo princess hucows: Polly Rocket, Lindsay Pelas, Yvonne Bar, Stephane Michelle, Kaily Scott and an unknown beauty…

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