Bimbo training – Every detail matters! (Bimbofication is a fine tuned clockwork)

You could not remove a single grain of sand from its place without thereby … changing something throughout all parts of the immeasurable whole.” – Johann Gottlieb Fichte (“Die Bestimmung des Menschen”/”The Vocation of Man“, 1800)

There are two reasons why I bring you this lesson, respectively rule, today: First, it is one of the very basic rules of bimbofication, one of the most basic and fundamental overall, so it ties in very well with the other substantial things we were talking about over the last few months (the definition of the word bimbo, the definition of bimbofication, the three pillars of bimbofication, etc.). Second: Because of the community-interaction I had over the last year. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE to get messages from you, as well as from trainers who present me their current trainees and their progression, as well as from girls who either just started their training or even already have become respectable bimbo dolls, but, too often fundamental problems reveal themselves, followed by a severe lack of understanding when faced with my criticism, based on a serious misconception regarding certain elements of bimbofication. Let me give you some examples:

1. A bimbo in training contacts me via twitter and asks me to retweet her latest picture, showcasing her with an admittedly very nice body, dressed in a fishnet-body, barefeet, pushing her tits towards the camera. The only answer I can give to this girl is “sorry, no – I won’t do that.”. A rather confused “why?!” is the inevitable reaction of said doll, bringing out her complete misunderstanding of how bimbos should be like.

2. A fellow bimbo trainer presents me some pictures of his girlfriend/bimbo-in-training, posing in a “bimbo schoolgirluniform“, which appears to be pretty close to the requirements of said costume, but instead of white knee socks, white stockings were used, and instead of black pumps with a little strap, pink stripper heels were used.

3. A girl on reddit posts in r/bimbofication like: “I do want to become a bimbo, but I fear surgeries – is there the possibility to be a “natural bimbo“?

4. A familiar bimbo-lover sends me some pictures of a “new” girl he found, with some fairly enhanced 1500cc tits, which are pushed towards the camera – apart from that, the girl is completely naked. His answer to my complaints sounds somewhat like this: “Yeah, but in this case it is all about her tits?! I mean – look at those, they are gorgeous!”

5. Full-blown bimbo doll sends me pictures, asking me what I am thinking about her. In those pictures, you can see a stunning, beautiful bimbo doll, dressed in tight jeans and an airy tanktop. The amount of makeup she is wearing can be described as “average“.

6. “LIKE & RETWEET!” – is the call to action a well known bimbo starts on her twitter – with a picture showcasing herself in flat boots and tight leggins/pantyhoses, sitting there straddle-legged.

7. Picture of a bimbo nurse – wearing white fishnet-stockings instead of white, smooth, silky stockings. “Look at my costume! – Do you like it?”

Sorry, no. NO – to all of that! If you haven’t spotted the mistakes, I STRONGLY advise you to visit the training– and styling-sections of the PBA again! You may have noticed, that I gave examples for trainees AND for trainers, which is why this lesson is the first “bimbo lesson article” that will get posted both in the “bimbo training category” and the “bimbo trainers category“, because both parts are often equally ignorant, uncomprehending and blind in these matters! – So, there is something to learn and think about here for trainees AND trainers likewise!

Bimbofication according to the PBA-definition is NEITHER a self-service outlet NOR a bowl of cherries! Cherry-picking is NOT possible! This applies to the absolute fundamental, most important and most meaningful elements (cosmetic surgeries, huge, enhanced tits, long, blond hair, a perfect body, big lips, high heels, skirts and dresses, etc.) as well as for the smallest and evidently insignificant details (form of panties, the way how stockings are worn, the color of the stockings of a bimbo bride, if the heels of a bimbo schoolgirl should have a little strap, the way to sit, stand and walk, etc.)!!! This has many reasons, but the strongest of them all, is the simple fact, that EVERY aspect of this fine tuned clockwork is connected to every other element in some way or another, no matter how tiny or meaningless it seems! Details DO matter! Every single one of them! You can not simply “choose” which aspects you like, what may be convenient right now for you and if some minor detail matters or not. Bimbofication, following the PBA-definition, is a complex, pseudo-deterministic, nonlinear system, highly dependant on every element and detail involved, in which a small change in one state can result in large differences in a later state: Everything is connected! Not only that, but even in the exact moment changes are applied, the overall appeal and effect of the whole system also changes in real time – which results in an undesirable shift for the moment – with additional consequences in the future!

Do you think, I invest such work, energy, time and meticulousness in all those rules, lessons and style-guides, describing even the smallest aspects in high detail, defining even the tiniest bit of every element as accurate as possible, just for the fun of it? Surely not! This is all done with the greater picture in mind – nothing here happens out of coincidence or because of my own “plaisir”. The system of bimbofication I am describing is, like I said, a fine tuned clockwork – a complex machinery of hundreds and thousands of aspects, gears in a encompassing apparatus, if you will, with a perfect bimbo doll at the end of it. One indicator for these connections and the overall sense the PBA-system makes, is the fact, that over the years, the amount of cross references and links within the articles has increased: The more aspects I am describing and defining, the more everything interlocks! You will see, that in recent articles, elements are connected to other articles, rules and styles, written about far back in time, when I started this whole project – and that those same elements are in turn connected to other, newer parts, modulating and complementing each other. PBA Bimbofication is not a pyramid scheme, with some basic elements leading up to the top, where it is not a huge catastrophe when some of the lower building blocks are left out or changed – but a highly complex, fine tuned molecular machinery of interacting gears and springs, all influencing each other – where a missing, tiny, tiny fragment or gear can result in a total breakdown and failure of the complete system. So, I’ve spoken about three very important reasons why it is absolutely mandatory for all bimbos and bimbo trainers to follow this rule:

1. The overall picture in the exact moment

This is the most obvious effect – because it is so instantaneous, although it might not be the most dramatic one with the biggest consequences. However, it gets underestimated by trainers and trainees constantly! By neglecting individual aspects of certain bimbo (styling/behaviour) rules, the desired effect of the overall picture gets damaged or destroyed completely, depending on the magnitude of the misconduct. Of course, the scope of the destruction is more obvious the bigger or the more numerous the wrongdoing is, but even small frailties disturb the overall image. As they say: You don’t notice it – but your brain does! I don’t have to give you an example for the really huge transgressions, where many or most important bimbo rules are neglected or broken, everyone would agree, that there can’t be a bimbo-positive-image, sexappeal or bimbo aesthetics in the slightest, with a fat girl, without any makeup, small breasts, wearing jeans, a baggy top, with short hair and combat boots… this goes without saying. What is more interesting in this case, would be an example for minor breaches – the beforementioned details, either bimbo trainees and trainers often overlook, because “they can’t be so important”:

The beforementioned “bimbo schoolgirl” appears in her uniform. Everything seems to be okay, she is a very nice and beautiful bimbo trainee, with enhanced tits and an overall sexy body. The “British-style” uniform consists of a black/red, very short, plaid, tartan miniskirt – a very tight, white blouse and a black vest, exactly like the bimbo schoolgirl guide demands. So far, so good. Now, where are the problems? The trainee decided to wear some white stockings instead of white knee socks – because stockings are MUCH more sexy than knee socks, right? This is a decision, the trainee made, because she meant well. In her understanding, stockings have far more sex appeal than knee socks (which is true, under normal circumstances!), so she thought, she would increase her sexappeal by choosing stockings over knee socks, which is a cute thought, but sadly, an absolute mistake. Because she didn’t possess any high heeled, shiny, black pumps with Mary-Janes straps (like demanded in the bimbo schoolgirl guide), she chose to wear her plateau-stripper heels instead – those are way more sexy anway, right? This is a makeshift solution and absolutely unacceptable! You CAN NOT just replace certain details or elements with other elements ad libitum! If you are missing special items – you are DEMANDED to procure that these items are available when you need them! Instead of wearing, sheer, white cotton panties (like demanded in the bimbo schoolgirl guide!), she went to see her trainer wearing some red lace-panties underneath her skirt – who cares about such details, right? It doesn’t matter, huh? Wrong. Details do matter! Always! So let us talk about these three errors and why they are disturbing the general picture and about what the immediate consequences might be:

If the trainer doesn’t immediately disciplines his trainee, just because all of his blood dropped from his head into his pants, seeing his trainee as a schoolgirl-stripper, he most likely didn’t understand what the overall sense and purpose of the bimbo schoolgirl uniform is! Because his trainee isn’t a bimbo schoolgirl in that moment – she is exactly what I just said: A stripper, who PRETENDS, wearing a schooluniform-lookalike! I can only repeat myself: YOU may not notice, but your BRAIN does – exactly like her brain knows the difference! The schoolgirl setting fulfils many functions and we talked about those in the respective article, and will talk about them even further in one of the next articles of the bimbo cosplay-series, but let me summarize quickly: The schooluniform produces a setting in which the trainee empathizes with the role of a young, naive, innocent student in need of guidance, open to teachings and a superior instructor or teacher – like it should be! This perspective is essential to make the most of this setting, taking advantage to progress the act of bimbofication even further. All of these small details are unconsciously connected in the brains of the trainee and the trainer with certain connotations: Like we discussed in the article about the bimbo schoolgirl and the article about the color white, the sheer, white panties are a symbolization of the innocent and pure nature of a young schoolgirl. Instead, red panties (and we will talk about the color red soon!) do invoke completely different associations, which will disturb the process of projecting one’s thoughts. Likewise, stripper heels do invoke the association of, as the name indicates, strippers (which usually is very welcomed for a bimbo doll – but not in this case!)! A stripper is more or less the complete opposite of a schoolgirl. Self-determined and completely clear about the sexual, erotic effect of her body and her actions, without the need of a teacher – but instead there to please a customer. This is NOT the setting we were aiming for! However, black, shiny pumps with Mary-Jane-straps are etched in everybodies mind as the standardized shoes of the members of a girls’ boarding school for young ladies – exactly like it should be. Stockings are way to “aggressive” and “obvious” for a schoolgirl. The apparent sexappeal of stockings destroys the naive and innocent character of the schoolgirl appeal, which does have its own, special, sweet sexappeal. Again: You may not notice it – your brain does! However – it is very likely, that under such circumstances, the complete process of “training the trainee with the help of the bimbo schoolgirl setting” WILL – NOT – WORK! This in one reason, why I keep telling you, especially in the articles about special bimbo uniforms (the bimbo maid, the bimbo nurse, the bimbo stewardess, the bimbo nun, etc.), that a certain amount of realism and authenticity is absolutely necessary. I really do hate those cheap “sexy” halloween costumes… never ever go with these… always stick to the PBA styleguides and pay attention to EVERY single detail! Although this might have been a very “special” example – the general problem applies to all other situations: Even the smallest details do influence the overall picture and can create a completely different situation. A girl that wears Jeans or some sneakers (even if it is for just one day – out of convenience!) will immediately radiate the picture of an unsexy, lazy hick. A girl who sits there straddle-legged, will immediately radiate the picture of a construction worker. These impressions do not vanish easily – and even the girl herself, will accept these traits as a part of herself the more often she commits such misconducts. It is necessary to maintain pride in staying above those transgressions, making a principle out of following the rules and paying attention to even smallest details. But those details are not only harmful to the bimbo persona if disregarded! If applied correct and if the trainee pays attention to them, they can be VERY helpful and do support the complete bimbofication process immediately! A cute, little, pink “Hello Kitty” hairslide, may only be a small detail – but it strongly supports the girly, feminine attitude of a female! Everyone around will notice this small accessory, and the effect is far bigger than one could imagine! The overall image of the girl everyone has, will be altered, just because of this tiny detail, and she will appear as a much more “girly”, cute, sweet and feminine (maybe even younger) being, which in turn, will change the way her surrounding interacts with her. Unconsciously, everyone around will treat her differently – in a way more positive and charming way, which will – in turn – support the wellbeing of the girl, supporting her bimbo persona and therefore the bimbofication process in general. Stick to the rules! Details matter! Always!

2. The ongoing consequences

Okay, so, now you see how a bimbo and/or a trainer is able to absolutely demolish the immediate effect of a bimbo persona by neglecting details or by breaking the rules – but what does this mean for the ongoing process of bimbofication? “Hey, it’s only this one time… listen… this can’t be so important… we’ll fix it next time… What? This is only such a small detail – it surely can’t have any noteworthy consequences… But I don’t like this particular rule! It can’t be so bad if we just leave it out?!” – I keep hearing stuff like this, and is absolutely PISSES ME OFF. What part of “Always stick to the rules – Pay attention to the details – Details matter – Never alter elements, never leave something out – Do NOT neglect aspects! No excuses, no exceptions, no amenities!” didn’t you understand? Are you stupid or somethin’? And this goes directly to bimbo trainees, trainers and bimbo lovers alike: By disregarding these rules – you are endangering EVERYTHING! I don’t care if you don’t care whether a big titted bimbo isn’t allowed to wear pantsDO NOT break the rules by liking, retweeting, reblogging or whatevering her picture in which she is wearing f-ing pants! You are compromising the whole process – even if you are only interested in her big tits. Do not impede the bimbofication process of your trainee by supporting only the things YOU care about! You are about to shoot yourself in the foot! NEVER excuse your shortcomings with laziness or convenience! Your bimbofication will NEVER be successful if you don’t work on your attitude! Don’t like a certain rule/aspect? Well – CHANGE YOURSELF – NOT the rule or the aspect! You are about to act out of stimulus – I – created this framework with the objective in mind, the connections, the machinery, the complex, fine tuned clockwork…

Phew… where were we? Ah, yes… the consequences. A trainee who has gathered positive experiences by sticking to the rules and paying attention to the details, will always be eager to progress and gather more positive experiences, therefore continue with her bimbofication, resulting in some kind of a perpetual motion machine of bimbofication. Positive attention and nice treatment is like a drug for the human brain, it will do whatever is necessary to get more. And, believe me: Following the PBA rules of all the lessons, will undoubtedly result in those positive experiences, which is no wonder, depending on the rule in question, but in any case the majority of benefits usually gets mentioned within the belonging lesson articles. Sure: A girl with huge tits gets a shitload of attention! Yes, it is scientifically proven that blondes get more attention and males are more attracted to them. Absolutely – girls wearing high heels do benefit from many aspects, like a better posture, emphasized legs, tits and asses – and therefore draw more eyes on them, in addition to all the other benefits. And yes, every single detail does its part in this process: You could argue, that changing the heel-tips of the high heels of a girl and replacing them with metal heel-tips is an apparently very small, minor change – an unnecessary detail, if you will… but what about the consequences? Like described in the respective article, that special clacking sound WILL turn heads. It WILL produce attention! If all other rules are respected – the attention involuntarily produced on the part of the observer will transform into deliberate attentiveness once the overwhelmingly positive, sexual appeal of the trainee is registered. This alone is the “drug” the trainee is looking for, encouraging her to continue with her efforts, further progressing her bimbofication, but it doesn’t stop there: Every girl following the PBA rules down to the smallest details will benefit from a vastly more positive, kind and friendly interaction with her surroundings. It is scientifically proven, that men and women treat girls, following individual aspects of the PBA framework (for example, blondes), different and more positive. These experiences will burn in the reward center of the brain of the trainee and encourage her to continue with her bimbofication. Not only that, but on the other side, overlooked details can turn out extremely destructive on the long run regarding the bimbofication process: Let’s say a trainee did enhance her tits, but decided one day to ditch the rules about the correct size of tops for bimbos, out of convenience, or because that “one baggy sweater is soooooo cute”. Her enhanced tits are covered up and will not draw any attention, because that sweater lets them appear as nothing special. The absence of attention and positive feedback will ingrain in her mind – letting her feel about her tits like they looked in that sweater: Nothing special. It doesn’t matter if she has huge tits underneath that top – she will not connect her enhanced tits with positive emotions, which, in the end, leads to frustration and disinterest to enhance them further, because there won’t be any positive outcome anyways. Don’t be foolish: Always keep in mind that every small detail is connected to long term effects!

3. The dependency of all elements – Everything is connected!

By now, you should understand how small details influence the immediate, overall appearance of a bimbo doll, and by that, do influence the bimbo persona, her surroundings and the further process of bimbofication in general. The last thing we have to talk about, is the fact, that ALL aspects of bimbofications are connected – so by violating a “minor rule” or by disregarding an “unimportant” detail, you are about to endanger other (sometimes very important or huge) aspects, you would never have thought of, perhaps even compromising the complete, overall bimbofication process! So, how does that work? Like I said, bimbofication is a complex, pseudo-deterministic, nonlinear system – which means, that slight alterations of conditions can result in vastly different outcomes. But how are particular elements like, for example, the shape of panties connected to anything without a direct relatedness – other things like tits or high heels, how are “minor” aspects like the color of a lipstick important or how are things like applying makeup connected to the overall tit-size of a bimbo? Let me give you a quick overview of some of these exemplary connections:

We talked about the optimal shape of panties for bimbos – but if you are absolutely not interested in this, maybe even dislike this shape or if you are way more interested in huge tits or sky high heels – why should you still follow this rule or why should you supervise your trainee to follow this rule – you are just interested in a complete bimbofication – and this stupid rule can’t be of any importance, can it? Stay a while and listen: The V-shape emphasizes the whole body of the trainee. Not only do her legs appear distinctly longer (which is no surprise, regarding the visual gaining of space), her overal bodyshape appears to be much more streamlined, slim and better apportioned in ass, waist, hips and upper body. The effect of a more “streamlined” body is no coincidence: Compared to the very “stable” visual appeal of “normal” panties (or “no panties”) the distinct “V-shape” possesses a very dynamic, slick and “dramatic” look and feel. The impression of “arrow-shaped” forms also played an important role in other rules and lessons (see the additional connections here?) and is known to invoke very special emotions and feelings inside any viewer, which is why it is a very popular tool to use for graphic designers, when, for example, a brand logo has to be created, that has to express a certain dynamic and “feeling of swiftness”, while somewhat more “stable and grounded” designs make use of horizontal, down-home and less swung forms. Okay, so the overall appearance of the bimbo benefits from this shape, but how does it connect to the tits and heels? Well, it is not a secret that things appear bigger in contrast to smaller things nearby. Due to the better segmentation of her body and the overall slimmer appearing shape, the tits of the trainee will visually appear bigger and more pristine. Like mentioned in the lesson, the V-shape consists in fact of three different arrows – one pointing downwards (the front), two pointing upwards (sides). These arrows lead the gaze of any observer in two directions, strechting the overall appearance of the trainee vertically, by simultaneously leading the eyes of any viewer to her legs and her tits. This alone lets her tits appear much more noticeable – however, we are not finished: The double connection is about to reveal itself! The effect of longer legs got mentioned already – but the trainee will be absolutely eager to support this effect even more by wearing high heels. We also already spoke about the benefits of high heels (although there will be a complete series about that in the future!), but it shouldn’t be any news to you, that by wearing high heels, the bimbo visually lengthens her legs even more, which is an even greater gaining of space regarding her legs, resulting in a self-reinforcing, symbiotic effect with the benefits of the V-shaped panties. Wearing high heels completely changes the posture of the traine, as well as her movements and general appeal. The changes of her posture contain pushed through legs (more visual gaining of space, more vertical dynamic), a puffed out ass (unrelated benefit in this case), an upright stance and a slight hollow back, which leads to – you guessed it – pushed out tits. Pushed out tits appear bigger and more striking, again – leading to a reciprocity with all the other benefits of the V-shaped panties and the high heels. So what do we have now? A system of mutually influencing benefits, supporting each other and reinforcing the upsides of the other aspects. The subsequent ramifications are, of course, a bimbo who is far happier and more motivated to approach the next steps of her bimbofication. Believe it or not – The choice of earrings is somehow connected to the size of the tits of a bimbo, the color of her heels does have something to do with the length of her skirt and the way she is walking is important for her dick-sucking-lips. I can’t explain all these connections – you just have to believe me, because the dependencies of these myraids of details and aspects spawn uncountable other connections – IMPOSSIBLE to explain in detail! But: Everyting is connected. Do not remove aspects – do not neglect details! Pay attention to the rules and NEVER be ignorant – I do this not without a reason!

Do you really think, the most famous and most perfect rolemodels in the bimbo community are like that because of sheer coincidence? No – girls like Haley Layne, Kristhin Gomez, Candy Charms and Paulina J. Candy pay attention to the details – and they are following the rules (most of the time…)!

Lastly, I wanted to mention, that these very important details – more probably the importance of the effect of these details, becomes obvious by reference to a subject a fellow trainer made me aware of, when I was discussing this topic with him: There is a basic bimbo rule, demanding girls to wear stockings instead of pantyhoses – a rule that is universally in force – all the time – in any situation. Pantyhoses are simply forbidden for bimbos, and everyone who knows me also knows that I absolutely, personally HATE pantyhoses. HOWEVER: The importance of certain, special effects makes it suddenly MANDATORY for a bimbo to wear pantyhoses, videlicet, the usage of the bimbo Playboy Bunny uniform – or the correct cosplay rendition of a “Sailor Warrior”-girl. The desired effect of the overall principle of operation of these special outfits doesn’t allow stockings – so the unbreakable rule is abrogated in these cases – for the sake of the method of action of these unique uniforms. That’s how important these invisible effects are.

So, yeah, the lesson paper mentions the “butterfly effect” (“The flap of a butterfly’s wing on one side of the planet can cause a hurricane on the other side.“) – an analogy not possible to simply be dimissed, however, in terms of bimbofication it should read:

Missing, little Mary-Jane-straps on the black pumps of the complete schoolgirl uniform of a bimbo, can lead to a flat chested, fat and dissatisfied hick-girl in the end, instead of a perfect, pristine bimbo princess with huge, enhanced tits and a perfect sense for style.

– Easy as that. Are you sure you don’t want to read all those lessons, rules and style-guides again?

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  1. Dear Sir, first thank you and congratulations for your exceptional work that I discovered lately. I have a question. You never mention cigarettes. Some girls smoke in a very sexy way, but in general, is it acceptable for a bimbo to indulge in smoking? Do you have remarks about it? Thank you for your answer and kind regards. (Gina, Switzerland)

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