Bimbo role model – Blondie Bennett / Bustyfitdoll

Okay, I don’t know about you, but I can tell you something: Every time I write a bunch of articles about bimbofication related, but not bimbo-centered topics I need a full dose of big titted, blonde, bimbo bunnies after that! Now we had the last part of the gimbo substyle series (you can tell by reading the article that I was indeed not happy with the whole idea anymore), the next installment of the PBA makeup series, a bimbo cosplay rolemodel and an article about the bimbo hucow (which I do love, to be honest) – all of which are bimbo related and indeed important regarding the full spectrum of bimbofication – but not focused on the reasons why we explicitly love bimbofication and why we are here: Perfect bodies, huge, enhanced tits, blond hair, big, puffy lips, hyperfemininity, sexy styles – the meaning of bimbofication! So, after these articles I’m in the dire need of something REALLY bimbo focused… which is why we are talking about our new rolemodel today: Blondie Bennett, aka “Bustyfitdoll”! Some of you might argue, that I should have written about her a LONG time ago, and maybe you are right, Blondie is one of THE exemplary bimbo rolemodels, one of THE most engaged, active and involved bimbo dolls out there, but I don’t think my blog would be that well balanced (as all things should be), if I would deal with all the primary bimbo queens from the getgo, hm? In terms of bimbofication, a book could be written about Blondie alone, hymns of praise could be created regarding her attitude and treatises about what ultra femininity is and how girls should be should bear her picture. But why is she such a special and important rolemodel? Well – it becomes kinda obvious when you look at her rack – but that’s not what I meant! There is something else – something even more important, and that’s what we are going to talk about in the beginning:

It is her ideology, her attitude and her persuasion – Her BELIEF! Blondie Bennett is what I would call “a saint of the Curch of Platic”! She embodies everything I wrote about in that “Church of Plastic” article! She’s a “fanatic” (in a very good sense), a bimbo-religious zealot – and we need more girls like her! This is how girls should think! The faith Blondie has, should be the faith of all girls out there. Often, there are accusations regarding bimbo dolls, like “she looks like that and dresses this way, because she clearly is a gold digger!”, “she enhanced her tits because of her porn-career!”, “She just wants to get older, rich men or the top alpha males out there, that’s why she looks like she looks!” and so on and so on… and maybe it is true: Maybe, some of the girls we admire, are just like that, because of the benefits. Maybe, some of them do not really stand behind this look or the bimbo-ideology and do it just for money, fame, fans or publicity… but not Blondie. Blondie is a staunch, “indoctrinated”, idealized and fervent bimbo doll, rolemodel and saint! She does EVERYTHING to become a perfect bimbo doll – exactly like it should be:

Some other women pretend they are human Barbie dolls but I take it to the next level. I want people to see me as a plastic sex doll (…) People criticize me but this is who I am: I want my transformation to be head to toe, inside and out.” – Blondie Bennett (The Artificial Body in Fashion and Art: Marionettes, Models and Mannequins, by Adam Geczy, P 133 “Living dolls”)

This fascination with Barbie began very early, when Blondie was a mere, young girl – a common development in the bimbofication scene, and one of the reasons why we already talked about fictitious rolemodels for bimbos and their importance. In fact, admiring Barbie was not only the first step for young Blondie, the world-famous doll still is her go-to ideal regarding how females should be:

When people ask why I want to be Barbie, I think ‘who wouldn’t want to be?’ – She has the best life. All she does is shop and make herself look pretty – she doesn’t worry about anything.” – Blondie Bennett, Mirror Interview

A simple but powerful insight! And a valid question indeed: “Who wouldn’t want to be?” – and WHY not? This is a question most girls nowadays should ask themselves. Even though Blondie stood true to Barbie throughout her whole life (alongside bimbo legend Lolo Ferrari – just mentioned recently by her!), taking promotional jobs at toystores, pretending to be Barbie after she turned 18, bleaching her hair and so on, she had to live a double life, which is pretty telling about the society we live in:

My friends hated the attention I got from guys because of how I dressed. They told me to tone it down when I went out with them. I was forced to live a double life until about eight years ago [ca. 2006 (PBA annotation)] when I decided to become Barbie for real and ignore what other people said.” – Blondie Bennett, Mirror Interview

This doesn’t surprise me, regarding the toxic, anti-feminine, anti-sexappeal, anti-beauty society we live in. Instead of her female friends taking her as a guiding light, following her on the way to hyper femininity, being inspired by her feminine, sexy and beautiful style and wardrobe, there is nothing but hate, incomprehension, anti-femininity, self-righteousness, bigotry and a deep, dysfunctional understanding of aesthetics, beauty, sex, female style and femininity in general. However, like a true, strong female, Blondie did overcome these obstacles, social repercussion and toxic people and did go her way! She basically went with all the necessary bimbofication procedures, beginning with intense workouts, diet plans and concluding with the bimbofication-typical enhancements and surgical procedures: Spray tans, Botox, lip-fillers, multiple breast enlargements, liposuction, chin correction, bleached hair, etc. etc. etc.. – THIS is dedication! THIS is action! THIS is how it is done! BUT: Especially the intense workout and gym-visitations were the main focus for Blondie, which led to her other name “Bustyfitdoll” and to an even “not-so-bimb-suitable” development over a certain period: For quite some time, Blondie aimed to become a so called “tits-on-a-stick”-doll – a very thin women with huge, enhanced boobs. While it is absolutely necessary for a bimbo to maintain a PERFECT body with a well toned and pristine body shape, it is NOT benefitial and NOT bimbo suitable to be scrawny and thin “like a stick”! After that, she attempted to build muscle mass and become some kind of “bodybuilding-Barbie”, which is also NOT bimbo suitable. Remember: Defined, pumped muscles are very “masculine” and do not fit a true, feminine bimbo! However, recently, Blondie toned it down a bit and remembered what is most important for a true doll: Having an immaculate, feminine, beautiful and well toned, FEMALE body. Problem nearly solved, although she still could gain one or two pounds and soften her body more – and let go of that whole muscle-thing overall.

So, one more elephant in the room: I know, I know… hypnosis, brainwashing, etc. – this is a thing for many of you in the online bimbofication community, topics I absolutely reject, like stated in my FAQ. Blondie actually DID this. While there is certainly and absolutely NO effect in staring at sprialing gifs, stupid captations and image macros or porn videos with pseudo-subliminal messages on the internet, Blondie decided to go the whole nine yards and consult a professional hypnotist on a regular basis to “dumb down” in order to become a perfect bimbo doll. Here are my two cents regarding these matters: The online “hypnosis” and brainwashing stuff you all love so much, is nothing but fantasy, roleplaying nonsense and complete bullshit. It damages the reputation of the bimbofication community and has no value. End of story. However, REAL hypnosis, done by a professional, vis-à-vis is NOT bullshit – I know that. It does SOMETHING. But, let me put that in perspective: You can not dumb down and getting hypnotized regularly will hardly help you in becoming a better bimbo. Use the time and money in a far better way to become a perfect bimbo doll by going to the gym, getting surgeries and learning to walk in high heels ALL day long – you know – things that ACTUALLY make you a better bimbo!? While Blondie claimed to “feel more dizzy” every now and then, “forgetting things” and being somewhat “disorganized” after having her hypno-meetings, I am sure, that these effects are part “normal side effects” of getting hypnotized and part “placebo-effects”. I don’t know for sure, but I think Blondie recognized that too and stopped these meetings alltogether – at least, after these interviews from 2014 she never brought it up again, as far as I know. Pretty telling, huh? So, now, let us have a look at her:

Blondie Bennett is a true bimbo doll in every sense of the word. A stellar rolemodel and a true ambassador of bimbofication and hyper femininity! An extremely sexy, beautiful, enhanced doll. For her, “plastic perfection” is not a mere catchword – it is a way of life – like it should be for all the girls out there, and especially for all female members of the Curch of Plastic. Blondie has beautiful, long, blond hair – something you can expect regarding her name. I would love to see her with even longer hair – fake extensions down to her toned, sexy ass, but she already looks stunning the way she is. Her sculpted face, with those big, puffy lips is not only modelled on Barbie as a template, but possesses all the aspects you wish for, always covered with very well done makeup. Of course, the real attraction are her huge, enhanced tits. You know, all too often, I have to write in my rolemodel posts, that the size of the tits of a rolemodel “does scratch the lower part of the principle law for bimbos, regarding their rack-size” – but not with Blondie!!! Her recently upgraded 3600cc tits are more or less the epitome of bimbo perfection regarding size, volume, look, projection and overall aesthetics! THESE tits are clearly bigger than her head and do absolutely fulfill the basic bimbo role with ease! Sure, you can always go bigger – but Blondies boobs are pretty much THE yardstick for ALL the bimbos and girls out there! They not only look impressive, especially in comparison to her delicate and slim body, they look AMAZING! THIS is how your tits should look like! THESE are pristine, beautiful, perfect bimbo tits!!! Absolutely STUNNING! If you would ask me for a rolemodel regarding perfect tits – I would come up with Blondie! Sure, there are other VERY beautiful, amazing, sexy and impressive rolemodels, like Candy Charms, Essexbunny and many more – but Blondie takes the cake regarding the overall visual appearance of boobs. THIS is your go-to! What else is there (it’s REALLY hard to go further, going away from her massive bewbage…): Does she have an amazing body? Yes, sure she does. Blondie showcases how dedication and sheer willpower will result in such a well toned, fit body! The gym has to be her second home, I guess. However, like I said in this article, I would wish for fewer muscles (or at least, less defined muscles) and just a few pounds more to “soften” her body, letting it appear more feminine, smooth and tender. After all these eulogies, is there something to bitch about? Of course! Her style is not always “bimbo perfect”! Sure, she likes to wear a lot of pink, which is always good and bimbo suitable, and yes, she often wears cute skirts or dresses and high heels… but apart from that, Blondie also seems to be a fan of jeans and hotpants, which is an absolute NO-GO for bimbos, following the PBA definition! Lastly, I have to admit, while her “sporty looks” and her “sporty style” match her social media handles and her dedication, regarding workouts and the temple of the gym, I don’t like it very much. Sure, a bimbo has to wear some practical clothes for her work out, and yes, bikinis are a good way to showcase your body… but I would love to see her wearing more sexy, classy and elegant or cute, girly and sweet outfits more often.

So, that’s it! This concludes the rolemodel post about one of THE most important bimbo rolemodels out there. Blondie is the pure definition of the word bimbo, and either her visual appeal as well as her dedication and ideology should be a prime example for ALL of you girls out there! THIS is the way to go! Blondie should be your guiding light, the rolemodel you are looking up to, inspiring you to become the best, most perfect, hyper feminine, sexy, beautiful bimbo doll you can be! Always remember: BE LIKE BLONDIE!

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