Pink Bimbo Academy Spotlight #9 – Kitty Ink


Ladies and Gentlemen, once again I present you a new spotlight – a post in which I make use of the opportunity to ask a beautiful girl from the bimbo community, who was kind enough to spend some of her time on this, some questions. I think by looking at the pictures, you could already tell that I was kind of nervous creating a set of questions – because it is not an exaggeration to state that we never ever had such a dedicated, pristine, advanced and special bimbo princess before on this panel – especially one that just recently participated in a Barcroft TV documentation about herself. Kitty Ink is not only an AMAZING, sexy and ultra-feminine bimbo rolemodel – she also has her roots in the “dark/alternative subcultures”, an heritage that doesn’t really matter for her as a bimbo doll personally (as the interview will show), but shines through every now and then in her style and fashion-choice. Of course, this was an opportunity for me to ask her about everything gimbo related – a very contradictive and difficult topic here on the Pink Bimbo Academy and sometimes in the bimbofication community as a whole. Only recently, I was able to talk about a girl (Lurcifera) who lives up to the term “gimbo” – or “goth-bimbo” – and that was within the last three months, in which I tried to give you examples of nearly PERFECT bimbo dolls (like Haley Layne, Kristhin Gomez, Paulina J. Candy and Adriana Alencar) in the sense of the PBA definition of the word “bimbo”. These “Pure-essential-bimbo-months” were meant to explain the basic idea behind bimbofication and to give you a deep understanding of what this is all about in terms of the PBA-ideology. It is only suitable to talk about some of these things with exactly such a perfect, stunning and angelic bimbo queen, so this interview fits pretty well. Not only that, but I will bring you a rolemodel post about this beauty in the near future – because that’s what she surely is: An absolute rolemodel for every single girl out there and a prime example of what being a bimbo is all about. Until that rolemodelpost is here, get to know this doll by reading this spotlight – and I strongly recommend you to follow her on Instagram, where she posts absolutely amazing pictures! I appreciate Kitty decided to do this interview with me (it is really an honour!) and I absolutely love how detailed, extensive and thoughtful she answered my questions. So, what are we waiting for – Kickstart this thing!

Hey Kitty, I hope you are well and having a great time! I have to say, this is quite a special moment for me – and I am very thankful you decided to participate in this interview, because you are literally the hypothetical unicorn I was looking for – such a special, rare and amazing girl. Let us come to that later on, but why don’t you first introduce yourself to the community and our readers and tell us a bit about yourself? You are such an outstanding rolemodel regarding beauty, femininity and the ideals of bimbofication, would you mind telling us, in which ways you enhanced your body and what you are doing to maintain such beauty?

First of all, thank you for the nice compliments ! That’s it what a doll works for 🙂 I enhance my body in any possible way. I had my first breast augmentation about 10 years ago with implants of 400 cc…In 2009 I decided that this was far too small and unimpressive, so I was going way bigger in September 2019 and got my new implants with 1050 cc, which give me an absolute thrill every time I look into the mirror…1050 cc is the largest silicon size you get in Europe and my cup size is now 34H (UK)…. Of course I also have fillers and botox in my face every 3 months for my perfect frozen botox look, had a face lift, liposuctions on different parts of my body, laser treatments … And as you easily can see – I love Tattoos!!…to me tattoos are a body enhancement as well and I love the look of a heavy tattooed girl….you never get only „one Tattoo“ …once you have started, you never stop again… To maintain my look I don’t only do aesthetic surgery, I also love experimenting with high class cosmetics, wigs, outfits etc….

Are there any more enhancements planned in the future? Do you think of enhancing your breasts even more – or maybe something else?

The answer to both questions is definitely : YES!! Though I am very satisfied with my „new“ boobs at the moment, I see myself as a piece of art on a constant way of evolution, theres no „too much“ for me….when other people say „Thats too much“, thats when the fun starts for me..;-))

[This is the PERFECT bimbo attitude! – Editor’s/Pink’s note]

I think you are very rightfully calling yourself a bimbo – allow me to alter this term in your case and call you an “amazing, beautiful bimbo princess”, but your are even far more than that: You are literally THE perfect image of a bimbo/gimbo I have in mind, everytime I write about the goth-bimbo topic, although you wouldn’t call yourself a gimbo – can you elaborate on that?

Again – thanky you ! …lets say: I have a black heart with a lot of pink glitter on top..:-)…I love the Bimbo Style in every way, I love to express my artificial and over the top Bimbo look and my enhanced and exaggerated femininity…I still love the Gothic Aesthetics but I am definitely not a Goth Girl who pretends to be a Bimbo (and surely not the other way round..;-) …) I have a gothic past , I still like everything dark romantic and I love Rock and Metal music (not too much Gothic sounds), but I have evolved and now I am a Bimbo Doll – everything pink, feminine, happy and hedonistic makes my world go round – party girl by birth!

What do you think of the concept of “gimbos” and the whole “goth bimbo” idea?

To be honest: I don’t see my self as a spokeswoman for any kind of scene or „subculture“…who am I to judge other peoples ideas of living their lives? I am not a friend of „labels“ either…does a black dress make a Bimbo Doll to a Gimbo instantly? No. She’s just wearing black for this one occasion……and on the other hand: wearing pink does not make you a Bimbo Doll – its the dedication to the transformation, the enhancements and the strive to perfection that makes the Bimbo spirit….not the black or pink clothes or any kind of alternative attitude…:-)

Back in the days, you were a punk/goth-girl – a type of subculture-member usually very opposed of the whole bimbofication-idea. Can you tell us how you discovered bimbofication, what your first thoughts were, when you decided to become such a pristine, amazing princess and why?

I have always been fascinated by everything artificial, exaggerated and „out of the ordinary“… the options to transform your body and look have hugely increased during the last 15 years , its much safer now to get plastic surgery and the results are very convincing.. when I see (and feel) how much positive impact my enhanced look has, I just don’t want to stop any more…If this would have been possible in those earlier days, I sure would have started my Bimbo Career a bit earlier…:-)

Because I imagine you have quite an insight into the dark subculture, you might be able to answer some questions regarding the way the punk/goth community views bimbos and the bimbofication ideology. What do you think are common thoughts there about all of this and why?

I am sorry, but I haven’t had any insight to the dark subcultures of any kind since a very long time – I have no clue what these people might think of Bimbofication – and to be honest- I don’t care..;-)..

Did you have a hard time in the alternative/dark community becoming a bimbo? Were your decisions respected? Did you have to endure slander, insults or malignant glances? How did other girls react in those communities – and how did men react to your changes? Or was it quite the contrary, and other girls took you as an example and tried to become more feminine, sexy, beautiful or even gimbos/bimbos themselves? Most girls in the dark subculture don’t even wear high heels anymore…

As I already said: I´m not active in the Gothic subculture any longer for years now … so simply said: Don’t care what they think … I’m sure many hate my looks and transformation, but that’s their miss 🙂 and unfortunately most girls anywhere don’t wear high heels anymore, do they? Everything has to be average and comfortable … to fight against all this boredom is one of the main goals of every Bimbodoll, isn’t it? [Again, she is absolutely correct in every word! – Editor’s/Pink’s note] Bimbofication is a very polarizing theme: Either you love it or you hate it, theres nothing in between nobody says „I don’t care“ …and thats good!!!…I want to be noticed because of my unusual look, everything else would be boring,…:-)…If somebody sees me as a positive example that makes me very happy, never expected that…for me it has always been important to stand out of the crowd, change my look and my body and I want everybody to see my transformations… I am not the kind of type who tells the doctor: „ please do something, but nobody shall see it!“..

Do you personally know any other goth girls with enhanced tits, no matter of silicone or saline, or girls who would be willing to become gimbos/bimbos?

Not too many and none in Austria 🙂

The whole gothic ommunity is very open when it comes to some sort of body modifications. Piercings, tattoos, sub-dermal implants etc… everything that wouldn’t be seen as “pretty and beautiful and sexy” from an outside standpoint. But when it comes to breastimplants, the whole gothic community seems to be very opposing and downright hateful. Why do you think is that so?

I am not sure if I would call the gothic community „very open“ in anything…;-))) but that’s only my sight of things…:-)

[Editor’s/Pink’s note: She IS absolutely right about this!!!]

With this question in mind, why aren’t there any more goth girls with some big, enhanced, silicone tits? We talked about many girls having the need to be stilized and sexy.. many songs in the gothic culture do cover these topics, like “Ich bin aus Plastik” (Welle Erdball) and many, many more… why is it such a taboo? Where are the big titted goth girls? I do agree with you: Where are they??? Let me know if you find one, I would follow her on Instagram immediately…:-) Gimbo rolemodels Starfucked and Dani Divine do have enhanced tits, even if the implants aren’t very big. Why aren’t they rolemodels for goth girls in such terms? Long term goth rolemodel Dita von Teese let her body be enhanced many times – and she is absolutely loved in the Gothic scene – why doesn’t that rub off on some girls in the community? Is it only a matter of cash or is it about ideals?

You are very right with this question – where is the difference?? maybe Ditas marriage to Marilyn Manson made it for the Goths? But I don’t really see Dita as a Bimbodoll – I don’t think she does either … Small implants and corsets don’t make a Bimbo

Do you think the gothic lifestyle and bimbofication are compatible?

Yes, I think they are. Its all in the head, its the personality …yes, it is possible to look like a bimbo and love the pink universe of transformation and aesthetic surgery AND appreciate the dark aesthetic and music as well….who says you are not allowed to love both??? ..and maybe even enjoy green as a third color as well??? ..;-))..thats why I earlier said that I am not happy with any kind of „label“ because all these labels restrict yourself and keep you off from what you actually love to do….:-)

Coming back to your bimbofication: What does this term mean to you?

Bimbofication opens the world for me – it gives me the opportunity to style my body just the way I want it, using plastic surgery and all other body modifications …enhancing and exaggerating my femininity, my plastic appearance and my artificial look …standing out of the crowd and making people (and myself) happy with it….leaving the bathroom as the butterfly I want to be (or the unicorn…or anything else fantastic!)…this over sexualized appearance gives me a lot of strength and power…

You are from Austria. Would you agree that bimbofication in general and body- modifications that make girls more feminine, attractive and sexy are negatively connoted here? We don’t see a lot of advanced, German/Austrian bimbo dolls, sadly…

I do agree with that, and it makes me very sad.…it even makes it hard for me to get what I want from the plastic surgeons, because they either don’t dare to do „a little bit more“ and – even more annoying – they often judge from their own aesthetic preferences and want to decide for me what I should get and what I should better not get…but hey, its my body, I am the paying customer, as long as its safe, its my life , my body, my look….they don’t have to appreciate it, they only have to do good and safe work… I even went to Munich to get my 1050cc implants because no plastic surgeon in Austria wanted to do „that big“ implants….and my doctor in Munich is one of not only a hand full in Germany who does that …but I am the best example: Yes, people, look at me , I did it, everything is fine, it looks and feels fantastic, I am still alive, have no health problems at all, etc…if you want it, go ahead!!!

Would you encourage any girl that expresses her will to become a bimbo doll? What helpful hints would you give a girl at the very beginning of her bimbofication?

I would definitely do that, why not? – if she really wants it (and it should be her own wish and not her partners or anybody elses). The best way to explore this theme is to go through the internet and find idols – bimbo Dolls who already look the way you want to look you don’t have to start with breast augmentation or other big surgeries – look at their make up and how they style themselves, try to get the clothes and wigs/hairstyles you admire and test your appearance in front of your mirror, do selfies and then go out into the public and see peoples reactions…if you still want to go on with the Bimbofication – try to find out which parts of your body you want to modify …and then try to find the best doctors for that…If you feel no fun at all with that but only pressure – forget it, don’t go further. And of course PBA is a great source of information and inspiration.

Do you have any rolemodels? If yes, who are they? What do you think about the famous international bimbo rolemodels like Candy Charms, Sarah Marie Summer, Alicia Amira or Danielle Derek?

My most favorite Bimbo Dolls are Aletta Ocean, Alicia Almira and Candy Charms – each of them has her own unique bimbo style , they are the ultimate idols for me…three very different looks, each of them perfect in what she does and how she looks ….

Coming to the bimbo style, what are your favorite styles, clothes, etc.? Do you prefer to dress sexy, feminine and appealing? Your makeup skills are INSANE – do you wear these styles every day? Personally, I think your style is absolutely AMAZING!

Thank you so much!..I love to wear latex clothes, I think they add a lot to the perfect Bimbo appearance – Latex makes the best shapes, pushes everything up so the boobs look even bigger, the waist tinyer, fetish platform heels stretch the legs endlessly…Plastic adds a lot to the plastic look!!!..I even have my rock outfits made to measure in latex, so I can change a bit…Yes, I do wear my outfits everyday ..not always latex, because that would not go with my work as a tattooist (not because of the look but because of the comfort) and I do my make up everyday like in the pictures…adding tons of glitter, lashes andy icy accessories to complete the look in the evening…:-)

How many pairs of high heels do you possess, and which pair is your favorite?

Wow, it must be at least 40?? …will send you a picture of my favourites…:-)

What do you think of the Pink Bimbo Academy? How did you find this site on the internet and what were your first thoughts?

You liked my pictures and your black/pink logo immediately seemed interesting to me…:-) My thoughts were: Hey, this guy is a scientist of Bimbofication! He does research on everything Bimbo and provides a perfect guideline for every Bimbo, Bimbo Lovers, and Bimbos-to-be….well done!! :-))…

Thank you very much! Is there something you enjoy especially regarding the PBA project?

That it is not only about the dumb and blonde clichees. You take a closer look and give the Dolls the respect they truly deserve.

Do you know any other girls who visit the Pink Bimbo Academy? Would you suggest it to female friends?

I don’t but I would 😉

How about some personal questions: Do you have any hobbies? Tell us something about what you like to do in your free time.

Bimbofication is not only my lifestyle, it takes a lot of time and effort and dedication, so it’s also my hobby…I love to style me up, be happy with what I see in the mirror in the end, do selfies and shootings with photographers , make some of my headpieces myself, paint tons of glitter on different items to „bimbofy“ them… and I love to travel around the world to many different events and cities…especially to the USA (Las Vegas and L.A.) …the rest of my time is work..

You are an outstanding tattoo-artist. Can people come visit you in your workshop? Is there a tattoo with a special meaning to you, and what do tattoos mean to you in general?

Again, thank you so much for your compliment! Of course people can come to visit me in my studio, but everybody has to make an appointment by email (tattoo[at] because otherwise I might not have time or just not be in on that day… To me tattoos are a great option to decorate your body, show people what you love and – yes, maybe hide a litte inside your tattoo-covered skin….

How does a man have to be in order to make a positive impression on you? Can our male readers be hopeful to win your heart or are you already taken?

Hot as hell, cool as ice and being rich wouldn’t be a too big problem 😉

What is a “perfect” date for you?

Las Vegas – Strip Club – Mötley Crüe Live – endless bottles of Champagne … things will evolve from there …

Would you hop in bed with another girl? What would she have to be like? Would you enjoy another bimbo girl to have fun with?

…Only ONE other girl? Just call them Aletta, Alicia and Candy 😉

What is your favorite color, movie, band, meal and actor/actress?

My colors are: Black, Pink and Red. Bands: As mentioned earlier, I am into Rock and Metal Music…so its Mötley Crüe, Rammstein, Slipknot, Ghost, Rob Zombie, Battlebeast, Hollywood Vampires, Alice Cooper, Five Finger Death Punch….and lots more of that kind – but also Lady Gaga !!!! I am not too much into movies, sorry! …but my favorite actor at the moment is Keanu Reeves…

Is there a way for the community to support you? Maybe support you in your further bimbofication? How can we help you to become an even better bimbo princess?

I am always happy when I get positiv feedback on my social medias – so if any of you want to tell me something nice and respectful, let me know!!…:-)))) And of course spread my link, Shout me out on Instagram, repost my pictures, admire me and shower me with gifts …

Thank your VERY much for your time, Kitty! It was a pleasure and an honour for me! Is there something else you would like our readers to know?

Dear girls and dolls … be unstoppable! Do your thing no matter what other people tell you! And always remember: Only more is more and Plastic makes perfect!

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