Pink Bimbo Academy Spotlight #10 – Sophia Eden / Bullet Barbie


Do we have a little anniversary here? Yes, this is our 10th spotlight and interview! Ten girls I asked about their bimbofications and about their thoughts regarding femininity and sexappeal. So, this time, we have our first Swedish girl participating, with a REALLY long interview! Sophia Eden answered in great detail to all my questions and offered us a look behind her transformation! Let’s dive right in – give a warm welcome to Swedish bimbo doll, Sophia Eden!

Hi Sophia, it’s so nice to have you! Would you mind introducing yourself to the community, although I imagine many people will get to know you very soon nevertheless, because you are planning to produce some content exclusively for the Pink Bimbo Academy… But one thing after another: Why don’t you tell us something about yourself?

Hi! So glad to be here and being a part of the PBA! I’m a 27 year old Swedish girl who lives in Hamburg (Germany). Right now I’m doing my master in biochemistry and hopefully in 5 years you can call me Dr. 😉 – I have two cats so I’m kinda a crazy catlady. What more is there to tell about myself? I’m a kind hearted and positive person who never loses her smile. Also I’m owning an onlyfans-account which brings me joy and I love to show my slutty, dumb side. Bimbofication isn’t for me only about looks, it’s also my sexual fetish and I enjoy it to be dumb after a long day in university. *laugh* also I’m working since 2013 for MAC cosmetics and I’m a pro make-up artist.

Alright, let’s start. First some basic thoughts: What do the terms “femininity”, “bimbo” and “bimbofication” mean to you? How would you define these things and what are your personal thoughts?

Femininity and being a Bimbo goes for me hand in hand. For me it means I take power over my femininity and my sexuality. I love it to be a Bimbo! It’s just so much fun to be a hyper feminine women, I do whatever I want, I dress as slutty as I want, I enjoy to wear “too much” make-up, tease my hair a bit too high, wear too short dresses and too high heels. When you are a Bimbo there isn’t a >>>too much<<<. You can be the best version of yourself no matter how “normal” beauty standards are. I never fitted into the image of a stereotypical women. I was always a little over the top and loved extreme looks. Being a Bimbo is what I’m meant to be. To be myself with all my facets, to live my definition of what is beautiful to ME. You know, you only live once, life is too short to be basic and not living your dreams. And I always wanted to be a barbie – So I just do it. I’m always wondering how “normal” women live their life’s. Like aren’t they bored of how they just look like everybody else? Are they that afraid what other people might think about them, that they just fit into the standards of society? I can’t imagine that kind of life! Cause I was always over the top, I also feel pity for them, cause not living your femininity also means not living your sexuality! And this is just sad. All women’s should have joy and fun during sex. But when a women says she loves sex and needs it, she is marked as a “slut” no matter how many partners she had. Bimbofication is my fetish, I LOVE to serve men and be a brainless fuck doll in bed. But that doesn’t mean I’m degrading myself. I just live my fetish and my sexual needs. I haven’t met a man who doesn’t like a women who says “let’s fuck! I need your cock now!”.

As women, we learn early not to “offer” ourselves or not being “cheap” or having to wait three dates till we fuck. Fuck all of those rules! When I date a man and he’s hot and shares my vibes, why the hell should I wait to get laid? Cause society tells me I’m a slut if I NEED sex? Every human has sexual needs. I need sex like I need food. And if that makes me a slut than I’m proud of being a slut! And being a bimbo gives me the freedom to live my sexuality and femininity as it was meant to be. I’m never going to live a life with “normal” standards. I want to become the best version of myself and being hyper feminine is so much fun. bimbos have more fun in life – that’s something I believe 100%. So being a bimbo and bimbofication means the world to me, cause that’s what I am. This is my life. My world. My fetish. My aesthetics. And no one can stop me on my journey. I can’t say it enough: being a bimbo means freedom. I’m a proud proud bimbo who isn’t afraid of her femininity and her sexuality and never ashamed about it. Being a bimbo also takes strength and discipline. But you get a fulfilled life without regrets. Because I’m a bimbo I can do everything!

When did you first come into contact with these terms and how? When and why did you make the decision to become a bimbo doll?

You know, even though I’m Swedish, my hair is naturally dark brown and I also have brown eyes, even though my parents both have blue eyes. I always wished to be blond, I envied my Barbies and always wanted to look like my Barbies. I always said to myself: when I finally get old enough, I dye my hair blond asap! I couldn’t wait for that and I got immediately when I was like 7 years old, after annoying my mother for months, to get two blonde highlights in my hair. I remember this day like it was yesterday. I was so so happy when the hair dresser put the bleach on my hair. Afterwards I had two horrible yellowish-blonde highlights *laugh*.

I went grocery shopping with my mom and I stared at myself in every mirror and every window, finally feeling a little prettier and closer to my goal being a blond barbie. I just was never able to love my natural self. It was absolutely clear to me really early, that I was going to change my look a lot when I finally got older. I couldn’t wait to be a teenager! Teenagers in the 2000s looked often kinda Bimbo-ish. Overall: It was the time of MTV, Pamela Anderson, xtina, the playboy mansion and Britney Spears! I always looked up to them cause they were practically perfect Barbies. My childhood was kinda horrible and I often dreamed about being far, far away… I promised myself that I would be independent, rich and famous and – of course – looking like a doll in the future. This was something I was sure about since I was 7 years old. You need to know, that I have a big brother, who played in a famous goth band, and my family influenced me early regarding music. Growing up to alternative music, I enjoyed Mötley crüe, the Rolling Stones, Queen, Bowie and Prince (a funny mix I know!), so I didn’t become the “typical Barbie” I always wanted to be as a child. Instead, I became a Rock’n’Roll goth girl, which made me happy cause I was able to look fake in a different way and to express my spirit.

Later in 2010, I was 16/17, I moved out for the first time into a flat with two girls who were into Japanese metal and fashion, and so I got introduced to the gyaru style (gyaru means “girl” or “girlish”) and the goal is too look like a doll there too. And wow…I was fascinated and started to begin my dollyfication from a different angle. I really became a blonde for the first time ever and was very happy with that (even though I dyed and bleached my hair in 1000 different colours during my teen years)! I loved the girly clothes, the big doll eyes (it’s important to wear circle lenses in this subculture), the fake lashes and the big big sujimori hairstyles. I went for the first time to Japan 2012, and it made me extreme doll-ish *laughs*. In Tokyo, it’s normal for girls to wear short skirts and dresses, circle lenses, getting a hair styling and extensions, having super long fake stiletto nails, and wearing sky high heels on a daily basis. It was also the time I first did Sex-work. In Japan, as an european girl, you can make a LOT of money as a hostess when you’re kinda fluid in Japanese. I enjoyed it to wear extra, extra short and sparkling dresses, and heels and to get a sujimori hair-set done every day before work. My time in Japan was one of the most intense influences in my life. But back in boring Germany I got thrown into the goth scene again, even though I also was still present in the European gyaru-community. I always had those both sides in me. And I lived both. Over the years I was mentally ill, because of the abuse I endured in my early years. I was afraid of life, I forbade myself everything that would have brought me joy. I even denied myself to have some form of sexuality over a certain period in my life… I also hated my body for always having kinda big boobs and an hourglass figure, cause I didn’t wanted sexual attention back then.

Through the years and my first serious relationships, I still didn’t like sex. I did it and pretended to like it, but I was never sexually needy and I never had an orgasm during sex, cause I wasn’t able to relax. I barely masturbated, cause I was afraid of my sexuality. I have to mention, that I suffered for 16 years with anorexia and bulimia, cause I couldn’t accept my feminine body. In Japan the beauty standard demands to be veeeeery, very thin and boney, without boobs or a bigger butt, and I lived with those aesthetics… Maybe it was also a good excuse for myself not to recover from my eating disorders. It all changed when I met (in my full doll look of course 😀 ) a couple in a goth club. The girl and I connected immediately and her boyfriend really liked my dollish look. We got really, really close friends and I adored my friends body which was super feminine. She had curves and huge natural boobs, and she also told me that she wants them bigger one day. The only thing I got done at that time was lip fillers for once in my life *laugh*.

When I mentioned that, I noticed that her boyfriend was positively surprised. Motivated, I started to dress like a gimbo would do. I dressed like my new best friend I always dreamed of having. No tights and leggings anymore! Only stockings and always high heels! It became my goal to match my besties boyfriend beauty standards. One day we entered a club and he made his girlfriend a compliment for her outfit that night, and I asked if I looked good too, and he said that I looked like a twig, so for the first time in my life I was ashamed of being the skinniest. I began to recover and to gain weight. I got kinda huge boobies again (C-D Cup) and a nice butt and I started to enjoy being hyper feminine again. I also enjoyed the male attention, I enjoyed making out and also my first three-some, with my beloved two friends, was one of the first sexual experiences I overly enjoyed.

After that I craved sex and begon to accept my sexual needs, cravings and fetishes and I lived them out! The decision to become a Bimbo was in 2015/2016. I told myself when I recovered from anorexia, that, if I had to live in a female body, I wanted to modify it on MY terms and as feminine and perfect as I want it to be. And that was my start. I got my first boob job 2017, but was super sad that not even 800 cc implants were possible in one surgery. It simply wasn’t fake enough for me with only 550 cc. Nevertheless, I thought “it’s better than nothing” and did it. After that I was even more hyped! I became platinum blond again, I started doing sex-work (escort and cam girl), I got 7 cc of lip fillers in 5 months, I threw all my goth clothes away, threw all flat shoes away, started to collect high heels and bought myself a full new wardrobe in pink. I loved it to be a bimbo from the very first second. I finally found who I truly am and was finally able to express the me I wanted to be since I was 5 years old. This was the most satisfying feeling of my life. 

Obviously, being a bimbo is very much about being dependent on visual enhancements, separating bimbo dolls from “normal girls”, which do include surgeries and other things. What did you already do regarding that, in order to come closer to bimbo perfection?

Sadly I didn’t got much done yet. I got 550 cc implants (high profile, and round of course) which gives me a G-cup, cause I was naturally also kinda big chested. I got a lot of lip fillers, also fillers in my jawline and chin, and a little bit in my cheeks. I also have Botox in my forehead, cheeks and also as a facial slimmer. The standard stuff I’m doing which is normal and necessary for me: Lots of extensions, long ass stiletto nails and thick lash extensions. I’m high maintenance *laugh* I love it to spend all my money on bimbofication.

What do you have in mind for the future? What else do you want to improve in the future, are there any upcoming surgeries or do you have some other things in mind?

Yes, of course! Hopefully, in the end of this year, I will get 1500-2000 cc implants, depending on how much the doc manages to get inside my boobs. I hope 2000 cc will fit – that would be a dream! I also want a lipo on my stomach and waist hopefully in one surgery with the boob job. I want butt implants and maybe also a BBL, even though my nose is already very suitable for the Bimbo community, I want an even tinier barbie nose. I want to fulfill my childhood dream of blue eyes, with a color correcting laser surgery. Sadly, I have very big feet (EU 41) which I HATE, so I want Cinderella surgery to get them at least a little smaller. I also think about a rib removal some day, cause my ribcage is widely buit. Also, I want a little bit of fat transplanted into my feet, so it becomes more comfortable wearing heels. Additionallay, I want a scar removals on my arms and stomach from self harming…. Also lip implants are something that I would like – and off course a lip lift is important to me too! Because I’m tired of fillers disappearing, I would like to get my jawline/chin done via surgery. 

What are your goals? What can we imagine, thinking about you, when you are done with the work of perfectioning yourself?

The work will never end, hah! I’m an absolute perfectionist, and perfection is something that will never be reached. I see myself as a whole-life project. You can ALWAYS improve. And that’s what I’m going to do. I’m not someone who says I want to look like “this and that” girl. I have my own picture in my head. I want to become my own rolemodel and hopefully also a rolemodel for others. It would be the ultimate dream come true, if a trainee runs to a surgeon with my picture on her phone, wanting to reach my look *laughs*. I’m a lover of small details, so the work on being a bimbo will never be done for me. It’s my pleasure, the most important thing in my life! Even if I could achieve my “perfection”, I wouldn’t stop the work cause it’s so much fun to me and brings me so much happiness and joy to be a bimbo! 

What do you do to maintain your body like it is now, or maybe perfect it even more? Are you working out? Do you use special care-products daily? Do you have a diet plan?

I’m working out in the gym about 4-6 times a week, and everyday at home (I do yoga). In the recent past, I gained a lot a of weight because of some personal problems and my old medication, nearly only on my stomach, which caused stretch marks, so I try everything to get my body in shape again. But I honestly, think a lipo is needed on my stomach no matter what. I also go tanning 1-3 times a week. In my tanning studio, there is a body styler which I also use 2 times a week. That helps getting rid of cellulite and it really makes my stomach a lot slimmer. Also it boosts the metabolism, which is a good thing. I’m on a low carb diet, with lots of meal replacing shakes and a lot of salad and raw protein. This works kinda good for me, but I also have cheat meals every 2 weeks, so I don’t have a lot of cravings and binge at all. With cheat meals I’m constantly losing weight and the diet doesn’t make me miss anything cause I can allow it to me every two weeks, if I crave something really hard. 🙂

My skin-care….where should I start? I do A LOT for my skin! Face masks 4 times a week are a MUST! I only use glam glow masks and facia oil and as a daily moisturiser, depending on how dry my skin is. I also use a retinol and hyaluronic acid serum in addition to chemical peelings like BHA and AHA. Furthermore, I use a micro needling roller for applying the serums. My skin is so important to me, cause flawless make-up is important to me! Your make-up only looks good when your skin is flawless! Body care contains using different body lotions and oils three times a day. I also take body lotions to work and university with me. I use different stuff… like tightening cremes, anti-scar oils, baby oil – I even have an body oil only for my pussy! 

Are men and/or women acting differently towards you since you started your bimbofication?

Hell yes! They do! *laugh*. It’s harder to find a partner as a Bimbo cause you get labelled as “cheap” (it takes a lot of money to look this cheap!) or as something men don’t want to introduce to their parents. I struggled a while with that, but now I couldn’t care less. Also friends broke up with me cause they’re “ashamed” or just don’t want to support my lifestyle.

But I’m thankful for that, cause this shows me who my true friends are. I don’t need fake people in my life. Fake looking yes, fake personality no, not for me. Many men are afraid of me cause they think they can’t fulfil my needs and expectations, and in 99% they are right and I wouldn’t even let them suck my clit. Women are also more negative towards me cause their boyfriends might look a second to long at my boobs or worse- telling their girlfriends they like my fake look. I met also a lot of men who have a bimbofication fetish and also 99% of them can’t admit it, cause it isn’t society’s “standard”.

I feel really sorry for them sitting at home with their boring-small-titty-gf while they are masturbating to Nicolette Shea. Also some women did admit to me, that if they had the money, they would get a boob job or their lips done too. I don’t understand why this is a taboo to talk about. As previously said: Live your dreams! You only live once! I also have girlfriends who admit they would like to try sex work. It’s funny how a lot of people like bimbofication, but they can’t admit it. Poor humans!

You said that bimbofication does help you in your daily life, dealing with some difficulties… would you say bimbofication can act as a stabilizing factor for girls who are struggling with personal problems?

I was never “average” in any way. Also, MY way of recovering from a lot of mental illnesses isn’t that common, I guess. I had a lot to go through in my life – on my lowest point, I weighed 28 kg on 1,70 m (which makes an BMI of 9,7), I threw up, up to 20 times a day, I always hated myself and the way I looked and I had a severe depression. I got told from therapists all my life that I’m chronically ill. That I will never have a normal life. Sounds horrible right? BUT bimbofication saved my fucking ass!

Cause for me it’s not only about the look. For me is being a Bimbo that I am truly from the inside. And a Bimbo doesn’t cut her skin, doesn’t hate herself, is all pessimistic and always sad and!

A bimbo strifes for looking flawless, is positive, jiggly and girly. Bimbofication made me recover. I’m healthy now – something doctors said would never be possible. They should see me now! I’m the happiest I ever was. I experience SELF LOVE for the first time in my life. Even though I’m dieting it’s NOT an anorexia relapse, cause I do it 1. Healthy and 2. Not out of self hate but out of self love! I haven’t cut myself for 1 1/2 years now. I hate my scars and I’m often ashamed about them, but they are a part of me and remind me where I come from and how far I came in life only with my own willpower. Bimbofication won’t heal a mental illness magically. But it can motivate you to change into a better you – a healthy you. This is hard work and takes a lot of time and discipline not to fall back into old behaviours. But for ME it was the key to a healthy life. It was the FUCK YOU to my past life. I’m a hyper feminine, sexual women who isn’t afraid anymore.

Everyday you have the choice: Do you want to be a victim or do you want to be a survivor?  Being a victim is always “easy”, you can excuse everything with being ill. But taking your life in your own hands, growing up, growing mentally, and taking responsibility for your life is the true work! And bimbofication gives me the willpower to do this everyday. I’m glad that I was ill. I know the bad sides in life. Now I feel happiness and joy a lot stronger than a healthy human, I’m more thankful than other people, and I always notice the small positive things in life. A day can be a great day for me, when my cat licks my nose or is showing me love. Sometimes those small things make me happy for a whole week. I would’ve never be changed my inner self without the motivation and the will of being the perfect bimbo. I know my way isn’t the conventional dealing, but I never fitted into the “normal” criteria anyway. Being a Bimbo saved me. I can’t speak for others but it can be definitely a huge motivation to change your inner self to a more positive way of thinking. 🙂

Would you encourage any girl that expresses her will to become a bimbo doll? What helpful hints would you give a girl at the very beginning of her bimbofication?

Usually, at a party or something, if a girl is really interested in my surgeries and fillers, I always respond to all questions and encourage girls to do what they want to get done, if it makes them happy. Cause most important is, that you do it for yourself. I was with two friends of mine even getting filler together, cause they loved my lips. 😀

To beginner-girls, I would recommend as the first step: Get rid of all your basic clothes, put them in the trash can! So, you have no choice and HAVE to wear sexy clothes and shoes! Also practice make-up and throw away the basic make-up rules like “a red lip only goes with a natural eye make-up” and “a heavy eye-makeup needs a nude lip!”. Watch tutorials, practice, invest in expensive make-up and brushes and put a lot of effort into your skin and your body in general.

By the way, it’s true: Blondes have more fun! Bleach your hair! Be brave! You won’t regret it. Also lip fillers are a good way to start. You will get addicted fast to the look and feel of super plumped lips. Also they kinda force you to a healthy lifestyle since you have to drink a lot of water to increase the volume of fillers. Isn’t it fantastic how bimbofication makes you live a healthy lifestyle? :))

Also practice walking in heels! Train in your flat, lie around in heels on the sofa – with enough training you will get barbie-feet and heels will become a lot more comfortable! Also it’s important to get your nails done every month, you will love your fake nails and you will become a beauty addict soon! Invest into a good nail salon! No one wants a Bimbo with 5 broken nails! Also invest in good extensions! Nothing looks worse than cheap extensions or dry ones. Surround yourself with nice things, decorate your flat bimbo-like. My flat sparkles and is mostly pink. Even my sofa is pink and I got rhinestones on my bed…. I always feel like a Bimbo princess no matter where I am in my flat. Don’t be afraid to be different. Yes, people will react negatively to your bimbofication, and in the worst case, people will also leave you. But remember: You don’t need people in your life who stop you from doing what makes you happy! Be brave! You can do this! At the end of the day you have to face yourself. And facing a self you love is the most amazing feeling in this world. If I am able to do this, you are too <3

Apart from your amazing body, your style is also especially bimbo focussed and extremely sexy. What significance does bimbo styling have for you, and would you say it is equally important for a bimbo to dress and style in that way as modifying her body?

Yessss! Being a Bimbo isn’t only about surgeries! I think it’s a shame when a bimbo got huge boobs but runs around in jeans, without make-up and boring hair. This isn’t a bimbo to me. This is just a girl with huge boobs.

Being a Bimbo should affect every part of your life! It’s a full-time job! Always dress to impress! Choose sexy over comfortable clothes, do your hair like you go clubbing on a daily basis, put work into your make-up… These are all points that define a bimbo in my opinion! Strife for perfection. You will be super proud of yourself if you remain disciplined. And yes, I think it’s important for a Bimbo to modify her body. It’s a MUST. We want to look everything but natural! So boob jobs, lipo, etc. are as important as brushing your teeths. Gladly, the PBA contains every basic Bimbo rule that makes a Bimbo a Bimbo! I didn’t own a pair of jeans since 2011. I can’t even imagine putting on such an unflattering thing. You work hard for your body and put a lot of money into surgeries – show off your body! Make them jealous and feel full of self esteem! It all goes hand in hand: Surgeries, cosmetic procedures, working out, dieting, perfect styling and the perfect hyper feminine wardrobe – all of these aspects have to be followed to be a true bimbo in my opinion.

Do you feel exceptionally sexy wearing a sexy, “bimboish” outfit, and do you wear these styles every day?

I wear those every day, except for lazy Sundays and for the gym. I don’t feel like myself, if I don’t dress sexy. When I look into the mirror without make-up I see a stranger. But after getting dolled up, I feel like the queen of everything and like no one can stop me! Even when the make-up is off before I go to bed, I use one of my eccentric (I’m a picky parfume junkie) scents before bed, just to feel like a princess while sleeping. Like the queen Marilyn Monroe said: “I only wear Chanel nr. 5 in bed.” Also I really never wear flat shoes. At work I’m on my feet for 8 hours straight, so stiletto heels wouldn’t work, but I wear 14 cm heels with a chunkier heel, or sexy overknee boots that aren’t sky high. You can make it work if you really want. I got barbie-feet from wearing heels for years now, and I’m in pain when wearing flat shoes, so I don’t even think about it anymore haha. Routine comes with practice! And now it’s my routine to dress and style like a bimbo everyday.

What are your favorite outfits and your favorite high heels? How many pairs of high heels do you possess in total?

I own roughly 50 pairs of heels – Never enough! I also love to collect heels. Pretty heels make a cute decor in my opinion. My favourite outfits are my sexiest bodycon dresses! I love it to wear them with stockings and a fur coat to look extra luxurious. My favourite heels are my Highness from Louboutin. It was nearly impossible to get them in my shoe size, cause Louboutins run one size smaller, so they are my absolute treasure. Three days ago I bought my first pair of nude heels. And I think those are my second favourite pair, I’m addicted to nude now! 😀

You are a make up artist and specialist. What are your thoughts about bimbo make up? How should bimbos style?

I think outstanding make-up and styling skills are also something that makes us “better” than “average” women. I worked in the industry for so long now, and trust me: Every women wishes to be good at make-up. Make-up isn’t a superpower! It’s just hard work. Practice, practice, practice. Get tips from pros, get your make up done and learn directly from that. Look what kind of Color-type you are, warm or cold? All of this is important, but the most important thing for a good make-up, is good skincare!

Make-up can do a lot but it you have pimples and big pores, no foundation can miraculously blow them away. It starts with your skincare. Also invest in good brushes. My Mac brushes are 8 years old but still in flawless condition. Brushes make a difference! If you aren’t vegan use animal hair brushes. They will always be better than synthetic brushes. But if you want synth brushes: Sigma is the brand to go! And my opinion: invest into expensive foundation, concealer and powder! Eyeshadow and stuff are also sometimes good from cheaper brands, but foundation is so important to be high quality! And when it comes to hair, a Bimbo needs long blond hair! I love my hair teased with lots of volume and curls, but also straight and sleek. Make sure it looks long and healthy, also your extensions should always look healthy and smooth. Nothing is worse than greasy extensions! This is only about me, but I feel the most bimbo, when I carry my designer bags with me. When I’m fully styled and I see those “average” or worse females, with badly faked designer bags…I just feel better than them. It boosts my self esteem a lot to wear good clothes and accessories. But like I said, I’m a detail addict, those small things do it for me 😀

Also to the dolls who can’t glue fake lashes on: Get lash extensions! It’s also a plus that you look cuter even without make-up (but it isn’t a reason to get lazy and not doing your make-up anymore!). Also, I think shaved brows do a lot! But if you can’t draw your eyebrows on: Powder your brows to look soft and fake. I, myself, are not a fan of thick brows, but everyone is different! But if your eyebrows are as shitty located on your face as mine: Shave them off! I do that since I’m 13.

You are from Germany and born in Sweden. Would you agree that femininity, bimbofication and body-modifications that make girls more feminine, attractive and sexy are negatively connoted here and in Europe in general? We don’t see a lot of advanced, German bimbo dolls, sadly.

First about Sweden: in Sweden there are two kinds of girls: The basics and the hyper feminines. There isn’t a between. Either they look bomb or basic af 😀

Compared to Germany, I think Sweden got one of the most beautiful bimbo’s in Europe. Swedish facial features are also often a plus. Germany got a few great bimbos too. But I miss the whole package (make-up, clothes, hair, surgery, filler, heels). They often wear no make-up or leggings and Adidas. This is NOT bimbo to me! A bimbo always looks her best! Those girls are enhanced, yes, but no bimbos! I know, I’m extreme in my way of thinking, but this is my honest opinion. If it would be easy, everyone would be a bimbo!

Also, in Germany and central Europe, most girls and women don’t wear skirts and dresses anymore, but pants every day, only very toned down makeup and maybe – MAYBE, 1 in 100 is even able to walk in some higher heels (but does not ever do it). Do you think “femininity” is a dying art/ideology/personality-trait here? Don’t forget, recent surveys discovered, that German females are the ugliest in the world (which did NOT surprise me a bit!)! 

Oh definitely agreeing with you! It’s a shame! In Russia or Japan no girl would ever leave the house in flat shoes and jeans. German women are a whole new level of ugly (I’m sorry if this sounds harsh)!

I just can’t understand how people can let themselves go like this. I couldn’t imagine leaving the house with only mascara on. I recently met a girl in university, who asked about my make-up and told me she never used eyeshadow and foundation in her life and she was like 30!!! Like wtf? How can people live that way? Also working at a Mac store: 99,9% of my customers want a natural, decent make-up. Only the Eastern-European women are saying “grab the blue eyeshadow and goooo!”. Also the generally admired Heidi Klum in Germany is one of the ugliest people ever! When she moderated Queen of Drags, I honestly asked myself how a boring looking MILF with no make-up has a clue about how to rate the art most drag queens are creating on their faces. I also worked at a lot of fashion weeks for Calvin Klein, Chanel, Dior, Alexander McQueen… I’m deep in the industry, and you can literally see where the women in the audience come from. It’s really funny! But because Germany is so ugly, I’m even more motivated to bring beauty to this country!

Like we already discovered, femininity, and especially bimbofication is frowned upon here in Germany, although there are still some pretty famous girls out there, for example, Sophia Vegas (ex Wollersheim), Vanity Porn (aka. Barbie Brilliant), and Katja Krasavice. What do you think about those German bimbo dolls?

I love different aspects of all of them, hah! Sophia is adorable because of her Bimbo-mindset and her always being dressed on fleek. That women got her baby born in high heels! She’s the perfect Bimbo!

I’m not so well informed about Vanity Porn, but she mostly posts staged pictures and not how she’s walking around in her daily life, so I can’t tell if she’s a “good” Bimbo to look up to. Also, many enhanced girls from Germany, who aren’t bimbos in my opinion, cause of their lack of style, are more famous than they deserve. Sometimes, I’m asking myself: Jil Dior? Looking basic af except her boobs and having 400k followers? I don’t get that! It’s not deserved in my opinion. Everyone can have plastic surgery, but not everyone can be a Bimbo, and who doesn’t look cute on staged pictures?

I like Lisa Platin way more. Katja is an amazing Bimbo with an amazing history! For my taste she could get another nose job and bigger boobs, but otherwise she’s goals for me. 

What do you think about the most famous bimbo rolemodels in the community? Candy Charms, Paulina J. Candy, Kristhin Gomez, Haley Layne, Aletta Ocean, Alicia Amira or Blondie Bennett?

Ooff…and again I have a different opinion on everyone 😀

Candy charms is my favourite! I don’t like that she only runs around in sport clothes, but maybe it’s difficult to find something with her tiny waist and big booty? That’s something why I’m afraid of such a huge booty, the fear that only yoga pants fit for the rest of your life 😀

Paulina J. Candy is overall a great Bimbo! So are Kristhin and Haley, but I like Haley more! Aletta is the only women where I like but implants. Butt implants are so difficult, they often look like shit, but I would sell my soul for her booty. But now imagine if Aletta would be a blonde! I don’t like her black hair, but otherwise she’s a goddess.

About Alicia I have mixed feelings. She claims to be the “bimbo queen”, saying that “everyone can be a bimbo” and that’s something I’m completely disagreeing with. But she’s one of the rare cases of girls who can do their own make-up pretty well! Blondie is great! For my taste she’s a bit too muscular – I know many bimbos want a six pack, but I don’t think this looks feminine, so I don’t like such a body-builder look. But apart from that I absolutely adore her!

And what about bimbo legends like Lolo Ferrari, Wendy Whoppers, Pandora Peaks and Sally Layd?

Lolo is one of the first bimbos I saw in my life so she got a special place in my heart! May she rest in peace and watch above us bimbos <3

The 80-90s Bimbo’s are all great! Even though the further you go back in time, the more you see the effort women put in their styling. (Just take the 50s as an example, the hairdos women did theirs were brilliant! From 2000 it went only downhill. So, I adore the “vintage” bimbos a lot more than the actual rolemodels. I also rather watch a vintage porn than a new one. ;D

Do you have personal rolemodels? Favorite bimbo dolls you go after?

Yes, my hugest influences are Candy Charms & Pamela Anderson. Marilyn Monroe is my queen forever. Also, Amy Andersson and Nicolette Shea (when she was blonde) are huge inspirational women to me. 

Do you have a bimbo best friend (BBF), or are you still looking for one where you live?

Sadly not. I only have friends who are against my bimbofication. I would love to have a bbf! But I’m often kinda shy when I meet new people, also none of the big accounts of famous bimbos look into their DM boxes, so I don’t really now how to connect. But I hope to have someone who shares my interests and sense of beauty in the future!

What do you think about the Pink Bimbo Academy?

I think the PBA is the best Bimbo blog ever! You’re doing a great job to give tips for trainees and trainers, without sounding like a fat, old, perverted dude who lives in his moms basement! 😀 Also, I love the work you put into your graphics. Everything is always well researched and it’s so informative. I could read here forever. 

You are planning to produce some content for the Pink Bimbo Academy… Can you already tell us more about that, or is it a secret?

Yes! If the dumb blonde I am, gets her HD cam figured out! I had the idea to make tutorials based on your amazing graphics, so people can see how the looks look in real life. I love how much effort you put into styling and make-up guides and I never saw any mistakes there (which is amazing and rare!)! I just want to give something back to the community especially to the PBA. <3 

What do you like most about the Pink Bimbo Academy? Is there a special article you like the most, or a favorite category?

I loved the BBF series, and the perfect Bimbo boobs… That was the most informative thing ever! But since it’s also my fetish, I love the articles about how a Bimbo should walk/stand/do this and that – and how to behave, cause this serves my fetish about bimbofication a lot. Also how a Bimbo should’ve sex is something I love…and the role model posts with the vintage babes are something I love. 

Do you think the Pink Bimbo Academy can help girls to discover bimbofication and support them in becoming perfect bimbo dolls?

Yes, definitely! And it already did so! The PBA is about all-over bimbo perfection, so it should be every bimbos bible! The PBA covers EVERY aspect of being and becoming the perfect Bimbo! Maybe more Germans should read here so they don’t look basic af anymore. 😀

How and where can fans support your bimbofication? Is there a way to donate for your next surgeries? Are there any benefits? Where can people follow you?

As a student who works: All my money goes into my bimbofication already. So I would be the happiest and most motivated Bimbo if my surgery plans would be supported! What my “thank you” to a supporter looks like, depends from human to human and the relationship and effort the supporter puts into me. But I never just throw a few random nudes around. I always try to put love and personalised effort into my “thank you’s”. Also, for the right support, there might be a full-girlfriend-experience including sex of course – You never know. You can follow me on Instagram: @bullet_barbie and my onlyfans is running under SophiaxEden <3

Is there something else you want to say?

Oh I’m bad with last words, haha! But: Be brave to be who you really want to be! Work hard! Fuck what other people think! Do everything you can for your dreams! <3 Hard work always pays off. xoxo Sophia Eden

Thanks Sophia, it was a pleasure to have you! We are looking forward to the content you are going to present here on the Pink Bimbo Academy!

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3 thoughts on “Pink Bimbo Academy Spotlight #10 – Sophia Eden / Bullet Barbie

  1. A kinky, hot as fuck polyamorous feminist punk transbian bimbo living her best life, who gets more attention from women than any conservative cis dude ever will. says:

    Your FAQ makes you sound like an incel.

    Like the misogyny, transphobia, the “I welcome everyone and am super accepting! (As long as you kiss my ass and agree that all women should serve men and this isn’t my kink this is my real views, and also don’t use these terms cause they’ll make me remember those evil SJWs pointing out all my flaws and I’ll get super mad and stuff!!) for example.

    You sound like one of those 50 year old dom males on fetlife who thinks he’s hot shit and gets to command people around and stuff cause no one can resist his rancid unwashed dick, but really no one does cause he’s just a gross asshole with fucked up views.

    Not a good look, dude.

    Anyway nice tits

    1. “(…) Like the misogyny, transphobia (…)” – What? Where..?
      “(…) As long as you kiss my ass and agree that all women should serve men (…)” – I have no idea where you took that from…
      “(…) also don’t use these terms cause they’ll make me remember those evil SJWs pointing out all my flaws and I’ll get super mad and stuff!” – Where did I get mad? What terms? Flaws? I have no idea what you are talking about…
      “Not a good look, dude.” – I honestly don’t care 🙂 – Everyone is welcomed here – also, everyone is free to leave if he/she doesn’t like what’s on the menu 🙂

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