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Again, it is time for a new classic bimbo rolemodel article – as it is tradition here at the Pink Bimbo Academy, from time to time, to talk about the bimbo forerunners and the legendary dolls who paved the road for nowadays bimbo girls in one way or the other. We already talked about many classic bimbos who cleared the way for enhanced, super enlarged, big tits – which are now a standard for bimbo dolls, like Lolo Ferrari, Pandora Peaks, Wendy Whoppers and many more – and we also talked about many other legendary prime examples of femininity, who defined what we are thinking of, hearing the word “bimbo” today. The classic rolemodel we are talking about in this article however, is not the subject of our interest because of her huge, enhanced tits… Yes, she had her breasts enhanced (like every bimbo has to – remember, plastic is a necessity!), but only to a 36D/80D cup size – which is by far not enough for a bimbo doll, and doesn’t even satisfy the most basic rule for bimbo suitable breasts, so her tits can not be the reason why we are talking about her. The rolemodel today is Tiffany Million, and though I am very sure all of you in the bimbo community often heard the names of the beforementioned “classic” bimbo rolemodels, like Lolo Ferrari, SaRenna Lee, Tiffany Towers and so on, I am sure most of you never heard of Tiffany Million before, but I will explain to you why we are talking about her today in a minute, after we had out first look at this babe:

Of course, we have to talk about her in the past, because Miss Million retired from the adult industry in 1994 and since then we didn’t see anything from her again (I hope she is alright, happy and fine and lives a wonderful life). But back in the days: Tiffany Million was a hot, blonde stunner – a beautiful babe with remarkable charisma! Yes, her hair should have been much longer – but at least it was blonde and often styled in a very elaborate way, that was bimbo suitable. A beautiful face, a cute, tiny nose and some nice lips (natural though – should have been MUCH bigger!) – a slim and nicely shaped body and some very long, sexy legs were some of her most positive body features. I already mentioned her mildly enhanced tits, which were, of course, MUCH too small for a bimbo, but this girl did some things right from which modern bimbos can learn A LOT of. I want to use this opportunity again, to speak out to those of you, who think that being a bimbo is just about having huge tits. That is absolutely NOT the case! Yes – huge tits are a must, but that is absolutely NOT everything! On the PBA, we speak a lot about giant, enhanced boobs – so this basic need of the community should be fulfilled here, but I will never stop telling you about other factors, that are equally important, and Tiffany respected some of those, unlike many girls nowadays, so let us have a look at these important elements now:

First things first, although this might not be a thing unique to Tiffany, but again, something most classic bimbo rolemodels from the late 80s to the late 90s did right in contrast to most of the girls nowadays: Style and clothes! In the few movies Tiffany released, she is ALWAYS wearing very bimbo suitable, extremely feminine, sexy outfits and styles. NEVER pants or trousersALWAYS high heels (which she keeps on during sex – as a bimbo should – OF COURSE!), often stockings, short skirts and tight dresses, exactly how a bimbo should do it! Girls from that era did know how females should dress – and would have never disappointed by wearing leggins, flat shoes or pants or trousers! This is one of the most important things girls nowadays should learn: DRESS like a female, wear high heels, skirts and dresses, stockings and overall feminine, attractive, sexy and revealing outfits. So – Tiffany respected this, like the other dolls in those times, but she had something going on in addition: A wonderful sense for details regarding her style. There is one clip of her, to which I will return later on in detail within this article, in which she wears a blue combination of a short, tight pencil skirt and a fitting blazer, with sexy, dark stockings, and even matching, blue underwear and matching high heeled pumps! THIS is the eye for detail bimbos need! Actually, about this topic, the matching of elements, colors and styles, we will have a lesson soon, so stay tuned for that.

Second: Only recently, we spoke about the “porn character rule” for bimbos, one essential part of the bimbo mindset and bimbo behaviour. If you have a look at the clips Tiffany created back in her time, especially the one I was talking about, you know exactly what I meant. This is the porn character behaviour bimbos should display in real life, every single day! Tiffany played that bimbo bride that fucked her lover briefly before the ceremony. Tiffany played that bimbo that NEVER says “no” to a dick, to an possibility to have sex. She played that character, that does not engange aggressively in getting fucked, but always appears tempting and “ready” and goes along with it when an opportunity arises. She played that bimbo that fucks one, or two or even more guys at the same time. She played that naive bimbo girl, that takes every sexual invitation as a compliment, no matter in which situation and no matter from whom this invitation comes. So let us talk about that one specific clip I mentioned earlier: Tiffany appears to an appointment (presumably for a role in an adult movie production), perfectly dressed: THIS is how I would expect a bimbo to dress for an interview of any kind – no matter if job interview or professional meeting! Her style is the PERFECT match of professional appeal (blazer, “short” pencil skirt) and feminine sex appeal (stockings, high heeled pumps, matching underwear). It is not “slutty” by any means, so one couldn’t argue that a bimbo in real life couldn’t get away with that style – but it has the exact right amount of “tempting sex appeal and hot femininity”. This is something every bimbo could wear in real life to such a meeting without getting called “unprofessional” – which is exactly why I present her as a rolemodel in these terms to you! DRESS like this for these occasions! On her way to the office, she gets stopped by two random men who approach her rather unambiguously and harsh by todays standards. Nowadays, most females would be outraged and SCREAM about this approach or whine about these males on twitter for days, instead, Tiffany behaves EXACTLY how a bimbo should behave: She isn’t deprecating, she isn’t aggressive, instead she interacts with these men in a positive manner. Sure, she has her appointment – and she makes that clear, but like a true bimbo, she finds ways to warrant her willingness to flirt with both guys at the same time, no matter how “outrageous” they might be. A little naive? Sure. But isn’t that truly bimbo suitable, especially if we assume that she knows very well about the things to come? No matter what, her objections vanish like melting ice in the sun, once these two men start touching her, resulting in her openly engaging in the prelude of the sexual encounter. Does she care about being fucked by two random strangers at the same time? No. Does she care about the fact that she is fucking them on a staircase in the middle of an office? No. Did she forget about her appointment? Maybe. However, THIS is exactly how bimbos should behave – ALL THE TIME in real life. THIS is what the paper about porn character behaviour is all about! Furthermore, no matter how uncomfortable a staircase might be for having an orgy – does she put her high heels aside? NO! NEVER! Like a true bimbo, she manages to fuck both guys, while shoring herself on the stair railing with her pumps! SHE NEVER PUTS OF HER HIGH HEELS – EXACTLY how a bimbo should handle it! Did you notice she also respects many other rules of the PBA? Sure – she also keeps on her stockings and her jewelry – she never gets “completely naked” – exactly how a bimbo should handle things! THIS is the porn character I had in mind, when I created the beforementioned lesson paper! THIS is how you, as a bimbo, are expected to behave! See her as your prime example for this lesson – and take her as a guiding light for bimbo suitable styling! We will have some more lessons and articles in the near future, dealing with the bimbo mindset and bimbo suitable behaviour, for which Tiffany is a classic example (which is why I chose to write about her this time). Before we call it a day, let me give you one more factor, why Tiffany is a very bimbo suitable rolemodel: Tiffany actually had a real relationship with (bimboish) porn goddess Jill Kelly… so yes… like all bimbos should be: Have sex with countless men, never say “no” to a dick – but also never say “no” to another beautiful bimbo doll…

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