Bimbo role model – Gabriella Grigo

You know, I just wanted to finish the next article of the bimbo make up series – and realized I didn’t present you a rolemodel for the last part of that series (although I provided you with some already existing rolemodel-posts in that article). So, let us do that first. This is Gabriella Grigo – a bimbo rolemodel for many aspects, like bimbo-suitable styling, clothes, jewelry, heels and so on – for things like bimbo fingernails (we will talk about that in the future!), hairstyling (fan of this?) – and, of course, bimbo apropriate make up – which is the reason why I want to talk about her today. More specific: Contouring! But this is only one thing she does amazingly well regarding her overall make up skills: Her whole make up style is absolutely fantastic! It respects the rules of ALL elements of perfect bimbo make up we already talked about (the five rules of bimbo make up, her covering is so perfect – you can’t even see a single pore, exactly like it should be!) and many more, including the most aspects we will talk about in the future within this series. To tell you right away, in case you didn’t already notice, she surely isn’t a rolemodel regarding one thing: Tits. Yes, as perfect as her body shape is – and she surely has a sensational, slim, nearly perfect body (maybe even a little “too skinny” for me) with a flat belly, a nice ass and some stunning, very sexy legs – her tits are nothing more than a “big” disappointment. We are not even talking about NOT fulfilling the basic rule for the bust-size of bimbos – we are talking about “having next to nothing”, which is not acceptable (not reaching the basic minimum size isn’t acceptable also, but this is….yeah…). Just imagine this beautiful princess would have a rack like our last nearly perfect bimbo rolemodels Haley Layne, Kristhin Gomez, Adriana Alencar, Paulina J. Candy or even Kimberly Kupps! She would be an instant superstar in the bimbo community and one of the most perfect dolls out there! But bimbo rolemodel posts are not meant to diss girls or to give “negative-examples”. Sure, subpar aspects have to be mentioned, but instead, these articles are meant to give “positive examples” for at least one very bimbo-related factor in which the respecting doll is outstanding and can serve as a guiding light. Apart from that, every trainee should always follow the prime rule about rolemodels and identify weaknesses and the beforementioned subpar aspects herself – and NOT follow the rolemodel in question in those regards! Having said that, let us look at the aspects Gabriella is really good at in detail: This doll has some really, nice, beautiful, long blond hair, although her hairline should be dyed again better sooner than late, and overall I would love to see a more bright, “platinum blond” tone in general. No matter what, look at this angelic, pristine, perfect face! A work of art! Of course, her natural beauty is a forgiving and very positive starting basis, but what this doll achieved with some enhancements and her insane makeup skills is absolutely astonishing! Some beautiful, big eyes, a slim, feminine and elegant face, a nearly perfect, sweet, girly nose (could be even more “turned-up” though!) and some big, round lips – everything supported and emphasised with a thick layer of makeup in exactly the right way! This girl knows her stuff! THIS is how bimbo make up should look like – at least your every-day-make-up! No girl with at least a bit of self-resprect should EVER leave the house without wearing make up like this! This applies to the simple amount, the style and the perfection and completeness in which it is applied! Her makeup is always unmitigated, every aspect is dealt with (eyes, eyebrows, overall face, cheeks, lips, etc.) and it is done with nothing less than perfection in mind: The typical bimbo “doll-look” is achieved by completely covering up every natural aspect (no pores, no blemishes, no imperfections) and instead replaced with an “artificial, doll-like, perfect and pristine” beauty, which should ALWAYS be the very goal for every bimbo (and every girl in general Imho!)! Applying this style should be the FIRST thing to do for every bimbo out there in the morning – and it should be the credo that no living being ever sees her without this appearance! Take Gabriella as your prime example regarding make up – THIS is how it is done, THIS is how you should look every single day, THIS is how you should style every single morning, right after you got out of bed! No-holds-barred, no excuses, no exceptions! Your style has to look as perfect, artificial, beautiful, feminine, sexy, enhanced and “fake” as possible! ALWAYS! Being a bimbo demands total dedication – nothing more, nothing less… keep this in mind, and do it like Gabriella does it: Only show yourself, with such, pristine, complete and perfect makeup, fitted to your style, your clothes, your natural face shape and the benefits and problems of your physical appearance – but always go all-in, always go for the full-bimbo-doll-look, never omit an element (lipstick, eyeshadow, nose, cheekbones, etc.) and try to be the best bimbo you can be – every day!

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