Bimbo training – “Basic bimbo rules: A bimbo is NEVER -completely- ‘naked’”

Still, many of you think that being completely naked is bimbo apropriate or even preferable for a bimbo doll. You couldn’t be more wrong about this! Being naked is nothing inherently sexy or arousing, which is why pure nudism or “naturism” (bimbos should be repulsed by a word containing the term “natural” anyway!) is absolutely not bimbo compatible! Being naked implies many things, but not necessarily sex: Sanitary reasons for example, like taking a bath or a shower, things you HAVE to undress for in order to make it work. However, a bimbo has to maintain a certain sexappeal when she undresses for any other reason! This is why there is a rule for bimbos, registering three things a bimbo is NEVER allowed to take off, unless she undresses for one of the following exceptions: Taking a bath/shower, working out, hygienic reasons, situations in which the bimbo would be endangered by following this rule, sleeping (learn more about that here!) or when she is ill or injured!

Imagine a completely nude girl. What could she be up to? Sure, you might think about sex – but why is she naked? Yes, maybe she wants to get sex – but could there be any other reasons? Of course – maybe she is on her way to the bathroom, maybe she just wants to take a hot, relaxing shower after a hard day, maybe she had to undress because there is some kind of medical examination coming up, maybe she is in the act of putting on an incredibly sexy outfit, maybe she just wants to climb on the tanning bed, and so on… You see, there are many reasons why a girl can be naked and none of these have to include sex straight away.

Now imagine a completely naked girl, completely – apart from the sky high stiletto heels she is wearing, a thick and artfully applied covering of makeup – sexy and facinorous and some sparkling, glittering jewelry covering her naked body, some glistening, big hoop earrings, a scintillating choker around her neck and some shiny bangles… What do you think is she up to? Bingo! There is no doubt about it! THIS is about sex! There can’t be any other reason for this girl to show herself in this state!

So, now you already understood the main reason why a bimbo can NEVER be completely naked! She always has to wear makeup, the jewelry she wore before she undressed herself and, of course, her high heels. No matter if she decides to doff her clothes on her own, or if her partner/trainer/daddy/master orders her to undress – she will always stop the process once only her makeup, her jewelry and her high heels remain – then she reached “bimbo nudity”. It is mandatory for the self-concept of a bimbo to understand that this is the most bare condition she can achieve, so that she will be always dead serious and convinced of what she is saying when she states that she is “completely naked” in that state. This is very important for her own mindset and for the visual effect the bimbo is creating – communicating an unmistakable and clear message: “YES – This is about sex, I want to fuck!” Nevertheless, there are even more reasons for this rule: Bimbofication is about femininity – we established that in our last posts about bimbos in general and the definition of bimbofication, so there should be a very clear difference between females and males in a nude state. Being completely naked is something both sexes, males and females, can do – so there is nothing especially “ultra feminine” about this condition, a fact that is more or less unacceptable for a true bimbo doll, who should always be anxious to express the difference between sexes and her ultra femininity. This means, that by wearing the beforementioned three elements, things that are inherently regarded “feminine”, she is able to benefit from the state of being nude, by simultaneously maintaining an essential difference to the other sex, and expressing her femininity. These three elements are part of her female identity! What else do we have? Well, another reason would be, even if this might not be one of the strongest, the difference to other, “normal” girls. Many of my male readers will know this: There are MANY girls and women out there, who absolutely resist to wear high heels in bed (or in general), who are so afraid of drawing attention, that they never wear sparkling jewelry or heavy makeup and who would NEVER do this for sex, because they would feel “like a whore”. To hell with those! I’m sure I’m expressing exactly what many of my male followers did experience and feel before – so what is the argument here? A bimbo is no “normal girl”! Nobody NEEDS “normal girls!” A bimbo is different from “normal girls”! She happily IS a whore in the bedroom for you! Of course she wears those stiletto overknee boots for you, of course her makeup is only matched by the hookers around the corner and of course the tinkling of her necklaces, clinking together on her big tits, can be heared through the window when you fuck her from behind. A bimbo does this. A bimbo is no “normal girl”! Last but not least, there is the very obvious reason of visual enhancement, with different effects from each of the three elements:

  1. Make up. We already talked about the benefits of makeup, and those still apply in the bedroom – why shouldn’t they? EVERY girl looks better with makeup! It lets you appear more sexy, more feminine, more beautiful – and more PERFECT! It is not only a confidence booster for the girl herself – it covers all those imperfections and emphasizes natural beauty – and it lets your tits appear bigger!
  2. Jewelry. We already discovered many benefits of different jewelry pieces (here, here, here and here, for example) but we can make some broad statements nevertheless: Sparkling, shiny jewelry is an attention grabber – ALWAYS! It is not only an indicator for elegance, femininity and grace – it actively draws the human eye to it. Glistening objects to catch our attention – and this is something every bimbo should strive for – grabbing attention. In addition: A simply naked body can look pretty boring… no matter how perfect it might be. Some glittering accessories let it appear way more interesting and exciting!
  3. High heels. We already talked about the benefits of high heels and the compulsion of wearing them! Although there will be a complete series about bimbos and high heels in the future, let us summarize some benefits quickly: There is simply nothing more feminine and sexy than high heels. Social perspectives are one of the main reasons for this, but there are also very practical causes: High heels let your legs appear longer and slimmer, they render your whole body shape more slender and give it a better shape. Your posture and stance benefits greatly, your ass gets pushed out more, as well as your tits. High heels provide you with an unmatched feminine grace, elegance and sexappeal, which can’t be achieved in another way. AND – the foot position you maintain by wearing high heels matches the foot position of a female having an orgasm – an effect every man absorbs, without even realizing it!

So, by now, hopefully every bimbo did understand: There is NO reason for you to be completely nude – EVER (apart from beforementioned situations in which you are either endangered or in which you truly have to be nude)! Never get rid of your makeup, never doff your jewelry, never put those high heels off! Never be barefoot, never wear flat shoes! Is it really THAT difficult? Don’t even think about being sexy or cute by overlooking these rules – IT IS NOT POSSIBLE. Understood? Well, good. There is still one last thing we have to talk about – a short addition to the rule above: Yes, there are many clothes, many fashion pieces that let you appear more sexy by wearing them instead of being “bimbo naked”. We are not necessarily speaking of things like schoolgirl uniforms, corsets or pleated mini skirts – although these are absolutely things you can keep on for having sex (there is something special about a really short skirt thrown over the ass of a girl… looking at that while taking her from behind… priceless – and stuff like that) – and you should, from time to time! We are talking about another element you have to keep on, even if you want to be “naked” – premised you are wearing it in the first place: Stockings! If you are wearing stockings, and you are being told to undress, or if you would like to undress – the stockings are covered by the rule inexorably. This also counts for stay-ups, suspender stockings and garter belts (pay attention to this important rule in order to become “bimbo naked”, by undressing your panties WITHOUT having to remove the stockings OR the garter belt!)! There will also be a complete series about bimbos and stockings in the future – but we already covered the benefits of these items before. So, I really hope to never see you girls breaking these rules again… no more “pure nudity”, no more flat shoes, no more bare feet no more “naturism”… And please, before you undress, think about this

Do it like bimbo rolemodel Anastasia Doll did in one of her clips: Strip, undress yourself and stand there only with your heavy makeup on, with sparkling and glittering jewelry covering your naked body, in sky high stiletto heels and dead seriously state, completely convinced of yourself: “I am completely naked now…”

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