Bimbo role model – Kitty Ink

This is a premiere – a rolemodel post about a bimbo doll we recently also had in out PBA spotlight category: Kitty was so kind to answer some questions and participate in an interview, which was very interesting and many of you guys really liked.

Now, for the first time, there is a rolemodel-post about a spotlight girl here on the Pink Bimbo Academy – and rightfully so, regarding her level of bimbo perfection and her overwhelming enhanced, feminine beauty. The Austrian queen of bimbos is a remarkable entity in every sense, especially in central Europe and German speaking areas, where usually girls tend to be the most unfeminine creatures Gods planet has to offer: Kitty does nearly everything right! A princess with very long, blond hair (this length is nearly perfect!) and a beautiful face, with some big, “dick-sucking-lips”. Her insane makeup skills are next to none and she surely does follow the basic rules about bimbo makeup, especially regarding the part about “wearing HEAVY makeup all the time”. Her impeccable, pristine bodyshape, her flat belly, her pronounced curves and her inviting hips are crowned by some amazing, enhanced, huge tits! These boobs do respect the basic rule about the minimum size of breasts for bimbos and are always proudly showcased by this idol in the best ways possible (like it should be!). Of course, we wouldn’t be at the Pink Bimbo Academy if we wouldn’t wish for even bigger tits – and this hope may not be unfounded, because Kitty did already disclose that she is thinking about getting even bigger implants, which would be absolutely mind blowing! So let’s hope for the best guys! Her sexy, long legs are always stretched by some wisely chosen high heels – exactly like a dedicated bimbo should handle it. So – an outstanding overall body, an extremely well toned body shape, some huge, enhanced tits, long, blond hair, some big, puffy lips, long legs, a sexy butt… is there something to nag about? “Actually” no. This is how a bimbo should look like – this is the way to go girls! I sincerely hope that Kitties perfect, visual appearance and her attitude do infect MANY more girls in Austria and Germany to follow her on the road of bimbo perfection and true femininity. However – many of you guys know, that I am absolutely NOT a fan of tattoos and piercings (except for the typical “tramp stamp” and a belly button piercing). Personally, I prefer my bimbo dolls with their skin in a pristine, pure and undefiled condition, but I do respect Kitties perspective, that her excessive amount of tattoos is part of her bimbo-persona, and, with her being a professional tattoo-artist and mistress of her trade, her tattoos seem to be perfectly done in impressive quality and detail.

So, we talked about the outstanding characteristics of her body, what else is there? MUCH more! But before I talk about her AMAZING sense for style, fashion and clothing, let me first tell you why she is additionally a rolemodel for another subculture without even wanting to be recognized as such: When I first saw Kitty, I was carried away by enthusiasm: THIS is how girls have to look like! What an extremely sexy, feminine bimbo beauty! THIS is decidedly the road to bimbo perfection! But another, very special, absolutely outstanding and magnificent ability of this goddess made it even harder for me to hold back: Her remarkable adaptabilitiy and mutability – in combination with her development. As you can see above, in the past, Kitty was LITERALLY the illustration of the “subpar female” I introduced to exemplify the process of bimbofication in the basic article about the definition of bimbofication (apart from her fairly short skirt and -maybe- some high heeled boots)! An undercut with an iro-hairstyle – dyed red (the absolute WORST hair color for girls!), nearly no tits and some pretty “aggressive” choices regarding style and clothing. Not only did she prove, that a girl who did not care about femininity, beauty and bimbo-aesthetics can indeed become a goddess amongst “normal” girls – a nearly perfect bimbo beauty and queen – but she also inherited some of the aspects of the subculture she formerly belonged to. We already talked about the relationship of the punk culture and the gothic culture and I can imagine that Kitty did come in touch with the different alternative and dark subcultures, before she evolved into the blond bimbo beauty she is today. The signs of this are plain enough. I asked Kitty about her connection to the goth community and I wanted to know, if she would see herself as a “gimbo rolemodel”, which she respectfully denied – something I can indeed understand, regarding the disastrous condition nowadays goth girls are in. BUT, this doesn’t change one thing: Although Kitty is indeed an absolute fantastic bimbo rolemodel – she is ALSO and simultaneously a perfect gimbo rolemodel! Whether she likes it or not, she is more or less exactly what I was thinking of, when I introduced you, my dear reader, to the whole concept and idea of “gimbos”! THIS is how I imagined perfect goth girls! Of course, we already talked about some other gimbo rolemodels before, like the amazing Sambalina Roselli, who demonstrates many qualities I want to see on other goth-girls, or more recently, the fantastic Lurcifera, who does possess MANY characteristics of a true gimbo doll, but sadly without this typical “bimboish”, cute, feminine, sweet touch, Kitty has. So – this doll is both: An astounding bimbo rolemodel and a breathtaking gimbo rolemodel at the same time, maybe even THE best example of how a true gimbo should be and look like! Kitty managed to combine the very best aspects of both worlds in exactly the correct manner, in exactly the way I anticipated it for gimbos, even enrichting her “normal” bimbo style by doing so. From now on, this princess is the archetype I am thinking of, when I am talking about “gimbos” on the PBA – remember that. She presents us nearly perfect “bimbo/gimbo-suitable” renditions of some of the gimbo substyles we were talking about on this site before, like the “gimbo industrial/cyber-style“, the “gimbo fetish/latex-style” and the “gimbo classic/goth-style“, as well as more typical bimbo styles with a touch of welcomed “alternative” aspects, like pink corsets, “fetish-mini-skirts”, leopard-print pieces and MUCH more.

This leads us directly to her beforementioned adaptabilitiy and mutability and her strong sense regarding styling and fashion: This girl KNOWS how to dress and style! Whether we are talking about perfect choices in terms of a true bimbo persona, like girly, cute, sexy and feminine pieces in pink or seductive, wicked black or classy, elegant styles – this girl manages it all! Short, pleated schoolgirl miniskirts, revealing tops, black high heels or glittering stripper heels, stockings, elaborate hair-pieces, ultra-short dresses, sparkling jewelry and chokers – there is NOTHING left to be desired! And the best about that: Like I already said, Kitty did not only master the fashion rules of both worlds, she is able to combine and mix the best aspects of both worlds together! A pink, super cute schoolgirl miniskirt with some heavy and dark goth makeup with black, metallic lipstick? Not a problem! This is an ability I absolutely do find most bimbo- and gimbo-girls lacking in: The ability to combine and come up with something new, but also with something that does not only respect all the rules for bimbos and gimbos, but that does benefit from the added elements in addition. Be playful – have courage! With this girl, it most likely NEVER gets boring! I’ve never seen brought pink and black together in such a perfect way – the bright, girlish, sweet, sexy, feminine, cute and pink world of bimbos and the shiny, elegant, classy, wicked, seductive and black world of gimbos – THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE – FOR BOTH, GIMBOS AND BIMBOS ALIKE! This is the way for you to go girls, no matter if you are a “normal”, boring girl, a goth-girl, some bimbo-curious beginner trainee or a flat punk-girl with a red undercut and an iro-hairstyle – BE LIKE HER!

And there is still something left Kitty is better in than 99,999% of all girls out there and even most bimbo/gimbo-girls: The very bimbo-suitable attitude of “more is more”! No matter if we are talking about the amount of makeup, the size of her implants, the sexappeal of her style, the height of her heels, the shortness of her skirts or the complexity of her hairpiece: More is ALWAYS more for a true bimbo/gimbo queen and rolemodel! Or as Kitty puts it: “Theres no „too much“ for me….when other people say „Thats too much“, thats when the fun starts for me..;-))” – do I need to add anything…?

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